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Perfect World opened Swordsman Online in Malaysia

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World No 1 badminton player Lee Chong Wei have been invited to attend opening ceremony of 4Games Swordsman online in Malaysia 

Source: xa.4games

Swordsman online or "笑傲江湖 "is a poplar 3D online MMORPG set at a distant past influenced by Jin Yong novel. The game is fantastic and addictive due to infusing historical Chinese infrastructure in the past with fiction. Mandarin speaking often called it as "Wuxia" .  

Growing popularity of swordsman online worldwide stemmed 4Games to open a new server for Malaysia players. The game will be in Chinese language but the game will be designed to cater local Malaysian players as well as other southeast Asia countries. Despite that, there is no announcement there will be IP block thus any country players could access and play !

With this initiative, Malaysian will no longer need to play the game at other server that hosted at far and long distances. As a result, Malaysia will have greater online gaming experience because lag-free and interactive between players is improved. 

Not only that, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippine who interested in playing Swordsman online could join the game in a consistent and familiar environment. For example, player can communicate and understand English inside the game. Besides, the game chat room will no longer dominate by Chinese characters.

As a part of promoting the game, opening ceremony of Swordsman online in Malaysia, they have invited Datuk Lee Chong wei to attend this grand opening ceremony at Paradigm Mall ground floor. Detailed information can be found at the banner above. Joining this event, you might have a chance to bring back something good as displayed at the banner. Don miss this event visit them on June 1 Sunday, lunch time till 2PM ! 

Besides, a meeting with Swordsman online players will be held ahead of the opening ceremony on May, 30. Time is 10AM-10PM for two days

Official 4Games Facebook page :

This video is part of marketing strategy for Swordsmen online will be opened in Malaysia. Close beta Swordsman online is scheduled to be launched onMay 29, 2014.  Downloadable game client had been released earlier and the size is 8GB - 9GB . Should you opt for Swordsman online game disc, management of 4Games announced every account could get a free disc upon requested to their home no extra charge upon them. 

Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra More Value 2014

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More Calls, more Texts and Data for your hungry appetite using smartphones

More is in your smartphone voice data, SMS and online data. Lesser the mobile service operator take money from you. All your calling to local network will be charge 8sen/min . No other mobile service operator in Malaysia but Hotlink will give you this good deal !!

Imagine 10 minutes calling you will be incurred RM 0.80 . What more, SMS to all networks only incur you as little as RM0.02 . When you send 200 SMS, your credit will only deduct RM2.00

Firstly, dial *100*1# , then pick your price at RM5, RM10, RM15. It really easy everything is done automatically you just have to follow step by step and the first step is inserting the magic codes.

If you feel like you are really in need to call someone you are better choose to use this reloading promotion Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra.

New Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia XL in Malaysia 2014

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Nokia Malaysia introduced budget, low-end with dual-SIM's smartphones to our market.

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM
Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM

It is a new trend in 2014. Smartphone companies are competing not only introducing their flagship smartphones that cost between RM 1000 - RM 2399, they are starting to unveil new smartphone under RM1000 or even lower RM 500.

 I don think you know what I mean. There were many china based smartphone companies opened their retail store at Malaysia. In less than 2 months, April and May we have seen Xiao Mi, Huawei, Oppo's store at Malaysia shopping mall. Spotlight not only focusing on electronic business, there are China pandas costing RM 60 million to be shipped to Malaysia as a sign of friendship

Despite China's three popular smartphone companies introducing their unbelievable low cost high quality smartphones, Nokia Malaysia confidently responded to this challenge by introducing two highly anticipated low-cost smartphones with capabilities to put more than 1 SIM card. 

Both of this smartphones cost less than RM 600 which is incredible matching the quality and the price together. The value you pay is the quality you will get till you hold it with your hand, you will never let it go !
Let do some research both of this smartphones specification


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
RAM        : 512 MB Quadcore
Display     : 4.5" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 8GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 5 Megapixels
Network            :  3G, 4.0 bluetooth
Weight              : 134g
Color                : Green, Orange, Yellow, Black

Features : Dual-SIM, Windows mobile phone, Corning Gorilla Glass 3


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
RAM        : 768 MB Quadcore
Display     : 5" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 4GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 5 Megapixels
Network            :  3G, 3.0 bluetooth
Weight              : 190g
Color                : Green, Orange, Yellow, Black

Features : Dual-SIM, Windows mobile phone, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Fortunate and grateful that both of this smartphones unveiled globally 2014 before mass production, Malaysian get them as soon as it production completed and launched to the worldwide market.

Are you looking to buy both of this smartphones ? or you want to check current or discounted price of Nokia XL & Nokia Lumia 630 ? Check this store at  Nokia XL Dual SIM Orange. Find out current price of at Nokia Lumia 630 Dual 8GB Black

Nokia Malaysia Social media Facebook : NokiaMalaysia

New Sony Xperia Z2 released in Malaysia 2014

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Sony Mobile Malaysia said in Facebook they are releasing most anticipated Sony Xperia Z2 with free gifts

Xperia Z2 releasing note Source: Facebook mobileMY

Huge Sony fans in Malaysia will be thrilled to see this announcement. Malaysian have a good trust on Sony products especially youngsters. I don seem to understand is that because it is waterproof or scratch, dust proof ? or whether it sony camera or sony audio speakers?

In recent global news about Xperia mobile, Sony is doing great in mobile business selling almost 39 million Sony smartphones worldwide in 2013. Their annual report released to the public for whole 2013. Comparison 2012 and 2013 Sony annual mobile sales report, an increasing of 5 million sales recorded as 2012 Sony mobile sales was 34 million.

Sony is very optimistic about their mobile sales in 2014. They expected an increasing of 11 million mobile sales this year compared to last year 39 million. Are they expecting too much ? No, they are certainly not because 50 million is not hardly an unreachable sales expectation. Huawei, Samsung and apple each have sales expectation exceeded 50 million.

Back to Xperia Z2, Sony newest LTE/4G enabled smartphone. If you purchase it today or tomorrow they are giving away free gifts a battery dock or battery cable. Let see Xperia Z2 specification !


