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LTE or 4G Smartphones in Malaysia under RM1000

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LTE or 4G technology will be highly sought by tech-savvy, internet-speed-craving smartphone buyers. 

Major mobile service providers such as Digi, Celcom and Maxis are offering their LTE/4G plans tied with Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. Many consumer do not know that the fact is that they have other choice / alternative. They do not really need to purchase smartphone and tied with any talk plans. 

There are cheap and budget smartphones built-in LTE/4G capability. It is not surprise that some of these smartphones in market not even selling above RM1000. We all know that those smartphone above the price tag of RM1000, most of the smartphones has LTE/4G feature. What are these LTE/4G smartphones under RM1000?

There are many advantages purchasing contract-free smartphone. For example, you could anytime sell the smartphone to your friends, the trouble of paying penalty fees but smartphone stolen or lost, using cheaper talk plans, contract-free smartphone usually are way cheaper due to discounted/promotion price.

There are many hassle owning a smartphone with contract. What is your opinion? My point of view is that smartphone with contact has intangible and indirect advantages.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3


Model : Samsung

Color:  White

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 1GB RAM, 5MP camera, 4" screen size, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, LTE/4G, 8GB internal capacity

Probably the first cheap and budget Samsung model smartphone at market. You can buy this at very affordable price. Some online shops were selling much cheaper because they always offer discounted price to attract sales rather than profit. Besides, online shop follow the international market price movement on particular smartphone. Do not be afraid purchasing electronic stuff like Samsung brand online simply because of worrying warranty issue. In developed countries such as Japan, Korea, US and Britain, they do not really have problem because there were many Samsung shop offering maintenance service in Malaysia.

Just walk in any Samsung shop with international warranty card in Malaysia your faulty Samsung smartphone will be taken care of. Last time I check online it below RM700 I wonder what is the price now check them at Galaxy Ace 3 white


Model : HTC

Color:  White

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 1GB RAM, 5MP camera, 4.5" screen size, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, LTE/4G, 8GB internal capacity

Network : LTE 900/1800/2100/2600

Chipset : Qualcomm Snapdragon 400

Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC is unveiled this new smartphone on 2013. It is subsequently available on large scale including Malaysia. The price of HTC 601 should be around RM1000 more or less. Check current price and availability at HTC Desire 601 white


Model : Blackberry

Color:  Black

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 2GB RAM with 16GB internal capacity, 8MP camera, 3.1" screen size, Black Berry 10 OS, LTE/4G.

Network : LTE 700/800/900/1800/1900/2600

Chipset : Snapdragon S4 LTE

Blackberry is still surviving and having substantial market share in smartphone business. It unique keyboard alike keypad and distinctive blackberry OS enable them to survive in smartphone business battle. As you know, Samsung and Apple company does not have any smartphone using keyboard alike keypad as their business flagship which rendered Blackberry a cutting-edge advantage in conquering consumer who really like QWERTY keyboard. Blackberry price tag has been lowered significantly as to attract lower income bracket consumer. Check current price at Blackberry Q10 English keyboard

Nokia Lumia 820

Model : NOKIA

Color:  White

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 3.0, 1GB RAM with 8GB internal capacity, 8MP camera, 4.3" screen size, Windows 8, LTE/4G.

Network : LTE 700/800/900/1800/1900/2600

Chipset : Snapdragon S4 LTE

Nokia Lumia 820 real market price is so fluctuated due to new nokia smartphones rolled out to the market. We all know that this reduction of smartphone price is very common practice when new smartphone flagship being introduced to market. I have seen below RM900 price tag on Nokia Lumia 820. Check current price and availability if interested at Nokia Lumia 820 white

Nokia Lumia 625


Model : NOKIA

Color:  Black, White, Red Orange, Yellow

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 512GB RAM with 8GB internal capacity, 5MP camera, 4.7" screen size, Windows 8, LTE/4G.

Network : LTE 800/1800/2600

Chipset : Qualcomm MSM8930 Snapdragon

Nokia Lumia 625 is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. It seem like this smartphone do not have front camera but correct me if I am wrong. Nokia Lumia 625 screen will be slightly bigger compared to Nokia Lumia 820. It also has newest technology in bluetooth feature. You could check current price, color and availability at Nokia Lumia 625 yellow



Color:  Grey

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 1GB RAM with 8GB internal capacity, 5MP camera & 1.2MP front, 4.5" screen size, Android 4.1, LTE/4G.

Network : LTE 800/900/1800/2600

Chipset : Qualcomm MSM8930 Snapdragon

Samsung Express I8730 is imported version. The price is slightly expensive but below RM1000. The most important it supporting 4G/LTE technology network. Are you Samsung hardcore fans? definitely take a peek look on this. It also has Samsung latest innovative feature such as S Beam, Near Field communication (NFC), Wi-Fi Direct. Check current price at Galaxy Express Grey



Color:  Black

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 1GB RAM with 4GB internal capacity, 8MP camera & 1.3MP front, 4.7" screen size, Android 4.2, LTE/4G.

