Video Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long BWF 2014

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Chen Long vs Lee Chong Wei in Men's single at Copenhagen for the BWF 2014 World Championships

Lee Chong Wei the world no 1 badminton player is enthusiast in winning the BWF 2014 although there was report saying that he was not well and injured. As expected, he did not lost the chance to be in semi-final of any badminton matches. In fact through out his badmin career, there was a minimal chance for him to obtain third place or not qualify. It either no 2 or no 1 in any badminton matches held around the world.

Chen Long hails from China competing with Malaysia no 1 badminton player Lee Chong Wei. The clash of titan between world ranking no 1 and world ranking no 2 is a no-miss match for badminton fans all over the world. The badminton tricks they were performing amazingly wow the audiences.

The heat in Copenhagen stadium was intense. They played really well and many badminton fans coming from danish, Malaysia and China. They were cheering for their country. Who wins the match get the chance to sing their respective country national anthem at the award ceremony. The winner will sing with the audience at the raised platform standing as the No 1 in this match.

The Men Single final match was seen by many spectators there were many sponsors's brands showing around the corner at the sideline. There were redbull and Li-Ning. As usual, Lee Chong Wei is carrying the sponsorship brands, Maybank and XOX.

Malaysian joins MBC Star Audition in Korea

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Her real name is DIDI MOO and she got the attentions of the judges as well as everyone enjoying her performance 

"Talents are everywhere" These words are perfectly fit for describing her. Although she does not have a celebrity looking but when she sings you will be transported to a fantasy wonderland, a beautiful ever dream. Her singing talent will make anyone crazed.

In audition, she has performed 2 songs and traditional Sabah dance. The songs were Hot Chocolate and Bubble Pop. Besides, she was wearing Sabah traditional wear performing and she was happy and conquering stage fright feeling.

Didi Moo snapped the opportunity performing at Korea when she saw MBC advertisement recruiting for talents back on 2011. She met all the requirements and one of the requirement was uploading a video of herself performing her best talent. Subsequently, she got shortlisted. She told her mum about it they are very proud of her.

She did not just make her mom and herself proud, Sabah Tourism Board Minister have met her after her success in participant MBC star audition in Korea. Most of you guy did not know her but she is actively uploading new cover song in her Youtube channel.

Author of Unitedmy have listened her cover songs strongly encourage supporting her. We need to see her living up to her potential !

Didi Moo Facebook : Didi Moo Facebook

Didi Moo Youtube channel : Didi Moo Youtube channel

Didi Moo MBC Star Audition video link Facebook video ( Due to some issue, Facebook did not allow embedding video, you need to go Facebook and watch the video there)

Astro on the Go turns everything into TV

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Watch your favorite Astro channels on tablet, Smartphone and computer.

Source :

Visit on On the Go Astro website and familiarize the website. Get an account then started to explore. The "GO PACK 3" contains mostly Mandarin-speaking channels favored by Chinese including one extra South Korean channel "S ONE". One could choose to subscribe one day package which is RM5 for a testing. Satisfied with their service, you are allowed to subscribe much more cheaper package which is RM30 for a month.

New Ice-cream Magnum Gold Contest

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Eat Magnum Gold and win amazing prizes such as Magnum Gold Coins or luxury BMW 3 Series

Source :  Magnumgoldpursuit dot com

Your destiny is in your hand. Win it or leave it. If you think yesterday dreamed about driving a luxury car or picking up a gold coin at a random street floor then you are better signing up for Magnum Gold contest. That was a hint from higher power that you have a fair chance to win this. Every challenge has a price to pay, what are the price for this ??

The trick in winning something from this contest is go to nearest store and find newly released Magnum Gold ice-cream. If you found it in that store ice-cream section inside the refrigerator that means you are lucky. Magnum Gold was not widely available and some of the contest participants have to seek it at multiple stores for it. Let say you found it more than 3 Magnum Gold in that store refrigerator, you are the luckiest person among the Magnum participants. Fortunately, the store keepers and boss did not know this contest. That were their loss.

This contest started August 1, 2014 till October 31, 2014. The full name of this contest is Magnum Gold Pursuit Contest. It is organized by Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd. Everything stated inside terms and conditions of this contest including everyone above 18 years old, a Malaysian residents are welcome to participate in this contest.

After you bought the Magnum gold from the store, the next following thing is very crucial steps in winning this contest. Firstly, do not throw away the ice-cream stick as it should have containing some digits which you will need to key in Magnum Gold website. Secondly, visit Official Magnum Gold Pursuit Contest website and register your account with your Facebook account attached. 

Follow the instructions thoroughly and you are surely one of the winner in this contest. Everything is inside the website. Crack the vaults and collect points game should be easy to play. The ice-cream stick should not be disposed as it is a proof required when you have been picked as the winner by the judge at the end of the game.

Get more update by liking their official Facebook page at Official Magnum Malaysia Facebook page

Magnum Almond ice-cream
Magnum Gold Ice-cream

  • Product : Magnum Ice-cream
  • Calories : 90ml = 280 KCAL, 19g Carb, 3g Protein, 21g Fat,
  • Net Weight : 90ml / 70g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Indonesia
  • Imported by : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chocolate
  • Value (2014) : RM3.99 (Giant)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-1315

First attempt by the author in pursuing this contest. Bought Magnum Almond in hoping there were alphanumerical code. However, it did not turned up the expectation. The expectation is gone, the delicious chocolate ice-cream was cracking inside my mouth. Tasty & Yummy !


