Battle of Titans Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan

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Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan battle for men single gold medal in Asiad 2014

Dato Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan
Source : Media Prima's TV3 

This match will be broadcast nationwide on TV3 on the date September 28, 2014. Dato's Lee Chong Wei is finally broke into semi-final to meet up Lin Dan. That was expected result from Malaysia greatest badminton player in the history. As if Lee Chong Wei won this match, he will progress to final for gold medal. Preparing for the worst, he is still getting the bronze medal.

Today Saturday, Lee Chong Wei lost first match of the game to Vietnam badminton player. He could have lost the golden opportunity playing with Lin Dan. However, he gained momentum in second and third matches subsequently won the Vietnam badminton player advancing himself to face Lin Dan. As for Lee Chong Wei biggest nemesis, Lin Dan won against Japan's Kenichi Tago in the same day.

Who do you think will win in this match ?? There must be massive badminton fans swarming up the indoor Incheon stadium seats to witness grand battle between two biggest badminton players of this time. Although Dato' Lee Chong Wei may have lost the mach against Chen Long earlier in badminton team but it does not mean anything in this match.

Will Lin Dan pull the same trick again this time against Lee Chong Wei ?? Will Lee Chong Wei overcomes Lin Dan winning streak record against World No 1 badminton player ?? We will see this intense battle tomorrow Sunday 4PM.

Update : Lee Chong Wei failed achieving victory against Lin Dan in third match. Lin Dan advances to Final Badminton Men's single Asiad 2014. Lee Chong Wei is likely to get bronze medal


Malaysia vs Singapore 13th Sultan Selangor Cup 2014

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Malaysia versus Singapore in Stadium Shah Alam for Sultan Selangor Cup 2014

Witness the battle of one of top country in the world Singapore taking up the challenge by Malaysia in this prestigious soccer sport. Tune to LIVE match between Malaysia and Singapore on September 27, 2014. The time is 9PM exclusively on TV3. One can opt watch it at Tonton website.

Malaysia soccer squad were wearing Red & Yellow shirt, whereas Singapore soccer squad were wearing Blue jersey. There are a lot of talented footballer in Selangor squad would be playing later against Singapore. For example, Paulo (9), Hazwan (11), Farizal (25), Aidie(7), Azmi (8). 

The match attended by many very important persons including the Sultan Selangor and newly appointed Chief minister of Selangor Azmin Ali. There were Dollah Salleh and Raja Gopal spotted at this grand event too.

First few minutes, Singapore's Hafiz Sujad made a big mistake earned themselves first yellow card. Following by a red card which is given to one of the Singapore footballer after a obvious hard push from the back.

Paulo scored a goal utilizing the chance given to him in a penalty shot whereas, Singapore obtained first goal after the resting period with a long distance kick, bringing the score to 1 - 1 same. The winning emerged and belongs to Selangor when they scored another goal. The crowd are enjoying the match they were humming in the last few minutes of the game. 

Selangor jersey is very much stick with Kappa brand. Some of the well known brands has been supporting the game. Some of the advertisement boards at the soccer field side were SYABAS, Tanjung Balai Group, Permodalan Selangor, Sime Darby, SP Setia, TV3, Berita Harian, The Star Newspaper and many more.

Big Sales Promotion for IPhone 6 in Malaysia

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Pay it first and think later !  For newly available IPhone 6

IPhone 6 available in Malaysia

This is the 7magical voucher code for you as if you would like to become IPhone 6 owner. Sorry for those who had bought this in the price range of  whopping RM3,000 - RM7000. The good news is you will own this IPhone 6 with a rock-bottom price tag. It will cost you like any normal newly launched flagship smartphone price tag the range is RM2,300 - RM3,000

I have no idea how the procedure would be like but certainly after you have inserted this code, your IPhone 6 price goes down to RM2399 more or less. The lower is the better. More for consumers, less for the retailer. Have you seen this brand new IPhone 6 cost around RM2600 or more ??

It only applicable for some retailers and you must know where to look. There were many retailers with a mission " More for the business, lesser for the consumers", they want to earn as much profit as possible. Who have the money, IPhone is yours.

Don make a quick decision, notice all the terms and conditions before you get yourself an IPhone 6. Recommending you to check all smartphone retailers who are selling IPhone 6 as it is a must for a smart consumer before placing your order. Take a look and there is no harm for both parties. One and only IPhone 6 16GB

For those who had previously bought IPhone 6 or IPhone 6 plus with a rip-off price. No offence ! There are retailers selling cute, solid and protective casing already. Check it out at IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus casing

Will these Goods Affected by GST 2015

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Implementation of Goods and Service Tax will be carried out next year 2015. What are those goods affected ?

Hearing the debate of Goods and Services Tax and reading those articles about GST on the internet do not help at all. No one seem to shed some light to those uneducated. It not just those uneducated, those who were not into financial sector or attending financial school in college not even raise a "light bulb" . Usually those who are from banking sector or investment sector know it all !!.

All I understand is that there were some goods were excluded from GST. What are those goods ?? They simply labeled it in general something like sugar, beverage, school. That really clear from them right. Cant they just list out like "GPT Gula Pasir Kasar 1KG" is excluded for the GST.

I guess it must be a lot of work to be done by listing all of the goods that will be excluded from GST.  I mean that will be way lot of efforts because too much. Giving them the biggest A4 paper is was still not enough. They said the list will be announced later when GST is almost being implemented. I guess we need to wait till last minute !

