Malaysia-made Drive Sensibly (DS) smartphone application contest

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Malaysian made application "Drive Sensibly" DS designed for alcoholic drinkers. There is a contest give away. Free DS T-Shirt and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Drive sensibly
Source : Drive

Contest is running from December 18, 2013, until January 23, 2014. If you want to get DS free T-shirt, which you 100% can get only by downloading their apps at your android smartphone or Iphones. They will send it to your address after a short registration. Moreover, you can advance further take away Samsung Galaxy Tab by, wearing DS T-Shirt and snap a picture and send it to them..

If you seriously want to win it , visit this site and read thoroughly their TOS Drive Sensibly

I will provide some brief tips on the contest and DS apps.. DS apps are great tools in case you are really drunk , you could call someone it ease or call a cab.. Besides, there is a alcohol calculator where you can calculate how many should be enough for you ..!! 

 There are only 5 winners of Samsung Galaxy Tab.. It will be finalist by your creativity photo submitted. However, T-shirt are delivered 1 to 2 weeks time. Where to submit the photos?? You must have instagram and public privacy enabled in order for them to evaluate . Don forget to add tag (@drinksensibly) and (#beaDSangel)  excluding the brackets.. 

Most importantly, the participants must a non-muslim and open to all Malaysians above 18 years old. The organiser of contest are Guiness Anchor Berhad. 

How to Pay PTPTN debts via online banking

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Attempting to make a full guides how to resolve PTPTN payment through online banking. 

PTPTN banner
source: PTPTN website

PTPTN is short for Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional or in english, national higher education loan. It is designed for SPM leaver taking further studies in any college and universities within Malaysia.

Before all the detailed information, You must have received a letter from PTPTN regarding monthly payment back. If you did not receive it , you will need to wait for not exceeding 10 months for them to send it to you. 

Receiving the letter of PTPTN, you will also receive 6 digits numbers, number of months needed to fully clear PTPTN debts, RM XXX each month need to be paid. For examples, 120 months and RM180 +.  for the 6 digits number, this numbers will be useful for those pay PTPTN debts using online banking

Since you have the letters, you should know the PTPTN hotline is 03-2080 4455, You could give them a call in this numbers should you have any enquiry. They are opened for phone enquiry from 8AM -6PM (Mon-Fri) Besides, PTPTN does have a twitter account. It is @twitptptn

How to Play PTPTN Online  (Images)

Ptptn login

1. Visit >> Click "PTPTN ONLINE"

2. Login using your IC and password. If you forget password, You can retrieve back. You must not forgot the E-mail you are using to register your PTPTN. I forgot my PTPTN password once, I retrieved it back through my E-mail. PTPTN send you a new password within 1 hour

3. Click "Semakan Baki" . After your I.C and password corrected. You shall see a very familiar dashboard. You have seen this when checking PTPTN status at college right? .

4. Click "Bayaran Balik melalui FPX"
 this method is for those who have maybank2u and want to perform online banking payment to PTPTN. I own PTPTN about RM19,000.

5. I jumped few steps because due to sensitive information. You are encouraged to pay them via Maybank2u. Request the TAC number and Maybank will send you TAC. You will be prompt to enter at TAC blank column and confirm the request. You are done !!

As if you are paying PTPTN loan over the counter. You can visit CIMB and BSN. Maybank counter does not have PTPTN repayment service. I have paid via FPX for 2 times. PTPTN customer service confirmed receiving my PTPTN repayment. RM0.50 will be deducted for using FPX service just for your information.

1. Talk to any PTPTN official through phone ? Visit this website below to know your designated PTPTN official 

Check PTPTN official ,  You will prompt insert Identity Card(IC)  Numbers

2. RHB Full Guides How to pay PTPTN online

PTPTN and RHB. It is easily for you not to choose "recurring" better choose immediate. Recurring should means payment standing order which translate as automatically pay them using your RHB bank account every month to come. Choose wisely between "recurring" and "immediate"

Author's feeling and thought

My experience calling PTPTN hotline talking with official at HQ was the staff are helpful and experienced in PTPTN details.  If you ever use FPX for online repayment PTPTN debts, you will need wait 1 day in advance for them to process your payment to PTPTN office.