Events Schedule for 57th Merdeka Week 2014

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Exciting and Fun Events during Week of Celebration of National Day 2014

All the information can be obtained by visiting KKMM website. Original list of Merdeka week Event
Besides, some of the crucial information including official Malaysia Merdeka Facebook page Malaysia Merdeka official Facebook Page

Furthermore, you should know this Malaysia Merdeka Official website . What more, if you have interesting story, photo, videos. Make sure includes Hashtag #IniMalaysiaKita, #Merdeka57 


August 28 - September 1, 2014

  1. Aset Negara                                (Location : Perkarangan Parkir Stadium Merdeka)
  2. Perkampungan Belia & Kerjaya   (Location : Padang Merbok )
  3. Perkampungan Sains, Teknologi & Inovasi  (Location : Laman Tunku Abdul Rahman)
  4. Perkampungan Santai Seni                        (Location : Perkarangan Hadapan Pasar Seni)
  5. Autoshow Merdeka                                  (Location : Loading Bay Stadium Negara)
  6. Perkampungan Dunia Wanita & Si Comel (Location : Laman Wakaf Buta)
  7. Perkampungan Dunia Usahawan                (Location : front of Starpoint Hotel & front of Madras)
  8. Laman KKMM                                         (Location : KL central )
  9. Memori 57: Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2014  (Location : Stadium Merdeka)
  10. PC Fair & Jualan Boom Merdeka                         (Location : Padang Merbok)

30 & 31 August, 2014

  1. Fiesta Blog Shop (Location : Dataran Medan Pasar)

29 & 31 August, 2014

  1. Memori ChowKit 2.0 (Location : Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, In front SOGO)

30 August, 2014

  1. Amanat Merdeka (Location : Saloma Bistro, MATIC Kuala Lumpur)

31 August, 2014

  1. National Day Marching (Location : Dataran Merdeka)

16 September, 2014

  1. Malaysia Day 2014 , (Location : Dataran Kipas, Miri, Sarawak)

Interesting video advertisements by Proton, Maxis and Petronas. 10 Best 57th Merdeka 2014 Ads and Video

10 Best 57th Merdeka Advertisement Video clips

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57th National Independence Day in Malaysia 2014. Some of the best video clips featuring Merdeka 2014


Title : We are family

2. Official Theme song for 57th Malaysia Independence Day

In Malaysia language, " DI SINI LAHIRNYA SEBUAH CINTA" . There are many version of it. More info at Lyric and Song



5. Malaysia Airlines #FLYINGHIGH

If you wish to listen to Yuna full song "Langit", visit here Langit Lyrics and song


Everyone is friendly we are family, an impression one felt depicted in Maxis video clip.

7. Merdeka with KL SOGO


Iconic for 57th Malaysia Merdeka Day. Upin & Ipin are accompany us celebrating this year Merdeka Day.You will see them often in this coming 57th merdeka. Upin & Ipin are virtual characters popular among Malaysian youngsters. The move to introducing Upin & Ipin as 57th Merdeka day Icon was inspired by a reason to make kids brought their parents to join Merdeka day.



Inconvenience Truth Coca-Cola Sugar is not too much

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Believe it or not they have the same amount of sugar or more than Coca-Cola 

Carbonated Soft Drinks in Malaysia

Coca-Cola is the largest carbonated soft drink the world. Unless you are a baby or 6 years below, you will never know What Coca-cola was. There were a big misconception towards Coca-cola. They claimed a regular Coca-cola drink contains overwhelmed amount of sugar. Coca-cola has 10.6g sugar in an 100ml Coca-cola. Is Coca-cola really that much sugar ??

Go and search on Google " Coca-cola Sugar " the result is fascinating how much sugar cubes inside a Coca-cola. Besides, you will found out that CEO of Coca-cola cant even tell the TV audiences how much the coca-cola sugar affecting the daily lives of human being.

All the results in the Google never really tell you that " What if Coca-cola compared to other carbonated soft drinks " ??

There were no inappropriate intentions in making this article. It was all facts and truths. Do not be racism towards Coca-cola !  All the information obtained through respective product on " Nutritional Information " imprinted on the each respective beverage cans.

Coca-cola imprinted Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup

  • Product : Coca-Cola 
  • Calories : 100ml = 42 KCAL, 10.6g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 10.6g
  • Net Weight : 325ml
  • Status         : Halal , Under Coca-cola Bottlers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Manufacturer : Under Coca-Cola Bottlers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Carbonated Soft Drink
  • Value (2014) : Vary
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-2653

The researchers should have thought about comparing other beverages but why it failed to show all of us. The stigma that created around Coca-cola was a false and intentional ? Some may said the stigma of Coca-cola about it sugars quantity was paving the way of other carbonated soft drinks in the market. In other words, the reduction of Coca-cola sales propels other carbonated soft drinks such as Livita, Pepsi and Mountain Dew. 

There were no protein in Coca-cola drink so do not tell anyone you drink Coca-cola after or before exercise or GYM outing. Besides, do not tell anyone you get fat drinking Coca-cola, there were no fat substance. In case you do not know, there is small amount of caffeine.

Average Coca-cola sugar is 10.6g in 100ML. 