As writing this article on September 2014, there is about 8 months left for it. We still have some time cherishing this old tax system which we have been used it since from 1957 ?. Many countries has adopted the practice of GST and we have yet to use it. In order to achieve this status developed nation in 2020, (for a better future sometimes it means we need to torn down the old one) - Captain America 2  

Yes, we are talking about developed nation. Did that just mean same status as America, Britain, Japan, France and Singapore ? . We are actually a developing nation currently the proof at Wikipedia Developing_8_Countries . Would you achieve the target of Vision 2020 together ? Vision 2020 is brainchild of Tun Dr Mahathir which to propel Malaysian to greater height. The Vision 2020 first challenge is "Establishing a united Malaysia nation made up of one Malaysia race". What that suppose to be mean that really need some good understanding. Wikipedia wawasan 2020

This article is meant to test whether or not the goods listed below will increase it price after the implementation of GST in 2015. All of these goods were bought from the year 2014. 


Coarse Sugar Malaysia 1KG

  • Product : Coarse Sugar
  • Calories : 100G = 400Kcals, 100g carbohydrate
  • Net Weight : 1KG
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Gula Padang Terap Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) : RM 2.84
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 604-790 4235 / 786 5008

Will Implementation of GST in 2015 affected Sugar price ? Current sugar price is at RM 2.84 for 1KG. Are we expecting RM 3.00 per KG or RM 2.60 per KG ??


  • Product : Adabi Fine Salt
  • Calories : none
  • Net Weight : 400g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) : RM 1.20  for 400g
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 603 - 60923677

RM 1.20 for 400G Adabi salt. Will there be increasing of price in Adabi salt later GST or inflation ? 


  • Product : Red Eagle Cooking oil
  • Calories : none
  • Net Weight : 5KG
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Yee Lee Edible Oils Sdn Bhd
  • Value (2014) : RM 14.70
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 605 291 1055

Cooking oil is likely to be affected by GST in 2015. Personally forecasting inflation and GST will bring the price up to RM15.50 for 5KG Red Eagle Cooking oil.


  • Product : Corn - Starch
  • Calories : none
  • Net Weight : 400g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : GLOW-SAN SDN. BHD
  • Value (2014) : RM 1.90
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 603 - 79815030


  • Product : Ajinomoto
  • Calories : none
  • Net Weight : 170g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : AJINOMOTO (Malaysia)
  • Value (2014) : RM 3.25
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 03 - 7980 5643


RM 2.10 - 1 liter 

more will come..!! 

There will be like 20 items listed at here. I hope you guys reading this will give me some suggestion and feedback. I will provide 10 goods/items I think the value will increase, whereas you guys could contribute the other 10 items/goods. It is time to be accountable in this matter. Share to your closest ones, spread this message.

Indomie Instant Noodle Rendang Spicy Beef Flavor

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 Indomie Rendang flavor imported by Malaysia company available in nationwide. 

Indomie Rendang beef version

  • Product : Indomie
  • Calories : 80g = 364KCAL, 8G Protein, 49 Carbohydrate, 15G Fat
  • Net Weight : 5 packs x 80g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Indonesia
  • Manufacturer : Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk Jakarta
  • Importer/Distributor : SOCMA Trading (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Rendang
  • Value (2014) : RM4.20
  • Website :
  • Contact no : (603) 5623 3633

Imported by the same company of these well known products in Malaysia. They are Mentos, Chupa Chupa, Fruit-tella, Tao Kae Noi crispy seaweed and many more other products.

Indomie Rendang beef version
Indomie instant noodle is popular worldwide. They do market Indomie in various countries. It proven that this brand is demanding.

Indomie continues to impress it consumer with various flavors. It Facebook page garnered 500,000 more likes and increasing over time.

Instant noodle brings great joy whoever knows it. Imagine a world without instant noodle, one who does not know how to do cook will surely go out for a restaurant.

Indomie Rendang beef version

Instant noodle is perceived to be the easiest way for high calories food. One do not need to spend time making the sauce which required a certain of culinary skill. Instant noodle pretty much solve the problems for many consumers for the hassle to make sauce. Not everyone is a chef right ?? The processed noodle has longer life compared to noodle used by restaurants.

IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus are available in Malaysia

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They are selling it although both new IPhones have not official launch in Malaysia

IPhone 6

DirectD offered to all Malaysian having a look on the new IPhone 6. More info and check the price at IPhone 6 64GB Silver . You may see a cheaper price on the official launching of IPhone in Malaysia next couple of weeks which the date still unknown. Would you want it now or later ?? 

The attractive smartphone market in Malaysia is definitely blossoming. There are many kinds of consumers in the market . One of it is the early adopter. They will try to get the product as early as possible. They like the feeling of getting ahead of many of us. They wanted to be the first Malaysian owning a new IPhone 6 or the Iphone 6 plus.

You probably had heard rumor that there was first Malaysian bought the IPhone with an inflated price. He should be categorized as an early adopter. There was a price he needed to pay in order to be first person to test and hold new IPhone. It was not cheap though he paid roughly RM6000 more or less.

As usual, he got all the spotlight and massive reaction in the social media and magnified by those who are the type of consumers in the category of "wait and see" . New Iphone is a nice phone but it remained as a new phone that needed to be tested by early adopters. A viral Interview video clip gone to a state of tension, the first person who got the IPhone in one of the Australia city dropped to the floor when trying to unbox it.

IPhone continues to get slammed with negative feedback such as the recent celebrities leaked photo alleged from Apple company which they denied it was Apple cloud fault but rather careless of celebrities passwords which rendered hacker to be able to enter thier iCloud Photo storage and the "bendgate" issue faced by IPhone 6 Plus users. Moreover, the recent iOS update sparked media attention due to some IPhone users claimed the new update rendered dropping of cellular service issue. 

New IPhone embraced their strength which is jaw-dropping and breath-taking ergonomic design. It is not much about the competing RAM or camera megapixels. IPhone seem to have elegant style capturing the hearts of many consumers such as the safety of personal information and ton of safety features available. Although Apple smartphone market share is low but their profit is really high.