Malaysia's 10 Biggest News stories 2013

There are many incidents happened in Malaysia that people are curious. But author will enlisted few of them starting with 10. If you do feel some news stories should be in the list, feel free to use the comment box below.

Compilation of the Malaysia news storys are for educational informational purpose.

1. Sabah Incursion Due to Territory Claim

Government of Malaysia have been making peace with neighbouring countries since its independent. War is a word in our history until in 2013, the unresolved claim of Sabah was finally surface, it is believed the territory claim of Sabah by Sulu King Jamalul Kiram III family is the cause of war. 

There is no reason Malaysia should not respond militarily on the matter because the Sabah claim worsen as sizeable number of gunmen landed on the shore of Sabah believed to be army of Sulu King. The place where Sulu army landed is called Kampung Tanduo have been seized by them. Despite general election of Malaysia will be held in May, Prime Minister of Malaysia commanded military involvement in this incident.

War broke out between Malaysia military force and Sulu king army. Both claimed they are not first to trigger the war. News reported violent gun shots and dead on both sides. Besides, commercial shops are forced close and the town was in silent.

The war is short lived as Sulu King's claim on Sabah is not recognised by international community although it have been few attempt of the territory claim in the past. End of war was declared by Sulu King's son.

2. Heavy Pollution of Haze triggered state of emergency in Johor

Haze pollution research group announced highest record since 1998 in Muar Johor state after continuous fire smoke blew from neighbouring country Indonesia. Haze pollution index rated 300 above is considered hazardous, Muar town has reached API reading 750. 

In this level of pollution, public community are strongly advised to wear mask, prevent going out the street for too long, school shut down. Most severe impact to Malaysia is the economic growth of tourism industry and airline industry. Haze could be lethal and dangerous to human body particularly those who are prone to sickness and asthma-carried patient. Beside, heavy haze also disrupt local airline industry from flying.

The incident has been lambasted by Singapore as well as Malaysia. Because of political intervention in the matter, the cause of haze have been revealed. The main culprit were Indonesia companies clearing forest for palm oil plantation industry and also worsen by the July dry season. 

Author Dewan Rakyat, uploaded by Hytar

3. Malaysia's 13th General Election

Political matters had never been concerned by eyes and ear of Malaysian until recently the 2008 general election ruling party of government of Malaysia has been severely defeated one third by opposition . The opposition promised to it people that in 2013 when new general election emerged, they will take the government and transit power from current ruling party to them. However, the wish of opposition does not become materialised.

Foul play accusations spread by both parties sparked numerous serious lawsuits. Despite that, In the last fight on 13th General Election, we are seeing intense political fight to protect the interest and agenda of people. Ruling party BN or UMMO won the 13th General Election and take on another term in order to serve the people well. In fact, they never lose the fight on Opposition since foundation days.

It really surprising when the near end of announcement of General Election result, sudden blackout occurred. During that time, that is really uncommon activity. Beside that, what came next after power restoration were the result of GE 13 has been showing significantly differences on the screen watched by most of the Malaysian. Perhaps it broken after the blackout ??

4. Cameron Highland Dam Triggered Inevitable Tragedy in Low-land Housing Area

October 2013, Unexpected strong water current swept across Cameron Highlands Housing area causing chaos among the community and score of death. The Incident was triggered by relasing dam's water to the river and caused overflow to low-land housing area. Combination of yesterday heavy raining pouring on the river with releasing of dam water has caused flash mad flood.

Resident of Cameron Highland were alerted but it was too late by the authorities at around midnight where people are asleep. They also commented that the dam built half century designed for the purpose of preventing flood giving them trust and hope has fade. Authorities on the dam said on the matter, The incident was inevitable, if we do not release the dam water, the flood could have been worsen because the dam will automatically releasing more water to the river. It also said that they are trying the best not to jeopardise the dam as the dam has reached dangerous level.