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
RAM        : 3GB
Display     : 5.2" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 20.7 Megapixels
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 163g
Color                : Purple and Black

Features : Water, scratch, dust proof, Kitkat 4.4.2.

Sony Xperia Z2 is relatively new smartphone released to the market. It is surprising that it will be released so fast in Malaysia market. Sony Xperia Z2 is set to compete with Samsung Galaxy S5, Iphone 5S, HTC One M8, Oppo Find 7a, Xiaomi m 3. 

After review specification of Sony Xperia Z2, the main attractive and unique points of this smartphone are cutting-edge camera technology and powerful and fast RAM. It is able to do movie recording in 4k resolution. I could not think any smartphone out there stand against Sony Xperia Z2's sharpest camera technology.

It always fun to to see user holding Xperia smartphone while raining

Interested to know the price and full detail you can always visit sony malaysia website.

Anyways, if you feel like purchasing white colored Sony Xperia Z2 with exclusive FIFA merchandise, Adidas Mini Brazuca ball and sport shirts, The price is RM 2359 .Please visit here for more detail at Sony Xperia Z2 white free FIFA merchandise and more

Samsung Ultra High Definition TV is available in Malaysia

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World First ever Curved UHD TV launched by Samsung globally. Over 1000 Clear Motion Rate 

UHD TV Samsung Malaysia

If you just bought your TV last 2 years your TV probably stand at 100 refresh rate which is above average rating among LED TV. Unless you bought a plasma TV which the refresh rate could be from 200-600. Refresh rate is one of the main determinant in purchase a right TV

Normal TV shows and news are using on 50/60 refresh rate. Now why would anyone in this world need something bigger than that ? There are plasma TV even goes up to 600 refresh rate not to mention UHD TV which is over 1000 refresh rate. 

It does not matter because consumers are fascinated by promise of better picture quality. In fact, Ultra High Definition TV are not the same of HDTV. It is a successor of High-Definition TV. UHD TV have a humble beginning in 2012 that only less than 100,000 UHD TVs shipped globally. Guess who ordered the most ? 

It would be China consumers. Accounted 80% of the buyers are came from within China. It was not cheap at US$5000. Over the years, UHD TVs gained worldwide attention shipment grow from merely 100,000 to millions. Researchers forecast that end of the decade which is 6 years from now, 40 per cent of all flat panel TV shipments will be UHD variety. It is so expensive who are going to buy ??

They have all figured out the price tag that is why they will introduce entry-level UHD TVs which will cost consumers merely US$1500 or lesser. Indeed, the world technological advancement is growing tremendously and rapidly.

In simple, what are UHD TV ? It is just another term for 4K, 3840 x 2160 p TV. Movie industry and gaming industry is trying harder to provide game in 4K resolution TV. There are few TV shows supporting 4K resolution that will be "Breaking Bad".

UHD TV Samsung Malaysia

UHD TV are mostly a smart and LED TVs. The cost of owning one is still relatively high for this next generation TVs. Most of the TVs review are still ranked UHD TV has a rip off price tag.

Author of this blog Unitedmy does not recommend this year or next 2 years to purchase an UHD TVs. We will see price lowered when consumer are slowly reject HD TVs but it is unlikely to be happened in this year or next couple of years.

Although it looked amazing does not mean you have to buy it now and put at your living room. You can always go back to TV store and spend few minutes enjoy them. 

Samsung Malaysia Curved UHD TVs Promotion

  Back to curved UHD TV, Samsung Malaysia made a promotional campaign to enhance sales on this new generation TVs in Malaysian market. This campaign is started on May 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014.

The curved UHD TVs is 65 inch and 55 inch screen size. For 65 inch will be at a price RM21,999 and for 55 inch it will be at RM 15,999. 

Besides curved UHD TV, you will have rebate on Smart LED TV series 6 and LED TV series 5 in this same campaign. If you are not interested in curved UHD TV, you still have choices to make ! It is a wonderful opportunity for would-be LED TV buyers. Interested buyers can visit here for more information. You could get a Samsung LED TV as low as RM2,099, it is a 40 inch Full HD Samsung TV series 5. 

Unveiling World First ever Curved UHD TV at Malaysia with President Lee Dong Yong

Besides, are you seeking for perfect Smart UHD TVs by Samsung ? Author of Unitedmy introducing you it is a 65 inch screen size, 1000 clear motion rate, 4HDMI ports & USB 2.0, Ultra Clear Panel Quad core for only RM 13,999.00. For more information visit at Samsung UHD TV 65"

More about "LED TV" in

  1. 10 Best LED TV under RM 2000 in Malaysia

10 Best LED TV in Malaysia under RM2000

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What are the most important factors when choosing a right a LED TV?

There are several factors to ponder and it is easily to guess by everyone that would be screen size. Most people are willing to spend more to get bigger LED TV inch. I would like to suggest to buy at a 42 inch LED TV and above although the store were selling 32 inch LED TV onward.

The biggest problem facing by consumers purchasing a right LED TV would be dissatisfaction on the screen size of the TV they bought. Most of the physical stores do not allow consumers return back goods sold. The best solution would be avoid purchasing 32 inch LED TV.

However, the existence of LED TV in 32" screen size are significant. Most of the stores are selling them in rock-bottom price somewhat below RM1,000. They are few reasons consumer would pick this rather than bigger screen. Some reasons would be it fit right in the space of furniture, it cost-saving, less electricity consumption. Besides, rich folk wanted to have their kids room and guest room to have a LED TV while they already have a 60" LED TV at the living room.

It varies how consumer perceived on purchasing right LED TVs. Rest assured that most people would argue TV screne size is rather small or big the best solution would be 42 inch LED TV. Research showed that more and more consumers picking up 42 inch LED TV than other screen size LED TV.