IPhone is one of the best smartphone in the world with a proven track record they do make development and better smartphone based on their customer feedback. IPhone made big changes in their battery indicator which the battery would not shut down in 10% of battery, IPhone allowed the usage of Google maps and etc.

Take a look at IPhone 6 Plus one can buy within Malaysia without the need to wait another 2 months for the official release of IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus in Malaysia. more info and check the price at IPhone 6 Plus LTE

Be Malaysia version of Jay Chou Contest 2014

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Jay Chou Concert 2014 at Malaysia but first let talk about the Jay Chou contest

Source : Mah Sing Group Facebook page

Have you ever thought of becoming your version of Jay Chou ? Do you have been performing at school or at your home mirror trying to emulate Jay Chou personality while singing his songs ?  You do not need to be very identical to him, all you need is a little bit of confidence. If your friend or your parent ever said you looked like Jay Chou then this is your golden opportunity.

No, you are not going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Grab this chance to become Jay Chou in stage overlooking audiences awaiting your performance. Prove to yourself that your dream is not just a dream anymore, materialize your dream by joining this contest.

This contest is brought to you by Mah Sing in search for "Malaysian Jay Chou". There are some easy methods to follow for an interested participants. Mah Sing is the main presenter for Opus 2 Jay 2014 World Tour in Kuala Lumpur this coming November 2014. Yes, Jay Chou is coming to Malaysia. You can try to buy entrance ticket or choose the alternative.

In a big event there were surely some biggest contest ever held. Taking for an example of Taylor Swift concert in Malaysia in June 2014, there was a contest held required contestants to buy Cornetto ice-cream in order to win some Taylor Swift merchandises or Taylor Swift entrance tickets. As for Jay Chou concert, basically more or less the concept is the same that is to give away some free tickets to interested contestants.

Cut to the important part, participants in any gender could join this contest. Top 20 finalists will be selected by board of panel. In order to be the top 20 finalists, submit your photo with cool look of Jay Chou and garner votes. The winner is determined by most Facebook likes. This is consider as first stage of the contest. The public voting ends on October 18.

Second or final stage requiring the top 20 finalists pour some creativity to out-beat the contestants to win the title. The finalists will move on to prepare a convincing video on why they deserve to win the VIP experience and best seats in Jay Chou Concert. Then, finalists should win the heart of public voter for their valuable votes. This video-submitting is closing on the date October 31, 2014

Management of Mah Sing will make a final call who will be the crowned winner of this contest. the winner will take away best seats worth RM 1,776 the Jay Chou concert in November. In addition, the winner will be pampered with a limo ride to the concert and be rewarded with a cash bonus of RM 2,000

Summary of the contest

  1. Submit your cool photo imitating Jay Chou. Like and Visit Mah Sing Group Facebook page
  2. Ask for public votes
  3. Deadline for photo contest is October 18
  4. 20 finalists submit convincing video, ask for public votes
  5. Ask for public votes
  6. Deadline is October 31, 2014
  7. Wait for final result
  8. Win the prizes

Prizes : RM2000, Limo ride to the concert and pair of tickets worth RM1,776

More information for this contest please call Mr. Chan at the phone number 012-362 7205

Watch Jay Chou contest promo video to get more information. Besides, one should keep checking on Mah Sing property launch as their lucky draw could get you another Jay Chou Concert entrance ticket. !!

Want to know more Jay Chou concert ticket price and where it held go visit at Jay Chou held concert in Malaysia 2014

Hot Weather with Drumstick Almond Thrill

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Drumstick Almond Thrill

Malaysia hot weather is as bad as Sahara desert when it comes to not-so-rainy-season. To the extend that, the Selangor dam was lack of water storage. The most worst thing that has happened to Selangor dwellers that people was bringing big water bucket waiting for the water truck to come. That is how bad the Malaysia weather can be.

Hot weather is mostly acceptable by all Malaysian except for Asian women who try protecting their skin from UV from sun. There are many unique ways Malaysian handling the hot weather and the sun. Such as, wearing a versatile clothes, get a UV eyes glasses, grab a 100 Plus drink, get the shady area for car parking. Best of all, everyone loves getting an everlasting-craving Drumstick ice-cream

There is one thing is really unacceptable the temptation for an ice cold ice-cream. The statistic was right about Malaysian average were kind of obesity. They were having too much Nestle's Drumstick Almond Thrill which is a good thing as Chocolate does make you smarter but not when consuming too much of it. The statistic did not shown an alarming rate of growing obesity among Malaysian may be because looking at our ministers and law enforcers seem like a reflection for all of us.

Malaysian generally like to blame on someone else. Who we want to put the blame on the reflection of law enforcers or ministers or the temptation of ice-cream ? It never too late for Malaysian saying no to ice-cream by imposing sick and fat tummy in every ice-cream label packaging. That would be totally necessary measure as it proved working just looking at the measure taken by Dunhill right ?

Drumstick Almond Thrill

  • Product          : Nestle Drumstick Almond Thrill
  • Calories         : 249KCAL, 14G Fat, 28G Carbohydrate
  • Net Weight    : 110ml
  • Status             : Halal, Made in Malaysia 
  • Manufacturer : Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor                       : Chocolate
  • Value (2014)            : Varies
  • Website                    :
  • Contact no                : 1 800 88 3433

Drumstick Almond Thrill

None of the above are true. All of them are just a joke. I think McDonald's ice-cream is much more sweeter. Ice-cream never too much calories or fat. However, ice-cream has tremendous of carbohydrates. Those who cant consume a lot of carbohydrate needed to stay away from ice-cream. It just a friendly reminder.

