Gaming PC/Laptop should have at least 8GB RAM

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Any laptop you bought on 2018 should have at least 8GB system RAM for minimal pleasure on gaming.

Try a new laptopr or PC ? higher chance you will tumble on windows 10 that required minimum 4GB RAM to run. The truth is windows 10 required a constant roughly 2.5GB RAM to maintain. For any user activities, you are just left with estimated 1.5GB RAM.

1.5GB RAM may seem to be enough for casual web browsing and watching Youtube. In some point, you will need to run its on PC games. This is where everything turn sour and ugly questioning "why newly bought laptop/PC on 2018 cannot handle a 5 years old game bought from Steam ?" 

Experts would argue you are still able to run the game. However, the game constantly taking 95% of the RAM. There was no secret that a game still run on 4GB RAM but with less FPS and happen to have events of stutter.

4GB RAM Laptop/PC are still widely available in today market. In fact, you just opt for higher than 8GB RAM and surely with medium to high tiered graphic card for better gaming experience. To shed a little information about GPU, any GPU running on DDR5 and 4GB VRAM are considered good for gaming. Should you accept 4GB system RAM with Nvidia 10xx series ? of course big no.


Fortnite Battle Royale taking 3GB RAM
There was no better things to do than playing Fortnite right now.

In order to further turn you off buying a 4GB RAM PC/Laptop, one of the best game genre in 2010 - 2020 Fortnite battle royale by Epic games is occupying more than 3GB RAM. 

As if you had 4GB RAM, it is literally unplayable for lacking 1.5GB RAM. To be frank, you could still play the game with image stuttering and imagine engaging in a large scale combat, instead of playing a game it like you are watching a frame to frame images.

PUBG mobile taking 1.5GB RAM
PUBG mobile by Tencent

Emulator and PUBG mobile is taking up 1.5GB RAM. With 4GB system RAM, you will get a constant 90% RAM occupied. It is not harsh to say you could never open a single page of google chrome or even try to do a desktop refresh. Some gamer like to open voice-chat software during game and you may try to open some of your favorite song ? Here is my suggestion, buy a PC/laptop setup that come with 8GB RAM or more. 

In the coming years, gaming enthusiats are slowly adopting live streaming their favorite game. 8GB RAM may not be enough any longer. You may need 16GB RAM in the year 2025 ? 

Watch World Cup 2018 in Radio Televisyen Malaysia

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Malaysian are watching RTM 2's World Cup 2018 Russia vs Saudi Arabia

Watch on Smartphone with Digi unlimited plan RM100+
Watch on Smartphone with Digi unlimited plan RM100+

You may watch it free of any charge in your smartphone browser or PC browser. Fret not as if you had missed Russia vs Saudi Arabia, RTM 2 would make a playback on the match. Highest resolution is 720p and for those who has limited internet speed may opt 234p for smoother video buffering. 

Some of the perimeter wall advertisements are visible such as Hisense, Wanda, Budweiser, Vivo, McDonalds, adidas and many more. The first goal between Russia vs Saudia Arabia was in the 11 minutes with a head goal by Russia team's "Lury Gazinsky"

In fact, relevant authorities in Malysia have suggests  all Malaysian should pay no charges on important World cup 2018 matches. Previously, in order to watch every World Cup high-definition shows were needed to pay a subscription fee to a private company and only important world cup matches were shown in national television channel.  

Full occupancy is expected on those restaurants with television as some would prefer the ambience watching with a group of supporter and adversary, 

Please click the link for world cup 2018 opening ceremony and watch it on Youtube. 

If you wish to watch LIVE you may watch it on Official LIVE RTM 2

17 Things will be Cheaper without GST on June 2018

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GST system is a burden ? It depends how many times you had buy these things as listed below. The truth about GST is very much unveiled itself after living with GST system nearly 3 years from year 2015 .

The higher the single product is, the higher is the GST charge and is possible higher than SST system in an end-consumer perspective. It may have reduce/lower the national local consumption rate due to bad perception.


All of these are personal opinions. The listed products may not be as accurate as the time article were written due to the situation may be impacted by changes in the tax system. This article may displayed for your entertainment purpose only. If you feel offended please do not view it and leave.