Network : LTE 800/900/1800/2600

Chipset : Qualcomm MSM8930 Snapdragon

Are you familiar with Alcatel made smartphone? For typical Malaysian, we do not really know anything from this company. We knew Samsung, Apple, Nokia but Alcatel ? Alcatel established way before world war one begin. It is French-based company smartphone in the market. Idol S price is not over RM1000. One of the LTE smartphone cheap and really up to standard. Check current price at Alcatel Idol S

Sony Xperia SP Smartphone


Model : SONY

Color:  Black

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 1GB RAM with 8GB internal capacity, 8MP camera, 4.6" screen size, Android 4.4, LTE/4G.

Network : LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600

Chipset : Qualcomm MSM8960T Snapdragon

Now you can get contract-free smartphone with LTE/4G feature. It is Sony Xperia SP. A very popular brand among Malaysian since before smartphone era. Sony made the best smartphone for those who like to watch movie and listen to songs. Check the availability and current price at Xperia SP Black


Model : SONY

Color:  Black/White

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 1GB RAM with 8GB internal capacity, 13MP camera, 4.3" screen size, Android 4.4, LTE/4G.

Network : LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600

Chipset : Qualcomm MSM8960T Snapdragon

Slightly smaller than Xperia SP but better camera mega pixel at 13 mega pixel compared to Xperia SP. Your hand is holding smartphone with fastest internet connection LTE/4G. You can always bring it to your bathroom, swimming pool, take a selfie during raining. The external is made really solid it water resistance is unrivaled. Full information and price at Xperia V white


Model : NOKIA

Color:  Yellow

Highlighted features : Wifi/bluetooth 4.0, 1GB RAM with 8GB internal capacity, 13MP camera, 6" screen size, Windows 8, LTE/4G.

Network : LTE 800/850/1700/2100/2600

Chipset : Qualcomm MSM8960T Snapdragon

A really big screen at 6.0" screen size with Corning Glass 3 technology. The price is really cheaper for a 6" screen size smartphone. It boasted that super sensitive touch screen and Nokia Camera app is come with super effective photo editing tools. For more information and current market price at Nokia Lumia 1320 Yellow

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Samsung Galaxy S5 with contracts are available in Malaysia

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Major mobile service providers in Malaysia are offering their own unique plans for interested consumers

Samsung Galaxy S5 is scheduled to be released on April 11, 2014. Major mobile service provider such as Digi, Maxis and Celcom is launching Samsung Galaxy S5 with contract on same day. It is the latest flagship smartphone by Samsung.

It will compete with it rival Apple Iphone 5S. The battle will be intense will you pick Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple Iphone 5S? Both of the device key improvement is the embedded fingerprint technology enable user to get extra layer of security.

It is just a fancy technology or something else? What if your thumb got cut bleeding will it still unlock your smartphone device? But, I certainly believed that the technology developer must have the same question as mine and they might have figured out how to solve this before launching it !

Interested to own Samsung Galaxy S5? This is what you have been waiting for ! Review the contract plans below ! Pick your most favorite contract plan now. Samsung Galaxy retail price will be at RM2399

Some of people do not like contract tied plan they prefer contract free Samsung Galaxy S5. If you one of them you might want to check this out. They sell it online and cheaper compared to contract tied Samsung Galaxy S5. Check this deal exclusive for Malaysian.

Contract-free Smartphone Galaxy S5 is officially available at Malaysia please check at Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White

Maxis's  Internet per monthCall per min Text SMS Monthly fee S5 price if 12 months contract S5 price if 24 months contract
Surfmore 30 1GB 15sen / 20sen 10sen / 15sen  RM 30  RM2099  RM1899
Surfmore 50 2GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 50  RM1999  RM1799
Surfmore 75 5GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 75 RM1899  RM1699
TalkMore 28  200MB  F. 200 minutes to all networks
12sen / 15sen
100 SMS to all networks
12sen / 15sen
 RM 56 RM1999 RM1799
TalkMore 48  1GB F. 400 minutes to all N.
10sen / 15sen
F. 200 SMS to all N.
10sen / 15sen
 RM 96 RM 1899 RM 1599
TalkMore 78  3GB  F. 600 minutes to all N.
8sen / 15sen
F. 500 SMS to all N.
8sen / 15sen
RM 146 RM 1799 RM 1399
Digi 's 

SmartPlan 78  3GB F. 100 minutes to all N.
F. 100 SMS to all N.
 RM 78   none RM1699
SmartPlan 108  5GB F. 300 minutes to all N.
F. 300 SMS to all N.
 RM108   none RM1399
SmartPlan 148  6GB F. 600 minutes to all N.
F. IDD calls for 30 minutes
F. 600 SMS to all N.