Everyone in Malaysia is a matured consumer should know that ice-cream bring happiness to the society and our kids. Everyone love Nestle's Drumstick Almond Thrill

Day 1 Malaysia in Incheon Asian Games

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Malaysia hunts Gold medals in Asiad 2014. The target is 8 Gold Medals announced by Minister of Sport and Youth

Malaysia won first gold medal in day 1

On September 19, 2014, It was the date of opening ceremony Incheon Asian Games 2014. There will be no competition on the day of opening ceremony. The competition will resume tomorrow which is September 20, 2014.

The official day of Asiad should be September 20, 2014. There are competitions will be taking place. Hockey, Wushu, Bicycle and many more. In the Hockey competition, Malaysia hockey squad has won against Singapore national hockey squad.

As for cycling, athletes representing Malaysia were Azizulhasni Awang, Josiah Ng and Muhammad Edrus Md Yunus. Mr Edrus is one of the best cyclist that can win at least silver or bronze medal for Malaysia

In the meantime, Volleyball indoor and Cricket national squad did not managed to secure a position to the final of the game.

Malaysia was lucky enough to won first gold medal in first day of Asiad. The first contribution of gold medal was in the Wushu category. She obtained the gold medal in Wushu Nan Quan. Her name is Tai Cheau Xuen. In an interview with her, she could not express her feeling as she never thought could win gold medal. Her action biting the gold medal was one of the proudest moment for a Malaysian.

Malaysian can enjoy watching athletes at Asiad on TV3, 9TV or Astro Arena 801. Free streaming is available on Tonton website.  

Twisties Lime Chili and Chili Cheese

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New Flavor from Twisties Flavored Corn Snacks. 

Twisties Lime Chili and Chili Cheese

Twisties is the best corn snack in Malaysia. No other corn snack brands out there come closer compared to Twisties. Twisties Malaysia made the funniest and meaningful video advertisement. In conjunction releasing Twisties new flavors, they made a successful marketing video to promote it. The newest flavors are Lime Chili and Chili Cheese.

After one have watched the video ads, It was very hard to resist the temptation not to pick new flavors of Twisties into shopping cart. If you spot Twisties in nearest local stores, your mind unconsciously showing familiar images. Both of these Twisties were bought at Petronas convenience store.

No doubt that the original flavor of Twisties was the best ever. No need for new flavor. A new flavor would means sales generating for Twisties company for some reasons. However, one cant really access Malaysia twisties website, whereas it Facebook page which garnered more than one hundred thousand of Follower accessible.

Had not tried Chili Cheese flavor, had tried lime chili flavor I am still convinced that the Twisties original taste good. The lime chili flavor does taste like there was some lime element covered the corn. 

  • Product          : Twisties
  • Calories         :   65G = 312KCAL, 16G Fat, 36G Carbohydrate
  • Net Weight    : 65G
  • Status             : Halal, Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Mondelez Malaysia Sdn Bhd 
  • Flavor                       : Chili Cheese & Lime Chili
  • Value (2014)            : RM 2.20 
  • Website                    :
  • Contact no                : none

One small bite is never enough. To show you guys the way a matured snack guy eating Twisties at home. Be like,  open the hand palm grabbing as much as you can then open the mouth as big as possible and stuff everything inside the mouth. If there would be an event of falling Twisties at the floor, pick it up and eat it !  If the event occurs that means you are not categorized as matured snack eater.

It worth your time watching the new Twisties Malaysia video advertisement because everyone is curious how a animated big T-Rex facial expression after consuming Twisties Lime Chili or Chili Cheese. Hey, I think Twisties get the wrong history lesson that when T-Rex was around lingering the earth there is no possibilities that human too live among them.

I cant believe our ancestors has been eating junk food from the early civilization.

Badminton Malaysian vs China in Day 3 Asian Games

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Lee Chong Wei, Chen Long, Lin Dan and Chong Wei Feng will play on September 22, 2014

Will China obtain Gold medal or Malaysia in Men's single Badminton match ? Stay tuned TV9 or Astro Arena 801

Oligo and Milo Chocolate Drinks Comparison

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Oligo Vs Milo Chocolate Beverage 

I cant believe drinking Oligo is like I was drinking Nestle Milo. There was nothing wrong with my tongue. I cant differentiate the taste. Despite some people said Oligo has bad taste. When people said Oligo, a not so good chocolate drink I thought to myself that "how bad it can goes" ?

Oligo is one of the many beverage brand under one big company. It Power Root. I believe you have seen Power Root advertisement. It always triggering my human desire to win RM 1 million. Even the oldest chocolate beverage in Malaysia such as Milo, it did not had this kind of RM 1 million advertisement. 

Believe it or not both of these chocolate beverages tasted the same. It like a replicate of it or they just has different packaging. That all of it ! Speaking about Power Root, they have extensive beverages products for Malaysian consumers. They have their own version of Red Bull and wide selection of Nescafe.

It is up to Malaysian consumer whether to support Power Root or other brands. There is one important noticeable factor among those beverage products, particularly Power Root, all of them has no price range gap compared to other brands. For example, one go to shopping mall picking up Oligo and Milo and notice the price are same. Why is that same price ??

I thought popular brand such as Milo should sell higher whereas Oligo should sell in lower price. It does not work like that in beverage industry. If price and taste were the same what really a concern for consumer will be the brand. It seem like Nestle brand is stronger compared to Power Root and consumer are most likely to choose Nestle Milo over Power Root's Oligo. 

Give it a try for Oligo chocolate drink if you have seen them at supermarket or 7-Eleven stores nationwide. Both are great chocolate beverage in Malaysia 

Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia at Incheon 2014

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17th Asian Games 2014, Malaysia versus Saudi Arabia in 2nd day soccer category.

This is the second match Malaysia soccer squad playing on this event. Saudi Arabia is a formidable opponent based on the analysis they played on last match. In previous match, Malaysia won against Laos in an unprecedented score of 4 - 0. Subsequently obtained 3 points ahead. Besides, Saudi Arabia proved they too had won which put Malaysia and Saudi Arabia in a same level.

