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RTM broadcast Quarter Final FIFA World Cup 2014

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There are LIVE and delayed matches broadcast by RTM for Quarter Final FIFA World Cup 2014

Source : Facebook RTM

The Quarter Final is here and surely RTM will take every opportunity to provide Malaysian a free channel to watch this grand sport event that happening at Brazil. Later, the match between France vs Germany and Brazil vs Colombia will be broadcast at your home television

Astro World Cup promotion with this, you are able to watch LIVE world cup semi-final and final match FIFA World cup 2014 in your smartphone, computer or tv. Check this out at ASTRO on the go Sport

The winner of the match will take to the semi final which again will be broadcast by RTM. It either on TV1 or TV2. They have you cover up for the most anticipated matches. This is the main reason to cut the budget by not broadcast group matches rather than to broadcast all the matches in quarter, semi and surely the final match.

Quarter Finals qualified squads are Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Argentina and Belgium. RTM chose to broadcast one LIVE match with a delayed live match in this two-days quarter final World Cup 2014. On July 5, Malaysian could tune to RTM 1 or RTM 2 for 2AM delayed live match between France vs Germany.

On same day the match Brazil vs Colombia is a LIVE broadcast by RTM. As for July 6, the match between Argentina vs Belgium is a live match on 12AM. Besides, Netherlands vs Costa Rica is a delayed live match on 6AM.

Embrace yourself for the groundbreaking football matches by powerful squad performance. You will never get your time wrong as long as you wait at 12AM on this Saturday and Sunday. If you still afraid there will be a last minute changes which could be possible. Bookmark this page or share to your Facebook timeline for quick read update.

Who do you think will move to Semi Finals FIFA World Cup 2014 ? My vote for France and Colombia

Update (July 6) : Argentina vs Belgium LIVE match on TV1 at 12AM. Besides, Netherlands vs Costa rica delayed LIVE match on TV 2 at 6AM - 8AM

KAX phenomenon during FIFA world cup 2014. The purple cat hold by Hanis Zalikha, Fizo and Dafi. Some pretty local celebrity such as Nelydia Senrose, Nad Zainal was with kax. A Celcom Xpax's purple cat. More info at Malaysian celebrity like KAX so much

Quarter Final of FIFA World Cup 2014 has ended. Please refer new thread here at RTM will broadcast Semi-Finals Argentina vs Netherlands 4AM TV2

RTM 1 schedule quarter final World Cup 2014

Watching Transformers 4 Age of Extinction in Malaysia

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One of the best movie of the year. The best movie in the month of June. Worth re-watching this movie few hundred times

I had carried a very plain feeling towards Transformers 4 movie. It stemmed from the reviews from those who have watched the movie. Watching the movie on July 1 Tuesday was not a bad thing. Peace of mind rather than packed seats is what really good. News reported that Transformers garnered 100 million in first week debut that is an incredible achievement compared to Godzilla and X-Men Days of Future Past

It turned out to be the other way around and I must say it will be a positive review by me. The director is still the same old Michael Bay who specialize in making explosive and car flipping movie. I do not want to say about previous Transformers movie rest assured that this new Transformers 4 movie is the best. In fact, there were too much good things about this movie.

Jaw dropping action, breathtaking CGI and wonderful scenery and landscape. I guess Michael Bay learned his lesson on his previous directed Transformers sequel. One thing does not change this director he always get a hot girl to his casts . I must saluted the directors and all the people who making this movie successful. All of the used plots and used movie scenery were not there. Do not show us a high school teenager with his antique car or graduating high school bumped with hot girl. Moreover, Please refrain using the plot teenager tried to get a secure job and his hot girlfriend

We expected there will be a similar plots intense fight between Transformers villain and Optimus Prime with collateral damage that would be human race. Human will always running away but in this case, they fight the good guy by helping to fulfill Lockdown agenda. Lockdown is the villain of the show. Wait, there is a missing piece of information how about Megatron or his new name Galvatron ??

Ex CIA Harold with his gang partnered with Joshua. Joshua is an inventor owned a company who tried so hard to replicate or building man-made Transformers for better future. As for Harold, they are on the field trying to get his hand dirty eliminate silently on Autobots the good Transformers without acknowledge the public and government. Harold was not alone he helped by Lockdown.

Entering the first scene of the movie, the dinosaur get eliminated was a very good starter. It was interesting and successfully distracted audiences with the question mark " Is this a Jurassic Park movie or a Transformer movie " ?? or maybe a better one something like " So, the dinosaur was eliminated by Transformers, not by volcanic activity, using a weapon that turned every living dinosaurs to a strange metal " ?? 

Poor cute dinosaur cant escape the fact to be a museum artifact. That was a really good CGI !! . Furthermore, I never felt so down and sad on robot but when I watched how this organization treated that green Autobot and his awesome Transformers voice with sad tones begging the human to spare his life. In the end, the human did not spare his life terminated him right away with Lockdown shooting rockets a condemned and unfair battle emerged. How could they treated him so cruel fighting an outnumbered Transformers. It like watching 20 guys beating and bullying while we were helpless and standing there watch victim life ticks away.

