Imago Mall invites Shoppers for the Grand Opening

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Newest shopping mall in Sabah. Grand opening on 28th and 29th March 2015

Imago Mall

First impression is just outstanding and ground breaking. See it for yourself there are already so many tenants. Either the tenants or the amounts of patrons are impressive. 

Imago red big box "Grand opening"

Good news for fellow's hobby is loitering. The spacious and modern boulevard for your utilization. You will be surprised and amazed by spent more than 3 hours just walking around the Imago without entering it. Feel the breeze ! , feel the calm, feel the temperature, feel the blue sky and white cloud. 

Imago counters

Feel the passion of loitering around a new mall. Feel the blending in and talking with strangers anticipating some freebie from the Imago counters. Some said, upon the opening of Imago mall there is a lucky draw. Yes, that is the right thing to do for a new mall. But, what actually take my sense away is that there are some free houses and free cars.

Just so you know I did not participating in the lucky draw because I thought for a moment and it coming out like this "It too good to be true". It better be ! If you notice, there are tons of peoples actually wearing the shirt printed with "Imagoers" or something like that with a lucky draw codes.

Feel the need, the need for freebies. Ain't no going back without any free stuff.

MBO cinema-Imago Mall-Sabah

There are Golden Screen Cinema and Growball cinema here we come MBO cinema. Admitted that the free tickets are tempting guess what there are so many advertisement posters hanging around written MBO cinema is giving out tickets. Apparently, got to shout this out loud that growball cinema is still the cheapest in town.

Show your IC and get free ticket, the selection of movies are Avengers, Home, Cinderella and so on. 
Besides, one could register MBO membership too. 

Anyone noticed the archery shop beside the MBO cinema.

MBO cinema-Imago mall-iron man and spiderman

Uninvited Spiderman and Iron Man hanging around at MBO cinema, Quality time indeed. Besides, who get too excited for Avengers 2 ?

Imago mall cultural dance
Cultural Dance performance
Without further ado, welcome the next performance. the drum beating and excellent performance are eye-popping. 

Imago Buffet Dinner

Cocktail tables, buffet dinner setup and VIP dome setup, believed to be from Tanjung Aru resort. Never really wait till to see who are organizing it. A pretty good location as Imago mall's modern ceiling structure is covering the ground.

Imago walkway

The photo above was taken before the crowd rushing in. Around Saturday 1.30PM. 2 more hours at here you will get the feeling of accidentally shoulders-to-shoulders touching.   

Boiled Pork with Soya Sauce Noodle in Sabah

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The shop titled as Jia Xiang (Mandarin) or Ka Hiong (Cantonese). 

Jia Xiang Sang Nyuk Mian

The best and only one in Sabah. They should have branches at various countries. The meatball is quite nice too. The unforgettable crunchy onion and deep-fried pork oil in a hardened cube shape. No resist it unless you are a vegetarian or due to religious belief.

The half-boiled soup with vegetable is used to keep the pork warm while one enjoying the soya sauce noodle. It is a brilliant and wise combination and unlike dry mixed noodle.

3 layers tea

3 layer tea is another trending beverage. Do not know should or should not stir it up. When one stir it up the only color on utmost top covered the bottom.

Big Apple Donuts Chocoholic and Megabite

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Big Apple Donuts feel the dough

Still remember first bite on Big Apple's donuts. The feeling was nothing ever experienced before. Super yummy and the softness amazed me. The first bite was an eye-opening emotion.

Big Apple's megabite and chocoholic

Never really knew that Big apple signature donuts is "alien". Should try it some day later.

It is so far the most pricey donut I ever eaten in my whole life. A good place to hang out too.

Trying Zinger Rice Wrap at KFC Suria Sabah

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Tortilla wrapping with yummy Zinger and aroma colonel rice 

Zinger rice wrap

All-in-one for a healthy diet. There were slices of tomato and cucumber stuffed inside. Every bite it so mix of flavor just like eating a burger. But, this is special one using Tortilla bread. Besides, it not like one had ever tasted colonel rice in a burger. Despite that, I was pretty amazed the colonel rice in a tortilla bread is pretty good combination.

Zinger rice wrap
Reality vs marketing illustration. It should be much more round instead of square.

Orderd RM4.90 Zinger Rice Wrap, told to wait for 5 minutes. Gave me a table number so that they could deliver it to my table. The size of Zinger Rice Wrap is quite satisfactory. Every bite of it adds the size of stomach belly.  

Luckily, there were not too much sauce inside, as if there were it will be all over my clothes and face I believe it should be some mayonnaise or special sauce for this new menu.

