Maggi Introduces New Flavor in Malaysia 2014

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Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef. Royalicious !!

Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef

I believe Maggi introduces this flavor in November 2014. There were heavy advertisements on Youtube, social media platforms and various websites showing the banners of new Maggi flavor in Malaysia.

Maggi Royale noodle has been upgraded and its first flavor using Maggi Royale noodle was the Maggi Penang Seafood Curry flavor. I have tried both and the result is fascinating. I thought there was no instant noodle company could match the noodle quality of Mamee. But, it seem like Mamee met a strong competitor in instant noodle business.

Besides that, I have tried this new flavor. Servay at Kota Kinabalu seem to have this new flavor in its shelves. Do note that the selling price is RM7 plus. What's more, there were only 4 packs of maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef in a bundle. 

The taste was fantastic. It was spicy and the noodle was slightly bigger. Reminder to all that should you try this you must add some more water in order to reduce spicy soup. I think this is one of it kind in Malaysia. Maggi could be the first instant noodle company in Malaysia to introduces beef flavor.

Maggi Korean Spicy Beef Flavor

The above image is lacking of hot water. I was eating one pack only . I usually boils water and put the noodle inside then, I will prepare another water making sure will not drink the boiled water used to cook the instant noodle. People said, it contains some kind of lax or preservative in order to sustain noodle expiry date.

Ochado Roast Milk Tea at Suria Sabah

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Ochado Roast Milk Tea and Ochado's Japanese rice

Ochado Roast Milk Tea does contains unique taste. The price for one cup is RM5.90 ranked as the most favorable Ochado's drink. One of its competitors in Sabah are ZenQ and Yoyo. Although there was a milk tea branch Chatime in Sabah, that will not do any differences because Chatime are only popular at West Malaysia.

People lining up to buy Ochado milk tea at Suria Sabah

If you order one ice Milo or ice Nescafe, it already something like RM2.70 at Gaya Street's restaurant before the implementation of GST in April 2015. Drinking Ochado means you are drinking two ice Nescafe. Will the common restaurants in Sabah selling drinks same price as Ochado ?? That is some interesting topic because you needs to know that GST would be implemented next year.

Should restaurant's Nescafe price increasing next year, it better for most of us drink a cup of Nescafe before leaving home. The truth is that most of us would not know whether or not it was overpriced. We know that the demands from tourists are soaring high according to yearly chart released by federal or state government. Some said the restaurant price were to cater the affluence travelers to Sabah. How about the local community ??

Ochado at Suria Sabah is selling this Japanese rice. It really delicious and the way they wrapped it so much creative. The sticky rice and seaweed are best couple ever. It only cost less than RM4.00

Ochado sticky rice

According to Ochado Malaysia Facebook page, they are introducing new menu for burger lovers. More information at OchadoMalaysia Facebook page

Ochado roast milk tea RM5.90

. Buy a cup of Ochado milk tea at Suria Sabah and walk to third floor to the Suria Sabah's food court and find a seat to sip your tea while enjoying the magnificent sea view.

no 1 Ochado drink in Sabah

The current no 1 milk tea at Ochado Suria Sabah is Ochado Roasted milk tea flavor. Personally think that it has this smell of something burned.

All seated Ochado Milk Tea at Suria Sabah

If I remember correctly, this must be Sunday afternoon. There were no seats available. One will need to wait at another corner to wait drink to be served. You are to pay it first and wait later for your food to come.

Where to Eat on Sunday at Suria Sabah Food Court

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Halal and non-Halal, Noodle and Chicken your no 1 choice hangout at the heart of Kota Kinabalu

Suria Sabah Food Court

Brings Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's, Chicken Rice Shop and order a drink at here. I guess there were no restrictions imposed that you should order food there in order to occupy that area. It was crowded with local peoples on Sunday. A location you have higher chance overlooking the wide sea. 

One thing I have observed was the hardworking staffs cleaning the table so that the next customer could occupy the dining table. Without them, you will dine on a table with leftover food. It is not Sabahan culture throwing food leftover. Besides, there is no designated place where Sabahan could learn throw their own leftover food.

As if there were a designated place, they could throw away the food and returning the plate which is a good idea. However, it would take away the jobs. Besides, I would suggest putting the recycle dustbin increasing public awareness on protecting the planet since there were tourist we should set example but, it would jeopardize our culture ( Not all actually left their food on the tablet). Furthermore, outlets could use recycled plastic instead of solid plate or make a recycled plastic and put Suria Sabah Food Court logo or something.