Mountain Dew 325ml
2. Mountain Dew 325ml

  • Product : Mountain Dew
  • Calories : 100ml = 48 KCAL, 12g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 12.5g
  • Net Weight : 325ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Carbonated Soft Drink
  • Value (2014) : RM1.50
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-2653

The rising carbonated soft drink in the world. Although it did not sponsor World Cup FIFA 2014, they were sponsoring World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This is too contain a little bit amount of caffeine. If you must know Mountain Dew has more sugar than Coca-cola. I like to drink Mountain Dew they has great taste and I have been drinking Coca-cola since like I was a kids.

Average sugar is 12.5g in 100ml

Pepsi 325ml
3. Pepsi

  • Product : Pepsi
  • Calories : 100ml = 40 KCAL, 10.7g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 10.6g
  • Net Weight : 325ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Permanis Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Carbonated Soft Drink
  • Value (2014) : RM1.80
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-2653

Another soft drink contains caffeine, no fat, no protein but lesser sugar compared to Mountain Dew. Pepsi and Coca-cola are brother. It has same amount of sugar quantity. the sugar is 10.6g in 100ml . 

4. RedBull

  • Product : Redbull
  • Calories : 100ml = 66.7 KCAL, 16g Carb, 0.4g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 16g
  • Net Weight : 250ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Thailand
  • Manufacturer : T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Ltd
  • Imported by  : Allexcel Trading Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Flavored drink
  • Value (2014) : Price Vary RM3.00 - Rm3.50
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-2653

Redbull is best served while chilled. There might be a differences between Redbull to Coca-cola, Pepsi and Mountain Dew. Redbull contains Vitamin B3, B5, B6 and B12. Correct me if I am wrong Redbull was not a carbonated soft drink.

It is essential to know that Redbull has 16.4g sugar in 100ml. If you want to find something really a lot of sugar beverage this is definitely the one of the best of the choice you got


  • Product : LIVITA 
  • Calories : 100ml = 66.7 KCAL, 16g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 16g
  • Net Weight : 250ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia by ETIKA Beverages Sdn Bhd
  • Manufacturer : Made under TAISHO PHARMACEUTICAL (M) SDN.BHD
  • Flavor : Flavored drink
  • Value (2014) : RM2.80 (Petronas Kiosk)
  • Contact no : 06-7677830

Right to manufacture belongs to a company based at Tokyo, Japan. By looking at it long enough, you would notice it has identical brother," Red Bull ". Nothing big differences between them the sugar level is same as well as the price for both.

Quantity of Sugar is 16g

7 UP Lemon and Lime carbonated drink
6. 7 UP

  • Product : 7 UP
  • Calories : 100ml = 41 KCAL, 10.6g Carb, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, Sugar 10.6g
  • Net Weight : 250ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : PERMANIS SDN BHD
  • Imported by  : Allexcel Trading Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Flavored drink
  • Value (2014) : Price Vary RM3.00 - Rm3.50
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-2653

The difference between 7 UP and Pepsi is the color. One is darker, another is white. What more, this is 7 UP with lime and lemon flavored. Sugar level is as same as Coca-cola and Pepsi. 

DRIVE beverage and Aaron Aziz

  • Product : DRIVE 
  • Calories : 100ml = 60KCAL, 14g Carbohydrate, 14g Sugar, 0 Protein, 0 Fat
  • Net Weight : 250ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : MUTIARA FOOD & DRINKS (M) SDN BHD
  • Flavor : Flavored drink
  • Value (2014) : Price Vary 
  • Website :

Manufactured under the license of M7 USA, Los Angeles. It contains Vitamin and caffeine.This is very much a limited edition of DRIVE. Aaron Aziz is drinking it and wear a T-shirt with "DRIVE" logo. It was using filtered water instead of carbonated water. 

Quantity of Sugar is 14g

Power Root with Tongkat Ali and Honey
8. Power Root with Tongkat Ali and Honey

  • Product : POWER ROOT
  • Calories : 100ml = 63KCAL, 15.5g Carb, 9.8g Sugar
  • Net Weight : 250ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : POWER ROOT (M) SDN BHD
  • Flavor : Tongkat Ali and Honey
  • Value (2014) : Price Vary 
  • Website :

The company that always came out with the advertisement you can win RM1,000,000. They always hire Fahrin Ahmad to do the talking. Sugar level is slightly lowered than Pepsi and Coca-cola. 


  • Product : ALICAFE
  • Calories : 100ml = 73KCAL, 14.8g Carb, 8.6 Sugar, 0.7g Protein, 1.3g Fat
  • Net Weight : 240ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : POWER ROOT (M) SDN BHD
  • Flavor : CLASSIC
  • Value (2014) : Price Vary 
  • Website :

Power Root's ALICAFE. It was all about carbonated drink but do you feel curious about how much sugar in average ALICAFE ?? It has 8.6g Sugar in 100ml of ALICAFE. 

Minute Maid Pulpy
10 Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

  • Product : Minute Maid's Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink
  • Calories : 100ml = 43 KCAL, 10.6g Carb, 9.3g Sugar, 0 Protein, 0 Fat
  • Net Weight : 350ml
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : COCA-COLA Bottlers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Orange
  • Value (2014) : 
  • Website :
  • Contact No : 1800-88-2653

The best orange juice I ever drink in my whole life. It has everything an orange drinkers wanted. Well, It has 9.3g Sugar in it.

The conclusion is that Coca-cola is never too much sugar in it. At least, I am one of the man believe it not too much sugar.

