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TV Show Apa Saja FBI 2014

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Apa Saja FBI : You will see many celebrities being invited to the show for a performance. 

Apa Saja FBI
Apa Saja FBI 2014 

Faizal Ismail will be hosting the TV Show to wow the audiences. Faizal Ismail is the one of the humorous TV host in Malaysia. In this show, he is able to manage the show and the celebrities on the stage.

First episode, honor guests were invited to the show. One of them are "the sibling". They performed a song with instruments. Most of the audiences do not know that they are actually one family. Besides, Shiro and Jihan were invited to do some joke in the show. They are very talented joker. Both of them have built up some chemistry in the show to humor the audiences. Jihan is most popular female comedian in Malaysia.

In the middle of show, Jihan and Shiro will demonstrate with a lucky audience in the show
"how to wrap up baby in a proper manner" It really cute and funny how they done it. On the show, they use normal tower and fold into a seemingly baby diaper.

One can watch this TV show at TV9 every sunday, time on 8.30PM . Apa Saja FBI is currently doing an on-going contest follow the instagram on #apasajafbi5 . Tag your selfie picture and get a chance to win shopping voucher totaled RM700 .

Now, Malaysian can enjoy Apa Saja FBI at Tonton website. The streaming link is Tonton Apa Saja FBI 2014

Apple In Your Eye Drama now at 8TV

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Malaysian can watch Taiwanese popular drama "Apple In Your Eye" or original Mandarin title "妹妹” in 8TV.

Zhou ji wei & Dao Yao Qi

The first episode of the drama is the story of the young main actor and actress when they were like 10 years old. Zhou Ji Wei likes to visit Dao Yao Qi family. One of the many lunch, Dao Yao Qi asked his family whether Zhou Ji Wei is his biological sister because she always visiting the house. The truth is that Zhou Ji Wei is not his biological sister a merely a visitor in the house. Due to her active presence in the family, she is treated like a Dao family.

Dao Yao Qi attended same school with Zhou Ji Wei. One day someone paint Zhou Ji Wei skirt dirty then Dao Yao Qi asked the boy in an angry manner not to repeat the act again towards Zhou Ji Wei. Dao Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei has deep relationship towards each other even at a young age. Zhou Ji Wei claimed that she likes to call Dao her own brother.

Apple in your eye
Apple in your eye 

When they entered teenage stage, the main actor of the show is Lan Cheng-Lung or in Chinese 蓝正龙 acted as Dao Yao Qi。 As for the actress, Amber An or in Mandarin 安心亚 acted as Zhou Ji Wei。 

They were unofficial brother and sister relationship but Dao likes another girl in the school while Zhou Ji Wei knew herself that she likes Dao. She felt unable to breath and uneasy when found out Dao was writing a love letter to a girl in the school and not her.  

This drama was not produced by local production company based in Malaysia. 8TV obtained the right to broadcast it. It started on August 8, 2014. One can watch it every Saturday on 8TV. If you feel like did not make it to watch at 8TV, you can opt to watch it at tonton website.

Get Tonton account and watch episode 1 of Apple in your eye drama now at Tonton website. Visit this link Apple in your eye Drama able to be watched by Malaysian

NTV7 Golden Awards 2014

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Golden Awards 2014 or 金视奖 2014 by NTV7

Golden Awards 2014 by NTV7

Golden Awards is an significant event in Malaysia Chinese television industry which reward excellence in production and performance. There are 3 award categories Drama, Non-drama and Viewer's choice.

A total of 31 awards will be presented at 3rd Golden Awards on September 20, 2014. 31 celebrities will be selected by panel of judges comprising locally and regionally.

There are a list of local and oversea popular celebrities joining this event. They are Aaron Yan (Taiwan), Yao Yao (Taiwan), Mike He (Taiwan), Chen HanWei (Singapore artist), Kym Ng(Singapore), Joanne Peh (Singapore), Pang Ho-Cheung (Hong Kong) and Lynn.

Date                    : September 20, 2014 (Saturday)
Time                   : 6.30PM arrival, 8.30 award presentation
Venue                : Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) Level G
Official website : Golden Awards 2014 website
Live streaming   : NTV7 /Tonton

Golden Awards 2014 by NTV7

For viewer choice, one can vote for your popular artists and TV dramas. Voting period is August 1 - September 12, 2014

All of these drama and non-drama were produced by Malaysian television broadcasters or Malaysian registered production companies. Besides, program that co-produced between companies whose primary base is in Malaysia is eligible and qualify for the award.

More detailed information and pictures at Winner of Golden Awards 2014

Proof Maze Runner is Hollywood version of Running Man

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Picture does not lie. 6 Boys and 1 girl. No joking around !

The Maze Runner cinema poster from the left to the right. Teresa, Thomas, Newt, Alby, MinHo, Gally and Chuck 

  • Yong Jae-suk was replaced in the Maze Runner Newt

  • Giraffe or Lee Kwang Soo is substituted with Minho

  • Gary is Thomas

  • Haha is Chuck

  • Ji Suk-Jin is the Alby

  • Son Ji Hyo was replaced by the name of Teresa

  • Kim Jong-Kook is Maze runner's Gally

What do you think about it ??