Air ticket
I like flying with Airasia

1. Plane Ticket

I am not really smart everytime I take Airasia, my receipt shows a GST charge RM11.83. Is this a chinese owned company ?

GSC Ticket
I like GSC

2. GSC Ticket

I am not really good in math. Everytime I watch a movie in cinema. There was a charge as little as RM0.69 for adult and RM0.37 for kids.

McDonalds Rio Burger
I like McDonalds

3. McDonalds

I always like to eat McDonalds. But, Pop culture warns us not too much because too much links to our level of intelliegent ??  GST is RM1.22

I like Starbucks

4. Starbucks

Is the chinese-owned company sentiment over ? I am not over. From wikipedia it is not a secret company behind Starbucks Malaysia handled by a Chinese in Malaysia and they pay tax too. Are rich people the only group purchase Starbucks ?  I leave it to you decides. Before you ever leave this page, remember Wakanda people actually like Starbucks

This Starbucks I bought during half-price promotion. It charge me RM0.53 for GST

Corn product Malaysia
I like Corn

5. Canned Food

I remember somewhere actually stated canned corn is one of the product charged with 6% GST. Yes, it might be a chinese company. Everyone starts to freak out when they found out the owner is Chinese.

Kimball Thai Chili
I like Spicy sauce

6. Processed Chili Sauce

I bet processed Chili actually need to be charged with 6% GST. It is processed and likely to be included in GST list.

Huawei G8
I like Huawei. But, each year new phone come out my love gradually fade

7. Huawei Smartphone

In this few years, there were influx of China made technology products in Malaysia especially smartphone brands from Huawei and Oppo. Your newly owned smartphone is proudly brought to you GST charge totalled RM84.xx. 

I like Asus

8. Asus Laptop

First of all, Asus is made from Taiwan. Although most of them are mandarin speaking at there.(Namewee used to study there) but, Asus is a product by import. I am not rich enough to buy a gaming laptop and this laptop i bought could not actually play PUBG. it may run Dota 2 or Crysis 2. The point is, I got charged MYR 93.00. 

Good example from Huawei smartphone and Asus laptop. As long as the price point is higher, your 6%GST charge is gonna be higher.

SESB receipt with GST 6%

9. Power Plant

Most people do not really write anything about power plant because they are afraid SESB going to unplug electricity at our home. I do not know about West Malaysia, i guess they have the same type of paper receipt right ? There were not much differences between us. West Malaysia may use red-colored banner with TNB logo.

Have you seen your home electricity bill lately because your whole life revolves around it. The first 300kwh is not qualify for GST collection. the next kwh is going to be included into GST list. Anyone opens Air-condition at night are guaranteed over 300kwh. My electricity bill GST is RM6.00

watson cosmetic
I like cosmetic

10. Watson

Do you know that watson headquarter is based at Hong Kong. We love shopping at watson because there are so many choices on the shelves. A big company with heavy revenue always in the GST list. I get taxed RM2.39 each time I bought something at Watson

11. Postpaid Plan

A bit sceptical whether Maxis and Celcom Postpaid have any 6% GST. The newly introduced Digi Postpaid 100 infinite seem to have 6% GST. Rumor you actually can claim it back.

12. Tofu

There was a quotation actually stated processed tofu are able to be taxed in 6% GST.

Cassava flour
Delicious flour

13.Ubi Flour

Corn and Cassava flour are not wheat or rice flour. It could be in GST list.

Domino Pizza
I like Pizza !

14. Domino Pizza

Pizza is definitely needed to be collected in GST because it too delicious and people easily get too much of it. Refrain from eating, if it too delicious, the secret to longevity

Receipt 4GB RAM from Lazada
I love Lazada

15. Internet Shopping

Do not buy if you cannot afford just stick to 4GB system RAM laptop. When I do buy it, it said I got taxed in shipping cost as well as the product. Shipping cost plus GST is quite expensive ?

GST RM5.30 for my shipping and my 4GB RAM stick GST is RM9.40. I thought buying online was cheaper but, RM14.70 is just GST. I cant imagine as if thousands of peoples purchase stuff online.