It is best to buy between 40" screen size to 50" screen size. The price tag would be varies between RM1,300 - RM2,000. Some of the important factors are wattage, resolution, hertz

Generally, in my own opinion and research, there are categories of TV. It will be like this LCD > Plasma/Curved  > LED > OLED . LED is leaning towards nature friendly and electricity reduced. LED are highly regard as the best of the best in any categories. However, Plasma, Curved and LCD potentially emitting more color, brighter, clear cut image than LED. If you like perfect image and color go for Plasma/Curved/LCD. If you are more on saving electricity bill, nature friendly and better longevity go for LED type TV.

Do note that most of the TV below are not smart TV. The last 2 are Smart TV.


Model : KLV-46R452

Resolution : 1920 x 1080, 46 inch

Wattage : 77

Hertz : 50/60

Features : 2 HDMI ports, Motionflow XR 100, Connect with Xperia smartphone, 24p true cinema, 3D comb filter.

Sony always get to cake when mentioning which TV brands has the best longevity. No doubt, people are satified Sony TV products. The old generation believing in Japan based company Sony in purchasing a TV. What about now ? Is Sony still viable choice ? Well, it is up to you to decide and self-explanatory. I would say that now every big companies out there are making decent LED TV. Interested ? Check full information at Sony 46 FULL HD LED BRAVIA


Model : 42LA6130

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 42 inch

Wattage : 95

Hertz : 100 (50hz)

Features : Smart Energy Saving, IPS panel. 3D

It is not a bad option for LG LED TV with 3D. In order to help your decision making you are required to witness it by yourself. Last time I checked it is below the price of RM2,000. You could check here for more information LG 42 FULL HD 3D


Model : UA46F5000

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 46 inch

Wattage : 59

Hertz : 100hz

Features : ConnectShare, HDMI 2/USB 1, Eco Class A+.

For 46 inch screen size with that low wattage is worth to know. That low electricity consumption but do not compromise quality is what everyone looking for. Plus, it is with 100 Hertz that mean you can watch fast movement movies or sport with precisely and accurate that most of the TV cannot offer. Hertz is the main determinant for clearer image on fast object movement on TV screen.  It is currently so cheap check it out at Samsung 46 LED FULL HD


Model : 42PFL2908

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 42 inch

Wattage : 98

Hertz : 100 Perfect Motion rate

Features : Tv to monitor, USB.

Not a bad choice indeed. It is a considerable option as it really cheaper than most of the 42 inch screen size LED TV. You can buy this at price RM1500 and below. Check here for more information at Philips 42 LED TV


Model : HMLED50K360

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 50 inch

Wattage : unknown estimated 80-110

Hertz : 100 Vivid motion

Features : Tv to monitor, USB, 3 HDMI ports

Most of you do not know that Hisense is a china based company. They are gradually expanding to various countries. Particularly, developing countries such Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine and South Africa.. It really cheap 50 inch screen size LED TV. Check current price at Hisense 50 LED TV


Model : 50L2300

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 50 inch

Wattage : 135

Hertz : 120 Clear scan

Features : viewing angle 178, Power bass booster, Comb filter 3D, REGZA engine, Game mode.

Incredible 120 refresh rate with 50 inch screen size. Nothing can describe further the highest rating for normal flat TV . Unless you want to buy a smart TV, this is the best ! Are you willing to purchase Toshiba TV, Toshiba does not have failure historical record just to be honest. Check out here  Toshiba 50 inch Full HD LED. You can buy this to play your PS4 or Xbox ! Big screen !


Model : TH-L39EM6K

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 39 inch

Wattage : 57

Hertz : 100 Backlight Blinking

Features : HDMI 2, MKV & RMVB format supported, AV In x2, Energy Saving.

Panasonic's 39" inch full high-definition LED TV. Due to the lesser electricity consumption, it has been awarded energy saving award. Although it has smaller screen size at 39 inch but it has exclusive clearer image at 100 refresh rate. Most of the global news use either 50/60 hz. If you prefer gaming, you could use this TV up to it maximum potential ! Check more information at Panasonic FULL HD LED 39 inch


Model : PS51F4000

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 51 inch

Wattage : 170

Hertz : 600 Subfield Motion Rate

Features : HDMI 2, 1 USB port, HyperReal Picture Engine.

Plasma TV is well known for it cutting-edge and eye-catching image and video quality. A plasma TV with 51 inch screen size but relatively cheap below RM2,000. It produces clear image and video movement up to 600 refresh rate. This TV is very good for thrilling and awesome action movies. Do note that Plasma TV is good for home with close environment and the time to watch should be around 6 hours. Plasma TV emitted relatively high heat on the screen for better quality of image .

 I don think everyone watch TV for more than 6 hours unless you are playing games. Most people do not recommend playing game on Plasma TV. Check current price and full information at Samsung Plasma 4 series

They are few reasons why Plasma TV is selling lower price in the market. It is due to the tech news that OLED and 4K television are taking over Plasma type TV. Plasma TV is always dubbed as the brilliant era of TV screen before the coming in of OLED and 4k resolution TV.


Model : LC40LE835

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 40 inch LCD panel

Wattage : 109

Hertz : Up to 240hz

Features :Aquomotion 240, AQUOS Quattron 3D TV.

It is sharp with sharp prominent TV technologies. Basically, it has 3D-2D conversion so that viewer have a choice to wear 3D glass or not for a 3D movies. A really good LED TV with Aquomotion 240 which mean it can support up to 240 refresh rate. This TV has dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1 and picture quality that is second to none. It is not just that you will be impressed when you see the price tag of this TV. Check the current price at Sharp 40 3D smart LED TV


Model : UA40F5500

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 40 inch

Wattage : 117

Hertz : 100

Features : 3 HDMI ports, WiFi, USB movie, HyperReal Engine, Wireless LAN, Game mode, Smartshare

Definitely balanced Samsung Smart LED TV. if you are looking for entry-level, cheap, good brand and normal resolution, you are looking at the best option available. You can play any movies from your USB, smartphone tablets or computer. Thank to smart allshare you are allowed to share seamlessly and almost anything with your 40 inch screen Samsung TV. Check at here for more information and current price  Samsung Smart TV HD

HTC One M8 with contract comparison in Malaysia

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HTC One M8 with contracts offered by Digi, Maxis and Umobile. 

