McDonald's Happy Meal for Free Minion Toys

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Expect a minion toy and small-cup Coca-Cola. Signs of Minions 2015 movie is coming out to humor you again

McDonalds Happy Meal with Minion Toy

Pride itself to be first in the world introducing a distribution minion toys for each customer purchasing happy meal. Never had a happy meal set at any McDonald's restaurant in my entire childhood. Adult now, the happy meal is not for me anymore.

Perhaps, minion toy convinced me. Still does not make any sense ordering happy meal just for a toy. Luckily, the order taker did not ask for my identification card because only a kids could order a happy meal.

 In order to keep my cool, I ordered a banana toffee Mcflurry. I guess it will act as a disguise / awkward proof vest from just ordering a one happy meal.

When the small cup Coca-cola appeared, I was like this is not happening. I was like you give an adult a small-cup Coca-cola. The people lining at the back of me like "what a weirdo". It tasted like Coca-cola Zero though It good to know that McDonalds Malaysia is adopting a much more healthier carbonated drink for the young. I know one if it was the Red Coca-cola with lots of sugar.

Do you know It happened to me that they actually missed out the minion toy until I started to question them where they hide my minion toy ? Are they trying to take my minion toy away quietly to add in their minion collection or they just naturally think that I am not interested because I am a kids anymore.

Minion Toy 2015 McDonalds Malaysia
One of the 10 Minion toy

At the back of the minion written something like, " Universal studio, for McDonalds, made from China " . Consider this as a free gift for a RM6 ++ happy meal.

There are 9 different more out there. If you ask me will I collect all of them, I need to told you this I have no more  intention ordering another happy meal.

Minion 2015 movie will be on silver screen July 12. Oh man, this movie could humor every walk of life. Still remember a middle-age guys made a epic laughing so hard in front of my seat could barely out of my memory. This time minions is finding a new master before Mr Gru is minion master. I think something is not right, oh yes, the movie is " Despicable Me " instead of Minion.

How to Withdraw Paypal Funds to Maybank Account

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Withdrawing Paypal Funds to Maybank account.

Describing it as hassle-free and convenient. Everything is in your range. Be sure to read thoroughly all the instruction provided.

I have done many Paypal fund withdraw successfully.

Requirements :

1. Maybank online banking or Maybank2u
2. A Paypal account with funds
3. Add

Steps : 
  1. > My account
  2. > Profile
  3. > Add a bank account
  4. > Fill the blank
  5. > Click "Withdraw" follow the instructions
  6. > Insert your desired amount of fund
  7. > Transaction details
  8. > Check your Maybank Account by Online 
Step 1,2,3

Step 4
If it was Maybank, Please change the "RHB" to "Maybank" . Insert the MEPS bank routing code to "MBBEMYKL" as shown. 

Step 6

Choose your favorite bank account to have the Paypal fund transferred to there.  

Step 7

The RM111.28 before deducting RM3.00 processing fee.

Step 8

The processing fee of RM3.00 successfully deducted the rest of the amount of RM108.28 credited 

Warning : Please do not misuse or misconduct the above article in any means. 

Verify Paypal Account with Malaysian Banks

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An idea how to get yourself a verified Paypal account 

Paypal is verified

There are few things needed to verify your Paypal account after creating your Paypal account. Basically, verify your Paypal account is essential for some reason. This is a tutorial/guides for Malaysian seeking solution to be a verified Paypal users.

This could be the easiest way for you to have access the use of Paypal. By the way, It is fairy easy to get a debit card in Malaysia. The trick is you should get yourself to nearest bank and flirt / honeypot the customer service personnel at the counter.
List of items needed to have a verified Paypal account

1. Register a Paypal account.
2. Get a debit/credit card from Malaysian banks (RHB or Maybank is recommended)
3. Get the debit/credit card registered able to use online banking facility (Maybank2u or Rhbnow)
4. Bring RM50 to RM100 ( Some bank personnel will ask you to deposit an amount of RM50 - RM100 purely for the opening of bank account)

One verified Paypal account equivalent to one Malaysian bank account. Opting to verify another Paypal account is impossible.  RHB Bank is a great choice as it enable one top up Paypal account fund.

The right to top up a Malaysian owned Paypal account is limited to RHB Bank. RHB Bank users have the privilege transferring funds from RHB account to Paypal seamlessly. 