More info about Malaysia vs Laos 4 - 0.

As if Malaysia won again Saudi Arabia later, Harimau Malaya's chance advancing for goal medal is one step closer. Anything could happen in the field and last minute playing at field. We will need to see who will prevail till the last minute or scoring the last goal. After all, winning and losing are the culture of any sport games.

Witness the fight on 3.55 Pm on Astro Arena 801. The date is 21 september 2014, the time is on 3.55 PM

More detail after the match

Malaysia attended Opening of 17th Incheon Asian Games

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Nicol David carrying and waving the Malaysia flag when it Malaysia turn to walk on the track 

Queen of the squash in Malaysia and worldwide proudly waving Malaysia flag at Incheon stadium. She was accompanied by all the Malaysia athletes. They were all wearing orange color outfits. TV9 broadcaster mentioned about Nicol David news of retirement in squash was very saddened Squash fans all around the world. Her amazing performance will be cherished this could be her last biggest sport event.

Nicol David winning streak earned her a legendary title in an international stage as well as the title granted to her "Datuk". Although she may have lost some of the Squash tournaments held not so long ago. But she never failed to amazed all the audiences in big sport event nor she failed to get gold medal in any big sport event.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei will not miss this grand opportunity to play. It will be his biggest moment in his life because his arch rival has agreed to play at this sport event. Asian Games 2014 where the three countries compete furiously for gold medals, China, South Korea and Japan will try their very best to get as much gold as possible. China Lin Dan coach makes an appearance that he will help his country to get the gold medal to retain China no 1 record in Asian Games.

One can watch some of the amazing video feed focusing on Malaysian athletes on Asian games 2014 by watching TV9. This exclusive show is sponsored by TM, MYEG and Team Malaysia.

Winners of NTV7 Golden Awards 2014

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Aaron Yan and Mike He arrived at red carpet Golden Awards 2014

Aaron Yan Golden Awards 2014

The crowd went a little bit lost control during the arrival of Aaron Yan to the show. His white outfit and laser starring turned the Golden Awards 2014 more joyful.

Mike He Golden Awards 2014

Mike He is one of the spotlight in the Golden Awards 2014. All the fans in Malaysia were grateful Mike He came all the way from Taiwan to attend this event. 

List are the winners in Golden Awards 2014 broadcast on NTV7

Best Mandarin TV Drama produced in Malaysia

- 香火 / The Descendant

Golden Awards 2014

Most favorite & welcomed TV Drama


Best Actor

- 李洛中 / Frederick Lee

Best Actress 

- 吴天瑜 / Debbie Goh

Best Supporting Actor

- 叶良财 / Steve Yap

Best Supporting Actress

- 杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newcomer

-  陈浩严 / Tan Hau Yen

Best Telemovie

- 夺命游戏 2

Best Drama Theme Song

- 灰 BY 杨家辉 in drama "The Descendant"

Best Director

- 郭福华 in the drama "The Descendant"

Best Original Screenplay

- 陈钰莹

Best TV Drama Montage

- 一次就爱对 / Love Compulsory Season 2

Best Variety & Entertainment Program

- 非常好歌 / The Ultimate Song

Best Variety & Entertainment Program Host

杨雁雁 / Yeo Yann Yann

Best Newscaster

- 陈丽亭 / Tan Ley Teng

Best News & Current Affair Program

- 抢救苏丹街 / Save Jalan Sultan

Best News & Current Affair Program Host

- 徐嘉得 / Chee Kah Teik

Best Festive program

- 古都西安 / Let's Go Xi An

Best Magazine program

- 聆听世界 / Listen To The World

Best Magazine program host

- 林佩盈 / LYNN LIM in a magazine program "跨世纪“ 

Life achievement awards

- 傅志坚 / FU ZHI JIAN 

Watch LIVE Asian Games 2014

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Malaysian is exciting to be able to watch Asian Games 2014 opening at Incheon, South Korea

Asian Games 2014

Thank to Media Prima, Malaysians who like sport and those K-pop fans are able to witness the grand opening of the prestigious Asian sport 2014. Incheon is the third largest city in South Korea was selected to be the host of 17th largest sport event in Asia countries. It will be held from September 19, 2014 - October 4, 2014.

Due to this event, Malaysia cup 2014 quarter-final was halted in order to focus on this groundbreaking event. Malaysia soccer squad was selected to be a rival for South Korea at a friendly-match. It more likely an opening match for soccer category in Asian games 2014. Although lost to South Korea, Malaysia did not lost any point. The good news is Malaysia won Laos in a 4 and nil score. 

K-pop fans in Malaysia will be enormously grateful one of their favorite K-pop band is perfoming on the stage. JYJ band was selected to represent South Korea as an icon for the sport. Their Korean song "Only One" has 1.8 million hit even before the match begin. The video has been uploaded as early as last year.

Take a guess on their official mascot, it Seal. 3 different color Seal wearing a medal or badges. They are staggering 45 countries would make appearance at this exclusive sport event. One of them are Malaysia. Sport and Youth minister expected Malaysia to get some medals back especially in the sport of Squash and badminton. Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David are showing up in this cant-miss opportunity event.

Do not miss the opening of LIVE Asian Games 2014. Stay alert for the date September 19, 2014 (Friday) and the time 6.00PM. Tune to TV9 and wait for Malaysia national flag to show up. One will be able to see athletes competing each other tomorrow of the opening ceremony. Some of the sport events in Saturday are badminton, cricket, basketball and many more.