Finally, Mark Wahlberg or Cade Yeagar and his pretty hot daughter wearing short pant walking around at one of those Texas barn. Their life soon will be changed and something really bad is coming towards them after they discovered the old truck. The old truck was a masquerade or camouflage by Optimus Prime from detected by evil agenda Harold. His family were under a threat when his best friend decided to report authorities in a bid to get money prizes.

Transformers cup giving out by Darlie Malaysia more info at Darlie Malaysia and Transfomers cup

The movie is quite outstanding and attractive to the audiences due to many questions left unanswered and the CGI was too good to be missed  and I was sticking my butt from the beginning to the end. In the middle of the conflict, Tessa Yeagar boyfriend showed up. That really a handsome guy. Yeah she got a boyfriend ! if you know what I mean .

Li Bing Bing showed up at the middle of the show as a factory employer with Joshua the scientist behind the man-made Transformers and the one who resurrected Megatron from dead. Then, It was a very successful approach by the director to film at Guangzhou China. It was epic and must be praised much more better than just showing an ancient city in the movie X-Men Days of the future past. Once again, I was being distracted with a whole new good plot. Transformers are going to have an intense fight at Guangzhou instead of at New York city or at desert with big metal worm digging around.

Rather than big fight at New York city, Michael Bay put an entire different movie setting flipping car, explosive, a small passage with 3 granny stuck the escape of Joshua from being caught by Harold. . Not to mention the dinobot were there to help Optimus Prime.

More about "Transformers" in Unitedmy

  1. 10 Best Transformers merchandises in Malaysia

Jay Chou held Concert in Malaysia 2014

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Taiwanese pop king singer is back LIVE at Malaysia 2014. His songs is the 90's generation inspiration

Jay Chou Contest is giving out free concert ticket, interested ?? Visit at Be Malaysia Jay Chou Concert

If you are born in end of 80's and early 90's generation, you are like everyone else knew his most popular song " Qing Tian" everyone love that song and to the extend to learn how to play guitar chord of it. His uniqueness in singing skill is unrivaled and one-of-the-kind. Fusing with pop music and his music talent it is self-explanatory and hard to express how and when we started love his songs. One thing needed to clarify mandarin speaking youth are deeply in love with his songs at that time.

In fact, He had been in music industry for more than 10 years. That was his one of the wishes to be a singer. Jay Chou have tried to be host of talk shows, film director, movie star, film producer. His last studio album was on December 2012. The release of the album is related to his promise to all his fans out there especially those in love with his songs. Those who are going to his concert in Malaysia November 2014 you might have a chance to hear his latest songs. What do you like Jay Chou to be a singer, film producer, film starring, host of talk shows ??

Speaking about his last year concert in Malaysia, it was a sold out successful concert. Due to the strong reason Malaysia is having "Visit Malaysia 2014 year". He decided to held two shows in November 14 and 15.  The place is at Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Talking about concert, there were so many big international singers came to Malaysia performed. There were Taylor Swift, Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, 2NE1, Avril Lavigne. 

The Opus 2 Jay Chou World Tour Concert will take place in Malaysia 5 months from now. The 35 years old singer is determined looking forward for another amazing concert for Malaysian fans. Ticket are priced lowest RM 180, RM 270, RM 320, RM 440, RM 490, RM 660, and the highest would be RM 850. If you know Putra Jaya Indoor the nearest to the stage platform will be the ticket sold at RM 490 and RM660. Ticket price is varies from time to time.

Tickets have been released since June 21. You are allowed to purchase as early as today. Visit at for more details.

More information at Speedy Entertainment Facebook at

Free Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

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Most anticipated movie in June 2014 it will be Transformer 4 Age of Exctinction

Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

Brand    : Darlie
Product : Toothpaste
Flavor   : Original Strong Mint
Net weight : 225g
Manufacturer : Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co. Ltd, China
Imported by : Hawley & Hazel Marketing (M) Selangor, Kim Teck Cheong S/B KK Sabah, Popular Trading (B) Sarawak.
Status : HALAL
Value : 2 for RM16.00 (price in 2013)

Ingredients : Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.

While waiting for the release of Transformers 4 movie, let take a trip to purchase Darlie toothpaste and get a free Transformers imprinted cup. You will need to but two Darlie toothpaste priced at RM16.00 in local market. Wait no longer as the Transformers cup is limited edition.

Darlie Malaysia made the Transformers cup is under the license of HASBRO and its logo. They have acquired the permission from HASBRO to made this cup. It is not like every toothpaste maker out there such as Colgate had the right to make Transformers cup.

There are 3 different Transformers cup giving out by Darlie. They are Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Lockdown. The image you have seen above is Lockdown. It is unsure whether Lockdown will be the bad robot fighting Optimus Prime who is the defender of the human kind and earth.