Suria Sabah Food Court on Sunday

Hangout and blend in local community. Suitable for all ages. There were pastry, noodle, malay cuisine, chinese cuisine, chicken rice, buffet and many more.

Suria Sabah Food Court Sea View

You could see boats go forth and back they are transporting people to islands. Today, it was a rainy day. the clouds are blackish. 

Crowd Suria Sabah Food Court

On Sunday, some of the food stalls were off on the non-halal section. Suria Sabah Food Coury operating hour is 10AM - 8PM.

Heavy Smoke Kota Kinabalu Island November 6, 2014

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Pulau Gaya on Fire again ? Captured between the time 11.30AM-12.00PM 

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

It was not a big fire but, the heavy dark smoke covered the sky. Everyone was like wondering what happened at the other side of the land. There were speed boat hovering nearby. 

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

I guess there was nothing serious happened. As there were no large explosion or wave of earthquake or something really frightening. I am not so sure what happened I would like to make closure that it should be another purposely training ?

Pulau Gaya-Kota Kinabalu Island-fire-November 6-2014

The smoke lasts for somewhat 40 minutes. There were no major panic. I am guessing that you should feel panic when mentioning whether or not this is related to the Penampang shooting ?? That was not my intention I think it just another bad day for the affected victims.

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Interstellar Movie

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Boring science made interesting in this movie. 

I do not study advanced science nor a scientist. I wanted to watch again this movie because there were many things I could not grasp it. It a wonderful science-fiction movie. If it was a documentary and made not by Christoper Nolan and his brilliant team it would be another sleepy class. I have watched it and they were talking about Murphy law, Einstein research that I barely could understand. Yet, it still very comfortable movie experience.

1) The technology to cross worm hole

We may have touched this worm hole subject in few Hollywood movie previously. A science-fiction and myth. Worm hole and Star gate are the same . Entering the worm hole means one could traverse to another side that beyond the reach of human technology.

Although we may have bullet train or supersonic aircraft it shorten significantly to move from location to new location. However, it takes time to reach another galaxy. We need something as fast as the speed of light which is impossible to be materialize. The outer space is simply too big even the light could not reach to the far edge.

2) 5 Dimension

This is something new in Hollywood movie. Manipulating the gravity and time. Cooper stumbled upon the 5 dimension box showing a set of memory of his daughter bed room. He discovered the knowledge to send Morse code via moving the clock.

The artificial intelligent robot decipher the code to save the world. Cooper daughter is the one receiving it on Earth and save humanity from nature disaster. Cooper thought he was selected by "them" to save the world that is the sole reason backed to left his family behind. 

3) Earth is dying

We are born here not to meant to died at here. Food is scarce. Every educated man possessing highly skilled talent were distributed to agricultural industry. The army was disband. The NASA was remove from government funding due to the people wants more money on better thing than research on outer space.

The sand was covering the Earth so strong wheat is no longer viable to be planted. It is doable to plant corn only. In the research lab, Cooper was exposed to the fact that in few years ahead corn will be an extincted food supply.

Cooper a former astronaut not that he wanted to quit it just NASA was disbanded uttered something like "We are pioneer,we are explorer. We always thought our position on the star but, we just look down worrying thing below the Earth."

He get his daughter suspended in school because disagree that someone thought the landing on the moon by great Armstrong was a story to bankrupt Soviet.

4. Love transcends space and time

Although Dr Brand and Anna have not seen Edmund for years. She wanted to see him badly. In a discussion whether or not to visit Edmund planet or Dr Mudd planet Dr Brand admitted her love towards Edmund. She is following her feeling rather than idealistic conscience.

Cooper made a decision not to follow Dr Brand's decision. They flew to Dr Mann planet.

5. Time Relativity

This is something new in Hollywood movie and provoking thought. The first planet they were travelling was covered by water and giant tidal waves. I think it due to strong gravitational pull by black hole that eats anything without spill something out. It so strong that water a miracle element could crush anything. One hour in that planet which is nearby black hole named as "Gargantua" is equivalent 7 years.

Cooper and Dr Brand spent almost 3 hours and half in that planet trying to obtain data and rescue the scientist. Returning to the "Endurance" one of the scientist with beard telling the truth about the time pass on Earth so fast that 24 years long gone. Cooper daughter and son are already became an adult.


6. Dr Mann's Survival Instinct

"Coward" labeled by Cooper. Dr Mann admitted it three times. He faked the data and destroy his robot so that somebody could travel to his god-forsaken ice-covered planet. Awakened by Cooper in a hyper sleep chamber, Dr Mann lies to everyone face that there is a surface. He tried to murder Cooper unsuccessfully. But, Dr Mann killed another scientist making the second casualty in this expedition.