Malaysia vs Laos Asian Games 2014 LIVE

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Asian Games 2014 soccer category is expected to start earlier than other sport category

Malaysia vs Laos 2014

Malaysia soccer squad lead by Datuk Ong Kim Swee marched to Incheon stadium, South Korea. The very first match is compete with Laos. Last few days, Malaysia suffered defeat against South Korea national soccer squad in a friendly-match. South Korea squad strikers and defenses were both in a amazing form they had broke in defense of Harimau Malaya scoring 3 goals and stopped all the attempt to score a goal by Malaysia strikers. 

Malaysia versus Laos is the first soccer match for Malaysian soccer squad and they are determined to get first points by defeating Laos. Malaysian soccer fans are eagerly waiting the coming of date September 17, 2014.  The match can be watched either at Astro Arena 801 or TV9. The time is set on 3.30PM.  

Dollah Salleh was presence at this match assessing the soccer players for upcoming AFF tournament on November later. The target for this match is 3 points set by Datuk Ong Kim Swee. At the first half of the match, A very high target and only able to be achieved if the coach call upon its strongest formation and players.

Harimau Malaya U23 has lost three matches before heading versus Laos. Coach realized to give a surprise to opponent about its strength. Nor Farhan, Brendan Gan and Hazwan Bakri was playing at the field as potential goal scorers. As for defense side, there were Fadhli Shas (27) and Aidil Zafuan for perfect defense combination.

In the first round of the match, Malaysia secured a goal by Aidil Zafuan at 12' minutes. The formation started to yield result after the second match where the three goals were scored. Second goal was scored by Nor Farhan (10) at 76' minutes followed by Mohamad Fandi (17) at 78' minutes. Subsequently, Farris Danial (25) scored at 81' minutes.

Some of the players on the field were Ashri Chuchu (5), Gary (12), Amer (24), Zubir, Nazmi (31), Azrif (20). 

There were many perimeter advertisements such as Hyundai, Kia Motors, SK Innovation, Tissot, Samsung and many more

Lionel Messi eats Lay's Potato chip

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Everyone wants a piece of Lay's potato chip as demand as a photo with Lionel Messi the great footballer and Adidas golden ball of FIFA World Cup 2014

Lay Potato chip barbecue

  • Product          : Lay's 
  • Calories         : 1 oz = 28g =  15 chips, 1 oz = 160KCAL, 10G Fat, 15G Carbohydrate
  • Net Weight    : 6 and half oz, 184g
  • Status             : Not Halal, Made in USA for Pepsico, Inc
  • Manufacturer : FRITO-LAY, INC 
  • Distributor/Importer : DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd , Pepsico (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 
  • Flavor                       : Barbecue
  • Value (2014)            : RM 11.50 for 184 G
  • Website                    :
  • Contact no                : 1800 88 1781

Get a little bit confused after watched the Lay's potato chip ads with Lionel Messi inside. They should not eat Lionel Messi's Lay potato chip. I guess it in their culture that everyone is free to take anyone food to eat as long as the owner did not show an angry face. There were so many people in the street recognizes Lionel Messi and want to take a picture with him.

Lay's potato chip barbecue flavor has been introduced since in the 1960s. Surprisingly, Lay emerged with Pepsi and form Pepsico. Besides, Lay company owned the popular doritos snack which even the goat is craze about the junk food. Just for your information, Frito-Lay is dominating US salty snacks the sales revenue of snack is nearly 35% of Pepsico valuation of estimated. Pepsico most profitable division belongs to Frito-Lay.

Lay Potato chip barbecue
Lay's Potato has many different shapes chip inside package

Are you still thinking Pepsi is associating with beverage or carbonated soft drinks ? That is the past for Pepsi. Now, when you are speaking of Pepsi company in US they directly associate it with their salty snack rather than the Pepsi tasted like Coca-cola. Pepsi beverage is no longer the no 1 as Dorito and other potato chips is replacing the no 1.

That is why they are hiring top soccer player to do this Lay potato chip advertisement video. We are less likely to hear about Pepsi doing advertisement on their Pepsi beverages. The most recent and refreshing memory about Pepsi it would be Dorito and Lay potato chip funny and intriguing advertisement video.

Lay Potato chip barbecue

Personal experience after eating Frito-Lay made, made in USA potato chip, Judging by my years of eating Mister Potato's potato chips, there is little or no different between them. I ensure all Potato chip lover out there that this is just a different packaging. I thought USA made potato chip will have slightly bigger size of potato chip or different taste but it was not that case.

It was a good experience able to taste it with own tongue on this Lay's potato chip. The price is double purchasing Lay potato chip than a Mister potato. If you go to shop and purchase Mister potato in big long can, the potato chip is in complete shape. As for Lay's barbecue potato chip, it has different pattern of each potato chip you grab inside the package. (observe picture no 2 and compare with Mister Potato in long can)

TV Show Apa Saja FBI 2014

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Apa Saja FBI : You will see many celebrities being invited to the show for a performance. 

Apa Saja FBI
Apa Saja FBI 2014 

Faizal Ismail will be hosting the TV Show to wow the audiences. Faizal Ismail is the one of the humorous TV host in Malaysia. In this show, he is able to manage the show and the celebrities on the stage.

First episode, honor guests were invited to the show. One of them are "the sibling". They performed a song with instruments. Most of the audiences do not know that they are actually one family. Besides, Shiro and Jihan were invited to do some joke in the show. They are very talented joker. Both of them have built up some chemistry in the show to humor the audiences. Jihan is most popular female comedian in Malaysia.

In the middle of show, Jihan and Shiro will demonstrate with a lucky audience in the show
"how to wrap up baby in a proper manner" It really cute and funny how they done it. On the show, they use normal tower and fold into a seemingly baby diaper.

One can watch this TV show at TV9 every sunday, time on 8.30PM . Apa Saja FBI is currently doing an on-going contest follow the instagram on #apasajafbi5 . Tag your selfie picture and get a chance to win shopping voucher totaled RM700 .