RM 148  none 1199


First Prime mBasic  1.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM78 RM 1888 RM 1838 for 18 months
FP mAdvance  3.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate 
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM98 RM 1888 RM 1838 for 18 months
FP mPro  5.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate 
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM128  none RM 1338 
Premier Basic  1GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM118 RM 1788 RM1738 for 18 months
Premier Advance  3GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM138 RM 1788 RM 1738 for 18 months
Premier Pro  5GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM168  none RM1138
Elite Basic 1GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM188 RM1688 RM1538 for 18 months
Elite Advance 3GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM208 RM1688 RM1538 for 18 months
Elite Pro 5GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM238  none  RM988
mPro 5GB Free 60 minutes voice call
15sen rate
Free 60 SMS
15sen rate
RM88  none RM1538

Maxis 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Usage hit discount once You hit RM150 or RM250. 
2. Free 900 minutes talktime and 1500 SMS with family lines.
3. Maxis one club privillege only for applying 24 months contract with Talktime 78.
4. 3 months free internet access for 24 months and 1 month free internet access for 12 months contract
5. 120 minutes to all network for RM 12 a month, 120 SMS to all networks for RM 6 a month
6. Surfmore 75 entitled extra 2GB free to enjoy Astro on the Go

Digi 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5
  1. Pre-oder S5 get 9GB monthly internet quota effective April 19, 2014
  2. Roaming RM32 per day
  3. Unlimited music streaming with Deezer
  4. Unlimited Whatsapps and Opera Mini apps although exceeded monthly internet quota
  5. Exceeded monthly internet quota will be restricted to use until next cycle. 
  6. Unlimited weekend call Digi to Digi

Celcom 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Celcom First Prime : Principal and supplementary line maximum 3. RM 5 for a month. Free usage up to 2,400 Voice and Video calls, Free 3,000 SMS & MMS
  2. Switch seamlessly Prepaid or Postpaid
  3. Exceed RM150, one rate become 10sen rate previously 12sen rate
  4. Free data 50MB, 100MB, 200MB.
  5. Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 at selected outlets get 5GB internet quota for 2 months. This is in effect April 11-13, 2014
  6. Bluecube Sunway Pyramid lauch event on April 11, 2014. First 200 customers to purchase Samsung Galaxy S5 with Celcom First plus mPro plan, enjoy the opportunity to own Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite or Samsung Y Neo for only RM55.

Total cost borned by consumers among plans offered by 3 mobile service providers in period of 1 year and 2 years

1 Year Expenses

Maxis's Surfmore 30 - RM 2459
Maxis's Surfmore 50 - RM 2599
Maxis's Surfmore 75 - RM 2799
Maxis's Talkmore 28 - RM 2671
Maxis's Surfmore 48 - RM 3051
Maxis's Surfmore 78 - RM 3551

Celcom First Prime Basic - RM2824
Celcom First Prime Advance - RM3064
Celcom First Premier Basic - RM3204
Celcom First Premier Advance - RM3444
Celcom First Elite Basic - RM3944
Celcom First Elite Advance - RM4184

1 & Half Year Expenses 

Celcom First Prime Basic - RM3242
Celcom First Prime Advance - RM3602
Celcom FIrst Premier Basic - RM3862
Celcom FIrst Premier Advance - RM4222
Celcom First Elite Basic - RM4922
Celcom First Elite Advance - RM5282

2 Year Expenses

Maxis's Surfmore 30 - RM 2619
Maxis's Surfmore 50 - RM 2999
Maxis's Surfmore 75 - RM 3499
Maxis's Talkmore 28 - RM 3143
Maxis's Surfmore 48 - RM 3903
Maxis's Surfmore 78 - RM 4903

Digi's Smartplan 78 -   RM3571
Digi's Smartplan 108 - RM3991
Digi's Smartplan 148 - RM4751

Celcom First Prime Pro - RM4410
Celcom First Premier Pro - RM5170
Celcom First Elite Pro - RM6700
Celcom mPro - RM3650

I do not know which plans better taking a blind guess I will pick Maxis Surfmore 75 or Talkmore 48. What do you think? Please leave a comment below or like and share ! 

More info about Samsung Galaxy S5 

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New Samsung Smartphone and Smartwatch 2014 in Malaysia

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Samsung new flagship smartphone Samung Galaxy S5 successor of S4. In the same day, they unveiled new Smartwatch  

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Smartwatch Gear Fit

Cool stuffs have arrived before the end of March 2013. Certainly they were many things happened in the month of March. I do not wish to elaborate more about it ! Besides, there was cancellation of Twin Tower 2014 concert which mean we will not seeing superstar Rain coming to Malaysia so soon.

We should move forward instead of dwell fear and sadness. Certainly that the coming of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear 2, Fit is expected and it will make us happy ! It also very much everything to Samsung fans living in Malaysia.

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are like the best smartphone but it will be very curious how could Galaxy S5 developer create something much more innovative and attractive than previous model? It same goes to Smartwatch ?

To be frankly speaking, We don really need to understand that technical stuff. You don buy a smartphone and ask they build this right? You don really ask what is the thing inside and how they created this thing? . Most of us I mean 90% of us do not really ask those We just need to know the name and the looking right?