HTC One M8 is the new flagship smartphone for HTC. It has very good specification to compete with ever changing smartphone market globally. The announcement of HTC One M8 amazed HTC fans.

HTC One M8 is set to compete with newly released Samsung galaxy S5 that had been announced previously on April 2014. That is just an opinion. To actually compare both smartphones it is mostly self-explanatory. You will have to come out and guess for yourself which one is good and which one is good to buy

Mobile service provider in Malaysia such as Maxis, Digi and Umobile have taken initiative to provide Malaysian the platform to purchase HTC One M8 with contract. The chart below is taken by 3 mobile service operator website. Take a closer look !!

Prior to that, are you finding contract free HTC One M8? Some buyers are seeking HTC One M8 without contract due to many reasons. Last time I checked it is not over RM2200. Please visit at HTC One M8 16GB

Maxis's  Internet per monthCall per min Text SMS Monthly fee HTC ONE M8 price 12 months HTC ONE M8 price 24 months
Surfmore 30 1GB 15sen / 20sen 10sen / 15sen  RM 30  RM2099  RM1899
Surfmore 50 2GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 50  RM1999  RM1799
TalkMore 28  200MB  F. 200 minutes to all networks
12sen / 15sen
100 SMS to all networks
12sen / 15sen
 RM 56 RM1999 RM1799
TalkMore 48  1GB F. 400 minutes to all N.
10sen / 15sen
F. 200 SMS to all N.
10sen / 15sen
 RM 96 RM 1899 RM 1599
TalkMore 78  3GB  F. 600 minutes to all N.
8sen / 15sen
F. 500 SMS to all N.
8sen / 15sen
RM 146 RM 1799 RM 1399
Digi 's 

SmartPlan 78  3GB F. 100 minutes to all N.
F. 100 SMS to all N.
 RM 78   none RM 1739
SmartPlan 108  5GB F. 300 minutes to all N.
F. 300 SMS to all N.
 RM108   none RM 1499
SmartPlan 148  6GB F. 600 minutes to all N.
F. IDD calls for 30 minutes
F. 600 SMS to all N.

RM 148  none RM 1299


U58  2 GB F. 100mins to U, 200mins to all
18sen to U
20sen to all
No Free
5sen to U
12sen to all

 RM58    none RM 1799
U88  3 GB F. 100mins to U,
200mins to all
18sen to U
20sen to all
F. 100 SMS to U , 200SMS to all
5sen to U
12sen to all
 RM88    none RM 1599
U PLUS  5 GB F. 350mins to Umobile and all .
18sen to U and All
F. 250SMS to U and all .
5sen to U
12sen to all

 RM138    none RM 999

Simple research have concluded that Digi and Maxis charts showed that it did not have a big changes in both Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. If you have been watching Samsung Galaxy S5 contract chart previously on April 2014, you would have noticed that they took it down and replaced it with HTC One M8

The only thing has changed will be Celcom no longer offering HTC One M8. Umobile is taken the lead to offering HTC One M8 with contract. I guess there are limited space in offering new smartphones to Malaysian and that would be just 3 Malaysian mobile service providers. If Celcom to take the offering of HTC One M8, there would be no Umobile involvement !

You could see that in the chart, U PLUS would be offering lowest phone price RM999 with 24 months contract. How about total cost of owning them in the period of 1 and 2 years?

Cost of owning HTC One M8 in 1 year

How to calculate ? Phone price x monthly fee(12months) =

Surf more 30 - RM 2459
Surf more 50 - RM 2599
Talkmore 28  - RM 2671
Talkmore 48  - RM 3051
Talkmore 78  - RM 3551

Cost of owning HTC One M8 in 2 years

Surf more 30 - RM 2610
Surf more 50 - RM 2999
Talkmore 28  - RM 3143
Talkmore 48  - RM 3903
Talkmore 78  - RM 4903

Digi's Smartplan 78 - RM 3611
Smartplan 108        - RM 4091
Smartplan 148        - RM 4851

U58                 - RM 3191
U88                 - RM 3711
U PLUS           - RM 4311

Do visit here if you would like to know full specification of HTC One M8 at HTC One M8 released on May 8

I hope these will help you in your decision making on purchasing HTC One M8. Feel free to drop a comment if you want to see any improvement ! If you like to see more ? Like our facebook page or twitter ! Do not forget to share this page for your concerned friends

Xiaomi is launching Mi 3 smartphone in Malaysia 2014

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Xiaomi announced on Facebook page releasing Mi3 smartphone on May 20th, 2014

Xiaomi  Mi3 smartphone Malaysia RM889
Mi 3 is only RM889. Source: Official Xiaomi Malaysia Facebook Page

OPPO, Huawei and HTC each have unveils their intention to introduce smartphone into Malaysian lucrative market. The response is so great that Xiaomi Facebook page liked by 10,000 peoples and the Mi 3 facebook post regarding releasing of it shared by 1,000 users

Xiaomi is relatively popular smartphone brand in China and Singapore. They boasted all of Xiaomi smartphones in Singapore were fully sold in first 8 minutes of launching. Besides, they had previously boasted that launching in Taiwan, Hong Kong all sold out in 2 minutes. All of the news are reported by Xiaomi itself.

They had not releasing quantity of Xiaomi smartphones being sold off. Everyone can only buy each Xiaomi smartphone at a time. What will it be like in the opening at Malaysia on May 20, 2014 ? Let us wait and see ! Xiaomi is the latest China based smartphone companies to introduce it product. Earlier we have seen OPPO, Huawei and HTC. Although HTC is Taiwan based.

Xiaomi launched in 2010 the biggest news would be Google vice president Hugo Barra left position at Google and become global vice president of Xiaomi. Some claimed that Xiaomi founder is likened to US's late Steve Jobs. I must admit that Xiaomi is very tempting !

What would the specification would be for smartphone under RM1000 ?