Full review of Maze Runner at Maze runner complete view

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Maze Runner is Hollywood version of Running Man

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Maze Runner review deciphering the inner meaning of this movie

The biggest Hollywood movie in September, Maze Runner. It is rather a thrill movie. You will find minimal of laughable, sad, happy and action content. It more like a mix of everything. I personally think this movie more leaning on thrill side. If we talk about the new Transformers movie it more on action side . Besides, you may have seen Divergent and Lucy movies the main protagonist were all female. As for Maze runner, this is definitely a guy movie. Why ? because there were ton of guys and a Thomas girlfriend, Teresa.

Everyone were at the cinema expecting there is a alien-built maze that human must survive in it and running away from it. The joke is that there is one Korean guy in the movie named Min Ho the only Korean and he is the leader of the maze runner. If you think about for a secondt. I think the movie wanted to tell us that it is relating to the Korean top show "Running Man". I am not bluffing. This is not a coincidence !

It maybe too smart to think that way. Seriously, I think this is more like a teen movies similar to Hunger Games the only difference is that Hunger Games's main lead is Katniss and she is a girl. There was a group of people have been staying there for 3 years,  all of them are male they all are lacking of curiosity to find out what behind the maze. Everyone seem happy because they get food and water supplies every month with an additional memory-erased stranger. They are seriously happy. 

If you have seen the cube trilogy movies ?? I think it has an identical plots. The only difference is that the cube trilogy has lesser survivors or no survivor at all. In the Maze Runner, oppose to popular belief that they never will make it out the maze, they solved the maze and could kill some big mechanical scorpion-like monster. That something new ! no hollywood movies has ever created a bad ass mechanical scorpion with monster face before. 

Do you remember that white uniform female director ? She said there were a lot of survivors and never expecting that numbers of survivors. It reminds of she is like the hunger games white beard guy who addressed the crowd in the 74th hunger game. This movies lied the crowd of audiences in the cinema at the end of the movies by cheating dead. We were like relieved and finally the maze creator killed herself for good. I think she should just stay dead because all of us do not like her motto " Wicked is good". 

The movie itself should not be complained or altered to our self interest but we must look deeply on the content and moral of the stories the movie portraying. The sensible moral of the story is the fairness judgement upon Thomas on his breaking of the rules no. 3. Besides, another strong moral of the movie we should finish what we started and not giving up.


The ultimate villain in the show shockingly was not the maze or the griever or the angry guy who wants to make sacrifice offering, it was the director who brainwashed the kids about " The wicked is good" . All the apocalyptic disease was a lie. The convincing director done her job surprisingly confused the cinema audiences. That female director is the biggest antagonist in the show.

A complete review should have some critics, I must say that the running away from trapping at the maze section 7 when Thomas and Minho activated a new area using the key was done by a low budge CGI. More work should be done !! Furthermore, I do not think chuck is a terrible actor. The kids failed his acting by not directly died on the spot while the Gally died instantly got stabbed by a wooden pole.

One of the unbelievable and emotional breakdown question was "How did Gally managed to enter the room even though the exit has been sealed off ward off those maze grievers" ? Moreover, how could the cure restored Alby and Thomas health and memory ?

 Ending this with a realistic question and joke how come they can survive 3 years without a single girl ? and how come they do not feel happy when Teresa show up ? In fact, They hate Teresa, Thomas and maze creator. The reason is they did not send any single female for 3 years and they send Teresa who kept calling Thomas. Everyone was hoping Teresa is their next girlfriend till she kept screaming the Thomas.

10 Best Malay TV Drama in Malaysia 2014

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Previously, there were a blog entries about "Best Drama TV series in Malaysia ". One of them was Ariana Rose.  Due to many best and worth watching Malay drama coming out after that, this lead author do a similar content. Not to be confused this is a Part 2 for label " Drama TV series " in Malaysia.

All of the drama series below were introduced second half of the year 2014. They probably out in the month of May - September. If you eager to know which drama rank no 1 in the month of January - April please find the link below in this blog too.

For Part 1 drama series out in the month of January - April early 2014, there are Ariana Rose, Jika itu Takdirku drama and many more. please refer here Top 10 Drama TV series in Malaysia 2014 -1

1. RINDU AWAK 200%

Starring : Zul Ariffin, Ayda Jebat, Mimi Ernida, Zuhairi and Jonathan Putra

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Creative Skill Solution

Summary / Synopsis

Zill Faezrul Iqba wanted to marry with Armel (Ayda Jebat) as fulfilling his parent wish. He dislike to marry her at the first due to reason he could not forget his girlfriend who passed away 5 years ago. Armel decided to marry him. The story of this TV series is about will their marriage last ?


Source : Wikipedia

Starring : Amar Baharin, Syafiq Kyle, Izreen Azminda, Ika Nabella, Nadia

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Summary / Synopsis

The life of Indah Halina changed completely without direction till fate brought Indah to Dato Sofiya. She works for Dato Sofiya as a personal assistance. Her life get better when Dato Sofiya sons falling in love with Indah. Her beauty captured Dato Sofiya's elder son and second son. The struggle she has to face in coming days due to conflict interest so many peoples.