It seem like Samsung unveiled a series of new products in Malaysia. Galaxy S5 is really groundbreaking smartphone. It has heart rate detector, fingerprint sensor, newest Android KitKat version, much better camera. For smartwatch, it pretty much mean if you own smartwatch You can be on time, because it is so beautiful designed Your eye is always locked looking at it probably other people who sit beside you keep looking at your smartwatch like want to ask where you purchase it. You know what I mean ?

Samsung must have very good engineer to develop cutting-edge smartphone and smartwatch. Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be launched at Malaysia on March 28, 2014. It will price at RM2399. More information about Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-oder and full specification at Samsung Galaxy S5

For smartwatch, it most significant about them are Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity and sports/lifestyle apps. As if you are owning a smartwatch, you actually can throw your credit card, loyalty card away. It is because with NFC you literally paying with your smartwatch by scanning and no swiping anymore !. The good thing about smartwatch it is water resistant and some of them are impact resistant.

Some said owning a smartwatch keep your body fit because it falsely alert your body weight increased drastically ! If you believe me ! 

Get new information and insights about smartwatch !  Galaxy Gear Fit is sexy and elegant could be designed for female. It also has lower price compared to Gear 2 at RM599. For Gear 2 it cost around RM899

More about at Unitedmy

Get Samsung S5 in Malaysia Online

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Now you can pre-order Samsung S5 brand new smartphone and a samsung new flagship before April

Before you purchase Samsung S5, you will have a tough time selecting the colors. As Samsung manufacturer decided to add more choice of color in the hand of to-be Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone holder. There are white, black, gold and blue.

Now you can pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 online with vouncher code up to RM100. Pre-order is open now on March 24. 

Trusted source leaked that Samsung S5 will be launched on April 5. I am sure You don want to get hassle because most of people are going to storm the physical store selling Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Contract-free Smartphone Galaxy S5 is officially available at Malaysia please check at Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White

Let discuss about techical specification Samsung Galaxy S5. S5 is upgraded 4.4 Android KitKat, 2GB RAM, LTE Cat.4 connectivity, powerful camera featuring 16 Mega Pixels, Superior viewing experiences with 5.1" screen size and full HD Super AMOLED display. 

Besides that, It also equipped with WIFI, bluetooth 4.0 technology and fingerprint technology. Furthermore, the first smartphone with health features such as heart rate monitor. With a quick touch on the sensor located at the back of the Galaxy S5, you will have your heart rate reading. Finally, Samsung S5 is incorporated with water resistant feature. 

Contract-free Smartphone Galaxy S5 is officially available at Malaysia please check at Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White

Samsung Galaxy S5 videos
In this video, it show you different color of Samsung Galaxy S5, improved battery life and much more.

Smartphone Game Apps created inspired by Bomoh Malaysia

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Smartphone Apps developer inspired by the event of Bomoh performing ritual finding MH370

Creativity and innovation ideas to make Bomoh apps available in Playstore since March 14, 2014. It had been downloaded by so many Android based smartphone users. 

Most of the game developers use the title "Bomoh" to attract users download the highly sensational subject associating with the missing airplane. They have taken the golden opportunity to make the title but the game is not just plain. 

I have downloaded most of the game developed by different persons but it always use the same game concept. The first one would be Bomoh + flappy bird concept. Developer simply recreated or replaced the flappy bird with something related to "Bomoh". It just a man flying with magic carpet or Bomoh using magic to fly. 

That is just one of the game concept they have used. I have found some of the apps actually are fun to play ! 
The title are "Bomoh Fly 3D" and "Flying Bomoh"  

Game developers usually utilize a highly sensational and eye-catching title for their app in order to attract user to download. They rake in substantial amount of advertising income putting ads in their highly downloaded app. Did they make a wrong decision or Do you think they have insulted some entity ? 

Bomoh app
Bomoh apps taken from smartphone
Some of the apps related to Bomoh I have downloaded were Bomoh MH370, Bomoh Fly 3D, Bomoh Shaman, BomohMH370Parody, Flying Bomoh, Bomoh 2, Flying Bomoh, Slap the Bomoh.

Bomoh Flying 3D
Flappy bird concept but replaced to bomoh in 3D developed using Unity platform. One of the best and fun. It is easier to score compare to flappy bird
As you can see above, most upper and most bottom part of the game have advertisements. Developer earns income if you clicked on it. It is not really very instrusive type and not really annoyed in some point.

Buy Nokia X online in Malaysia starting March 2014

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Newest Nokia smartphone Nokia X selling in Malaysia. A smartphone good for average user. 

There will be a lot smartphones coming out in 2014. Some top smartphone manufacturer is trying to capture market flavoring low-end smartphones. It is true that not everyone can afford expensive smartphones. Some of them just wondering why would I purchase luxury smartphone but all of the features I just do not understand and not in use in my life. 

Smartphones is loved by everyone out there. You will feel isolated when you are not owning a smartphones. Introducing Nokia X, You do not want a high-end smartphone ? just buy a smartphone Nokia X.

Newest price and full information or purchasing Nokia X online at  Nokia X Malaysia

It is so easy to own Nokia X with affordable price. Last time I checked the price of Nokia X, It was RM379.00. 