Dr Mann repeatedly saying about the lesson of "Survival Instinct". He was trying to save humanity and he seem to think that only him could save the Earth while other person life were not important. He is smart but very desperate to save humanity that costs him his life after opening the hatch without properly attached it.

7. Docking on a High-Speed Spinning Ship 

This is one of the breath-taking action this movie. The explosion was so strong the ship was spinning in a uncontrollable speed. In order to stabilize the ship, they will have to dock first and steer in an opposite side.

You may think it fairy easy but one tiny mistake is a big problem. If rocket science is about "how to safely docking a "calm" ship in an outer space" then, it will be much more impossible to dock on a ship that spinning.

It suppose to be an impossible mission because the pilot needed to do an accurate docking technique which he must spin his ship first and do the docking later. After successfully docking, he will then stabilize the ship by steering in the opposite direction.

8. Funny, Trust-issue, swift, cheating Robot

This is one of the robot we must own in the future. He could save Dr brand by running back to the ship with a human running speed. That really incredible. What's more, he could tell joke, lies and have a trust issue with Dr Mann action too.

This is some exaggerated robot ever. It far more advanced then the Star War robots that behave like a robot.

Kung Fu Jungle (2014) Movie Review

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Why Donnie Yen always pick highway as a location for his last battle in action movie ?

"Kung Fu is an art of killing" uttered by the villain. He occasionally wash his face with salt so that face could sustains more painful punches. This movie has not much computer generated images in it. So, embrace yourself with some brutal action scenes. Donnie Yen broke his own record in the prison by inviting 16 prison mates fighting him alone in a bare hand fight, his previous record was just 10 men. 

 The villain has been labeled as dangerous subject by police force as he is able to do powerful force with bare hands. In an attempt to pursue this villain, Hong Kong polices seem to be clueless and powerless in this individual. Guns were not able to overwhelmed this dangerous villain. This villain has a sole motive killing martial art practitioners. He wanted to be no 1 in Kung Fu universe.

Donnie Yen is one of the Kung Fu practitioner with a thought to rise it Kung Fu club reputation to a higher level, He chose the path to defeat another Kung Fu practitioner in Kung Fu universe. But, he killed a person in a legal fight. Although it was a legal fight, he surrendered himself by walking in to police station confessing and he was stained with blood.

 The villain was wreaking havoc while Donnie Yen was in the prison. In a bid to escape the prison and restore his freedom, Donnie Yen promised to help Hong Kong policemen pursuing this highly dangerous subject. The felame Police officer is desperate in nailing down this subject due to pressure from the top management.

In an early days, the villain met with Donnie Yen in prison cell apparently made a deal to help Donnie Yen escaping the prison in a bid to get a chance to fight with Donnie Yen in his lifetime. The main villain made to the news headline and terrified Hong Kong public tremendously as Hong Kong officer failed to catch him. The villain killed numerous high-ranking Kung Fu practitioner.

Freeing Donnie Yen to be like freeing a caging tiger with a sharp tooth to a forest. The movie get a little bit intense when Donnie Yen is labeled as villain's accomplice. In a fight to clear his name and to avenge his lover as the villain killed Donnie Yen lover to make him stronger. Well, Donnie Yen become so powerful overwhelmed the villain in a "highway fight" 

Personal review

They seem to be filming the movie in a close distance and believed to be adopting Hong Kong TV series filming style. I though Donnie Yen admitted he was not practicing Kung Fu for long time how could he still defeat the villain ??

Movie Review Interstellar Best Space Movie in 2014

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Interstellar is a movie you will glue to the seat and eye stick on the big screen. Do you believe there is higher power put the black hole there ??

Interstellar movie poster

An incredible science fiction, apocalyptic, rocket science, funny and trust issue new designed robot, black hole, new galaxy, love, girl instinct, crying, happy and many more. A black hole was formed at close distance to the earth. Scientist believes that black hole is rarely making appearance and it did not show up at a random place just like that.

It is a daring science fiction movie by director Christopher Nolan with many new science elements in it. It will explode your mind with too many unknown exciting, intriguing science terms. Those who always skip science classes should have not understand some parts of the movie I admit that. Copper the well-educated and an engineer believing the moon landing is a true and he was working for NASA at that time till no funding by the government forced to close down due to pressure from the people that NASA or outer space research were not the real concern anymore. Meanwhile, the school teacher disagreed with him saying that the moon landing was a fake news meant to bankrupt the Soviet, when they received news about US successfully landed on moon, they will move all the country resources to build a spaceship that can fly to the moon.