Previously, Darlie Malaysia had given out many types of cup but Transformers cup will be first of it kind. Besides, Darlie had organized a contest giving out free ticket to watch new Transformers movie in this end of June. 

Who do not like free items right ? It might be one of the way Darlie Malaysia thanks it loyal consumers years of support. This cup is not the first one I got from Darlie. 

RTM Kuiz Terkumpul Contest for FIFA World Cup 2014

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Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 at RTM 1, RTM 2 or TVI to win attractive prizes. Glue your eyes on Kuiz Sambaria 

Life is just wonderful in the month of June. Get your TV remote control tune into selected RTM channel for LIVE World Cup 2014 at Brazil. As you watch your favorite team such as Spain or Brazil, win yourself some attractive prizes exclusively for RTM audiences.

There will be two contests. One is require audience to call on the spot for answering a question given. Another one is Kuiz Terkumpul, it will be required password code. There are 35 password codes to be collected. The password codes is given before and after the LIVE match. For example, Brazil vs Croatia 4AM- 6AM you are required to watch it on 3.30AM and 6AM.  

For Kuiz Terkumpul, previously RTM TV hosts will unveil the password codes before the match and then after the match. As for Kuiz mingguan, you are require to watch at RTM 1 or RTM 2 on 12.30AM - 1.30AM every Friday and Saturday. TV Host will give an question and you are require to give the correct answer by phone call 

Radio Television Malaysia tried their best to garner public attention to watch LIVE match at selected RTM channels. In a news reported that, RTM will keep broadcasting anticipated sport matches in the future if demands is high. They are targeting 3 million Malaysian viewers for each World Cup 2014 LIVE match.

I have seen two LIVE matches FIFA World Cup 2014 at RTM 1. The Best part about that it was free of charge. Spain versus Netherlands was a fantastic match. Do not miss and remember the date June 15 LIVE match between Colombia versus Greece 12AM only at RTM 1.    

Taylor Swift RED concert tomorrow June 11 in Malaysia

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Taylor Swift beautiful aircraft livery covered up Airasia planes. Airasia is the official airline for Taylor Swift RED ASEAN TOUR

Aireen Omar CEO of Airasia Berhad with Airasia flight attendants and aircraft livery painted with Taylor Swift

If Airasia is airline sponsor of Taylor Swift RED Tour, she is going to take Airasia plane to Malaysia ? Today is Tuesday June 10. But, There were no single news about Taylor Swift is arriving to KLIA 2. Her RED Tour in Malaysia would be tomorrow June 11, 2014.

According to Taylor swift official website, she was having concert at Singapore indoor stadium on June 9. It could imply that she is coming to Malaysia with land transportation rather than air transport. We had enough those news saying Taylor Swift tickets have been sold out at both concert held in Malaysia and Singapore.

There were no leaked news when Taylor Swift will be spotted enter Malaysia territory so that Malaysian fans can get to see her and ask for a Selfie or autograph. How about those fans get no chance to her because ticket were fully sold out. 

Taylor Swift is like a teen pop queen in US. She goes to any places will be filled by peoples who like to hear her album. Her name is no strange to us and we will give her warm welcome screaming out so loud her name. Due to her fame, there were reasons why her daily location cannot be publicize openly.

Source : Hitz FM

From Hitz FM, they have shown us a picture depicts the almost done preparation for tomorrow Taylor Swift concert at Putra Indoor Stadium . In the first day releasing Malaysia RED Tour tickets by official ticket agency in Malaysia, Large traffic congestion at each ticket booths. It also happened to their website large number of online traffic queue up for the tickets. After a few hours approaching lunch time tickets have been half sold from 10.00AM . 

It is an unprecedented decision by Taylor Swift organizing ASEAN RED Tour. Previously, Taylor Swift fans have to purchase air ticket fly to a far country for her concert. It is her first performance in Malaysia.

Hotlink Live Life Loud with Taylor Swift 22 pairs Red Zone Tix

Youtube fans Meet and Greet at KL LIVE 2014

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You could be seeing your favorite Malaysian Youtubers at KL LIVE. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see them in close proximity.  

Youtube Fans Meet & Greet Malaysia

Everyone love watching video clips at Youtube. But, many of us do not know actually there are many local Youtubers doing well in making video at Youtube. Basically, there is something like Youtube celebrities they have so many subscribers which translated as a fans.

If you can make a simple video, you can be Youtuber but in order to become Youtube celebrities, I guess your subscriber must be exceed 10,000 subscribers or lesser . It really self-explanatory. There are people who make videos about gaming, funny, parody, cover song, cute baby. Youtube is the easiest way for you to express yourself ! 

"Gangnam style" song by Psy exceeded 2 Billion views a new height for viewing volume. I guess everyone love to watch pop song and culture in South Korea. Besides, we will have "PewdiePie" channel focusing on humorous and gaming horror and adventure genre, this channel has the highest subscriber in a single channel. Internet is so unpredictable and Youtube influences greatly on us especially the younger generation.