Nokia X is very competitive smartphone with 4" screen size, Snapdragon  S4 and good camera at 3MP.


1. Screen Size : 4"
2. Camera : 3 MegaPixels
3. Storage : 4GB
4. Memory : 512MB
5. Processor : Snapdragon S4 1Ghz
6. Color : Variety

10 Smartphone Apps Malaysian should download

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Finding Smartphone apps that really useful and helpful ? Start with these 10 apps ! 

Currently Malaysians download 85% foreign contents which mean they downloaded application made and rendered outside of Malaysia. These application are made by Malaysians. All of these are domestic contents designed cater growing demands of people. Some of these application are useful and help them solve difficult tasks render their lifestyle improved. 


Developer : GTW Holdings

App Size : 10M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

Searching food and beverage in you area, rate their foods, check F&B prices, Popularity check, guide. Everything you need to know about which restaurants are in ranking or trending are all in here ! This excellent plus nicer dashboard and interface help you do the heavy thinking. Instead of searching at Google, why don search at HungryGowhere Malaysia. Don worry about going through non-halah foods, filter it by tick "show halal food only" and search again !!

Apple user : Hungry Go Where MY iOS
Android user : Hungry go where Android


Developer : MyTeksi

App Size : 6M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

It is very hard to know whether any teksi will be crossing the road you are waiting at. Instead of waiting teksi, why don search any teksi around your waiting area using My Teksi application?. Imagine you are very lost at midnight because of car malfunction or in emergency just search using your smartphone to get more reliable and quick detail from this app.

I guess getting teksi at bustling town like KL is very difficult. Think about it You can get considerable information about the teksi driver. You even can rate the teksi driver if you would. Beside Myteksi app, you could search Ezcab or Grabteksi apps to download it offered similar feature.


Developer : Evozi

App Size : 1.9M

Compatibility : Android

A PLUS toll calculator You can even use it offline without on Internet. Besides, You will get first hand on newest news and announcement from PLUS toll Malaysia. It also boast that Live Plus traffic update and Live traffic camera

LIVE 4D Malaysia

Developer : Live4D

App Size : 1.1M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

I am not trying to advocate TOTO however, there is sizable numbers of Malaysian downloaded this app to look for newly updated result. From the app description, It supported result of Damacai, 4D, PMP, Magnum, Toto and Singarpore Polls.


Developer : Jordyland

App Size : 1.7M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

There are around 3 or 4 different app maker made similar functionality. When you search playstore, you must search Jordyland's AES location detector as from I can see here, there are many good response who have downloaded this application. AES location dectector helps notify driver incoming police camera put at any traffic light or road side. It also boasted that the app is multilingual contained English, Chinese and malay language. Beside, the app maker rendered the app where you will not dependent on internet connection but GPS alone.


Developer : Success Action Enterprise

App Size : 7.7M

Compatibility : Android

This application is useful and helpful to people who really know how to use it. It can check AES saman, Saman JPJ, Blacklist JPJ, Blacklist PDRM, Check registration plate, JPJ complain. Beside that, this application will show newest and latest traffic news.

Radio & TV Malaysia

Developer : Railfandship

App Size : 6.2M

Compatibility : Android

I cant find any kind of application like this in iOS but certainly in Google Play, this app does exist. What this app does for Malaysian? This is very profound discovery. This app supporting TV3, TV1, TV2, 1News, TVi, 8TV, NTV7, TV9, Malaysian observer and Al Hijrah channel. Furthermore, All kinds of radio channel such as MY FM, Suria FM, Hitz FM and many more. There is more, it also supporting Malaysia Kini, The Star Online, New Straits Times and Media Rakyat. All I can say this application is awesome and smart. Rugi tak download tahu ?


Developer :

App Size : 2.7M

Compatibility : Android

Malaysia largest second-hand marketplace expanded it horizon to mobile business. Sell everything and buy anythings You found worthy. A very concentrate places You would be delighted !!


Developer : Measat Broadcast Network Systems

App Size : 50M

Compatibility : Android / iOS

If you looking at the image, it resemble candy crush. It is a very popular OH MY ENGLISH show. Learn English and improve English in these funny and interesting way. A very great apps to be installed into your children Ipad, Samsung tablet, Smartphones. It does not mean only for children !!


Developer : Creativate

App Size : 3.5M

Compatibility : Android / iOS

Always meet the timing to fulfill daily prayer for Muslim. A very good tool for them. It has a lot of features such as showing Qiblat, nearest mosque. Besides, it does show salah times, Jama and Qasar guides,

Good things are meant to be shared. Sharing is Caring !!

Which smartphone apps Your favourite? free polls 

Nokia Lumia 1320 most Affordable Big Screen Smartphone

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LTE + Screen like tablet = RM1100 and lesser. Nokia Lumia 1320 is powered by Windows 8 

Nokia 1320

Bigger screen and can call out usually named as Phablet. Combination of smartphone and tablet. It really a trend now. In 2014, most people are purchasing bigger screen smartphone while other who supporting Apple Iphone they are likely to stay on smartphone size with 5" screen size or 4.5" screen size. 

