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10 America Products in Malaysia


United States of America Produce at Malaysia.

My Top 12 Imported Foods from America. USA are more than just McDonalds and KFC or even Burger and Fish and Chips. Fresh and Safe Produce from USA are tasty and healthy.

America No 1 Potato

1. USA Potato

Known as America No 1 Potatoes. As for the local price it goes up to RM7.00 per Kilogram.

Autumn Crisp Green Grape

2. Autumn Crisp Green Grape

Sweet and seedless green grape all the way from USA. Local Price for 1 kilogram can be as high as RM50.00

Almond USA

3. USA Almond

Enhance your food flavor with taste of crunchy nut. Full of nutritional values and must try !

Fruit Royale Grape

4. Fruit Royale California Grape

There are no secret to great and smooth skin. Get enough nutrition for your skin by eating grapes.

Chelan Apple USA to Malaysia

5. Chelan Apple

An Apple a day, keep the doctor away. Keep illness at bay. Ward off some really dangerous diseases with clean and healthy Apple from USA.

Organic Oat Bran

6. Organic Oat Bran

Organic + oat is an excellent combination for your daily consumption. 400g of oat is just as low as RM10.00. 

Organic Sunflower Kernel USA

7. Organic Sun Flower Kernel

Lower Blood Pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. This food is awesome and contain vitamin E.

Walnut USA

8 Walnut

Rich in Antioxidants. Walnut is full of nutritional values. Its is good for heart and brain health.

Washington Apple

9. Washington Apple

Great product from Washington state. These apple has some grape aftertaste lingering in your tongue.

Organic Yellow Split peas

10. Organic Yellow Split Peas

America exported some really good food products to the world. Good for Soup as it needs to be cooked at a longer time to break down and become thickening. Preferably cook with tomatoes or add in a Indian curry cuisine. A top food for those seek fiber.


10 Things to do at Singapore

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1. Night Walk

Awesome calm sea breeze. Literally no wave hitting the shore. Definitely iconic sea shore to view. It seem like Singapore shore is protected by wave force. A miracle and strategic sea port.

Johor Bahru Singapore Causeway

2. Causeway Bridge

On a sunny day and warm breeze, nothing beat taking a walk at causeway. Besides, it could potentially reduce traffic congestion at peak time.Although there are abundant of buses, it really just about increase fitness level and save some trip expenses.

Fair Price and Instant Noodles

3. Fair Price and Instant Noodles

One thing about exploring a city, It is a must to visit their supermarket and foods. I believe Koka Instant Noodle is a Singapore Brand and made in Singapore. I have had lots of instant noodles, Koka instant noodle has a unique taste and personality.

Marina Bay Sand Countdown Celebration

4. Countdown Celebration

Fireworks lights up the sky annually at Marina Bay Sand. Everyone waiting patiently the clock ticks to 0:01AM and date to 1.1.2020. Some of them even brought their picnic blanket. MRT train station were remained operation till late 2AM. 


5. Chinatown

Expecting authentic and super genuine China people. Thick Mandarin accent from mainland China. It was super cool due to modern China people are skewed towards simplified Chinese characters and unique China mainland accent. However, some Chinatown are full of southern China Chinese such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka. Singapore Chinatown are diverse and can easily mingle with people from Northeast China.

Sentosa Beach


6. Sentosa Beach

Loving the place especially the sunset. Sandy beach with calm to no wave. Full of sun, sea, sand lover spent their weekend here. Indulge yourself and be lost at this magnificent place on your weekly off day. 

Universal Studio Singapore

7. Universal Studio theme park

This is the place where you can go all-out screaming and swearing. Fun and enjoyable Roller Coaster and huge Transformers display. Your favorite animation characters are all appear here. Let your imagination run wild.

Orchard Street Singapore

8. Orchard Street

If you never been to Orchard road, you are never been to Singapore. Orchard road is where you can find street busker. This is where huge crowd of people waiting the street lamp at red and walk when its green. Fashion designer brands are opening their retail stores here.

Singapore sport stadium

9. Sport Stadium

This place provide you a special scenery of the city. A perfect place to see Genting Tower, Marina Bay Sands and Singapore flyer. At the evening, this is the perfect spot for you to jog around. It is important to know sunset do appear on a clear day. Remarkable sunset will overshadow all the building and really look amazing.

Food Court at People park

10. Diverse Food Culture

American fast foods chain, Japanese food, Korean food, Thailand Food, Indonesia / Malaysia food, China northeast food, Hong Kong Food, Taiwan Food, Indian Food, Muslim Halal Food. You name it, they have it. 


Blog : RTS Link Malaysia and Singapore

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How beautiful will it be the new Rapid Transit System Malaysia and Singapore?

Woodland North MRT
Year 2019. A completed Woodlands North MRT station. This new MRT line will enable passenger travel to Marina Bay

Had an opportunity to be at Singapore on 2019 witnessed newly built MRT station. the new MRT line is closely located at where the RTS will be built on. The joint venture provides a win-win situation for the dire need to address traffic congestion issue at Causeway bridge.