There is more to say about Youtube now and it future. Back to the main topic, do you want to see Malaysian Youtubers performing for you ?? Join this Youtube fans Meet and Greet at KL LIVE on Tuesday June 17, 2014. Don be late come early on 6.45 PM . The best thing is yet to be said the entry is free of charge. 

It really excited to know that priority is given if you register yourself at their official website. Which event in Malaysia do not take entry fee ? I guess it would be KL Twin Tower event but it was canceled this year.  

Biggest names on Youtube will be joining us those have been confirmed are Diandra A, Joe Flizzow, SonaOne, Joseph Germani, Joyce Chu, Namewee, Narmi, Red People. Not to mention there will be some Surprise performance by International Youtube stars. Who else are coming to Malaysia ? 

Coca Cola The World is Ours Song Malaysian version

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Coca Cola anthem for the FIFA 2014 World Cup campaign presented by David Correy and local celebrities

Coca cola The World is ours Malaysia version

As the world cup 2014 is approaching, everyone is very excited because the undeniable atmosphere of FIFA World Cup is coming back slowly. Heard what people say about this grand sport event ?? The sport that uniting us all. The sweat and tears of soccer players. We want to see it and feel it again.

You may have experienced it on 2010 FIFA World Cup. But nothing beat the truth is that every year as you grow older new player is taking up the field an amazing performance is no less excited last event. In fact, if you see the history of FIFA World Cup, the same amount of people are watching this grand sport event bigger than Olympic.

Before this grand event begin some of us develop sleepless night or waiting anxious hoping the FIFA World Cup can somehow start tomorrow. Let countdown 3 more days to the opening of FIFA World Cup 2014. It will make be a unforgettable and historical moments

Together sing this song to cheer our mood up ! Malaysian version of  "The World is Ours" athem by Coca-cola performed by local celebrities such as Ajai, Soo Wincci and Mista G.


Run like you born to fly
Live like you never died
Don you stop
catch your dream 

We are drawn by the rhythms
That beat through our hearts
When we all come together 
We are seven million strong

The world is ours
oh ~
Seven billion stars
oh ~
The world is ours

Light up the world  x2

Sing out your battle cry
Under the stadium sky
Though Ocean and land are apart
Our heart are reaching there

You can stand on our shoulders
and raise your arms
When we all come together
We light up the dark

The world is ours
oh ~
Seven billion stars
oh ~
The world is ours

GOT7 greets Malaysian fans with flying kiss

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Rumor GOT7 will shoot their MV at Malaysia. They have arrived June 8 at the airport with warm welcome by GOT7 Malaysian fans 

Source: @GOT7MY Twitter

As soon as the news came out thank to the firsthand sharer by hardcore GOT7 Malaysian fans who knew they were coming to Malaysia yesterday, it sparked Top 10 Twitter trending in Malaysia. I believe to be able trending at Twitter Malaysia there will be thousand of tweets regarding GOT7.

June 9 2014 Malaysia trend Twitter
Malaysia Trends second place is now about "GOT7"

The next day those who have surprised by the news storming the Twitter platform which resulting "Welcome to Malaysia GOT7" stood at the second place of Twitter Malaysia trends. Numerous Malaysian Youtuber took the rare chance filming GOT7 arriving at the airport and uploaded it to Youtube. Iza Yanti Youtube channel recorded one of the member flying kiss and saying "sarangheyo" to the camera !

It could be true they are visiting Malaysia for filming location. Some fans boasted they have seen GOT7 at Section 13, Shah Alam.  Nearby Holy smoke cafe. If you want stumble with GOT7 at the street, this is your one and only chance to grab because they are here for mv shooting not for fan meeting or held a concert. It will be rare for them and impossible for their manager to organize a fan signing meet up or anything.

Official Twitter Malaysian fans for GOT7 :

Watch Transformers 4 Movie in Malaysia June 26

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Main actor is Mark Wahlberg and director will be Michael Bay known for making movie with all kinds of explosion and explosive stunts

There is a common practice by Hollywood that every three movies, audiences will see the same title movie without the same main actor. Take for example, Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 was same guy but at the fourth spiderman, they revised a little bit the movie title to "Amazing spider-man" and changing main actor.

I deeply and desperately hoping they will bring back the main actress Megan Fox. Maybe not, we just see her in other movie because it just impossible even for main actress. In this Transformers 4, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) found a transformer masked as a broken truck. He does not know it was boss of good transformers the Optimus Prime who always want to wear blue metal outfit.

I am happy to know that after the gruesome fighting scenes in Transformer 3 it seem that Optimus Prime got his blue metal body back attached in one piece. Wait ? so it is a sequel of transformer 3 or just another new transformer movie. If it will be a new transformer movie, why they don revise the transformer movie title ? Take for example the batman series, they are using "The Dark Knight " instead of using "Batman" . Director might be thinking movie title "Transformer" is too awesome to be revised.