Specifications of Mi 3

Screen Display   :  5" IPS display FULL HD with 441 PPI
RAM                  :  2GB with 16GB internal capacity
Processor           :  Qualcomm/Quadcore Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz
Graphic              :  Andreno 330 450MHz GPU
Camera              : 13 MP with dual LED flash, 2MP front
Weight               : 145 grams , 8,1mm thin

Features             : Image stabilization, HDR, 1080p video recording at 30fps, Bluetooth 4.0, consume less power 20%, Android 4.3 operating system with MIUI version 5

Are you interested to check out Xiaomi Hongmi ? A predecessor of Xiaomi Mi 3 !Xiaomi Hongmi Black

Official Xiaomi Facebook page : Xiaomi

OPPO launched Find 7a and other Smartphones in Malaysia 2014

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OPPO flagship smartphone is only RM1598. The first LTE/4G smartphone by OPPO

In month of May, we have seen so many smartphones companies based in China unveiled one by one their flagship product to Malaysian market. First is Huawei, then OPPO and Xiaomi . They can make high-end quality smartphone without selling it higher price. They have a competitive advantage !

Although people generally look brands when buying a smartphone such as Samsung, Apple, Asus, Lenovo and Huawei. How these smartphone companies based in China compete with international brand ? First make the fact clear that everything practically made from China.

China smartphone brand such as OPPO does not have branding power outside of China although OPPO it quite popular within China with poster and heavy advertisement at popular mall and popular tv show. The thing is that they have a competitive edge that consumer will take seriously that would be price tag. OPPO and Xiaomi's flagship smartphone are being introduced to the market but confused a almost same hardware specifications with Samsung S5 costing RM2199 but they can put a price tag RM1598.

Take for example let look at smartphone OPPO Find 7a that would be unveiling soon in Malaysian market. The specification of OPPO Find 7a are 5.5" screen size with 538 PPI, LTE/4G network supported, Quad core processor, 13 megapixel camera with pure image 2.0 and CMOS sensor, 4k video recording with 1080p at 30fps. Many more !!

A normal smartphone experts would tell you that RM1598 for this smartphone is no doubt a marketing scheme because it does not make sense. Samsung Galaxy S5 just unveiled last month 2014 has the same hardware specifications. In fact, it is true that OPPO put Find 7a price tag at RM1598 for Malaysian fans.

To justify the argument, I am not saying the main point is which one is better than other ! it just Samsung Galaxy S5 will definitely won at some software side. Besides, Samsung is worldwide brand trusted by many consumers that could not be broken. It really self explanatory to compare both great smartphones. It is up to you to decide which one is buy !

Until you touch and use it by yourself, you will never know which one to buy ! Besides, OPPO introduced other two smartphone OPPO JOY and OPPO YOYO in prior the release of Find 7a.

OPPO Find 7a is successor of OPPO Find 5. The new Find 7a is yet to be released into Malaysia market. The date of releasing is May 15, 2014. Pre-order begin on April 16, 2014 and it will end on May 11, 2014. Surprise gifts will be send out in return for supporting OPPO in pre-order event. First 500 pre-orders will be receiving the gift package.

Interested to look at OPPO Find 7a predecessor ? It still look good to own it . Visit at Oppo Find 5 Import White

Official website :
Oppo Malaysia Facebook page :

HTC One M8 Smartphone released in Malaysia on May 8

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HTC Malaysia unveiled their most anticipated flagship HTC One M8.  

HTC released a post on May 7 Malaysian fan have 1 day left before to wait brand new HTC One m8Source : HTC Malaysia Facebook

Malaysian now have extra choices to choose either Samsung S5, Iphone 5S or HTC One M8. These are each company flagship product that mean each of these smartphone are in the same level of values. There will be more coming out throughout the year 2014. Despite that, let cherish every single smartphones out there.

Imagine a world without a company releasing new smartphone every year, imagine technological advancement in this world has been ceased operation ? What could you possibly say about these events? Do you want that to happen ? I would say big NO ! 

The price of every new flagship smartphone ranging from RM1800 - RM2500. Most of the case it is average between the number something like RM2200, RM2199. The price tag for HTC One M8 will be determine but each mobile service providers in Malaysia.

The news passed quickly that Maxis and Umobile are first to offer HTC One M8 on HTC Malaysia behalf. It will be contract tied either 1 or 2 years. Unitedmy is keen to provide correct calculation in future post about how much you will need to spend !

Default market price for new flagship smartphone in Malaysia will be RM2399. However, there will be alternative you could get . Cheaper and no contract bundled. There are market which consumer does not prefer contract tied because you would have dire situation like in the event of financial broke you want to sell your smartphone but you cant. The list will go in and it very much self explanatory !

Let stop everything and look at HTC One M8 specifications !

HTC One M8 Specifications

Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core
RAM        : 2GB
Display     : 5" screen size HD (441 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : Duos 4 MP & 5MP on the front
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 160g
Color                : Gold, Silver, Grey
Features : GoogleDrive 2 years free, video stabilization, video 1080p at 60fps, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Interesting to purchase HTC One M8 ? Finding other alternative rather than purchase with mobile service providers in Malaysia? Want to have cheaper ? There are always alternative for you !! Do check at  HTC One M8 . Variety of color to choose ! 

Maxis, Digi and Umobile each offered their own contract package. Comparison have been made for your ease of decision making Comparison among HTC One M8 contract

HTC Malaysia Facebook:

Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Awards 2014

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Scholarships for the right Malaysians. Take a glimpse on Maxis scholarship what they are offering to You !

Maxis Scholarships for Excellence Awards was launched in 2005. Maxis has awarded scholarships to 244 Malaysians. It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark upon a journey that will lead them to greatest length.

The scholarships are for right people. Seeking well rounded individuals, who have demonstrated leaderships skills in the classroom, as well as sports, social work or other areas. Recipients of this scholarship will be able to pursue courses at renowned universities. A significant step towards pursuing their life's dreams and ambitions. Some of talented will also absorbed into Maxis talent pipelines at the completion of their courses.

Eligibility to apply

  1. Applicants aged 23 or below Malaysian.
  2. Completed or in final stage of attended foundation courses
  3. Minimum SPM 6As
  4. STPM 3As
  5. Dpiloma CGPA 3.5
  6. A level 3As
  7. Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) 90.0
  8. Recognized Foundation / Pre-university course CGPA 35.0
  9. International Baccalaureate 36.0

Additional requirements are possess a good command of English language, both written and oral. Excellent extra-curricular activities and possess leadership qualities.