Woodlands North Malaysia and Singapore

Grateful that good initiative were taken promptly. Thousands of people travel to both country in seek for honest living. Any nature of business can be facilitated. Leisure, Culture and Religion.

Is causeway bridge safe for foot passenger ? Yes. but, it did not have any safe parameter. The other alternative is bus. The bus fare is varies. From my account, the cheapest fare was RM2.00 from Malaysia to Singapore.

RTS link Singapore and Malaysia
"Honest Living" is the reason alone for no further delay in the project

Public livelihood is at stake any further delay in the project.

Besides, a grand shopping mall situated at princess cove by R & F group has a grand opening in the year 2019.

In the wake of economic downturn, delay in the project can be justified due to low economic benefit. The project is rumored to be opened on the year 2026.

My humble opinion, I would like to have a dedicated safe walkway. The world is changing rapidly and world class standard should be taken into consideration. A healthy approach should be taken seriously. Automobile and motorcycle owner should not be weigh more important than foot passenger ! The world look seriously whether a facility or amenity providing a due concern for incapable individual.

Weakness in Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

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Bitcoin is more of a digital lesson than a real money

Bitcoin started from 2009. From that day they had published numerous articles from their own website "Coinbase" about challenging the financial system. In fact, big companies are not buying their product. Amazon, Google and even gaming platform Steam never liked them.

Bitcoin is really good in marketing their strength. About transparency and security. What most of us did not know the system is slow when lots of people were using it. The team in Blockchain failed to address it cant sustain large amounts of transactions. If millions of users made transactions, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin will fail miserably. This is a certain because all of them are using Blockchain technology. 

The bank we are using today has the ability to make instant transfer. Payment never went through ? A call to bank will help.

Despite failed to woo big corporations to use their payment service and fix the loading time from a sender to receiver, they continuously creating articles in their own news network about new corporation taking up initiative to recognize highly fluctuated cryptocurrency. The value fluctuated so much it benefit investor and ward off big corporation.

Using our hard earned cash ( fiat currency) to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. In this era of digital wallet, they are trying to create a confusion for those slowly adapting cash to digital wallet.

One nasty thing that put everyone on rage was transaction cost. A cost is incurred every time you make a transaction that go through the Blockchain network. For your knowledge, the transaction cost varies. If you want a faster transaction, there is a premium price.

In current economic climate, domestic bank never charge a fee for domestic transfer.

Human makes mistakes. We bought wrong date for flight ticket. Who are going to help when we wrongly transferred 1 bitcoin equivalent to 9,000 USD ? Can we give a call to Satoshi Nakamoto or Vitalik ?

The first question is Where are all the traders accepting bitcoin or even Litecoin in the year 2020 ? Mcdonalds or even kfc ? Have they shown interest since 2009 ?

Imagine a guy with bitcoin walks to a McDonalds with all the problems mentioned above. Slow transaction, high transaction cost and even worse the bitcoin payment service is not available. What do you feel ? As if the deal is possible, it will change your price perspective, a 0.00030 for a McDonalds burger ? Then additional 0.00005 for transaction cost from you to millions of bitcoin miners out there.

Bitcoin is in mercy of innovation. Stopping it will somehow detrimental to innovative ideas.

Your Favorite Malaysia stock with Rakuten Trade

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Reliable and fast account opening with Rakuten Trade attracts retail investors.

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Rakuten Trade
Rakuten Trade portfolio

Rakuten Trade is your best alternative for cheap stock broker in Malaysia. It is proven account can be fully opened by online activation. My account took less than 3 days. Cash account remain a first choice for Financial students, computer-savvy investors and stock newbie.

Before choosing a broker, you are required to pick the best broker that suitable for an investor. A thorough background check on Rakuten Trade, you would find approval from Security Commission and linked to Kenanga Investment.

As a small time investor fascinated by stock trading at Bursa Saham Malaysia you could own your first favorite company stock at few clicks away. Stumble upon your favorite company ? Maybank in banking sector or SP setia in construction sector or even Digi, TM, Axiata in communication industry. There are two things you can do. Work with them or buy a piece of the company and own them.

As a nominee account, you are getting the benefits of fast approval and lower brokerage fee. Besides, we are not choosing new company with no proven track record therefore no option to buy Initial public offering (IPO) company or may not be invited to Annual General Meeting (AGM).

A little bit of personal sharing about my favorite stock "Airasia". I bought it during the COVID-19 or first known as Coronavirus. Airline all around the globe were grounded due to government restriction on outbound travel. Schools were closed and even major construction site were halted. Airasia share is trading at below RM1.00 (Year 2020).

There was rumor legendary stock trader Berkshire Hathaway had sold off all airline stock due to the pandemic. He is a rich trader and is out to make profit with outstanding profile. Whereas, we buy something we like to own and hold it. In fact, Airasia is the only publicly listed airline company in Malaysia.

If you like it go and get it. It is now or never.

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