Assuming Transformers 4 movie is a new one which is highly favorable. But, why there is no changing of director of the film ? It is still Michael Bay as the director. Despite that, in the trailer above you will see transformers is still acting as the protector of earth from any threats from his kinds. Transformer is once again need to regain trust from human kind as you can see some secret agency is finding Optimus Prime at Cade Yeager house. On the other side, new transformer villains with his big alien ship confronted Optimus Prime by firing towards him.

Do not miss the best part Optimus Prime awesome rider a dinosaur-like transformers attacking side by side with the villains. The fighting scene is just so cool. The not so cool part is that knowing human kind cant defend themselves against invasion of transformers. If you must ask who is the greatest threats to the human kind choosing between Aliens and Transformers, It is hard decision to choose but I will choose Transformers because all the Aliens have been killed by Cage in Edge of Tomorrow movie. Time possessed Tom Cruise kills the Alpha. I think it related because both Edge of Tomorrow and Transformer originated from Japan right ??

Hey why don we make it a triple threats to the human kind. Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow "Aliens" and Transformers villain conquerors . If they start invasion on earth in a same time. Will they destroy us all ? I believe not because Amazing spider-man 2 and captain america the winter soldier would not allow that happen

Darlie is giving out Transformers 4 cup to those who bought their Darlie toothpaste

Post by Oreo.

Malaysian votes your local movies in May 2014

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Find out and votes for your best local movies in May 2014. 

This a research or study to find out which Malaysian movies you like to watch in May 2014. What are your favorite local movies in this month of May. There is a ranking and a voting system available. The default ranking will be Abang Long Fadil, Ia wujud, Awak Nak Kahwin Saya and Superstone.

This is organized by Malaysian local movie fans. It is not affiliating to any local movie production.


  1. Abang long Fadil
  2. Ia wujud
  3. Awak nak kahwin saya
  4. Superstone

This ranking system affected by some of the biggest Malaysian online forum such as

1. Lowyat


Director : Eyra Rahman

Cast : Fezrul Khan, Erin Malek

Production : Metrowealth

Social Media : MiG Facebook

Language : Malay

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Love and hate between Andika and Puteri.

Synopsis : IA WUJUD 

Director : Dharma Aizat

Cast : Your, Annam, Arif Adam, Tommy, Amad

Production : Metrowealth

Social Media : MiG Facebook

Language : Malay

Genre : Horror, Thrill, Scary

Using filming technology as a "Found Footage" style  identical to Paranormal Activity horrow movie or Clover Field Alien invasion movie. This new trendy filming technology in horror movie was tested to add fear and terror sensors to every cinema audiences. The audience subconsciously thinking this is a real situation where the filming guys were with the movie casts in this haunted environment.

Malaysian director Dharma Aizat is able to utilize this new horror filming technology to make Malaysian version of horror movie. We all know paranormal activity movies is a successful Hollywood movie domestically as well as international audiences. Will "Ia wujud " movie based in highland tower incident haunted can be successful in own soil ??


Director : Syafiq Yusof

Cast : Zizan Razak, Kamal Adli, Tauke Raja Lawak, Soffi Jikan, Syamsul Yusof, Aaron Aziz

Production : Skop Production

Social Media : Skopfanpage

Language : Malay

First 4 days of premiere, Skop production announced that the movie collected RM 2.1 million indicating successful summer Malay film. Will this movie become more successful than KL Gangsters 2 and current movie crown love story "The Journey" which collected total RM 17 million exceeded KL Gangster 2?

Synopsis : SUPERSTONE 超级神仙石 

Director : Lai Kim Koon

Cast : William Sun, Tung Yew Ngai, Wilson Tin, Brendan Yuen, Candy Lim

Production : Cao Min Pictures Sdn Bhd

Social Media : Cao Min Pictures

Language : Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese, English,

Ah Hua is a young man born in a village with little knowledge about the outside world. Living in a poor living condition with his gravely ill mother. He works hard to earn money sustaining his family. Financial condition never improved He decided to jump for greener grass at big city hoping to get a decent salary. His life changed tremendously encountered peoples living in the big city.

Vote your best local movies May 2014 free polls 

More about "Movies Malaysia" 

1. Top 10 Malay movies 2014

World Wrestling Entertainment LIVE in Malaysia 2014

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Get to see WWE Superstars John Cena, Ricky Steamboat, The shield and Intercontinental Champion

WWE live will be held 2 days on October 11 - 12 in Malaysia. Thank to Malaysia major events that successfully brought number 1 international wrestling event to Malaysia. Malaysian fans surely overwhelm about this news.

On May 22, 2014, there were announcement by Astro and WWE that there will be 2 days WWE LIVE in Malaysia. So much happening events in the year of "Visit Malaysia 2014". We will be seeing Taylor Swift concert, 2NE1 concert, Avril Lavigne concert and many more to come. We would have been seeing Rain on March but it was canceled due to Malaysia Airliner incident.