Starring : Shah Jaszle, Amyra Rosli, Elly Mazlein, Ryzal Jaafar.

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Orange Tree Production

Summary / Synopsis

Watch this on TV3 every Wednesday & Thursday. Maya successfully shortlisted for her interview in a company. She is holding a position as assistance manager in creative. The elder son of Dato Efendi, falling in love in a first sight seeing Maya at his father office.


Starring : Sheera Iskandar, Qazem Nor, Lufya Sheikh Omar, Aznah Hamid

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Skop Production

Summary / Synopsis

Tasya and Amy are best friends when they are still studying at a same school. Both of them chose to have friends with mat rempit. They did have a good life as a young adults.


Starring : Aaron Aziz, Fasha Sandha, Rusli Ramli, Anzalna Nasir

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Global Station Sdn Bhd

Summary / Synopsis

This drama has begun aired on August 2014. Azia parent owned a resort and their parent hoping Azia will inherit the resort. Azia slowly get affected business and her relationship with Zaquan. In the meantime, Umar is giving Azia a sign that he wish to have her as lover. It suppose to be a triangle love drama .


Starring : Jericho Rosales, Aaron Aziz, Tiz Zaqyah, Bella Dally, Miera Liyana.

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Global Station Sdn Bhd

Summary / Synopsis

This drama is watchable on Astro Mustika channel no 134. Every Monday till Wednesday on 10PM. This drama started on May 2014. This drama is pretty much two popular actors having a love crash on a pretty girl. It an impressive and intense drama due to it has a lot of good visual backgrounds. It must be filming at different locations not only in Malaysia. Who will be the lucky man chosen by Tiz ?

Youtube Trailer : Kusinero Cinta Trailer


Starring : Pekin Ibrahim, Qi Razali, Uqasha Senrose, Anzalina Nasir

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : TV

Summary / Synopsis

This drama is watchable on TV Alhijrah channel no 114. Every Tuesday on 10PM. This drama started on May, 2014. A young married family being tested by trials of life all the people must go through. Their marriage has been set by both parents at a young age.

Youtube Trailer : Kalau Itu Jodoh Kita


Starring : Aeril Zafrel, Wawa Zainal, Ika Nabilla, Razak Ahmad, Kamal Ibrahim

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : TV

Summary / Synopsis

This drama is watchable on TV3 . Every Wednesday and Thursday on 9PM. This drama started on May, 2014 . This drama set on the past of 80-an, Adam and Salmah are love couple Adam is slightly order than Salmah. Their love never faded as the time passed. Their love have been tested by the time. One day, Salmah's memory is gradually erased due to her health condition. Everyday Adam will tell story about them in order to refresh Salmah mind. Will one day Salmah forget Adam and herself eventually ?

Youtube Trailer : Cerita Cinta Kita


Starring : Fahrin Ahmad, Sara Ali, Ika Nabella, Amy Mastura, Reza Hasbi

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Zeel Production

Summary / Synopsis

This drama is watchable on TV3. Every Monday and Thursday on 7PM. This drama started on September, 2014 . Luqman (Fahrin Ahmad) is a graduate from oversea, working private officer or bodyguard for Melina (Sara Ali). Both of them will not have a happy life because life trials happen at least expected. There is a pretty girl Sarah (Ika Nabila) likes Luqman.

Melina born in a wealthy family. One day Melina father Datuk Zakri passed away leaving a family will that demand Luqman marrying Melina. Luqman is having a difficulty in choosing Melina and Sarah.

Youtube Trailer : Maaf Jika Aku Tak Sempurna


Starring : Fasha Sandha, Aiman Hakim Ridza, Eina Azman, Kuza

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Persona Pictures

Summary / Synopsis

This drama is watchable on TV3. Every Wednesday and Thursday on 9PM. This drama started on September, 2014 . The story is about Hana (Fasha Sandha) having a good and peace life with her husband Zulkifli (Aiman Hakim) . Their parent is blessed with two children. Zul is the one supporting the family in term of financial support. However, the existence of third person in their relationship, Masmira makes their relationship is in brick of collapse. But, Masmira wanted to fully owned Zul despise Hana presence.

Youtube Trailer : Selamat Pengantin Madu

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Malaysian Participants The Voice of China Season 3

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The Voice of China Season 3 in 2014. Two Malaysians successfully stolen couches attentions  

Both Malaysian participants have been shortlisted in a blind audition held by Voice of China Season 3. They are both females and like to sing songs from Wang Lee Hom, popular Taiwanese pop singer. There were 4 judges who will screening the process of the audition. If the judges like a particular singer in that audition, they will hit a button and turn their seat facing the singer. If they do not like the singer, they will never turn their seat facing the singer.