Either HTC, Samsung or Blackberry, they are making distinctive change moving out of the course making smartphone over the boundary of 5" screen. Sony Xperia rolled out it Z1 Ultra in order to compete with competitor. 

Nokia Lumia 1320 is 6" screen size with snapdragon S4 processor running dual cores. Built-in pretty much normal however, most of the flagship phone are usually Quad-core processor now. The best thing about Nokia 1320 it is equipped with super sensitive touch technology. In Malaysia market, It only sold not more than RM1100.00 . It should sell more than that as it really big in screen.


See how big is Nokia Lumia 1320

10 LTE Smartphones available in Malaysia

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Will you stay with 3G smartphones or change to 4G LTE smartphones?

Smartphone supporting LTE are highly sought because telecommunication company such as Digi, Maxis and Celcom are gradually offering LTE or 4G service since 2013. Malaysian still stand firm with 3G services many are still holding smartphone with 3G capability and does not have 4G LTE function. 4G services has been rolled out more than a year. What are the reaction to the community?

They are likely respond that their smartphone are not broken and does not support 4G LTE . It will be a burden for them to change smartphone and subscribe LTE package. If you purchasing new smartphone in 2013 and so on, you will notice that huge telecommunication company are offering LTE smartphone with 4G services. They boasts 4G is faster than 3G with their marketing plan written "10times faster than 3G". What are the smartphone supporting LTE?

Samsung Note 3 LTE


Brand : Samsung

Highlighted feature : 5.7" screen size, Quad core processor, Android 4.3, 32GB internal, WiFi & bluetooth & 4G, 13MP camera

Colour : Gold, Rose, Black

Combination of smartphone and tablet, it is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phabet with LTE functionality. You can call and receive call with larger screen compared to normal smartphone. Enjoy computer-like processor and super fast internet speed with 4G browsing websites with ease. Samsung new flagship phabet improved your experience in capturing pictures with 13MP camera. Newest android version and bigger screen like tablet. Note 3 is compatible galaxy gear (smartwatch). It is only RM2,100.00 or more. It is what everyone need a smartphone and tablet alike. Check new price and availability at Galaxy note 3 LTE

Note 3 color video at : Note 3 :Note of attraction video about colors

Iphone 5S LTE

IPhone 5S

Brand : Iphone

Highlighted feature : 4" Retina display, iOS 7, 8MP, iSight camera, Touch ID, A7 Chips.

Colour : Gold,

All Iphone 5 variant are supporting 4G LTE. Iphone are popularly known for retina display and iOS. It simply enhances the use of everything. A7 chips uniquely use lesser power making the battery last longer and efficiently. iOS are still unbreakable with viruses. Lastly, Iphone are made more durable in this latest design and also added the universally profound Touch ID which one does not need the hackable password just use your unique god-made fingerprint to access Iphone. Your unique fingerprint associated with Iphone is not stored in any Apple company server. Shop are selling Rm2,300.00 (February 2014) Check current price and availability at Apple's Iphone 5S

Sony Xperia Z1 LTE

Brand : SONY

Highlighted feature : 5.0" screen size, Android 4.2, Camera 20MP, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE & NFC

Colour : White

5.0" screen size are standard screen size for smartphone with 20+ mega pixel camera, Sony are well known making good camera. Beside that, Sony smartphone are also well known for anti-dust and anti-water feature built-in design. It supporting 4G LTE and 3G which ever user prefer. If you like capturing pictures definitely try Sony Xperia Z1 as they boasting about award winning G lens engineered for better sony camera and Triluminos display. It sell not more than RM 2,200.00 . Check price and availability at Xperia Z1 purple


Brand : SONY

Highlighted feature : 6.44" screen size, Android 4.2, Camera 8MP, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE

Colour : White

The world biggest phabet screen Sony made the first in 2013. Incredible breakthrough screen size coupled the unique Xperia like anti-dust and anti-water and not to mention the groundbreaking camera technology it just an amazing smartphone. It just for RM 2,199.00. The difference between Sony Xperia Z ultra and Z1 is camera and screen size. User picks bigger screen might prefer Z Ultra than Z1. New price and availability at Xperia Z ultra 16GB


Brand : HTC

Highlighted feature : 5.9" screen size, Camera 4MP, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE, Fingerprint enabled

Colour : Silver, Black and Gold

A competitor to Note 3 . HTC One Max boasted they have the fingerpring technology built-in. Besides a 4G LTE smartphone, it appealed to consumer who like to listen music loudly. It prominent build were the speakers are located everywhere even the front of the phone. The exterior design of the phone is made by exclusive aluminium. It costs around RM 2,200.00. Current price and availability at HTC One Max Silver


Brand : LG NEXUS / Google

Highlighted feature : 5." screen size, Camera 8MP, Quad core processor and 2GB RAM, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE, Android 4.4KitKat

Colour : Black

LG Nexus 5 uses latest Android version 4.4 KitKat. The phone is extremely light in design. If you like google product definitely pick LG Nexus. One of the underprivileged phone in smartphone marketing it sold RM1600.00 or more despite all the high-end specification inside LG Nexus. Highly Recommended !