16. Lot 10 eateries

Charcoal he fen/ho fun/kuey teow stall is really pack with office employees during peak hour.

I like to fly

17. Air Plane Ticket

It pretty much acceptable practice. Walking around the airport, using the airport facilities and the fund can be used for future development a better airport in Malaysia. Above, I am guessing the RM 11.00 is airport tax with 6% GST, RM 0.66. Besides, there was a base fare price RM 141.00 and the GST is RM8.46.

Either GST or SST
Nor RM10.60 or RM10.00
Nor Today or June 1,2018
40billion or 20billion
Guess what ?

Tomorrow still need to wake up and go to work!! Ain't nobody got time for that. Am I the only one did not move on in this GST subject ?

Fortnite Save the World is just RM80

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10 Fun Facts about Fortnite Save the World PVE

Korean playing fortnite
Korean Oppa are fond of Fortnite

Russian playing fortnite
The new generation of Russian are learning English 

china playing fortnite

1. Asia server

#1 fun fact is young russian are learning English language was told by one russian fortnite player in game. In conversation, they seem to be having a critical thinking about their government.

#2 fun fact Korean oppa like to play Fortnite and some of them actually speak English

Besides Korean and Russian, they are some Chinese player and not so much Philippine players.

2 Unreal Engine

#3 fun fact Fortnite is using Unreal Engine. To run Fortnite, minimum requirement is 4GB RAM and recommended requirement to have system ram 8GB.

St.Patrick Event

3. Limited-Time Theme Event

#4 fun fact, there were halloween, christmas and even chinese new year limited-time theme event. Above picture character dressed in a rabbit costume was promoting St.Patrick day on April.

4. Traps, Guns and Melee weapons

#5 fun facts these weapons should just exist in game. There are crossbow, machine gun, pistol, shotgun, rifle, axe, sword. The enemy are zero chance against us.

Perhaps in any zombie game franchise, fortnite has large amounts of guns to play with. Of course, Fortnite use the word "Husk" instead of zombie.

5. Tower Defense Element

#6 fun fact, there are tons of tower defense games out there, Fortnite is 3D tower defense game with guns traps and buildings.

#7 fun fact, four players up against hundreds of husks with the help of guns and traps. player would lose the game if husks successfully destroyed mission objective. It could be a van, a box or a shelter.

6. Mission objectives

#8 fun fact, endless fight with husks is not enjoyable ? you may opt mission particularly save the survivors or building radars.

#9 fun fact, mission can be 20 minutes duration or no time limit. No time limit allows player collect ammo, harvest ingredients for weapon or just purely building a mammoth traps for solo play.

7. Zombies  Husks

#10 fun fact, in fortnite narrative, husks are from a fictional storm. there are fat husk, a laser-shooting husk, a over steroid husk and most of them were purple.

I do not know about killing floor 2, Fortnite is as awesome as Left 4 dead 2.

Yili Greek Yogurt is selling at RM7 in Malaysia

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Highly influential China's variety programme "Running Man"  endorsed Yili Group's Greek Yogurt

Yili greek yogurt

Fans of the show have tried to purchase or to extend, imports the drink from China in order to displays their support and love on the variety show and celebrities. Although generally speaking most of Malaysian are not fond of yogurt drinks, due to celebrity endorsement from Li Chen and Angelababy, the market may endures large demand on Yili's greek yogurt beverage in a short time.

During the show, celebrity would satisfy thirst with Ambrosial AnMuXi Greek Yogurt Drink indirectly promoting the yogurt drink. Due to the large demand, the drink can be bought in some local stores in Malaysia for instance, Familymart. The price is at between RM7 - RM20.

The imported drink may have a different type of expiry date to warns the consumer. This yogurt drink most likely shows the manufacture date and encourages consumer drinks it within the duration of 6 months. Besides, do not be discouraged when you found out the beverage date is expired for a month, you may have wrongly noticed it was actually manufacture date for an imported products.

Yogurt or directly translated from Mandarin as "sour milk" is no stranger to us as we have known Yakult from Japan. Both products have a similarity in taste. However, a humble opinion, Yili's greek yogurt is much more sticky andcreamy.