Chen yongxin The voice of China season 3

All 4 judges said "Yes" or turned their seat facing Melody Chen Yongxin who hail from Malaysia. She is 21 years old. Her amazing singing performance amazed everyone including four judges. Her ground-breaking performance will secure her singing career. A new and talented Chinese Singer in Malaysia emerged. If you wanted to know more about her, this is her official Facebook page Melody Chen Facebook page

Wendy woo The voice of China season 3

Wendy Woo accompanied by her mother, stepping up the the Voice of China season 3 blind audition. Singing the son originated from Taiwanese pop singer, Wang Lee Hom. 3 out of 4 judges said "Yes, we want you" ! Congratulation to her. In her Facebook page, she shared her happiness with her friends and many wanted to see more performance for her. She is a veteran and talented singer practicing many China cultural and traditional songs at an early age. Wendy Woo Facebook page

Due to some issues, videos on Youtube about the blind audition of both Malaysian in Voice of China season 3 could had been deleted. The purpose of deleting videos is unknown but, there is a chance that they deleted the video and uploaded it to China's video streaming website instead of Youtube.

Movies in Malaysia July & August 2014

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Malaysian made movies were on the cinemas nationwide in the month of July and August.

Check this out these are movies released in the month of July and August 2014. All of them are made in Malaysia. Some of them are really good due to factors such as budget and cinematographic team in the company production.

Good Malaysian made movies were always made by some company such as Astro Shaw, Metrowealth and Grand brilliance. There are many more movie production company in Malaysia that produced good movies. According to Finas website, Mat Tudung and Adnan Sempit Sawadikap received well response over 1 million sold ticket each respective movie.


Starring : Shaheizy Sam, Intan Ladyana, Along Cham, Yana Samsudin

Genre :  Action and Comedy

Production Company : Metrowealth

Summary / Synopsis

Movie released on August 7, 2014. two families travelling in six peoples including two babies. They were travelling to Bangkok but their wives did not brought their passports. After going through frustration, they finally passed the gate. Adnan made the biggest mistake by putting his young born son at the luggage collection after arriving at Bangkok airport. It was too late when he found out his baby missing. He found out someone took the baby from him when he seek thoroughly the Bangkok airport.

Youtube trailer : Adnan Sempit Sawadikap trailer


Starring : Aaron Aziz, Nur Fazura, Luna Maya, Khir Rahman

Genre :  Thrill

Production Company : Excellent Pictures

Summary / Synopsis

This movie aired on cinema national the same day Aidilfitri in Malaysia July 28, 2014. Conflict in the family leads to many unfortunate incidents. Their family began to feel tremendous emotional breakdown when their only daughter went missing. Who kidnapped their daughter and will they even find it out rescuing her out without any physical abuse.

Youtube trailer : Tembus trailer


Starring : Shaheizy Sam, Siti Saleha, Faizal Ismail, Azad Jasmin

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Grand Brilliance

Summary / Synopsis

At its 21 birthday, Jamaluddin or MJ acted by (Shaheizy Sam) granted a wish by his father to be boss of his father mamak restaurant business. He did not have the same dream as his father and do not wish to follow his father footstep in mamak business. MJ have a dream to become the best cupcake master rather than becoming employer of his father buisness.

Youtube trailer : Mamak cupcake


Starring : Yassin SYJ, Kumpulan Bocey, Epy Kodiang

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Metrowealth

Summary / Synopsis

They are 3 best friends living in a rented house. As the time passed by, they felt something strange about the house. The house owner did not inform them anything unusual and they did not ask about the past tenant of the house. They felt supernatural presence but they just cant make rush decision moving to another house.

Youtube trailer : Kawan Aku Mati Dalam Rumah Sewa Trailer


Starring : Desmond Chan, Amethyst Leong

Genre :  Horror

Production Company : Renbash Entertainment

Summary / Synopsis

Release in the month of ghost believed by Chinese community.

Youtube trailer : Curse of the spirit trailer

6. JIN

Starring : Zul Ariffin and Mon Ryanti, Zarynn Min, Harun Salim

Genre :  Horror

Production Company : RAM entertainment

Summary / Synopsis

A horrow movie by director Pierre Andre. A business man bought a spacious and comfortable house for his family. They like the house and immediately bought it from the property agent. Few days later, they encountered unexpected unknown presence. As you watch the trailer, you would know one of the family member have been possessed by JIN.

Youtube video : JIN trailer


Starring : C.Kumarasen, Shaila Nair, Hanuman and Gheeta, Rabbit Mac, Shamini.

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Astro Shaw

Summary / Synopsis

A Malaysian Tamil movie directed by C. Kumarasen though he himself involving in the main cast of the movie too. The main actor failed badly in his love life and get involved himself in alcohol drinking. A random old guy showing up in front of him always talking with him about his future life if persisted in this behavior.

Youtube video : Maindhan trailer


Starring : Fizz Fairuz, Nelydia Senrose, Izzue Islam, Harun Salim Bachik

Genre :  Drama and Comedy

Production Company : TGVP

Summary / Synopsis

Falling in love in first sight, Johari want to know more about Zizie. However, Zizie did not like talking with boys. Johari resorted to being a female with hijab in order to get closer to her. Johari pretended to be sister of Johari hiding his own identity. His masking of real gender proved work but whole new twisted event approaching Johari. Will he succeed in getting her love Zizie ??

Youtube video : Mat Tudung trailer

Astro on the Go turns everything into TV

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Watch your favorite Astro channels on tablet, Smartphone and computer.