Redmi 1S now available in Lazada Malaysia

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Limited Redmi 1S for grab limited time only on Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia is selling Xiaomi Redmi 1S  on  August 27. Delivery is way faster than Xiaomi Malaysia. Expecting 7 days and lesser. You could choose Cash-on-delivery method as you pay when it arrive to your doorstep. More information at Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi the no 1 smartphone brand in China outperformed Samsung and Apple in second quarter of 2014. Expanded to Malaysia the same year already emerged one of the best seller. The South East Asian market especially in Malaysia do not want luxury and popular brand, they want good specification and cheaper price tag. That is why Malaysian lining up to purchase something they really like to own.

A little lesson about Xiaomi Redmi Sales, they usually selling in a bulk rather than everyday selling practice. If you really interested to own Redmi 1S, you need to wait for it. Just like a patient walk into a public hospital and wait for the doctor. The doctor (Xiaomi) only available once a week. If you miss it then you have to wait for another week.

On August 5, a beautiful Tuesday in Malaysia. Xiaomi decided to sell Redmi 1S - 5,000 units, Redmi Note - 10,000 units, Power bank - 5,000 units. Guess what ?? All of them sold out in merely 3 minutes 27 seconds. Try to be smarter by calculating it, there were 1,600 units of Redmi 1S being bought in a minute. The calculation did not include other Xiaomi products. You do not believe ?? Here is the Xiaomi 3 minute sold out proof

I do not believe it in first sight. Xiaomi done the impossible thing. Tell me if you can crack the wisdom and intelligent of Xiaomi or their spell. The important point to know that it always on Tuesday. They always open shop on Tuesday and close shop except Tuesday. However, it seem like they make an improvement for that.

Everyone who are interested in Xiaomi smartphones knew that their website were always crowded. In order to resolve the issue of customer dissatisfaction and experience, blindly guessing they outsourced the job to Lazada Malaysia. An online shopping mall you can put your trust on it. They made the right choice partnered with Lazada Malaysia as they have wide logistic and business network nationwide.

On August 27, Xiaomi's Redmi 1S is available in Lazada Malaysia. Remember to visit their website earlier. Lazada Malaysia is expecting high online traffic flowing into their website. Encouraging buyers visit it exactly 3PM or earlier than that. There were no quantity released to be sold in their website. This is first time Xiaomi Malaysia opens up their shop door on Wednesday.  

Do not visit Xiaomi Malaysia official website because you will be unable to purchase Redmi 1S at there on this wednesday. There will be a sign " Sold Out " . For more information about Xiaomi Redmi 1S releasing on Wednesday August 27, Visit at Xiaomi Redmi 1S on Lazada.

Comparison Redmi 1S vs Moto E

More information about " Smartphones " in Unitedmy

  1. List of new smartphones in Malaysia 2014

Watson Malaysia is selling Vaseline Total Moisture

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Vaseline Total Moisture

  • Product         : Vaseline Total Moisture
  • Net Weight    : 120ml
  • Status            : Made in Thailand
  • Manufacturer : Unilever Thailand Bangkok
  • Imported by   : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) :  RM6.00 (Watson)
  • Website         :
  • Contact no     : 1800-88-1315

Join the Vaseline Skin dry contest at Vaseline Total Moisture win prizes such as H&M Gift Card RM500 and 5D4N Travel Package for Two to Adaaran Club Rannalhi, Maldives worth RM11,000

Vaseline total moisture nourishing your skin in 24 hours. For soft and smooth skin. Pure oat extract + Stratys for multi-layer moisture.

Direction of use : Apply daily all over the body.

Yuna "Langit" Song and Lyric

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Song Title : LANGIT
Director    : Linus Chung and Mohd Hisham Saleh
Producer   : Ag CoCo
Composer : Yuna and Ag CoCo
Lyricist      : Yuna
Label        : Yuna Room Records


I can see the skies
The birds are flying
Clouds are moving
What it like

The moon will be mine tonight
In my Dream I see myself fly

Terbang Terbang Tinggi Walau tanah di kakikan ku cari langit
Terbang Terbang Tinggi awan, biru menanti bersama pelangit

Always thought that I could be on my own
But make me feel alive and I do not feel alone
The moon will be my witness tonight
Coz in my dreams you and I are both fly

Terbang Terbang Tinggi Walau Tanah Di Kaki Kan Ku Cari Langit
Terbang Terbang Tinggi Awan Biru menanti bersama Pelangit


I can see the skies
The birds are flying

"Flying High" Short Film and Yuna New Song "Langit"

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Malaysia Airlines released a short film amid coming Malaysia 57th Independence Day

Source : Malaysia Airlines Facebook page

It is absolutely fantastic and amazing short film. Not only that, talented Yuna brand new song is just perfect for dramatizing the video even more. Yuna song seem to tell us the unbreakable chain of consistency and faith living within us despite all the challenges sent to this tiny country in this year. Everyone know what had happened without even the need of a words. The news spread across all the countries. Heart felt the sorrow and gloom rain upon us all in Malaysia. We are not mourning alone, the whole nations regardless of difference were sympathy us.

How many of us have our own story about Malaysia Independence day ?? I do not have any and as if I had I would not dare to go in front of the stage and share it to fellow classmate. Skip all of that, let hear what was Ahmad story about Malaysia Independence day.

It a beautiful story indeed. "Flying High" theme is not just Ahmad dream it a dream for all of us. We must achieve it with strong will and determination. Struggle is awaiting all of us ahead of the road. Will we just giving up because it too difficult to cope ??

Let us hope Malaysia Airlines which we know suffered tremendous blow to it business will get back to its glory day. Get up and face the trials together !!