Brand : Blackberry

Highlighted feature : 5." screen size, Camera 8MP & 2MP front, Dual core processor and 2GB RAM, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE,

Colour : Black

Blackberry unveiled it full touchscreen smartphone with 5" screen size. It using it own Blackberry 10 OS instead of Android and it also come with Microsoft's Word and Excel. Blackberry is also the third largest smartphone manufacturer who specialist in computer keyboard-like's smartphone. It currently sell not more than Rm1,700.00 in the market.

Nokia lumia 1520


Brand : NOKIA

Highlighted feature : 6" screen size, Camera 20MP, Quad core processor and 2GB RAM, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE, 32GB internal storage

Colour : Black

Nokia newest flagship in smartphone business Lumia 1520. Perfectly dressed Windows Phone 8 rather than Android or iOS. Clearer camera with 20 mega pixel plus Pureview. It also a rival to Note 3 and Sony Xperia Ultra. It could be falling into phabet category due to it larger screen size. Although it is big and compact with high-end smartphone technology, it is sold in the shop not more than RM2,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S4



Highlighted feature : 5" screen size, Camera 13MP & 2MP front, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE

Colour : Black

One of the smartphone supporting LTE 4G. One of the Samsung flagship product. It has a lot fun features built-in. Either S translator, group play, sound & shot are very attractive for all of us. Let talk about sound & shot, it is an unique feature where your photo has recorded sound inside.  You can view the every photo taken with recorded background sound. Interesting and add a layer of excitement as well. The good news is S4 price is quite competitive in the market. It cost around RM1,700.00 discounted prices.


Brand : ASUS

Highlighted feature : 4.7" screen size, Camera 13MP & 1.3MP front, Quad core processor, WIFI & bluetooth 4.0 & LTE

Colour : Black

Asus is a company originately producing good quality PC now turning to dominate lucrative smartphone market share.  It is another genius design from ASUS. Padfone 2 using Android technology with 2GB RAM making sure everything run smoothly and efficiently. It main attraction is in it bigger internal storage up to 64 GB and it widely known to have 50GB cloud storage free for 2 years. You can buy this with Rm1,600.00 in local store.

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LTE/4G smartphone under RM1000


Kakao Talk New Smartphone Messaging apps in Malaysia

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South Korean based Smartphone Messaging Kakao Talk is popular among Malaysians 

Rising smartphone users in South East Asia particularly Malaysia are inevitable process. Most of Malaysian are holding a smartphone rather than a normal mobile with touch screen function either Android, iOS or blackberry powered mobile platform. Malaysia is one of the nation with highest numbers of population who owns two smartphones. The statistic is shocking and terrifying.

The expanding of messaging apps like Kakao Talk has very hard impact partly they hired our top singer Yuna being ambassador and also few Kpop artists as ambassadors. Besides, contribution of Malaysia does not have a messaging apps yet, most of the messaging apps we are using today imported by coutries such as Japan, Korea, China. they are manufacturer of these messaging apps LINE, Kakao Talk and Wechat.

You might be thinking we need to make a Malaysian made messaging apps, but the hope does not refrain us from using Kakao Talk right? We are enjoying Kakao Talk service as they expanding to Malaysia. There are survey being released out that more than 600,000 Malaysian are actively using Kakao Talk for free text messaging and video call simply using WiFi. The technology of charged mobile text messaging RM 0.01 are long gone and shall be a history when this app is fully maximized introduced to people and when people are start holding a smartphone instead of mobile phone. It is likely will take a while because older generations in 80s are still prefer older technology. They are in the age between 50-65

We have seen many Kakao Talk ads they are committed to penetrate Malaysian market advertising on Malaysia shore with many channels. Despite hiring Yuna, they also hired many local Malaysian Youtubers such as Jinnyboy, Gemini and Dmingthing.

Kakao Malaysia CNY 2014 banner
KakaoTalk Facebook wishing Happy CNY 2014

In the meantime, Kakao Talk make a small video clips for coming CNY 2014. Enjoy !

Cheap and Budget Smartphone in Malaysia under RM1000

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10 Latest Smartphones under RM1000 still loved by many consumers.

Some people like to try latest smartphone from other brand. It like you are using Samsung smartphone, sometimes you would wonder what it like playing and holding Motorola, Nokia, Sony Xperia smartphones. What they do ?? They buy budget and cheap smartphones.

moto G malaysia

Brand : Motorola and Google

Colour : Black (maybe more choice)

Summary: 4.5" screen, Android 4.3, Dual SIM, WIFI , 16GB internal storage, 5MP camera with front camera 1.3MP

Partnership with Google, Motorola is unveiling new Moto G. It is better than last predecessor and so much better. Quad cores processor running like a computer alike. Built-in latest bluetooth technology 4.0". Moto G is entitled to receive latest Google android 4.4 update KitKat. MOTO G also boasts the smartphone with longest battery life in 24 hours. It just sold RM798.00 (price in January 2014)
Moto G current price and full info