Source :

Visit on On the Go Astro website and familiarize the website. Get an account then started to explore. The "GO PACK 3" contains mostly Mandarin-speaking channels favored by Chinese including one extra South Korean channel "S ONE". One could choose to subscribe one day package which is RM5 for a testing. Satisfied with their service, you are allowed to subscribe much more cheaper package which is RM30 for a month.

10 Best 57th Merdeka Advertisement Video clips

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57th National Independence Day in Malaysia 2014. Some of the best video clips featuring Merdeka 2014


Title : We are family

2. Official Theme song for 57th Malaysia Independence Day

In Malaysia language, " DI SINI LAHIRNYA SEBUAH CINTA" . There are many version of it. More info at Lyric and Song



5. Malaysia Airlines #FLYINGHIGH

If you wish to listen to Yuna full song "Langit", visit here Langit Lyrics and song


Everyone is friendly we are family, an impression one felt depicted in Maxis video clip.

7. Merdeka with KL SOGO


Iconic for 57th Malaysia Merdeka Day. Upin & Ipin are accompany us celebrating this year Merdeka Day.You will see them often in this coming 57th merdeka. Upin & Ipin are virtual characters popular among Malaysian youngsters. The move to introducing Upin & Ipin as 57th Merdeka day Icon was inspired by a reason to make kids brought their parents to join Merdeka day.



Yuna "Langit" Song and Lyric

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Song Title : LANGIT
Director    : Linus Chung and Mohd Hisham Saleh
Producer   : Ag CoCo
Composer : Yuna and Ag CoCo
Lyricist      : Yuna
Label        : Yuna Room Records


I can see the skies
The birds are flying
Clouds are moving
What it like

The moon will be mine tonight
In my Dream I see myself fly

Terbang Terbang Tinggi Walau tanah di kakikan ku cari langit
Terbang Terbang Tinggi awan, biru menanti bersama pelangit

Always thought that I could be on my own
But make me feel alive and I do not feel alone
The moon will be my witness tonight
Coz in my dreams you and I are both fly

Terbang Terbang Tinggi Walau Tanah Di Kaki Kan Ku Cari Langit
Terbang Terbang Tinggi Awan Biru menanti bersama Pelangit


I can see the skies
The birds are flying

Top 10 Telemovies Raya 2014

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Raya Trending Telemovies Must Watch Your friends are going to discuss these with you 


Starring : Nad Zainal, Wan Sharmila, Syarul Ridzuan, Fazreen Rafee, Razak Ahmad, Norish Karman

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Synopsis : Jihan, work as a clerk in a tourism agency. A fan of Korean drama and tv show. She knew all the Korean language widely used in Korean drama and TV show. Such as Ai go, Anehaseyo or JiHyo from Running Man. She dream of one day raya at Korea. Her dream come true after acknowledge she won a prize from a contest. Her trip to Korea is right on the date of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


Starring : Rita Rudaini, Yus Jambu, Shah Tapaw, Mohammad Amirullah, Abdul Rahman, Mak Jah

Genre :  Comedy

Production Company : Zeel Production

Synopsis : A mid-age beautiful women move to their Kampung. Young dwellers were eagerly to know more about her. She wore traditional dress "Kebaya" all the time. Her name is "Indah" . Her beauty seduced 3 young adult happened to be best friends. Wardi, Asmadi and Taib. Their friendship eroded due to the matter of impressing Indah. Occurence of mystery dead happened after appearance of Indah at the Kampung.

Trailer : Youtube trailer Pontianak Teng Teng


Source : Kepala bergetar blogspot .com

Starring :  Azlee Khairi, Zara Zia, Fadillah Mansur, Idris MD Diah, Norish Karman, Mustapa Kamal

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

A special edition for the popular original drama Love You Mr Arrogant. Zara and Ilham blessed with a barely one year old baby. Sherry the antagonist in the original drama showed up. Interesting thing begin to pop out !


Source : bukan

Starring :  Emma Maembong, Fahrin Ahmad, Noorkhiriah Ahmad Shapie, Neza Hasbi, Nor Nisteena

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Zeel Production

Irham and Aryana changed their personalities in this drama. Irham the boss is now following Aryana idea. Aryana prefers becoming a housewives rather than working with Irham at office.


Starring :  Yus Jambu, Tauke Jambu, Emelda Rosmila, Rahim Sepahtu, Hamid Gurkha

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : DNF Pictures

Yus is trying very hard to get soulmate before going back to his hometown for Raya in order to impress his family. The reason behind this is Yus do not want his mother handpicking future wife for him.


Source : layanon9 blogspot . com

Starring :  Remy Ishak, Yana Samsuddin,

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Zeel Production

Synopsis : Atie is coming back to his hometown and meeting up with Firdaus Helmi who like bullying at young age. Will Atie tries revenge or the hateful feeling towards him turned to be a love story ??

Trailer : Atie Setan video trailer


Starring :  Akim Ahmad, Nad Zainal, Dato Hilal Azman, Anne Dollah, Ramli Saleh

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Luqsar Kreatif

Ain Sarat is having nine month pregnancy. During the period, she craving for exotic foods such as Camel meats, Cempedak and Porcupine meat.