Yuna is an amazing singer. She is been invited to various places outside Malaysia performing. Her best and top song is none other than this song. It made us teary eye. The 3 minute and 40 seconds song addressed thousand words. A song that portray a whole picture that make us cry.

~ Malaysia Airlines keep flying high on the wide skies ~ #FLYINGHIGH

10 Best Instant Noodles Goreng in Malaysia

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Black soya sauce mixed with flour-made instant noodle popular in Asian countries

There were more and more food and beverage companies trying to tap the lucrative Instant noodle market. Generally, Asian have been eating noodles coupled with black Soya sauce for generations. Instant Noodles " Goreng " the word is translated in English as fried. Fried instant noodle is not complete without black Soya Sauce.

  • Product : Mee Baagus
  • Calories : 70g = 348 KCAL, 45.7g Carb, 5.5g Protein, 16.2g Fat
  • Net Weight : 5 packs x 70g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Biz-Allianz International (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Mee Goreng
  • Value (2014) : RM3-RM4.5
  • Website :
  • Contact no : (603) 7805 4728

The same company owned Ibumie and Mee Baa..Gus. There were no friend shallot. 

  • Product : Mee Baagus
  • Calories : 80g = 395 KCAL, 48.9g Carb, 7.2g Protein, 19.2g Fat
  • Net Weight : 5 packs x 80g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Biz-Allianz International (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Mee Goreng
  • Value (2014) : RM3.99 (Giant)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : (603) 7805 4728

Mee Baa..gus and Ibumie are manufactured in a same factory. The only different is the outer layer of packaging. 

  • Product : Mi Sedaap
  • Calories : 88g = 400 KCAL, 51g Carb, 9g Protein, 17g Fat
  • Net Weight : 5 packs x 88g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Indonesia
  • Manufacturer : Wingsfood
  • Distributor     : Gentle Supreme Sdn Bhd / Bintang Emas Utama Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Mee Goreng
  • Value (2014) : RM3.40 (Giant)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : (603) 7805 4728

Make no mistake this is a trending Instant Noodle Goreng in Malaysia as soon as it arrived in our shore. Major supermarkets were having this instant noodle Goreng at their shelves. Their Mi Sedaap Malaysia Facebook page has more than 500,000 followers. It reflected how successful this brand doing in Malaysia. In case you do not know, Mi Sedaap is much more cheaper !! There were two flavor of Mi Sedaap fried instant noodle in the market. One is red packaging, another is is white packaging

Maggi instant noodle is truly delicious. Maggi instant noodle is the oldest brand in Malaysia. Everyone know this brand. Just ask any random guy at the street throw a question " What are the instant noodle brand pop up in your mind now " the top 3 answers from that guy should include " Maggi ". It is a very valuable company due to the popularity. Maggi instant noodle cater all kinds of flavor. That is the Maggi strength over competitor. The flavor of Maggi included Asam Laksa, Tomyam, Ayam, Kari, Mi Goreng.

Maggi instant noodle and crunchy fried shallot is the best and able to stand against Mi Sedaap. I would rank Maggi Mi Goreng the best among all Fried Instant noodle available in Malaysia. It simply undeniable delicious. Once you try, you never get enough of it.


To Be continue .....

Top 10 Telemovies Raya 2014

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Raya Trending Telemovies Must Watch Your friends are going to discuss these with you 


Starring : Nad Zainal, Wan Sharmila, Syarul Ridzuan, Fazreen Rafee, Razak Ahmad, Norish Karman

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Synopsis : Jihan, work as a clerk in a tourism agency. A fan of Korean drama and tv show. She knew all the Korean language widely used in Korean drama and TV show. Such as Ai go, Anehaseyo or JiHyo from Running Man. She dream of one day raya at Korea. Her dream come true after acknowledge she won a prize from a contest. Her trip to Korea is right on the date of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


Starring : Rita Rudaini, Yus Jambu, Shah Tapaw, Mohammad Amirullah, Abdul Rahman, Mak Jah

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Zeel Production

Synopsis : A mid-age beautiful women move to their Kampung. Young dwellers were eagerly to know more about her. She wore traditional dress "Kebaya" all the time. Her name is "Indah" . Her beauty seduced 3 young adult happened to be best friends. Wardi, Asmadi and Taib. Their friendship eroded due to the matter of impressing Indah. Occurence of mystery dead happened after appearance of Indah at the Kampung.

Trailer : Youtube trailer Pontianak Teng Teng


Source : Kepala bergetar blogspot .com

Starring :  Azlee Khairi, Zara Zia, Fadillah Mansur, Idris MD Diah, Norish Karman, Mustapa Kamal

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

A special edition for the popular original drama Love You Mr Arrogant. Zara and Ilham blessed with a barely one year old baby. Sherry the antagonist in the original drama showed up. Interesting thing begin to pop out !


Source : bukan

Starring :  Emma Maembong, Fahrin Ahmad, Noorkhiriah Ahmad Shapie, Neza Hasbi, Nor Nisteena

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Zeel Production

Irham and Aryana changed their personalities in this drama. Irham the boss is now following Aryana idea. Aryana prefers becoming a housewives rather than working with Irham at office.


Starring :  Yus Jambu, Tauke Jambu, Emelda Rosmila, Rahim Sepahtu, Hamid Gurkha

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : DNF Pictures

Yus is trying very hard to get soulmate before going back to his hometown for Raya in order to impress his family. The reason behind this is Yus do not want his mother handpicking future wife for him.