5. Murder Crimes Involving Gunshot shocked the Nation    

Although our country banned people from having gun like most the countries. In this year, we are disturb by crimes that involves Gun and Gangs. Let us review some of the high-profile crime that shock the nation. Firstly, the death of the Ambank founder. He died on the spot in parking lot near a temple. Assailants has yet to be found.  Second, we are well aware the news Ambank security guard killed a female bank keeper with shotgun carried for his duty. The assailant was caught by polices later.

Beside that,  Business man Tan Kok Soon killed while having dinner with his family at Oakland Commercial Centre in Seremban on April 14. Two day before the incident, James John shoot at traffic light near Seremban.. Not only West Malaysia are reporting gunshot cases it also happened at East Malaysia. You can watch all the gunshot victims at 2013 gunshot incidents

6. Rise of Car Fuel 0.20 Sen Per Litre

In the month of Semptember 2013, 0.20 sen added on fuel price of per litre of RON 95 as well as diesel. It seem like nothing to be concerned because only 0.20 sen. If you do the math, it is not 0.20 sen anymore. How many people pump their car in Malaysia only for one litre??.. We all must make logical assumption we will pump 10litres of fuels in our transport. If 10 litres then it must be RM2.00 for every litre. To make it clear, as if you go pump petrol into your car now for 10 litres, you will need pay rate of RM21 to the counter instead of RM19.

As soon as news broke out, massive traffic congestion appeared on the nearest fuel station as rising cost of fuel will be effective after midnight. The funny things is some petrol station hung a board written, " Actual fuel prize in the market is RM2.75 and government subsidy is 0.89 or diesel 0.93. Your price would be RM 2.1 pet litre of RON95 . The reason increase of fuel price was not fluctuation of fuel market, it is because government is trimming subsidy. The real government subsidy in RON95 is 0.79.

7. Implementation of New Tax System GST 6%

In order to be progressive nation, Malaysia will take new tax initiative taken by most of advanced countries replacing old tax system. The new tax system is scheduled to be effective on 2015. Authorities has been proactive in educating public about the next tax to be implemented. The advantages and benefits of new tax does benefit both nation and the people . It is believed that it will reduce fiscal deficit and growing large debt pile.

Abolition of longest-serving tax system in Malaysia sales and service tax replacing Goods and Services Tax (GST) is announced in Budget 2014. In the same speech, he also said exemption of key staple items such as certain foods and public transportations from GST. This move of modification is designed to appeal low-income group.

8. Electricity Tariff is expected to rise on January 2014

Cost of Electricity is expected to be on rise effective January 2014. It is widely believed that new rate of electricity will no impact most of the people in housing area. However, rate will be higher to be paid by shopping mall operator, huge factory and business who consume too much electricity power. Those who use power tariff exceeded 300kWh will be imposed in the new tariff category and old tariff is applied for those use less than 300kWh electricity power. More detail at TNB claims new power tariff does not impact most of the Malaysian but business

9. Selangor Banned Freedom of using the word "Allah"

Religious topic regarding other people belief is very sensitive issue to be spoken by most of Malaysia. Freedom of religious is a practice since the foundation of Malaysia. It also one of the Malaysia constitution. Since first few news broke out that Christian is trying to convert Islam practitioner, now again the news is spreading Islamic department is sending warning not to use the word "Allah" as well as in bible context. Allah is refering to God in Christian as well as reffering to God in Islamic holy text.

The other side of the story, Christian bible which translated in Malay language has been using the word "Allah" for as long as it has been published. The matter is worsen when it was brought to court and the court of justice ruled that "Allah" is banned for Herald, Catholic weekly. Furthermore, the court made confusion among Malaysian who practice Christian in West and East Malaysia. Now the word "Allah" is ban in West Malaysia , how is all the Christian in East Malaysia? In my point of view, Christian who live in East Malaysia still using the word "Allah " unaffected with the result of court. In fact, it is contradiction to the court who judged in west Malaysia that all the christian in Malaysia should be banned using the word "Allah ".