Despite that, We have been watching WWE since the beginning before it even had WWE brand and logo, it was World Wrestling Federation(WWF). WWF is the predecessor of WWE. There were good old days wrestler. For example, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt angle, Goldberg.

It is a surprising news for most of us that our childhood and favorite wrestling TV show will be able to be hosted at Malaysia.  We have seen growing trend of introducing wrestling entertainment into Malaysia market. Such as the Malaysia Invasion Mixed Martial Arts(MIMMA) by Tunetalk .

In fact, WWE 2014 in Malaysia will be the second time after 12 years. The first WWE was held in 2002 at Putra Indoor Stadium with 16,000 seats. This time will be at the same venue as before Putra Stadium 

There were so many WWE fans missed the opportunity to see WWE LIVE 2002 in Putra Stadium but now they have chance to see them in close proximity. Entrance tickets to WWE LIVE arena at Putra Stadium October 10-11 have been allowed to be purchased since May 31. Cheapest one will cost RM 128 while the most privilege VIP ticket cost around RM 1230.  

Don miss the bus to witness WWE LIVE in your country buy the ticket online at

Malaysia fans club for WWE :

Correct me I am wrong, Hitz FM's Ean was with WWE Ricky Steamboat in this short video clip.

Perfect World opened Swordsman Online in Malaysia

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World No 1 badminton player Lee Chong Wei have been invited to attend opening ceremony of 4Games Swordsman online in Malaysia 

Source: xa.4games

Swordsman online or "笑傲江湖 "is a poplar 3D online MMORPG set at a distant past influenced by Jin Yong novel. The game is fantastic and addictive due to infusing historical Chinese infrastructure in the past with fiction. Mandarin speaking often called it as "Wuxia" .  

Growing popularity of swordsman online worldwide stemmed 4Games to open a new server for Malaysia players. The game will be in Chinese language but the game will be designed to cater local Malaysian players as well as other southeast Asia countries. Despite that, there is no announcement there will be IP block thus any country players could access and play !

With this initiative, Malaysian will no longer need to play the game at other server that hosted at far and long distances. As a result, Malaysia will have greater online gaming experience because lag-free and interactive between players is improved. 

Not only that, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippine who interested in playing Swordsman online could join the game in a consistent and familiar environment. For example, player can communicate and understand English inside the game. Besides, the game chat room will no longer dominate by Chinese characters.

As a part of promoting the game, opening ceremony of Swordsman online in Malaysia, they have invited Datuk Lee Chong wei to attend this grand opening ceremony at Paradigm Mall ground floor. Detailed information can be found at the banner above. Joining this event, you might have a chance to bring back something good as displayed at the banner. Don miss this event visit them on June 1 Sunday, lunch time till 2PM ! 

Besides, a meeting with Swordsman online players will be held ahead of the opening ceremony on May, 30. Time is 10AM-10PM for two days

Official 4Games Facebook page :

This video is part of marketing strategy for Swordsmen online will be opened in Malaysia. Close beta Swordsman online is scheduled to be launched onMay 29, 2014.  Downloadable game client had been released earlier and the size is 8GB - 9GB . Should you opt for Swordsman online game disc, management of 4Games announced every account could get a free disc upon requested to their home no extra charge upon them. 

Watch Edge of Tomorrow Movie in Malaysia May 29

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Tom Cruise new movie in 2014. Action-packed, fire, explosion, future, mechanical body armour, alien invasion

Directed by : Doug Liman
Starring : Bill Paxton, Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise
Running time : Approximately 2 hours
Distributor/Producer : Warner Bros

4 largest movies will be released in Malaysia in May 2014. Amazing spiderman 2, Godzilla, X-men Days of future past and Edge of Tomorrow. 

As the title suggested, Edge of Tomorrow movie will be on Malaysia cinema silver screen on May 29, 2014. Don get confused by international releasing date on June 2014 at United States. We might have a chance to watch it a day earlier than May 29, 2014 (Thursday) due to early sneak show on May 28, 2014 (Wednesday)

Like every new movies by Hollywood, you will get a chance to watch it on 2D, 2D or IMAX 3D screen. In the trailer, it seem like Tom Cruise is wearing a mechanical body armor fighting off alien race that had violence intention on the Earth. His most epic quote " It seem like I am in this fight for eternity". It further means that the fighting with Alien race is difficult.

Tom Cruise seem to have time travelling ability to the past to set the human race future better. For example, liken to the movie "X-men Days of the future past", wolverine back to the past to set thing right thus set mutant future better.

However, Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise seem to travelling forth and back for many times that He could hardly remember how many times was it. Every time He face the pain of being dead and the pain of watching his world torn apart by violence intended forces.

Will Tom Cruise in the movie Edge of Tomorrow eventually win the formidable alien race. Will Tom cruise a secret weapon his determination and consistent will set a better human future ?

We have seen Tom Cruise have been involved himself for numerous movies that set the time on the future. I guess he really like acting in a futuristic and science fiction movies.