Check this out what was the KFC menu last year in March. This year is Zinger Rice Wrap as for last year it was Christiano Ronaldo KFC bucket 

JustBerry Dessert House at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

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Mango, Tea, Durian and Papaya dessert house.

JustBerry Dessert

Good interior design. Big pink berry with a smile delighting every kids crossing by.

Dessert House at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Cendol, Mango and red bean is costing at RM7.00.

Place : Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor
Food  : Dessert
Price  : RM5 - RM10

Top 10 Tobacco Packaging Warning Messages

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Cigarette reflects inflation and human behavior

One thing for certain that do not drop in price that is cigarettes. Imagine RM12.00 or 13.50 for a box of cigarette, some of the smokers still afford it. As long as the brand prevail, the price will keep increasing due to substantial demand.

It is legal when there is an illustration consequences of heavy smokers. There are tons of legal cigarette brands in Malaysia that you will get no tired finding one. The prices of cigarettes are fixed you will get the same price at any stores. One should never attempt buying it if you are not exceed 18 years old.

It was the movie " The fault in our stars" the actress against smoking cigarettes so much she said "why make them profitable referring the company manufactured cigarettes caused more people getting cancer.

Whose fault is that ?? the manufacturing company or ourselves to blame purchasing them and lit it up. The decision is always in our hand we will never smoke if we never buy it in the first place.

Higher tax means more contribution on healthcare industries by the fund allocation from the authorities.



Manufacturer : JT International Tobacco Sdn Bhd.
Price : RM10 and above


\Pall Mall Cigarette

Manufacturer : Tobacco Importers & Manufacturers Sdn Bhd, Jln University, P.J
Price : RM10 and above

I am not so sure why would they put the telephone line numbers there. Is that a number to call up a cigarette sales persons ??


Dunhill red

Probably the most recognizable and well known cigarette brand in the world. I must say Dunhill have unique packaging. The price is more or less RM13.50.


Mevius cigarette blue

Blue means cold flavor. When one inhaled the substance and it will shiver the lung. I do not know whether "shiver" is the correct feeling.


Stuyvesant cigarette

Seriously someone should teach me how to correctly pronoun "Stuyvesant".


Salem Cigarette

Salem is always in my context as a scary word or scary town or something.


My friend said, "this is one of the popular cigarette in west Malaysia". I never really like this. It so different with other cigarettes. Smaller in size and there is a sweet sugary taste on each inhalation. When one's tongue sweeps both dry lips the sweet substance always there. It was coming out from the filter. 

Sampoerna is made from Pt Hm Sampoerna Surabaya, Indonesia. Imported by Philip Morris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Oakland Industrial Park 70200 Seremban.

8. JLV

A new cigarette brand with a good marketing scheme. Whenever you buy a JLV please keep the empty cigarette for the reduction of RM2.50 for a new JLV cigarette. But, only at selected outlets. You will get a nice price at RM11.00 instead of RM13.50. It like first time buying a cooking gas cylinder is expensive than next time it will be cheaper. 

9. L&M

I do not really smoke but this one is one really good packaging. Even the western peoples know this brand. (AMARAN) means warning. The rest of the sentences is "smoking leads pre-mature born".

10. KENT

Kent cigarette Tobacco

Experience in Maxis Broadband Postpaid in Sabah

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Applying Maxis Wireless Broadband RM68 in my life 

Maxis broadband package

Have been using Maxis wireless broadband RM68 for more than 3 months. I really enjoy high-speed Internet. At first, my thought will be trying a new broadband service provider which is "Maxis". I am a fan of yellow colored broadband service provider to be honest. It is not a secret that Sabah or Kota Kinabalu to be specific not a highly populated area but at least please fix the stability.

The speed is fine at a specific time in a day. I mean there is a constant problem that make me think Maxis is having maintenance something like 8PM to 11PM. It was a recorded evidence. It was like Maxis connection could not afford to accommodate on high peak night time. After 11PM, the speed restored it normal again. However, I would like to use it on 8PM to 11PM not using it after 11PM.

I am impressed with the Maxis speed never its stability on night time. I am convinced that Maxis allowed more bandwidth during Saturday and Sunday. It helps me realized we should test speed and stability of Maxis only on Saturday and Sunday.

 I hate complaining without stating it advantages or benefit. I am an owner and user of Maxis. We should have responsibility more on explaining how useful this product rather than keep the bad side out so that everybody know the bad side of the product and WHO complains it.

Maxis have been very careful in its marketing strategy boasting they are offering and providing the fastest Internet/broadband connection. I think they mean west Malaysia. They know we want fast and divert our attention which is still the most essence criteria "Stability".