If you don know what is Herald means. It is a Christian newspaper published weekly in Malaysia.

10. Heavy Flood in Terengganu, Pahang and Kelantan States     

Pahang is severely hit by Flood in December more than 40,000 victims evacuate to safe zone. Second state is Terengganu with 20,000 more victim waiting to be evacuated by authorities. The least impacted by flood were Kelantan and Johor. Numerous relief centre has been set up to shelter flood victims. Mininster commented the impact of flood will be assessed for future flood prevention measure.

Preventive measure could be done if all of people work together said the minister. In this time of desperation, people should care each other from this catastrophe event. Tenaga Nasional Berhad made the move to cut power supply. Main connected road and food supply has been cut off. The water level has increased until unable to identified the normal landscape.

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Hyundai Malaysia Facebook Photo Contest 2013

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Source : Hyundai Malaysia Facebook

Full information and Hyundai Facebook photo contest at Hyundai Facebook photo contest

This contest named as Hyundai Mission Impossible . There are 3 parts of the mission. Every mission featuring a question. In order to win the contest, follow it step by step. The trick is to snap photo of you and the correct model of Hyundai automobile. If you are at mission 2 , I advise you the answer is Hyundai Sonata. Take photo of you and Hyundai Sonata, submit the photo after by liking their facebook page at Hyundai Facebook photo contest

 The duration of the contest is until end of January 2014. If you does not win the mission number 2, you could always try your luck at mission number 3. Winning the contest, you will need many vote so, spread the news at your friends and family to like the photo at Hyundai Facebook Voting page.. Get the most vote, the winner prize is yours.

Mission 1 :  December 5, 2013, Ended on December 15, 2013
Mission 2 : starts on December 19, 2013 ends on December 29, 2013
Mission 3 : starts on January 2, 2014, end on January 15, 2014

Information about Prizes 

Grand Prizes : Hyundai Inokom i10 1.1 Colourz
Runner-up Prizes : Samsung Galaxy Tab

Extra Information about the contest:  

1. Contest started  from December 5, 2013 until January 26, 2014
2. You must be 18 and above or having parent consent.
3. You must have Facebook and allow Facebook Hyundai contest app

Digi Internet Prepaid Year End Promotion

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Digi offers December 2013 Year End Promotion for Internet Prepaid user. Don miss this !!

Full information and source please go to Digi Prepaid Internet Year End Promotion 2013

Digi Prepaid Internet are compatible with smartphone and broadband device. If you are using Digi Prepaid Internet on your smartphone the only bad side is You cant make a call. However, most people will choose Digi Internet Prepaid because there are many good sides and advantages.

Firstly, using a Digi Prepaid Internet, You don have to worry about quota expiry after the renewal. Your quota balance will be brought forward to the next month. In short, this month you leave 300Mb left and you just let it there when you reload another RM30 You will get another 1GB + 300MB from last month. The only reason you are reloading your Digi Prepaid Internet is your expiration date renewal to another 30days.

Broadband speed is stable. One can surf Internet, Facebook and open application without feeling very slow. Digi released news that after upgrading their service on Postpaid Internet, Digi users who does not like or does not have the right device for Digi Postpaid service, have flock in using Digi Prepaid Internet as they deemed Digi always their number 1 choice

Efforts Keeping Marine Turtle from Facing Extinction

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Biggest Conservation organization WWF has called out all Malaysia to adopt marine turtle in new way.

WWF is stand for world wide fund for nature. The term WWF is no stranger to everyone because the world today is educated on the matter of animal extinction through television and radio. This phenomenon of protecting animal had never happened before at the past, people are starting concern about the extinction of animals. In 21st century, the growing rapidly of animal extinction has really made the front news In Malaysia, we have rhino, sumatra tiger and marine turtle are facing extinction.