Starring :  Izzue Islam, Azlee Khairi, Elfaeza

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Firash and Syafa married and blessed with a twin babies. Syafa watching Firash taking care babies like a novice. She make fun of him that matter. Shidah came back from oversea, a friend of Firash at younge age. She started to develop a sense of love towards Firash who just got married.

Trailer : Youtube trailer


Starring :  Zizan Razak, Emma Maembong

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : Primeworks Studio

Zizan Razak the main cast acted as a man who like to take photo with his smartphone . The action " selfie ". One of many day, he doing the Selfie with his smartphone captured a pretty female ghost acted by Emma Maembong.  Emma spirit is still around with a reason that she could not rest in peace. She asked Zizan Razak to do her a favor.

TrailerHantu Selfie Zizan Razak and Emma Maembong


Starring :  Shahrol Shiro, Joey Daud, Watie Sadali, Delimawati, Winnie Teoh.

Genre :  Drama

Production Company : CUEPRO

Shah married with a beautiful girl from Pahang. It almost 4 years Shah and Che Ta his wife were not going back to Kluang for 4 consecutive years. Shah missed his parent very much when Che Ta was asleep during the trip back to Pahang, Shah turned to the direction back to his hometown at Kluang instead of the original plan visiting Che Ta family.

Best Telemovies 2014
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Buy Google Play Credits using Maybank Debit Card

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How to buy Google Play credits or Android apps using Maybank Debit Card

After you successfully add your Maybank debit card on Google Wallet, you will make transaction right after clicking the Green colored " BUY " button.

As soon as you clicked the Green highlighted " Buy " , your bank account will be deducted MYR 3.50. That would only work if you have registered your Maybank debit card on Google Wallet in prior. Do not attempt to click the green higlighted " Buy " button on your smartphone as if you have not made any decision.

Maybank Debit Card is the easiest way and solution for individual who wanted to purchase Apps on Google Play. To get Maybank Debit card, you must meet the requirements of 18 years old and Malaysian citizen. Besides, Maybank staff would ask you to deposit up to RM500. As for student, it can go as low as RM50 only.

Some of you may not know that tt is very important for Maybank debit card users to know the importance of Maybank debit card numbers before applying it. The numbers imprinted on card are highly valuable and only meant for the debit card user who applied it.

Source : Maybank demonstration

These distinctive numbers imprinted on your Maybank Debit Card as shown above 4283 3212 1188 8888
are meant for your visibility. These numbers allowing you accessing your bank account to make transaction on Internet. These 16 digits were to be put into your Google Wallet for purchasing Google Play apps or in-game credits.


  1. Visit Google Wallet ( Make sure it https )
  2. Add your Maybank card numbers for example, 4283 3212 1188 8888
  3. Ready to purchase !!

Purchasing In-Game Credit on Google Play Transaction Completed 

Transaction will be saved on your Google Wallet account which is accessible by your Google mail account. The transaction made information is sent to both Google Wallet and your Google mail.  " For The Tribe " is a game app on Google Play by Asiasoft Online charging MYR 3.50 for in-game item. Unitedmy author accepted the in-game item by exchanging MYR 3.50.

Top 20 Malay Songs 2014

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Most Wanted & Top Hits Malay songs 2014. 

This songs list is not a personal favorite. The song rank could be fluctuated and not necessary. Any song in this list could be number one or number ten yet it does not mean anything. Most of the songs listed are from the year 2014 and latest !

If you like all the songs please give a vote to the song at below there is a poll. This list is expanding as new song is being introduced. Subscribe and share ! 

1. MEWANGI -Akim

2. PATAH SAYAP - Nadia Aqilah

This song is featured in drama " Kerana Terpaksa Aku Relakan "


featuring Yana Samsuddin



6. MASIH PERLU - Tasha


8. HUJUNG DUNIA - Hanie Soraya

9. MALUNYA - Ainan Tasneem

10. CINTA MAKRIFAT - Awie & Erra Fazira

11. Gilalah - Stacy


13. TEPI SIKIT - Sleeq

14. APA KHABAR - Joe Flizzow

15. HILANG - Najwa Latif

16. JATUH CINTA - Iamneeta


18. PASTI SEMPURNA - Kristal

19. CERITA KITA - Shahir

20. RENTAK LAGUKU - Bunkface

Featuring Amy Search

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Watching Guardians of The Galaxy in Malaysia

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It Drax, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket and Gamora. The fact is who is the truly the leader of this team ? 

First of all, I never read any marvel comic books specifically on the Guardians of The Galaxy chapter. I am straight forward saying that this movie pretty much depicting Peter Quill or Star-Lord a decent dancer. In entire movie, you are about to see a lonely, teary eyes, adventurous, old-school music lover main cast acted by Chris Pratt. Well talking about lonely and teary eyes, he certainly do not seem to have much loneliness bragging about alien girls he met and shared with Drax. Star Lord character did not seem laugh a lot and give audience a feeling of he had been kept himself busy thinking " Who is my dad ? " , " Why alien abducted me the second after my mom passed away ".

Yondu who possessing a mass-destruction and dangerous red stick was the one who abducted little Peter Quill. It was unknown reason that there were 9 billion peoples walking on the surface of the earth he chose to kidnap a young, innocence, powerless boy. His intention is not uncovered but I think Yondu was happy to see Peter Quill are able to withstand the power of the orb.