Application window is open from April 15, 2014 - May 16, 2014.

Top 10 DSLR Cameras in Malaysia Below RM3000

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Review on the entry and mid level DSLR Cameras below RM3000

People are started to be attracted by cameras nowadays. Although you can get a right smartphone for a good quality image but a Digital Single Lens Reflex is definitely for those who really really like to take photo. If you are not photographer, you do not need a DSLR. I disagree with the statement.

DSLR camera is a higher level camera than those smartphone and point-and-shoot camera. They are interchangeable lens. You will get quality of image that is unbeatable and only produced by DSLR cameras. It sound like you cant differentiate it but the truth is that large group of peoples thought that a smartphone's camera is all we need

The only thing to look at smartphone camera is megapixel, flash and zoom. That all ! But as a DSLR cameras we will look into more sophisticated knowledge as a photographer should know. There are Lens mount, Sensor size, Focal length equivalent, viewfinder.

A wise consumer should not just look at megapixel/resolution of a camera although it is the main factor to determine a good camera. Sometimes, a 16 MP camera could not beat DSLR full frame camera at 12 MP. Why is that? It is because Sensor size. 

Do not be confused. Most of DSLR camera users are like you and me they do not necessarily know everything about DSLR camera to buy a DSLR camera ! All you need to know the simple fact do you want to learn and spend  $$ for better image quality.

Purchasing a right DSLR camera is different with purchasing a smartphones. In smartphone, We can compare directly about difference in specification. For DSLR cameras, it more about individual preferences. A right DSLR cameras means you need to test it for yourself, hold it yourself. Anyways, you can always purchase an entry-level DSLR cameras first !


ISO : 100 - 6400

Megapixels : 24.2

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.2 x 15.4mm

Features : Red Sunset, landscape, reduce blur, WiFi,

Lens mount : Nikon F

Autofocus : 11 points

Best entry-level DSLR camera. The price is not more than RM2000. At the releasing of new camera every quarter of the year. Some of the camera price will lowered as demands on new model will be abundant and demand on old model will be shifted towards new model. In 2014, D3200 will be standing one of the best for first time buyer. 24.2MP is considered as high and can capture landscape or sunset view in a professional manner. Check the current price at DSLR Nikon D3200


ISO : 100 - 6400 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 16.2

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.6 x 15.6mm

Features :  landscape, reduce blur, WiFi, FULL HD recording, APS- C

Lens mount : Nikon F

Autofocus : 11 points

Goof for indoor sport, low lightning background. Low noise during night capturing. Take note that this camera prowess is more or less same with D3200. Price tag is almost same with Nikon D3200 too. Make your wise choice by testing both camera. Interested see the full information at Nikon D5100 


ISO : 100 - 6400 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 20.3

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.5 x 15.7mm

Features :  landscape, reduce blur, WiFi, FULL HD recording, APS- C

Lens mount : Samsung

Autofocus : X

It is touch-screen based interface and bigger screen size at 3.7". Most of DSLR camera has 3" screen size. It resolution is up to 1,152k dots. Not a camera for long shutter and for video recording. A relatively cheap DSLR not more than RM1500. Do note that it only compatible with Samsung NX lens mount . Full information at Samsung NX2000


ISO : 100 - 6400 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 16.1

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.5 x 15.7mm

Features :  landscape, reduce blur, WiFi, FULL HD recording at 60 or 24fps, APS- C

Lens mount : Sony 16-50mm

Autofocus : Hybrid

Unique at continuous shooting speed at 10fps. above average autofocus making sure you get the best specific image. Check price and more information at Sony Alpha NEX . The weakness of this DSLR camera are Fast and slow shutter speed are weak if you need to take sport event or slow movement like snail or night sky movement you might need to consider other choice This camera do not support flash. Good and above average are image quality, color depth and dynamic range.


ISO : 100 - 12800 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 17.9

Sensor Type : CMOS 22.3 x 14.9mm

Features : Movie 1080p @30fps, SD/SDHC/SDXC, creative filter, video snapshot, 8GB

Lens mount : Canon

Strength : Flip out, Touch screen, 1,040k dots, 197 lenses availability, movie continuous focus, Flash

Weakness : Continuous shooting, shutter lag, focus point. weak fast shuttle speed, night view.

This camera come with Tamron 18-200mm lenses. A really good entry-level DSLR featuring Liveview AF and movie shooting. In fully research in this DSLR camera, it is not good for fast moving object capturing such as sport event, auto event shooting. Full review and current price check at Canon EOS 700D with Tamron lens

NIKON D5200 KIT 18-55MM

ISO : 100 - 6400 (up to 25600)

Megapixels : 24.1 (Expeed 3)

Sensor Type : CMOS 22.3 x 14.9mm

Features : DX format sensor, 39-point autofocus, Scene Recognition System 2016 pixel RGB sensor, Sensor cleaning, 60fps 1080p movie recording. external micjack

Lens mount : Nikon

Strength : Megapixel with above average native and true resolution, Lens availability, Flips out, movie continuous focus, 3D photos, Color and low light.