Malaysian raged on twitter for One Direction concert

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One Direction is unlikely held concert in Malaysia 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014

Twitter trends Malaysia 19 May 2014

They are online protesting that why One Direction boy band is not going to perform a concert at Malaysia. Some even left comments or complain to the management of One Direction at this opportunist time

Hashtag #MalaysianeedsOTRAT have been trending on May 19, 2014. Outraging due to the decision by One Direction mangement that concert will be held at other parts of Asian countries excluding Malaysia.

This hashtag sparked nationwide as well as worldwide attention demanding a Malaysia tour by One Direction. I guess Malaysian love express their concern and opinion on Twitter. I mean in order to be a hashtag by worldwide is incredible . That must be a lot of people tweeting this hashtag that day

Will Malaysian fans get a chance to meet up One Direction in Malaysia by a concert ? Will they hear the our  outcry ? This hashtag is a proof to many we are indeed wanted them to come here. It could be possible due to this year is "Visit Malaysia year 2014 " anything could happen.

Don be too much unrealistic because One Direction concert is fully booked this year. In fact, their asian tour is scheduled next year 2015. How I know ?? because One Direction manegement made an announcement Asian concert is likely happening on next year !!

Too early get excited ? They are touring Singapore and Thailand. Singapore on March and Thailand will be on May 2015.

I believe Malaysian fans is in agonizing because some of them claimed they have been waiting One Direction concert in Malaysia for more than 2 years. Whne they heard the news One Director is going to open concert in Asian countries. They must be so happy ! That is a sign of hope they have been waiting for

I would suggest you take a ride to Singapore if you really want to hear they singing and meet them in close proximity in this coming March 2015. 10 months ahead from now !

Percaya Malay version song in remembrance of MH370

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There are Malay, Chinese and English version song in remembrance of MH370

Song of the year ! because it related to MH370 Malaysian airline and very well related to all Malaysian. A song that truly touch all of the Malaysian heart and mind. A positive force from this song is undeniably strong ! We will never forget you MH370.

Singer : Dina, Hazama and Astro All-stars

Title : Percaya


Berlalu awan, langit dan suran
Membawa aku cahaya baru
Hari semalam ku lepaskan
Besok hari bawa harapan, teruskan

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

woah ~ Percayalah 

Hentikan lah semua air mata
Tuhan sentiasa bersama
Segalanya akan berlalu
Pulang aku pasti padamu
yang satu

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

Woah ~ Percayalah 

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

Woah Percayalah 

ku takkan biarmu sendiri

2NE1 sending message for Blackjacks in malaysia

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Anyeonghaseyo or selamat datang to arrival of 2NE1 for second time in Malaysia 2014 

Source : wikipedia

Give a 2NE1 a break would not you Malaysian fan ? They have been to Malaysia last year and also this year ! . If it is not because Malaysian demand on Kpop concert, they would not come for second time but it is a very happy to see them back.

It is a world tour for them with title "All or nothing". Malaysian just cant get enough for Kpop song and dancing. This will be another concert that will make you lose oxygen and suffocate collapse at the floor  held on May 2014. Month of May and June are usually holiday season !!

I am not being serious about that . The truth is that in conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014 there are really a lot of happening. After 2NE1 concert in may, we will see Taylor Swift in June performing "Red Tour" ! I could not imagine that actually dream become true for many Malaysian fans.

What are the songs you like 2NE1 to sing in the concert ? There are so many good song such as "Don stop the music", "Go Away", "Love is ouch", "I am the Best", "I Don care", "Clap your hand".

CN BLUE Cant Stop Concert in Kuala Lumpur 2014

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CN BLUE boy band is back for another concert ? Are you ready for CN Blue's love songs ?

IME  Production CN Blue concert 2014 Malaysia

Last CN Blue concert in malaysia was 2013. I believe it must be very welcoming by Malaysian arrival of CN Blue last year. There are too much happening in the year of 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014.

Amid Red Bull Air Race tomorrow May 17, the same day CN Blue concert ticket released to be sold. CN Blue will the second Korean band to come to Malaysia this year. 2NE1 korean girl band too will be performing soon at May 24.

2NE1 World Tour malaysia is organized by the same company IME Production will be gladly introduce to you CN Blue concert on August 9, 2014 .

The lowest entry fee to the concert is PS4 RM188 only and the highest will be VVIP 1 RM588. 

CN Blue might sing your favorite song to you. Which songs do you want to hear? "Dream Boy", "Love Girl", "Love Light", "Sweet Holiday", "Intuition". 

Which favorite boy in the band you adore the most ? Is it YongHwa ?

IME  Production CN Blue concert 2014

For more information you could visit at : IME production official facebook

A Song remembrance of MH370 by MY FM and Melody FM

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MY FM & Melody FM presents to you a song about MH370. 

This song does not belong to the author of the blog. A song dedication to missing Malaysian flight MH370. A mandarin song with translation to English.