I am still a little bit confused why on galaxy he wanted to steal that purple-emitting orb. Furthermore, it explainable he must show some dance moves before heading to the orb chamber. It is because Peter Quill is a Sony MP3 lover. Everyone love Sony made music product including a half man half alien. Later, he seem to be actively protecting his Sony MP3 for many occasions. First, he scold the prison guy from using his MP3. Second, he risked his and friend life going back to the jail to find his MP3 which is being taken by the same alien who he had scold earlier.

Gamora rejected Star Lord kiss when he talked about his past and why he is overly protecting the MP3. Everyone would agree to his action but Drax said otherwise. Gamora is the green lady who then being called by Drax as a green whore. Drax never meant that way it was his way to express to his friend and he even called Groot as " Dumb tree ". Drax is pretty awesome character as well as Gamora.

The amazing things about " Guardians of the Galaxy " is not the action scenes but a very annoying, talkative, smart raccoon. The cinema audiences thought it was another chipmunk movie but this one does not sing. That is a pretty fast friendship development because rocket is supposedly capturing Peter Quill because of $$$ with Groot. The fight at city of Xander is truly amazing in this movie. 

Sad and tear part of the movie were at the moment the giant tree said " We are Groot ". Can you imagine a tree grows all his branches sacrificing for his friends ?? In reality, everyone want to cut down a tree for a piece of paper. Wait a minute ! Groot friends were not human. They are half human half alien this explained well. Besides, it quite sad to hear Peter Quill story. Addition, do not forget Drax, Gamora, rocket of them were tried to save Peter Quill from vanish into thin air due to the power of the orb. The most teary and saddest part of the movie belongs to Peter Quill saves Gamora by throwing himself out to the vast outer space and gave her the mask.

Happiest moments were Groot still alive but not in a good shape obviously. Besides, Drax the destroyer was seem happy and laughing to met Ronan the Accuser. The happiest moment belongs to the Nova army able to form a shield-like barrier warding away Ronan spaceship from fully entering Xandar.

There were ton of funny moments. There were Groot catch Gamora instead of the right guy Peter Quill and could not differentiate gender according to rocket. Groot made the earliest move in the escaping plan at Nova prison despite the plan was just second to finish by rocket. Drax misunderstood Peter Quill about the gesture " finger touching on the neck".

Save the last for critic on this movie, it apparent that that villain of the show was incredibly weak. Talking about invasion for a vengeance but not in a minute convincing audience that he was able to do that. The orb is not so powerful with Ronan. As if it was really powerful orb how could Ronan were not able to unleash his wrath on Xandar ?? If the orb truly able to wipe out an entire planet as it showed, Ronan absorbs the power of the orb will be like a god he had been saying all the time. Unfortunately, Rocket's customized weapon could make a deadly blow to him or make the orb came out from weapon. Ironic to say that the Ronan might have not absorb the orb but infused it to a hammer instead. But, it looked like the orb was in Ronan body all the time.

MU Online Malaysia 2014 Browser-Based MMORPG

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First MU online in browser-based MMORPG opened in Malaysia July 2014. No heavy data download needed

MU online MY
This is me playing at least 30 minutes to get level 30

Ez Joy or full name Easyjoy Entertainment Sdn Bhd is a one of the few game developer company situated in Malaysia. They have been started expanding it business in mainly Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Their business income mostly came from hosting interesting and popular browser-based online game in Chinese language. One of them is MU Online MY.

Today July 22, 2014 marked the open beta of MU Online MY
. Everyone inside the game is practically Malaysian. However, there is a very big problem it would be language barrier. It 100% in Simplified Chinese language. You should start to learn Chinese language to play this game but probably not in favor those who cant read them.

It not like if you cant read then it means you cant enter the game and play. You still can play them like normal people do but you just cant understand what it said and shown at the screen. One thing for sure is that the players can help you because all the Malaysian understand simple English right ?

You could communicate to everyone through the small message box using either English or Chinese character. The only things is that you must level 30 and above. It really easy to get up to level 30. You just have to follow the quests. In less than 30 minutes, you will have your level at 30. That means you have unlocked the world chat.

MU Online Malaysia fan page has reached 8,000 likes on the day its announced open beta. It has heavily promoting the game at Facebook. I came to knew it by clicking the game ads shown inside my Facebook feeds. If you needs a new MMORPG online game to play this is definitely a game you should spend time with.

To become a VIP you are only required to incur RM20. You could get to reload by purchasing at nearest local 7-eleven or by purchasing it online.

One of the best marketing campaign I have ever seen in a game industry. It seem like they have recruiting a lot of pretty girls promote the game. I do not think girls would like to play this game because it not like those "The SIM 3" or "Farm Ville" or "Angry birds" . Just for your information, "MU" equivalent to ”奇迹“

Log in using Facebook : MU Facebook

Facebook fan page for MU Online MY :

EasyJoy Entertainment Facebook page :

Hari Raya Videos in Malaysia 2014

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Complete list of new Hari Raya videos in Malaysia 2014. Do not miss these meaningful videos 

Earliest wishing all happy celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim in Malaysia. Happy holiday for everyone.