Weakness : Continuous shooting at 5fps, shutter lag, focus point. weak fast shuttle speed, night view,  battery life, Panorama, Image stabilization, Pixel size, Light sensitivity

Choosing a D5200 or D5100 is very difficult choice. Both are great DSLR cameras. D5200 has excellent 60fps movie recording and unique 39 points autofocus. D5200 is newer generation of D5100 so you know that a newer generation means greater technological advanced. Check at here it included 8GB ultra SDHC card and price is lowered than RM2000. Nikon D5200

SONY ALPHA A57 Kit 18-55mm

ISO : 100 - 12800

Megapixels : 16.1

Sensor Type : CMOS 22.3 x 14.9mm

Features : APS-C CMOS Sensor, Auto HDR, Image stabilization, Auto Portrait Framing, Movie recording HD 1080p 15 point autofocus,

Lens mount : Sony

Strength : CMOS sensor, Pixel size, Viewfinder size at 100% and flips out, Movie Continuous focus and 1080p at 60fps, unique 3D and panorama, continuous shooting at 12fps

Weakness : Resolution at 16 MP with True and native at below average, Lens availability, No GPS, weak in capturing fast moving object,

It is Sony camera with very attractive features. It has unique strength compared to Nikon D5200 or D3200 however, identical weakness among all the entry-level cameras. Sony camera particular this one has image stabilization feature as an added value. I have seen many cameras but this one is balanced average camera you can get at the market. Check current price at It usually sell lower than RM 2000 Sony Alpha A57


ISO : 100 - 6400

Megapixels : 12

Sensor Type : CMOS

Features : Optical Zoom x24, Full HD 1080p movie, advanced noise reduction system, HDR, Image stabilization, external mic jack, 3D effect, RAW effect.

Lens mount : Panasonic

Strength : CMOS sensor, Good Lens Aperture Telephoto and Macro focus, relatively good viewfinder, recording high speed event, battery life, continuous shooting 12fps, Flash

Weakness : Resolution at 12 MP with True and native at below average, fairy weak light sensitivity, no touch screen, Image and color fairy weaken than most DSLR cameras

This camera is able to generate high quality image for fast moving object which is very outstanding DSLR camera. It is a camera designed for sport events, racing F1 events, rain, lightning effect. Not all high resolution megapixel DSLR camera can caught extreme sport event. Most of the time you have to choose whether to capture high speed object or good quality and resolution image. Although this camera jeopardize megapixels but it could help you capture fairy good quality fast speed object. It does not cost you more than RM2000 Panasonic Lumix Fz200


ISO : 100 - 25600

Megapixels : 16.3

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.6 x15.7mm

Features : Advanced filter, Movie 1080p 30fps, WiFi,

Lens mount : Fujifilm,

Strength : Flips out, Image stabilization, movie continuous focus, flash and booting extremely fast

Weakness : Light sensitivity, very less lens availability in the market, weak focus system, weak in taking fast and slow movement object, no external micjack, no viewfinder

To be honest, It really depend on individual preferences when choosing a right DSLR cameras. Find all information and price about Fujifilm X a1 kit 16-50mm


ISO : 100 - 6400 (12800)

Megapixels : 18

Sensor Type : CMOS 23.6 x15.7mm

Features : Movie 1080p 30fps,

Lens mount : Canon EF

Strength : Flips out, screen resolution, Lens availability to choose, weather seal, Pentaprism viewfinder, video supporting 24frame/External micjack/Autofocus, Support raw, 1/8000 shutter speeds and 30s, flash

Weakness : Light sensitivity, low crop factor, weak true and native resolution as well as pixel size, Movie autofocus, panorama/HDR/3D, storage slots

Designed to capture fast and slow movement objects with additional advantage it has flash. It is not for capturing low light area. It does not have super resolution. The best thing is it weather seal. If you found it useful consider it visit here for current price and full information at Canon Eos 60D

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DLSR Camera Sales May 2014 in Malaysia

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Up to 50% Discounted DLSR Camera to grab. Look for your favorite high quality Camera with cheaper price tag 

Sales until end of May

A very lucky to found out there are great sales going on for DLSR cameras in Malaysia in the month of May. This entire month you can buy cheaper and affordable DSLR cameras, new lenses and accessories

What I have found out were that they are selling DLSR cameras import from other countries. I will just list few DSLR cameras, Lenses and accesories in this May sales with crazy discounted price tag. Bare in mind that they are selling it online

Good thing purchasing online it "Free delivery" and Cash On Delivery Method. For example, you are purchasing many items and in total exceeds certain price you will entitle free delivery. For COD method, it actually mean that your ordered item will be sent to your doorstep. You are required to engage with the delivery guy at your doorstep and pay them with cash. 

Interested to look what are they selling ? Visit at DSLR up to 78% Sales May

List of discounted items on this Sales

  1. Nikon D5200  -55%
  2. Nikon D3100  -30%
  3. Canon EOS 700D  -55%
  4. Nikon D7100  -30%
  5. Nikon AF 70 300mm  -50%
  6. Canon EF-S Lens 55-250mm  -62%
  7. Tamron AF 18-270mm  -50%
  8. Sigma 70-300mm  -30%
  9. Sandisk Micro 32GB  -78%
  10. Johoyo Tripod  -50%

10 Best Dual SIM Smartphones in Malaysia

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They do not want two smartphones, they just want two SIM in one smartphone.

There must be a market for Dual-SIM smartphones but I never understand that why. A sizable and considerable market share is in Dual-SIM smartphones . Consumer all around the world are uniquely different. Some prefer bigger screen especially women. Some prefer keyboard-alike smartphone Blackberry. Some even prefer camera-oriented or waterproof or aluminium body.

There are endless demands as we know today. It could be the same in smartphone market as well. Last year 1 billion smartphones have been manufactured and distributed all around the world. The figure does not stop there it keep rising. We have nearly 8 Billion population. Let say 2 billion is a 10 years old below and they are not necessary having a smartphone

That number come down to 6 billion population. All we know that smartphone has higher temptation than PC, laptops and other gadgets because now with a right smartphones you can do everything that you like. The things that Twenty-first generation people like to do all the time. For example, calling, short messaging, surfing internet, video call, gaming, capture image, video recording. All of these can be done in a single smartphone.

As soon as your children go primary school, your children will try get their parents for a smartphone that will be a guarantee. Well, that is a good or bad thing ? The laggard children will beg their parent as soon as they hit twelve years old.

Stop this nonsense for a while, there are people actually bought Dual SIM smartphones. I never own a Dual SIM smartphones because I never have the desire. Dual-SIM smartphones are good one for your personal use, one for your business use. That make sense !


Color : Black/White

Screen size : 5.2"

Camera : 8 Megapixel

Features : 8GB internal with 1.5GB RAM, Quad core processor, Wifi / Bluetooth 4.0/Dual SIM.