I must confess that no one could compete Streamyx or Digi in the field of stability in Internet connection. You can always try Maxis which you could download heavy-size file within minutes.

Nuffnang Malaysia Payment Proof

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Should or should not I post online income. 

Nuffnang Malaysia payment proof

I guess everyone will not post pay slip on payday of their employment. So, what makes me think that it different to the online income ? I guess sharing online income was not that bad and it was not that secretive either way. In the other hand, the traditional pay slip we got every end of the month just does not feel sharing it online.

I do not really want to brag about my online income but it should be something proud of guess so. I still post it without covering the letterhead of a big financial company logo. It is a daring move hoping that nothing really happen to me on the legal side. Do not want one day lawyer knocking at my door saying that I have done something wrong in the legal point of view. My intention is pure not for personal gain to help and share so that other could enjoy the knowledge and experience.

Nuffnang will send cheque covering HSBC letterhead to its member who successfully earned over the threshold which is RM50. It takes something like 1 month to reach one home. As you can see on above image, I live in Sabah and I still able to retain this cheque from post office.

Nuffnang Malaysia is smilar to Google adsense. Sometimes, Nuffnang ads is much more lovely and standout. As for Google adsense it is unrivaled source of online income. Both are not competitor I suppose and blogger could retain both of them in a single blog.

I still love both. Hard to turn off one when have to choose one of them. I do not wish one day when decision to pick one come suddenly, decision making process be like choosing between father and mother, who do you love most ??

I will love one most if one of them creates an option direct transfer all my earning to my bank account.

I wish every bloggers out there could earn some online income. I can, you can too! Be positive and patience in Nuffnang, one day the reward you will reap when you sow the seed patiently and effectively.

Suria Sabah Chinese New Year Decoration 2015

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Suria Sabah Shopping Mall lights up Kota Kinabalu

The huge Suria Sabah entrance with a huge red magnificent decoration will drive you to a feeling as happy as watching fireworks. The astonishing hundred light shines upon the night turns anyone into an atmosphere of Lunar New Year 2015. It is the goat year.

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall CNY 2015 decoration

Although it is a goat year, there is less likely a goat decoration something like a horse year wh

Dragon Dance Suria Sabah 2015

Prosperity God is here with his angpows and dressing in red and yellow.

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall CNY 2015 decoration

As the Chinese New Year 2015 is around the corner, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall is pretty generous spending so many funds in order to attract visitors. Most of them spend couple of hours watching this exclusive show.

Heavily decorated Suria Sabah Shopping Mall During CNY 2015

Utilizing large ample space they could put some amazing and seriously awesome CNY interior decorations. The eye-catching decoration and intriguing lion dance drums captured many passer-by attention.

Heavily decorated Suria Sabah Shopping Mall During CNY 2015

So many excited younger generation sitting down enjoying the show of daring lion dance performance as it moves across the high-rise pole possibility falling down. If one watch closely enough many thought it is a small pole but it actually big enough to support highly-trained performer moving lightning speed  and performing some breath-taking stunts. Many would quickly figured it out but not when it coupled with highly distracting drum beats

Lion Dance in high rise pole in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Always confuse it was a lion or a dog because it too cute to be lion. In fact, it neither lion or a dog. It was a mythical creature that live in a cave. Some would believe it emits fire However, it weakness is firecrackers that could ward off them from destroying villages and eventually they stayed in cave.

For centuries, believing that lighting up firecrackers could save them from the attack of the mythical creature. But, do you ever think how much profit fire cracker makers made ? They would telling you anything perhaps a very good story.

Although firecrackers were not easily accessible due to legal barrier as these firecrackers were not taxed by authority. There are some foes still able to get it and play it.  

Fipper the well known slippers

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Watch flipper advertisement video and do not ever try it out at school


I must say the elephant logo is cute and on second thought they might have killed elephants to make this rubber flipper. The word fipper is just so wrong it should add "small letter L" in the middle and make it the english word "Flipper"

Anyways, it seem like this fipper exclusive stores are expanding in a rapid pace. There are even some groceries store selling Fipper. They come in different hard-to-resist colors. Intriguing your soul's logo pretty much a very successful design for a normal flipper.

They make tons of cash by selling it RM29.90 more or less. I believe the success stemmed from its design because I have one and the material or in term of level of comfortable are pretty much normal.


We used to wear awesome crocodile slipper but it seem the trend of slipper goes towards the Fipper.


Accordance to Fipper's official website, there are many benefits for wearer such as anti-microbial agent, anti-slip, recyclable,washable, all natural rubber. I guess the world is getting more and more aware the importance protecting environment.