Now, Malaysian can enjoy Apa Saja FBI at Tonton website. The streaming link is Tonton Apa Saja FBI 2014

Preparation AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 Malaysia vs Indonesia

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Senior Harimau Malaya vs Indonesia in a friendly match at Surabaya, Indonesia Stadium

Malaysia vs Indonesia AFF Suzuki 2014 friendly match

Last time Malaysia face against Indonesia was a big blow and staggering win with a score of 2 - 0. Now it seem that Indonesia has their revenge in this friendly match. The commentator of the match said that Indonesia soccer squad is much more confident and well-trained. Their strategy is able to penetrate Harimau Malaya defense.

The same color jersey blue represents Malaysia and red represents Indonesia squad. As you can see in the image above, they are advancing in a bid to score a goal against Malaysia. The Malaysia soccer squad is now lead by Dollah Salleh, a former Malaysian footballer.

Malaysia never expecting a win because it was not a soccer tournament that needed to be focus on. As for Indonesia, they are the one will focusing on this match due to the losing match again Malaysia at last AFF Suzuki cup 2012. A defeat that sent Indonesia soccer squad home.

As for Malaysia soccer fans, it is the third defeat in a roll today. Noticing carefully, there are 3 soccer matches held on September 14, 2014. The triple losing streak disappointed many soccer fans. A very sad day for Malaysian soccer history.

Among the three matches, the only good match worth to watch was the Malaysia U16 vs Australi U16. Malaysia U16 has tremendous potential sleep within them. If polish with care, they could be a very good soccer squad that has standard to go on for World Cup. The English commentator praised on the commendable Malaysia U16 and expecting to see them next few years of development.

The real date of AFF Suzuki Cup soccer match commencing is on October 2014 after Asian Games 2014 and Malaysia cup 2014.

Malaysia vs Indonesia AFF Suzuki 2014 friendly match

Sabah Tea Facebook Contest 2014

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Drink Sabah Tea and capture yourself white doing it for winning a trip to Sabah resort

Sabah Tea

Please visit at this website for more detail on Sabah Tea Facebook Contest 2014. >> Sabah Tea Facebook page contest 2014

Winner will get a chance to holiday at Sabah Tea resort 4D3N with 4 pax . Besides, there are consolidation prizes to be won. RM 100 Youbeli website voucher x10 and hamper worth RM50 x10. As if you are one of the winner, the designated location will be announced by contest organizer at later date.

The contest is held from August 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014. Winner of the contest will be announced through official Sabah Tea Facebook page on Octber 8, 2014. 

Sabah Tea is cultivated on foothill of Mount Kinabalu. Malaysia first ever World Heritage site. Sabah Tea is 100% unaffected by insect pests. 

Sabah Tea

  • Product : Sabah Tea
  • Calories : unknown
  • Net Weight : 200g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Desa Tea Sdn Bhd
  • Distributor/Importer : Yee Lee Trading Co Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Green Tea
  • Value (2014) : RM 5.30 for 200 G
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 088-440882

Video FAM chanted in Stadium as "Bangsat"

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A viral video showing stadium goer chanted FAM management is not a good one

The video was not uploaded by me either. It was obtained one of the most popular Facebook page in Malaysia. The widely controversial video emerged as Malaysia soccer squads lost all three matches yesterday on September 15, 2014.

It remains a speculation or presumption that angry stadium patrols who always supporting Harimau Malaya get really pissed off and was recorded in a video clip. Despite the chanting, there were no violence occurred. It was believed to be a peaceful gathering and peaceful freedom of thought in a large crowd.

The chanting could be a little overdone. The chanting translated to English is "Football Association of Malaysia is a bastard or asshole". There were huge numbers of peoples followed the chanting. The repeated chanting was recorded in a video clip. Most of them chanted in a Malay language like this 

FAM bangsat, kami datang FAM bangsat. x2 Kami turun ke stadiun , satu jiwa satu malaysia, FAM bangsat dibunuh saja.

The outrageous chanting has aimed on FAM which the management were under someone respectful and powerful in Malaysia. We should think positively that this is just some emotional occurrence rather than a disrespectful acts.

Yesterday South Korea vs Malaysia with a score 3 - 0 was held in Incheon. As for Malaysia U16 vs Australia 1 - 2 was held at Thailand the qualification of Malaysia to World Cup was not materialize. The third match Malaysia versus Indonesia in a friendly match was held at Surabaya. The question remained mystery where is the location this chanting happened ??

Warning viewer discretion is advised. The content could be deemed as dangerous and inappropriate. 

Malaysia F&N M Cola and Coca-cola

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MY Coca made by F&N is product of Malaysia

It taste really alike to real Coca-cola. Do you ask yourself when ordering Cola the shop gave you a M cola or the real coca-cola ? I could not differentiate the taste both of this beverage. It has little or no different in taste so how could we actually identify which one is Malaysia version of cola and the real coca-cola ?? we will have a difficult time to know.

Will all the restaurants replaced coca-cola to MY Cola. I think they will and will not. The reason they will replace it is in order to support local beverage. Some of the restaurant might think that it not a good idea to replace it because both of this beverage has same price range. Local products do not translate as cheaper compared to those perceived foreign brands.

 I do not need to educate you why local products were not cheaper. If you insist asking of it, they will give you those money will be put into a place for future projects, investments, R&D. That happened to some of our local brands not all of them. However, our mind responds local product should be cheaper that not entirely true.

MY coca was bought in a local supermarket store with a price of RM1.50 in a 325ml can. Look at the nutritional information, there were almost the same as real Coca-cola. The sugar is 10.4g in 100ml of MY cola as oppose to real coca-cola sugar at 10.6g. 