Singer:  MY FM > Royce, Wayne, Geraldine, Nicole. Melody FM > Jentzen, 菲比

English lyrics

Song Title : Believe 相信

Starting speech (Ashwad Ismail) : (0.1) Rescue mission of MH370 is the mysterious in the history of modern aviation  

(0.15) Look at the blue sky with your eyes
Then close you eye while looking and make a wish
(0.28) Life is full of trial that make us stronger
I am like most of you always falling and stumble 


1. (0.46) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(0.53) Life is sustained by loving

 Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(1.02) When the time is difficult, ther are the time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith 

(1.09) Woah ~~ Always keep your good faith 
Woah ~~ Always move forward

(1.21) Yesterday mistakes and struggle do not be too much sensitive
Today realizing mistakes of the past are brave and courage
(1.33) You deserve to be loved and be appreciated
What you yearn for tomorrow let do it together

2. (1.49) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(1.56) Life is sustained by loving

Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(2.05) When the time is difficult, there are time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith

(2.13) Woah ~~ Always keep your faith
       Woah ~~ Always move forward

3. (2.49) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(2.55) Life is sustained by loving

Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(3.04) When the time is difficult, there are time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith

Woah ~~ Always keep your faith
 Woah ~~ Always move forward

Share this message and spread the faith to each other !! We are together to mourn with this song ! Chinese lyric in readily available on Youtube !

See here for Malay version "faith" song in remembrance MH370

Red Bull Air Race 2014 at Putrajaya

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Embrace Yourself for Stunning Air Race Event with breathtaking Putrajaya Background View

Putrajaya scenery Source : Red Bull Air Race website

There are a reasons why they Red Bull held it at Putrajaya, Malaysia. Red Bull planner needs a beautifully vast, greener environment for their theme. They had chosen Putrajaya for this exclusive event. Malaysian is no foreign to Air type performance. 

Red Bull Air Race created in 2013 is an international series of Air races. It is just like Formula 1 at the ground but this one will be on the air. The Air Race rules are different. An expert pilot will need to go through Air gates challenges to win this competition.

Talking about Air race, Malaysian have seen Royal Air Force performing at Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition or in short LIMA. It is held every 2 years. One of the Asia most prestigious aerospace, maritime, commercial and defense events. In this LIMA event, there are total 30 aircraft will be performing air stunts and each aircraft come from different nationality pilots. Pilots are coming from Russia, United States, Thai, Indonesia and Australia. Of course, Malaysia is bringing out his own team carrying the name of 1 Malaysia Aerobatic Team or Kris Sakti

Kris Sakti Turning left . Source : Langkawiairshowfan.blogspot

Red Bull is on the air. Source : 

Both events are designed to take away our eye sight away like pyrotechnic in new year. Back to Red Bull Air Race that it will an epic eye-catching event. Red Bull Air Race Championship is back to the skies on February 2014 with full seven-race World Championship staged in 6 countries. The world's fastest motorsport series. The defending World Champion Paul Bonhomme from Britain won the series in 2009 and 2010. The great attraction would be the current defending champion is up against former champion in the year 2004 and 2006.

A challenge named as "Air Gate" . As you can the pilot maneuver the plane into vertical position to cross it. Pilot body will be completely vertical in this stunt performance

Imagine to perform aircraft vertical stunt will be as amazing as martial artist performing their fast hand and kick movement. It require expertise, knowledge and experience in order to pull this performance work in the sake of bringing entertainment to the public and for the event itself. 

A week before the event begin, Malaysia has make a decision bringing out own pilot to compete in this game. Halim Othman is a decorated Malaysian air display team leader and a former top gun pilot in Royal Malaysian Air Force. He joined Royal Malaysian Force in the age of 19. Halim working hard in his pilot skill subsequently won 1991 best fighter pilot award. He is truly alive and living in his dream as a successful pilot. A retired military with clocked 4,000 flight hours.

Will Halim Othman won the game and placed in top 3 ranking? It is not about ranking but all about the process, tear and sweat individual has put in what they love to do !! This Red Bull Air Race season in Malaysia will be started on May 17 - May 18, 2014

So many happening in the year of 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia year 2014. In order to enter and watch it at nearest possible with great stunning view and experience, you are require to purchase General admission which is under RM150. Grand stand admission at RM776. Race Club admission fee will be at RM1600. The price is vary !

Tentative schedule

Saturday, May 17th
  • 11.00 Gates open
  • 11.00 Training Masters 1
  • 12.00 Training Masters 2
  • 13.30 Challenging Cup 
  • 14.40 Winning Ceremony
  • 15.00 Qualifying Masters

Sunday, May 18th
  • 13.00 Gates open
  • TBC opening show
  • 15.45 RBAR Masters - Top 12
  • 16.45 RBAR Masters - Super 8
  • 17.15 RBAR Masters - Final 4
  • 17.45 Winner Ceremony

Safety is priority ! Godspeed and Good Luck to every pilots !