5" screen size is a very large smartphone good for those who really like bigger screen with Dual SIM capability. The mid-range specification and big screen size does not skyrocketed the price of owning this smartphone. The cost having this smartphone is below RM1000. More information and full price check at Galaxy Grand 2 White


Color : Purple

Screen size : 4"

Camera : 5 Megapixel

Features : 4GB internal with 1GB RAM, Dual core processor, Wifi / Bluetooth 4.0/Dual SIM, NFC

NFC enabled and everyone favorite brand Sony. Most of my friends trusted sony brand even before the era of smartphones. I supposed they carry the trust and faith from Sony Ericsson to Xperia. NFC enabled allowing user connect one device to another with one tap. Sony owned and manufactured the impressive audio system, display and camera for Xperia smartphones. In case you did not pay attention it is Dual-SIM Sony Xperia M. Get a glimpse at Xperia M Dual Purple . Last time I checked It cost less than RM600.


Color : Black/Red/White/Green

Screen size : 4"

Camera : 3 Megapixel

Features : 4GB internal with 512 RAM, Dual core processor SnapDragon S4, Dual SIM

Newest Nokia branch X cater for low specification smartphones. Consider cheapest Nokia smartphone with Nokia Asha branch. It is newly released in the year 2014. Nokia X provide you their own nokia store with customized stuff you have never seen before in other smartphone. Uniquely owned by Nokia smartphone. It will not cost you more than RM500. Check current price at Nokia X Red . If you do have time to wait there would be a Nokia XL coming out soon this year !


Color : Black

Screen size : 5"

Camera : 8 Megapixel / 0.3 front MP

Features : 4GB internal with 512 RAM, Dual core processor SnapDragon S4, Dual SIM, Android ice-cream sandwich 4.0

Ninetology is a low profile company found by unions of professional. It has store in Indonesia and Malaysia. They claimed to have 12% market share in Malaysia in the year of 2013. It seem like they will continue expanding business to various ASEAN countries including Thailand and Philippine. It is extremely cheap for me not more than RM500. Check current price at Ninetology Stealth II black


Color : Black

Screen size : 5"

Camera : 5 Megapixel / 0.3 front MP

Features : 4GB internal with 512 RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, Bluetooth 3.0

Lenovo A680 boasted they have longer battery life in 24 hours compared to other smartphone.Not a bad smartphone actually for RM500 or less. If you feel internal memory 4GB is not enough you can always add microSD up to 32GB. It really cheap you can check at Lenovo a series a680 dual


Color : Silver

Screen size : 4.3"

Camera : 5 Megapixel / 0.3 front MP

Features : 8GB internal with 512 RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2,

Desperately need to own a Dual-SIM cards smartphone why don pick this one up ? Although it not top 3 smartphone manufacturer but still a very good smartphone to own. Alcatel brand is a French based company and one of the oldest telecommunication company in the world. Dated back to 1900. They already discover radio frequency before world war 1 even started ?

Surely a fun journey you and Alcatel one touch mini in using it. Check current price at Alcatel One Touch Mini . You can have it for less than RM500


Color : Black

Screen size : 5"

Camera : 8 Megapixel

Features : 8GB internal with 1GB RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.1, Bluetooth 3.0

Want more powerful Lenovo than P680? consider this ! Lenovo has early ventured into making Dual-SIM smartphone than other smartphone companies creating a smartphone values group of people cherish. It is very affordable for everyone. Without Lenovo, consumer will need longer time for companies rather than Lenovo to develop Dual-SIM smartphones. Check Lenovo P780 full specification and price at Lenovo P780 Black. This smartphone is under RM1000


Color : Silver

Screen size : 5.5"

Camera : 13 Megapixel / 5 front MP

Features : 16 internal with 2GB RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, Bluetooth 4.0, LTE

First ever Lenovo's high-end smartphone. It is a flagship for Lenovo in 2013. 4G/LTE enabled, great camera Megapixel, quad-core with 2GB RAM processor for better performance and multi-tasking, bigger screen size and latest bluetooth technology 4.0. What more do you want? Almost everything is inside this Lenovo Vibe Z K910. There is a huge confusion and mistake some said it does not have Dual-SIM capability. If you purchase a Lenovo Vibe Z K910 be sure to ask whether it supporting Dual-SIM. 

I am confused as well whether it actually supporting Dual-SIM
but in other review website it actually has Dual-SIM . I am not sure there are two version of Vibe Z K910. You can check the customer service at here for full price and information. It cost lesser than RM1500. Lenovo Vibe Z K910 silver


Color : White

Screen size : 5"

Camera : 13 Megapixel / 2 front MP

Features : 16 internal with 2GB RAM, Quad core processor , Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, Bluetooth 4.0,

Consider a high-end flagship of Alcatel smartphone. Grant and beautiful design. Although it a flagship but price is lowered you can buy this less than RM1000 with the right vendor. It has great back camera MP for photogenic users. it is definitely your choice for Dual-SIM and high-end smartphone ! There are full information and 1 year warranty for you check at Alcatel One Touch Idol X


Color : Black

Screen size : 6"

Camera : 13 Megapixel / 2 front MP

Features : 8 internal with 1GB RAM, Quad core processor Snapdragon, Dual SIM, Android Jelly Bean 4.3, Bluetooth 4.0,

Sony made a high-end Dual-SIM smartphone. A high-end version of Sony Xperia M. Both of the Sony Xperia M and T2 Ultra are almost the same. In term of processor power and camera prowess, this smartphone stand out a little bit.

There are few version in this model. D5322 is a version offering user with Dual-SIM capability. Remind you that there are same model but different version contained only one SIM. You can check at here it is an import though ! T2 Ultra Dual SIM Black

If you feel like you need to know more about Dual-SIM smartphone models. There are more smartphone actually offering consumer this capability. Do check them

  1. Huawei Honor 3C
  2. Moto G
  3. Nokia XL
  4. Sony Xperia C
  5. LG Optimus L7
  6. Lenovo S930
  7. HTC desire 700
  8. Huawei Ascend G525
  9. Xiaomi Hong mi Dual

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