Imagine one day the world is facing food crisis and educated persons were submitted to the agricultural industry instead of other field because job was scarce. In order to keep pace with food demand, Copper becomes an overqualified farmer. His talent seem to have inspired his daughter and his work inspired his son.

Copper's belief human are pioneer and explorer and earth is rejecting human. That human has all the resources and power to find another galaxy for a better living. The nature is not cruel or too good to human species. One day, earth will be burned out too. Although we may seem animal break wide open its prey, it all a normal cycle of nature.

The dying earth but not human faith. Copper's daughter, Murphy. She did not like her name very much. She soon discovered something wrong in her room. Refusing to let her father to take a risky mission. The time relativity in this movie is pretty awesome. Copper's age is very much same with Murphy because Copper went to a different galaxy where timeline is slower than the earth. Murphy eventually became same age as her father.

Cooper expedition was a unbelievable journey. Imagine there is a technology where ship could withstand the force of black hole. I though no one ever escape from black hole gravity pull ?? Christopher Nolan borrowed the theory of another movie that black hole is a portal that can be pass through for a far galaxy ahead of us which we cant reach in a very short time. His mission is to retrieve data from 3 scientists who sent out to a far galaxy. First, he will need to pilot the spacecraft heading to the black hole.

In a first attempt rescuing the first scientist after crossing the black hole, Cooper challenge is landing safely in one piece the new planet covered with vast water and there seem to be no land. Unprepared and unexpectedly, a big wave is sweeping on its way to them described as tall as the tallest building of the world. The cost of this expedition is one of the scientist sacrificed.

They did not managed to rescue the scientist nor the important scientific data that cost them a decade of research. Without further delay, they continues the expedition. When Copper and Dr Brand arrived to Endurance. This is where a new science term "Time relativity" strongly explained. One hour spent is 7 years at earth time. By the time they arrived Endurance, they spent 3and half hours which translated as 24 years in earth time. This is when Cooper's age is in the same as his daughter and son. Physical appearance of his daughter and son changed tremendously after Cooper opened the replay clips stored for 24 years.

Dr Mann is the second scientist Cooper visited. He made a big mistake waking up Dr Mann because he is a real bad guy talking about saving humanity but all his action was a selfish trying to rescue himself so much for a brightest and brilliant no 1 NASA scientist. Dr Mann received his ultimate defeat by not listening to Cooper that costs his life opening Endurance hatch without properly attached. 

Cooper is an amazing space pilot he successfully maneuver the spaceship docking at an on-going high-speed spinning's ship called "Endurance". There is some incredible and strong scenes in it. 

There were many cry-making scenes in this movie. Firstly, Cooper left his daughter, Second, Cooper watching the replay stored for 24 years. Third, Professor Brand's lie and dying scenes. Fourth, Cooper pulled away the ship in order to make way for Dr Brand or Amelia to the Edmund planet. Lastly, I think it pretty emotional when Cooper is able to watch his grown old daughter in hospital.

The most exaggerated plot in this movie when Cooper arrived the fifth dimension where Cooper is allowed to communicate with his daughter. Besides, will we ever transformed living in fouth dimension I am not so sure whether or not it was fourth dimension at station cooper. In fact, no one come out after entering black hole. Moreover, if you want to live longer and still look like the same just go for a space travelling, Cooper is 124 years old still look the same like in his late 30.

My rating will be 5/5 although it a little bit longer than normal movie. The early part of the movie is kinda boring wait till you watch the middle and last part of the movie. A complete and commendable movie.



Cheapest IPhone 6 Plans in Malaysia

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Maxis, Digi and Celcom are official seller of IPhone 6 with predetermined plans in Malaysia

Let the battle begins the price is one of the determinant factor in consumer decision-making. Besides, the one receiving lot of applause and positive comment usually draw all the consumers to their side. As the consumer who will become IPhone 6 holder are mostly in middle-income group and they are looking for good service and big smile.

It seem like Digi is unveiling IPhone 6 and the curtain will be pulled up on November 5, 2014. The time is 11PM and everyone could get a piece of it after the launching which is 1 hour later. They could buy as much as possible depends on Digi whether or not close it shop because it way too late for normal business hour. They starts IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus selling on 12AM which is a midnight. As for those who wanted to witness the launching, there is a LIVE event for everyone who use Digi  (Digi is not Apple ok !)

Is there a free gift watching entire Digi launching of IPhone 6 ? or there will be a free gift if attending the launching ??