Let say you have a RHB debit card, verifying your account required one to have online banking facility as Paypal will send an unique code for verification purpose only can be viewed in your online banking account.

Paypal would charges you RM10.00 and then reimburse it to your Paypal account. You will receive a code after few days. Instructions will be shown for where the code to be inserted, click the "Get verified"

PTPTN Payment Through FPX Charged 6% GST

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A little as RM0.03 for the 6% GST when paying through FPX 

Probably the easiest way to pay your higher education fund. Hassle-free with any amounts you are afford to settle rather than a standing instruction which is deducting your monthly salary at a fixed amount that you have previously set.

FPX does charge you as per transaction made. It is just RM0.50. Whenever you like to pay your PTPTN with an internet banking such as Maybank or CIMB, you are required to use FPX service.
With the implementation of 6% GST, the service charge of RM0.50 will be add on 6% GST which in totaled at RM0.53.

Paying RM50.00 to PTPTN is added RM0.53 totaled up to RM50.53 (FPX service charge + 6% GST)

Higher education fund (PTPTN) management is very concerned for errant borrowers as the newspaper agency reported claiming there are many default borrowers. They would send you letter to your address if you are refusing to settle the amount every month.

Anyone has difficulties settling PTPTN are encouraged to use online banking method without the need to visit PTPTN. Perhaps, you should give them a call or two just to inform them you are going to pay them by online banking. The tracking system is efficient and effective. You guys could read this article if you are interested >> How to pay PTPTN through online 

8 Common Dim Sum Served in Restaurant

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Get Ready for some Canto Food

Everyone love to order Dim Sum as a side dish meal. The main course usually variety of noodle. Types of Dim Sum are seemingly maintained in a hot steamed prolonging it juicy taste. It is a eat-it-while-hot food. 

Yellow coated Dim Sum

Most common type of Dim Sum. It is prepared with individual portion. Nowadays, Dim Sum is huge in order to catch up with selling price at RM4 - RM5 per plate. 

Do not be surprise to eat a taste juicy shrimp hidden inside.

Beef Balls Dim Sum 

Dim Sum Ball

It does not taste the same like the original yellow dim sum. This one got its own taste. Did you think I just flipped it over some sort of funny joke ? 

A Dim Sum Spring Roll with sauce

Seaweed Dim Sum 

Spartan Hat Dim Sum

                                 Lo Mai Gai or in English steamed sticky rice with chicken 

Green layered Dim Sum

Mountain Dew Neon Bottle now in Malaysia

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It lights up your dark room like nothing else

Mountain Dew Neon Bottle

It does not just want to lights up your room, the marketing team of Mountain Dew Malaysia decided to up lights up Kuala Lumpur city by setting up a lightning on landmark buildings. It give a chill how much marketing cost they have spent in order to make an awareness on their newest product.

It really cool to see a new carbonated soft drink taking over in term of marketing strategy over Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Mountain Dew original flavor is sweet citrus/lemon flavor.

Will Mountain Dew take the number 1 spot in carbonated soft drink business ? Certainly in the marketing side, they done a pretty good job and deserve a right spot in carbonated soft drink business.

Let neon your room tonight !  

Digi Prepaid Reload still charging 6% GST in May 1

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Reload to stay connected

Digi Reload Prepaid 6% GST RM 31.80

In the wake of the news about discharging 6% GST on prepaid reload cards, quickly rush to Digi website in order to make an online purchase of RM30 prepaid reload. Ironically, nthe counter is still charging the 6% GST.

Without any thoughts cancelled the transaction immediately knowing that maybe Digi website is not updated swiftly. Trying to get the prepaid reload at Maybank2u website. However, Maybank2u declined offering its service to process Digi subscribers's need to buy prepaid reload.

One can buy Digi mobile prepaid card via Maybank2u and many other mobile Internet brands such as Tunetalk or Celcom. The ultimate question is will authorities abolishing 6% GST in prepaid reload ? Hate to take the RM0.20 extra change when you pay RM32.00.

Any Digi prepaid users should have RM30 in the account for 1.5GB Mobile Internet subscription.
Reload is pretty much necessary imagine that failed to pay up the monthly fee of RM30 for Digi mobile Internet prepaid users, There will be no usage of mobile Internet. When one accidentally clicked "mobile data" in order to surf Youtube or E-mail, users are getting charge as per data used. The rate is so high could go up to RM8 for a day.

Update 1/1/2018 - 6% GST for mobile prepaid cards has been fully abolished