Source : layanon9 blogspot . com

Starring :  Remy Ishak, Yana Samsuddin,

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Zeel Production

Synopsis : Atie is coming back to his hometown and meeting up with Firdaus Helmi who like bullying at young age. Will Atie tries revenge or the hateful feeling towards him turned to be a love story ??

Trailer : Atie Setan video trailer


Starring :  Akim Ahmad, Nad Zainal, Dato Hilal Azman, Anne Dollah, Ramli Saleh

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Luqsar Kreatif

Ain Sarat is having nine month pregnancy. During the period, she craving for exotic foods such as Camel meats, Cempedak and Porcupine meat.


Starring :  Izzue Islam, Azlee Khairi, Elfaeza

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Firash and Syafa married and blessed with a twin babies. Syafa watching Firash taking care babies like a novice. She make fun of him that matter. Shidah came back from oversea, a friend of Firash at younge age. She started to develop a sense of love towards Firash who just got married.

Trailer : Youtube trailer


Starring :  Zizan Razak, Emma Maembong

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Zizan Razak the main cast acted as a man who like to take photo with his smartphone . The action " selfie ". One of many day, he doing the Selfie with his smartphone captured a pretty female ghost acted by Emma Maembong.  Emma spirit is still around with a reason that she could not rest in peace. She asked Zizan Razak to do her a favor.

TrailerHantu Selfie Zizan Razak and Emma Maembong


Starring :  Shahrol Shiro, Joey Daud, Watie Sadali, Delimawati, Winnie Teoh.

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : CUEPRO

Shah married with a beautiful girl from Pahang. It almost 4 years Shah and Che Ta his wife were not going back to Kluang for 4 consecutive years. Shah missed his parent very much when Che Ta was asleep during the trip back to Pahang, Shah turned to the direction back to his hometown at Kluang instead of the original plan visiting Che Ta family.

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Buy Google Play Credits using Maybank Debit Card

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How to buy Google Play credits or Android apps using Maybank Debit Card

After you successfully add your Maybank debit card on Google Wallet, you will make transaction right after clicking the Green colored " BUY " button.

As soon as you clicked the Green highlighted " Buy " , your bank account will be deducted MYR 3.50. That would only work if you have registered your Maybank debit card on Google Wallet in prior. Do not attempt to click the green higlighted " Buy " button on your smartphone as if you have not made any decision.

Maybank Debit Card is the easiest way and solution for individual who wanted to purchase Apps on Google Play. To get Maybank Debit card, you must meet the requirements of 18 years old and Malaysian citizen. Besides, Maybank staff would ask you to deposit up to RM500. As for student, it can go as low as RM50 only.

Some of you may not know that tt is very important for Maybank debit card users to know the importance of Maybank debit card numbers before applying it. The numbers imprinted on card are highly valuable and only meant for the debit card user who applied it.

Source : Maybank demonstration

These distinctive numbers imprinted on your Maybank Debit Card as shown above 4283 3212 1188 8888
are meant for your visibility. These numbers allowing you accessing your bank account to make transaction on Internet. These 16 digits were to be put into your Google Wallet for purchasing Google Play apps or in-game credits.


  1. Visit Google Wallet ( Make sure it https )
  2. Add your Maybank card numbers for example, 4283 3212 1188 8888
  3. Ready to purchase !!

Purchasing In-Game Credit on Google Play Transaction Completed 

Transaction will be saved on your Google Wallet account which is accessible by your Google mail account. The transaction made information is sent to both Google Wallet and your Google mail.  " For The Tribe " is a game app on Google Play by Asiasoft Online charging MYR 3.50 for in-game item. Unitedmy author accepted the in-game item by exchanging MYR 3.50.

Redmi 1S vs Moto E Review

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Moto E and Redmi 1S are officially joining the RM500 below smartphones selling in Malaysia

Redmi 1S vs Moto E

Looking at the chart above the only huge difference were the Android section and camera. Moto E clearly has advantage on this Android update. As for other sections, you would see Redmi 1S dominate each of them. The RM50 difference is not a big gap between Redmi 1S and Moto E. Redmi 1S obviously defeated Moto E in term of technical specification. Just look at the screen size, Moto E is 0.4' smaller than Redmi 1S

News reported that Xiaomi dominated China smartphone sales in second quarter. Sending a wave of overwhelmed response towards Samsung and Apple brands. Xiaomi is now the top 1 smartphone brand in China large population. China smartphone brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei were expanding to various market tapping lucrative and ever-growing economy in many part of the worlds especially Malaysia and Indonesia.

Redmi 1S is exploring the market in India. The announcement just made as were writing. Among all the Xiaomi smartphones, this prove to be best of all Xiaomi smartphones selling in Malaysia. On August 5, Redmi 1S smartphone sales in Malaysia sold out in merely 3 minutes and half for 5,000 units. Reflecting the acceptance of the market towards Xiaomi brand.

Xiaomi company took the rare business model on smartphone sales. They wanted the potential buyers in the market to wait for selected releasing date to buy their product. A practice that do not perform by many smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. They provide the reason that saving cost on warehouse expenses and so on.

This selling method reminded of a celebrity concert ticket selling so fast the fans bought all the tickets within hours. For example, Taylor Swift concert in Malaysia sold out in mere hours. There were 16,000 seats. A few thought,, it seem like Xiaomi sales is relatively faster sold out than Taylor Swift concert ticket.