LIVE streaming Digi's midnight IPhone 6 launching on Youtube Digi LIVE streaming

I guess there were warranty if you purchase with Maxis, Digi or Celcom. However, Let say one opt for non-tied plan IPhone 6 will you consider ?? IPhone 6 without tied plans

Veri Green Bean Durian

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Green Bean Durian flavor or in Mandarin 绿豆榴莲口味

Veri Unique Collection Green Bean Durian

  • Product            : Veri
  • Calories           : 125 KCAL, 18g Carb, 1.5g Protein, 9g Fat
  • Net Weight      : 70g or 100ml
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : LKT FOOD IND. SDN BHD
  • Flavor              : Green Bean Durian
  • Value               : RM 5.50 (Varies)
  • Website           :

Veri Unique Collection Green Bean Durian-made in Malaysia

Durian flavor ice-cream so hard to find last time but, it seem like the availability is gaining momentum as shops in Malaysia started ordering many durian ice-cream from manufacturer as Malaysian gains consciousness in this Durian product as well as to serve rising demand of tourist on local products. 

I would try Durian flavored coffee next time if I bump on local shop again !! I will rate this 5/5 very good packaging !!

Chipster Potato Chips

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Twisties Chipster Potato Chips available nationwide

Twisties Chipster potato chips

  • Product            : Chipster
  • Calories           : 300 KCAL, 30g Carb, 7g Protein, 15g Fat
  • Net Weight      : 60g
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : Mondelez Malaysia Sales Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor              : Original
  • Value               : RM 3.20 (Varies)
  • Website           :

Junk Food is a profitable business. A pack of 60g potato chips is selling at the price of RM3.20. I still remember few years back purchasing a pack of Mister potato in a same size as above image for RM1.50 but, as years has passed leaving memory the current price is inflated as much as double.

I do not know whether or not there were anything could decrease the price of junk food. I do know that 1 kilo of potato is equivalent to RM3.20 - RM4.00 in the year 2014 in Malaysia. One could purchase 1 kilo of potato RM3.30 at Giant supermarket.

Consumers were educated these categorized as junk food but anyways if they like it, they buy it to eat. It is a free market and free society and junk food means little nutritional value. Somehow, I am bit confused why Potato, I thought it one of the super food ??

October Movies in Malaysia 2014

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Starring : Gino, Mindee, Teddy, Kim

Genre :  Horror

Director : Ryon Lee

Summary / Synopsis

More information you could find at their Facebook page Seventh Facebook page . The casts were not all Malaysian. ”Seventh“ or in mandarin language ”守夜“ is a mandarin horror movie you should watch in cinema due to its directed by highly regarded production company that directed “一路有你” or in english "The better half" the best and top 1 mandarin movie in Malaysia 2014.

Trailer : Youtube video


Starring : Awie, Sharmaaz Ahmad, Neelofa, Fizz Fairuz

Genre :  Action / Comedy

Director : Kabir Bhatia

Summary / Synopsis

A veteran gangster, Dollah who always dreamt one day to become an actor get the chance of lifetime when a popular actor asked him to become his mentor for action movie. Dollah a real gangster is the right man for this position.


Starring : Mak Jah, Sura Sojangi, Kalpana Sundraju, Naqia Nasution

Genre :  Horror

Director : M Subash Mannan

Summary / Synopsis

Local horror movie production company is Renbash Entertainment..

Trailer : Video


Starring : Bront Palarae, Farid Kamil, Nora Danish

Genre :  Action

Director : Faizul A Rashid

Summary / Synopsis

A Malay action-packed film a young man living in Malaysia who was raised by military army. He is haunted by dark past.


Starring : Yeo Yann Yann, Henley Hii, Adrian Tan

Genre :  Action

Director : Felix Tan

Summary / Synopsis

A mandarin movie made by local production company. Six live performers trapped in a cage with audience sitting below the platform. In an attempt to escape they realized their performance was to act real murder story. As soon as they were panic about this, they asks for help from the audience but no one know it was all real dead guy inside the cage.


Starring : Lisa Surihani, Fizz Fairuz, Miera Leyana

Genre :  Thrill

Director : Jason Chong

Summary / Synopsis

A women who wake up from a long coma with a bleak memory about the past soon discover thing she do not want to be remember. She do not want to wake up it better for her to stay asleep.

7. PHUYAL 18

Starring : M Suurya, Prakash Gobal, Sivabaalan

Genre :  Thrill

Director : M Subash Abdullah

Summary / Synopsis

Team Phuyal is formed to destroy the plan of a group of foreigner who tried to invades Malaysia by force. Team Phuyal is likened to a British movie James Bond.