Watch this small video clip and read the full information at WWF Marine Turtle

Win Maybank Promotions and Join Yuna LIVE at United States

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Malaysian local bank, Maybank is organising a promotion. Winners take away 2 tickets to US or 50 more prizes to be won.  


More information at Yuna trip to US by Maybank promotion.

This promotion is held by Maybank. The way to win this is very simple to do. There are full instruction at the given link above . If you win, You got a chance flying to US to watch Yuna's LIVE . It is clearly stated that spend minimum RM100 with your Maybank Debit Card , subscribe to Maybank One Solution at Maybank kiosk

Rokok John illegally selling in Malaysia Shore

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Rokok John illegally use fake manufacture name and address. Authority are pursuing trader and seller engaging in John cigarette business

Source and full information can be found at Rokok John haram

Culprit and syndicate of John cigarette is being cracked down by police forces in a bid to protect citizen from harmful and unlicensed cigarette. It is believed John cigarette contains dangerous chemical substances and the possibly manufacturing John cigarette in a condition using used and rusty machine.

John cigarette is believed to be forwarding to our country by gangster controlling black market.   

TNB claims 70% population is not affected by 2014 Electricity Tariff

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70% is more than half population will not affected by Electricity tariff change that will be effective January 2014. 

2014-electricity tariff-TNB

In line with government initiative reducing energy subsidies, Tenaga Nasional Berhad introduce new tariff in order to materialised the government's subsidy rationalisation programme.

TNB further claimed that there are no increase in eletricity bill for most of the Malaysia population. It is clearly stated that the RM20 rebate from government is still in effective and not being taken out by the introduction of new electricity tariff.

The pricing system being adopted by Malaysia electricity department is fairly easy to be understand. Those who are taken least electricity consumption will pay lower than those who use more than 200kwh per month. Besides, those who have RM20 bill will be included as a government subsidy which translate as no monthly electricity bill

Research shows that :

  •  50% population using less than 200kwh electricity consumption. Charges is 21.8sen for 200kWh
  • 20% uses more than 200kWh charging up to 33.40sen
Comparing 2011 electricity tariff rate,  there is no changes of rate if implementation of 2014 electricity tariff. Lesser electricity consumption will resulting lower rate. the lowest rate will be 21.8sen. more info at 2011 tariff and 2014 tariff

Source: Facebook Page "MalaysianDrivers"

Above illustration could be true or false. the house being displayed have used more than 800kWh a month. As you can see the new bill affect heavily on those use more than 300kWh electricity consumption monthly. the difference prices between old tariff and new tariff is RM62.73


It is rest assured to say the impact of new electricity tariff is not targeting most of us. So, who are the one will be impacted the most by this new implementation?

According to the TheStar news agency, it reported that most of the time shopping mall operator suffers the most because the fact to run a shopping mall, single and biggest expenditure derives from electricity bill. Representative of Malaysia Shopping mall Association and Highrise complex Management President H.C.Chan said 16% increase in industrial category electricity tariff was too steep and the shopping mall operator would have to pass down the increased costs to consumers, which would lead to inflation.

National's Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili commented on 2014 electricity tarff, consumption of electricity not pass 300kWh will not be impacted by new tariff. 

Besides, consumer spend 300kWh and below the price is ranging from Rm43-Rm77 capped. 300kWh-400kWh, the fee need to be paid ranging from Rm77.52 - RM128.60 . formerly the price is Rm77.48 - RM117 capped. In other words, it is ideal using between 200kWh - 300kWh for no further increase electricity bill. The bill will be capped on RM77.

Unitedmy comments on electricity tariff 2014 - I am looking forward how industrial and commercial cope with this electricity bill increase. I think every price tag of goods and service will be increase. Inflation is a good tool to wipe out poverty stricken family and enrich companies by the name of progression nation and national agenda.

Tuberculosis Incident in 1 Borneo Hypermall

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One Borneo employees have been advised seek medical attention as Tuberculosis is a highly lethal disease, adding that who are infected with TB could easily transmit it to other person through air. It will eventually cause chaos.

1Borneo Hypermall