Love by most of the Malaysian, Xiaomi Malaysia released a note that Lazada will be handling Redmi 1S selling on August 27 and the time set on 3PM.  Xiaomi Malaysian has certainly chosen a right partner working for a business deal. Want to own Redmi 1S ? remember the date and now all you need to do is jam the Lazada website I am pretty confident there will be a mass online traffic flowing at the time and date. It has been proven on the Xiaomi website before

As we are talking about Moto E, this smartphone released in Malaysia on August 13. More info please visit at Moto E review

Nestle Crunch Wafer Awal Ashaari Edition

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Nestle Crunch wafer with Awal Ashaari

  • Product : Nestle Crunch Wafer
  • Calories : 17g = 90 KCAL, 10g Carb, 1.0g Protein, 4.4g Fat, Sugar 7.7g
  • Net Weight : 12 packs x 17g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Nestle Products Sdn.Bhd
  • Flavor : Chocolate
  • Value (2014) : RM7.99 (Giant)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-3433

If you want something different than Kit Kat Chocolate and Cadbury chocolate. Nestle Crunch Wafer is definitely must on your chocolate list. Nestle is popular brand in Malaysia they are widely known for manufacturing household milk "Milo" . Nestle newest product is the able-to-be fried ice-cream . 

Awal Ashaari is a well known TV host. He and Zizan Razak ambassador of Kit Kat run the show "Melodi" . Although recently Zizan Razak left the TV show this year. Being a TV host, his Facebook page followers reflected his popularity among Malaysian. There are over 1.5 million followers

Malaysian power couple, Awal Ashaari and his wife blessed having baby this year. Fans were anticipated and eagerly for them to upload baby photo. Due to confinement period of 44 days, they were unable to upload baby photo to their fans. Awal Ashaari and his wife previously uploaded baby finger rather than full image exposed to their millions of fans about their newborn.

Nestle Crunch wafer has unique and tasty chocolate flavor. You should expecting a Nestle-like chocolate completely coating crunchy wafer. 

Talking about Kit Kat and Zizan Razak, here is a review Zizan Razak and Kit Kat " Relax Leh "  . Besides, know more about Cadbury chocolate at Cadbury Chocolate Hazelnut & Roast Almond

10 Things about MH17 Mourning Day on August 22

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Commemorate victims of the crash MH17 incident. The national mourning day in Malaysia is on August 22, 2014

1. Names of the 20 Malaysian victims MH17 released

Day before the national mourning day held, authorities released 20 names of the victim. There were 43 victims. The first batch is sent from Amsterdam today expected to arrive tomorrow morning.

From the source obtained, first batch of victims sent back from

Link : The star

2. Traffic will be put on hold for some landmark areas.

There are Sultan Abdul Samad building at Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLIA 2, Penang bridge, Sultain Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex, Johor Baru. Do not attempt to park cars nearby KLIA or KLIA2 as it potentially disrupting traffic flow.

Sabah and Sarawak destination are Sabah nearby Hyatt Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. As for Sarawak, Pasar satu.

3. Where and When the aircraft landing

It is a long-haul journey. Expected to be arrive 10.00AM - 11.00AM. The location is Bunga Raya Complex. Malaysian Armed Force will perform first honor ceremony for civilians. A moment of silence will be taken place for 2 minutes preventing any aircraft using the airspace.

4. Dress Code for observers

Reminder for everyone to wear black color wear refrain from wearing any colorful wears. Imagine the dress code in those western hollywood movie when they have a funeral ceremony.

5. KFC and Pizza Hut advertisements cancelled

Before the announcement of national mourning day, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald at the earliest has uploaded cover to their Facebook page as a sign of commemorate MH17 victims. KFC and Pizza Hut owned by same management decided to halt any advertisements.

6.  Mosque nationwide to held funeral prayers

Prime Minister Department announced to held simultaneously for the purpose of receiving before laid to rest. The funeral prayer in local language " Solat Jenazah Ghaib " .

7. All Radio and Television entertainment program would be postponed 

Live broadcast is available nationwide focusing on MH17 victims ceremony. some of the channel will be replaced with the recitation of the Quran as well as religious program. The confirmed TV network to broadcast live on Bunga Raya moment of silence is RTM channels such as TV1, TV2, TV3 and TVi. Besides, you could tune to radio station of NasionalFM, TRAXXfm, Ai Fm and MINNALfm.

8. List of companies joining for mourning day

Everyone is doing their part commemorating MH17 tragedy. It is a truly sad day. A chain of unbreakable hope and strength of human being gathering for shared sorrow and mourning would bring peace to the victim and their family

Maxis, Malaysian employer federation, Scomi Bhd, Mahkota Medical Centre, Malayan Banking Sdn, Pantai Hospital Klang are few company names joining together for a moment of silence. The list is full there are more than these company taking part in their own ways.

9. King joining people on national mourning day

Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mu'adzam Shah are attending ceremony at KLIA while Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah are expected to be in Ipoh.

10 . Flag across the country will be flown half-mast

As expected, the flag will be flown half-mast nationwide.

More about "MH17" in Unitedmy 

  1. 10 Important things you should know about MH17

McCountry and Durian McFlurry in McDonald Malaysia

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There are good and bad thing. Good is Durian season and Bad  on McDonald reputation


Despite the ongoing protest aimed on McDonald Malaysia. The atmosphere in Facebook page of McDonald Malaysia was unhappy and sorrow. Placing MH17 and black cover as a sign of mourning and there were notes written by Management of McDonalds Malaysia addressing the issue of boycott.