Are you into a trend of support local product or supporting the season of boycott Coca-cola products ?? You might need this alternative. MY cola was launched believed to be around 2012. They conducted a survey that Malaysian overall likes the flavor of MY cola. For the launching of MY Cola to the market, it was priced at RM 1.30 for 325ml. In 2014, the inflation has increased the price to RM1.50.

Remember do not leave MY cola at the refrigerator overnight for later drink. You must consume all of the MY cola within one opened it. Try it for yourself sip a little of bit MY cola and put at refrigerator overnight, then sip it again next morning.

MY cola vs real coca-cola free polls

Malaysia vs South Korea friendly-match Asian Games 2014

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Korea republic vs Young tigers B-23
Source : Astro Arena Facebook page

As Asian Games soccer category is unveiling. South Korea is testing their soccer squad strength with Malaysia Young tigers. It will be a honor as it will be treated as opening ceremony of soccer category in Asian Games 2014 at Incheon. Who will win in this match against the host ?

South Korea soccer squad must have heavy burden in order to prove they are the host and they cant lose the game. As for Malaysian soccer squad, it will be a terrific experience and knowledge playing in an international level soccer event. As if Malaysia lost the match, Malaysia will still advance and proceed.

A friendly match that Malaysia could afford to lose because it will not jeopardize it performance in Asian Games 2014. Harimau Muda B-23 should focus on strategies how to defeat it real opponent. They are Laos soccer squad. the match Harimau Muda vs Laos will be a great match worth to watch.

Harimau Muda captain is Aidil Zafuan. Aidil, is JDT defender one of the senior team members being asked by coach Datuk Ong Kee Swee to beef up the formation of Harimau Muda that is going to compete in Asian Games 2014. Coach believed Aidil's knowledge and experience is extremely useful.

A little bit of research on the South Korea soccer squad, their strongest soccer squad may have been sent to play at AFC U-16. Lee Seung Woo the SK Messi will not play at Asian Games 2014.

Stay tune for this match the host of 17th Asian Games 2014 will go against Harimau Muda in this coming September 14, 2014. Tune to Astro Arena on the time 3.30Pm. 

Result : Malaysia soccer squad lost to South Korea with the score of 0 - 3.

Apple In Your Eye Drama now at 8TV

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Malaysian can watch Taiwanese popular drama "Apple In Your Eye" or original Mandarin title "妹妹” in 8TV.

Zhou ji wei & Dao Yao Qi

The first episode of the drama is the story of the young main actor and actress when they were like 10 years old. Zhou Ji Wei likes to visit Dao Yao Qi family. One of the many lunch, Dao Yao Qi asked his family whether Zhou Ji Wei is his biological sister because she always visiting the house. The truth is that Zhou Ji Wei is not his biological sister a merely a visitor in the house. Due to her active presence in the family, she is treated like a Dao family.

Dao Yao Qi attended same school with Zhou Ji Wei. One day someone paint Zhou Ji Wei skirt dirty then Dao Yao Qi asked the boy in an angry manner not to repeat the act again towards Zhou Ji Wei. Dao Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei has deep relationship towards each other even at a young age. Zhou Ji Wei claimed that she likes to call Dao her own brother.

Apple in your eye
Apple in your eye 

When they entered teenage stage, the main actor of the show is Lan Cheng-Lung or in Chinese 蓝正龙 acted as Dao Yao Qi。 As for the actress, Amber An or in Mandarin 安心亚 acted as Zhou Ji Wei。 

They were unofficial brother and sister relationship but Dao likes another girl in the school while Zhou Ji Wei knew herself that she likes Dao. She felt unable to breath and uneasy when found out Dao was writing a love letter to a girl in the school and not her.  

This drama was not produced by local production company based in Malaysia. 8TV obtained the right to broadcast it. It started on August 8, 2014. One can watch it every Saturday on 8TV. If you feel like did not make it to watch at 8TV, you can opt to watch it at tonton website.

Get Tonton account and watch episode 1 of Apple in your eye drama now at Tonton website. Visit this link Apple in your eye Drama able to be watched by Malaysian

Malaysia to FIFA World Cup U-17

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Malaysia against Australia match in this coming September 14, 2014. If Malaysia seal a winning goals, they are going for FIFA World Cup.

Harimau Malaya U-16 Jersey 7 Najmuddin
Harimau Malaya Muda jersey 7 Najmuddin

This is a very good opportunity for Malaysia advancing to the FIFA world cup as they had won against the host Thailand in a perfect U-Turn goal by jersey no. 8 Syazwan. Golden boy that seal the fate of Malaysia 1 - 0 Thailand. Besides, there is another player worth to be mentioned, Najmudin helped the team in a match against Oman secured two goals for the team eventually bringing the score to 2 - 1. 

The host of next FIFA World Cup U-17 is Chile. this prestigious soccer event is the dream of young tigers team D lead by chandran. Certainly the soccer fans in Malaysia sincerely hoping they get the chance to see Malaysia soccer squad appeared on world cup as well as Malaysia flag and Malaysia anthem are there showing to the world.

It will be a proudest moments for Young Tigers team D. What more if we can get into the final against Nigeria the crown winner of last world cup U-17. Nigeria will be the biggest inspiration for Malaysia despite a small country but able to compete with developed nations showing the best quality of sport to the audience around the world to billions watching the sport event. 

Do not forget to tune your Astro channel to fox sport no 812/832 for the battle of who qualify for world cup. The date is September 14, 2014. The time is 4PM. It will be held at Muangthong stadium. All eyes are on this match. 

There are several soccer matches beside Malaysia vs Australia U-16. There are Malaysia vs South Korea U-23 for Asian Games and Malaysia vs Indonesia for AFF Suzuki Cup. The most important match no other than the qualifying for world cup U-17. 

Based on author analysis, Malaysia will have a tough time against Australia. In previous 3 matches playing with Australia, all have been defeated by Australia.