Nokia Lumia 525


Brand : NOKIA

Colour : Black (maybe more choice)

Summary: 4" screen, Microsoft windows 8, Quad core, 8GB internal storage, Camera 5MP

Use Nokia if you are microsoft supporter using latest windows mobile 8 as a windows platform different with Android and iOS . 4" screen and quad core processor performance, You can play any smartphone games with lowest budget. Play now Angry bird, clash of clan with Nokia Lumia 525 only RM438.00 (price in January 2014)
Nokia Lumia white current price

Blackberry Q5


Brand : Blackberry

Colour : Black

Summary: 3.1" screen, blackberry 10, Quad core, 8GB internal storage with 2GB RAM, Camera 5MP + front screen, 4G LTE & WIFI

There are large market dislike touch screen technology and prefer PC-like keyboard blackberry. Blackberry must have done many survey to garner a lot people point of view to create a sophisticated and perfect mobile device. Blackberry Q5 has the latest Snapdragon processor and latest Blackberry 10. Supporting latest 4G LTE compatible for fastest Internet connection speed.  It only RM830.00 (January 2014)
Blackberry Q5 Pink Current Price


Brand : Sony

Colour : White

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.2, Quad core, 4GB internal storage, Camera 8MP + front screen, Dual SIM

Sony unveiled a budget smartphone with dual SIM functionality. You can plug two SIM card for two numbers. Sony Xperia always wanted you to feel like your smartphone run faster with Quad cores processor. Sony's top ideal advantages is their cutting-edge camera 8MP unlike other smartphones. It only costs around RM788.00 (January 2014)
Sony Xperia C Black


Brand : Huawei

Colour : White, Pink, Black

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.2, Quad core,  Camera 8MP + front screen,

Buy Huawei Ascend the box contains a headset. Huawei is also quad core processor with many colour selection. Built'in many themes and profile selection to fit your personality. It also has the latest functionality like camera's autofocus on head. Huawei ascend also popularly known as world slimmest phone. It only costs RM969.00 (January 2014)
Huawei Ascend P6 Discounted price


Brand : HTC

Colour :  Black

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.2, Quad core,  Back Camera 8MP + 5MP front screen, 8GB internal capacity, WIFI

HTC made the most amazing smartphone ever. If you like video chatting with friends, definitely pick Nova butterfly because back camera has 8 megapixels and front camera is 5 mega pixels more than triple normal smartphones we use. Nova butterfly is also compatible for 2 SIM. Running computer alike processors quad-core. start browsing internet with WIFI at coffee shops. It only sold for RM650.00 (January 2014)
Nova butterfly current market price

LENOVO IdeaPhone S920

Brand : LENOVO

Colour :  Black

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.2, Quad core,  Back Camera 8MP + 2MP front screen, 4GB internal capacity, WIFI & Bluetooth

Lenovo is a top brand in technology innovation. They are one of the most creative and innovative company. They come out with Lenovo IdeaPhone S920 for latest budget friendly smartphone user. If you are tight in budgets and a business man who requires two SIM in one phone, definitely pick this smartphone. It can be slotted two SIM, 5.3" screen the biggest so far for under RM1000 smartphones, WIFI & bluetooth enabled, it also running quad-core processor and last but not least the camera is 8MP with autofocus and slightly better front camera 2.0MP. Current prices included discounted only RM810.00 ( price in January 2014)

Lenovo 920


Brand : Samsung

Colour :  White

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.1, Quad core,  Back Camera 5MP + 0.3MP front screen, Dual SIM

Unbelievable Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone. You are entitled to exclusive Samsung headphone if you buy it. Accurately it is 4.7" screen size with quad-core processor for better performance. Samsung phone has the ability to be smart enough like if you like muting the phone you just have to do few tricks like flip the phone backward the back camera facing up and the screen facing down the tables. RM700.00+
Samsung Galaxy Quattro


Brand : LG

Colour :  Black

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.0 Icecream, Quad core,  Back Camera 5MP + 0.3MP front screen, 32GB internal storage, WIFI &bluetooth

Hunger for more internal storage ? LG optimus built-in with 32 GB readily available when you purchase them. It also fall in the quad-core processor family with Nvidia processor running together. If you do not know Nvidia, it is the largest company producing PC graphic processor. Nvidia simply produced latest PC graphic display card and when they partnered with LG company. Rest assured the phone must be some what related to gaming. If you planning to buy a gaming smartphone you are looking at it . It sold in Malaysia for RM900.00 (Price in January 2014)
LG Optimus current price

HTC windows phone

Brand : HTC

Colour :  Blue

Summary: 4" screen, Windows 8 , Dual core,  Back Camera 5MP, 4GB internal storage, WIFI &bluetooth

Unique HTC smartphone with Microsoft mobile windows phone. One can choose many colour blue or red structure. HTC with windows phone boasts that they have long lasting battery and also unique and special audio quality supported by Dr. Dre the exclusive maker of headspeaker. It only costs around RM700.00 or lesser (January 2014)
Windows phone 8S blue current price

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