The boycott issue to the extent that there were states such as Kelantan branch of McDonalds had closed down. It was actually a rumor about the closing down at Kelantan state. But, looking at the McDonald Malaysia Facebook page, they used to promote their newest promotion there. The newest 2 was a note and not a promotion.

They never publish on McDonald Malaysia Facebook page  newest menu McCountry, Cheeseburger McDeluxe and Durian McFlurry. McCountry is selling at RM 6.00 with regular drink and french fries. My first bite on McCountry reminded me of Ramly burger meat. I am guessing it was Ramly burger meat because I always bought Ramly burger cooking it at home !

Do you know Ramly burger ? It a local brand known for manufacturing Malaysian household burger meat. More information at A1 Vs Ramly Burger meat

Durian Mcflurry is no stranger for some part of state such as Johor. Johorian might have tasted this if they have been a trip to Singapore. McDonald in Singapore rolled out the same menu last year. Mc Durian still taste very sweet the only different it added Durian flavor instead of Oreo. This cost around RM5.60 with tax

10 Malaysian did ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Support good cause, Ice Bucket Challenge spread like fire, An Idea that infected everyone 

If laugh is the best medicine and contagious it usually right. Ice Bucket Challenge is funny, good cause, celebrities, water and ice. In my point of view, Water and ice usually mean water as life,vital and cleansing, ice means refreshing and awareness. When someone poured ice water to me daydream and sleepiness were gone. Besides, this contains a hidden gem message to tell us that the world care about the illness. ALS raised more than 50 million in a short time for research purpose.

There is no doubt this will be a viral message and video in August 2014. The world has never seem something like this before. If Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake were the trend and viral video, then this could be one of the biggest of all of the viral video combined. Why would I so confident about it ?? Just go to Youtube and search " Ice Bucket Challenge ". You will have the result back Oprah, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Cristiano Ronaldo, Triple H, CEO of WWE, Andy Lau, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Siwon, Tom Cruise, Running Man TV series members, Google CEO, Jessica Alba. What more, if you want some exaggerate video, go for Paul Bissonette 's Ice Bucket challenge. Surely there are more videos out there.

If you are seeing this that means it has gone so viral that all the viral video combined. Have you seen David Beckham make Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake parody video ?? I have no idea or maybe Katy Perry and Lady GaGa ? Lady Gaga, Beckham and Katy Perry do not Harlem Shake or Gangnam Style. Although it viral and funny but it lack of good cause. All the name mentioned above have done Ice Bucket Challenge.

Are you ready for some Ice Bucket Challenge videos from Malaysia ?


-He attributed and dedicated to greatest footballer in Malaysia Mokhtar who were suffering from similar disease

Youtube link :


-Best female DJ

Youtube link : Leng Yein ALS challenge


- Celebrity with 2 million followers in Facebook fan page

Video link at :  Lisa Surihani Ice Bucket Challenge


- Red people members. Challenge everyone in rising-popularity red people members.

Video link at :


- Malaysian Youtuber

Youtube video link : Joseph Germani ALS challenge


- Malaysian Youtuber

Youtube video link : Ling Bing Yong 's ALS challenge


- MYTEKSI crews

Youtube video link : MYTEKSI ice bucket challenge


- Hotlink from Maxis accepts ALS challenge

Youtube video link : Hotlink's Ice bucket challenge


Top model in Malaysia

Facebook video link : Amber Chia ALS challenge


Politician and minister of Tourism

Video Link : minister ALS challenge

LINE Malaysia giving out LINE T-Shirts

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LINE T-Shirts made from Korea only if you download LINE app into your smartphone

LINE Malaysia T-Shirt

LINE is certainly a distinctive social media app when come to local contests. No social media apps come closely to this approach if I have been asked the question about LINE associating with local contests. Have you seen any apps giving out TV and Smartphones for a contest ? For example, The recent LINE held FIFA World Cup contest, many lucky LINE users took home stuff they like. Don believe me ?? Check this proof at LINE Malaysia FIFA World Cup contest winners

Most of the social media apps such as Beetalk and Wechat, they had distinctive advantages over other smartphone social apps. Beetalk is more emphasizing on group chat and shaking to small chat with strangers. Beetalk Malaysia has pretty Hanis Zalikha to be part of their Beetalk advertisement video clip. They have more than 100,000 likes in their Facebook page. Beetalk generally communicating in Malaysia language rather than using English.

On the other hand, LINE Facebook page certainly has more than 100,000 likes in their Facebook page too. They have this wonderful feature called " official accounts "where big brands such as McDonald, Airasia, Sony, Nokia, Upin & Ipin, 8TV, Lazada, KFC are promoting their products to LINE users who had subscribed to respective brands. For example, John subscribed to KFC official account in his LINE apps installed in his smartphone. He will be able to get latest KFC promotions without doing anything. It will show up in your smartphone and you will see the KFC promotion first when you wake up to see the clock. Well, if you do not like it you are always welcome to cancel subscription.   

" LINE Event " is another good stuff worth to be mentioned. All the promotion held by LINE Malaysia you will get all of them in one place. I got two free LINE T-shirts by joining LINE contest which the contest information appeared at LINE Event.  

Although this event is over, it does not mean you will miss those opportunity in the future but if you do not install LINE apps then you will get zero chance to own any LINE free gifts.