1. This advertisement video is made by Telekom Malaysia 

Title : Sister

Moral of the story always know and admit your faults. Especially during Hari Raya ask for the forgiveness of elders.

2. Jakel and Aaron Aziz

Get Aaron Aziz and Zizan Razak brand at nearest Jakel clothing store. Check them out for original and high quality wear only RM60.

3. Petronas Hari Raya Video Song

Title : Ke Pangkuan Bonda

#PetronasRaya2014 , A hashtag newly created by Petronas for you who want to comment on this video clip. A very soothing song coupled with a family preparing for Hari Raya.

4. Astro Kosong Kosong chain videos

Casts : Lisa Surihani, Zizan Razak, Hanis Zalikha, Fazura, Nana Mahazan, Maya Karin, Feeya Iskandar, Azhael, Sheera Iskandar, Shiro, 

There are many video with the title "Kosong Kosong" by numerous actress and actors. One of them is from Lisa Surihani

5. Nissan Malaysia Hari Raya video

Title : Atuk

Grandpa and Grand mom went out dating without telling their son and grandson.

6. Hari Raya video by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM)

Title : Ini Baru Raya

All the city dwellers back to Kampung. Try to catch live chicken is very difficult for those who never live at Kampung. Leave the job for elderly parent.

7. Panasonic Hari Raya Videos

Title : Riuh Punya Raya

There are 4 or more videos titled Riuh Punya Raya. In the end, they are promoting Panasonic electronic goods to all Malaysian.

8. Hari Raya video by JKKN

Title : Kuih Ibuku

True story of an adult man leaving behind his mother.

9. Hari Raya with Ambank

Title : Raya Bergaya

Raya bergaya with Ambank.

10. Hitachi Hari Raya advertisement videos

Title : Kasih Lebaran

There were more than one video. See them all !

11. Tenaga Nasional Hari Raya Video Song

It really creative video by TNB. So far, there are 3 videos with different genre. Joket, Original and Pop.

12. Hari Raya Video with TV9

From Media Prima a meaningful video. Spend more time with parent is always undeniably right decision

13. Hari Raya Proton Advertisement video

14. Hari Raya Aid with KFC Malaysia

More about " Hari Raya " in Unitedmy

  1. Top 10 goods/product Malaysian buy online during/before Hari Raya

10 Best Transformers merchandises available in Malaysia

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Buy yourself Transformers inspired items if you don, you are not their fan yet

Do not tell me you have not watch the latest Transformers movie ! Age of Extinction is simply the greatest of all 3 others previous Transformers movie. New casts but not new director we will see our favorite Bumblebee again with Optimus Prime. I guess because his color ? or because he is not much a talker and a cool person ?? 

The new movie is not about Bumblebee and his human partner saving the world from destruction. The new human cast is firstly introduced to Optimus Prime. So, it is not actually a sequel ! Despite that, Bumblebee was awesome he was fighting at Guangzhou there were so many bad robot attack him yet he successfully dodge every attack towards him. Besides, Bumblebee saves Optimus Prime from getting fully destroyed by Lockdown. He is the true savior at every critical time not to mention he saved Cade Yeager and his daughter from falling at bridge on the top of tower trying to escape from the alien ship.

Bring Bumblebee to your home.  It only for RM89. More information at Bumblebee Transformers character

Bumblebee age of extinction figure

This is slightly shorter but compact than the first one. But it is still awesome. Better own 1 rather than none. Cheaper than the first one in half price. Can put into your consideration as well. More picture and price at Bumblebee Age of Extinction version

Transformers giant figure 30cm

This is the biggest figure than those two figures above. More than 30CM height according to the source. This is everything you need to decorate your room. If you friend walking in your room, the first thing he will notice that would be this giant Optimus Prime. More information how big it is Giant Optimus Prime

Transformers mini figure

Some people like to collect LEGO inspired Transformers. If you one of them you need to check this out because it is really awesome !!. Imagine you have one transformers lego placed in your display glass case at living room or your room. That is a dream fulfill !!  Check this out at Transformers mini figure

It is all about item inspired by Transformers. I believe you have been seeing this already. This is Pineng brand powerbank with Transformers logo on top. This powerbank is sold at rock-bottom price and it received wide popularity among Transformers fans in Malaysia.  10000 MAH powerbank inspired by Transformers

Hasbro is the Transformers right holder. Who are going to create something with the Transformers must ask Hasbro first. This is an approved merchandise. BPA free with shatter resistant. This is sold not exceed RM20. That is really a cheap. This is way better than those Tupperware or Amway bottle for your kids. This is 350ML bottle which is good for those 10 years old below kids. Don buy if you are an adult, but it was not wrong buy it for your future boy or maybe collection ?? Besides, no one is going to stop you become a big baby boy right ?  Hasbro Transformers bottle 350ML

If your kids is a Transformers fan and really really like them this is what you need to present them during their birthday. As for kids who are looking at this, beg your parents to buy this one because your school friends is going to have them and not you !! Besides, it time to change a new trolley bag if it was broken. You can bring this to travelling on holiday like an adult. Transformers trolley bag for kids

Check this out a Transformers inspired smartwatch. Although it was a simple smartwatch compared to a sophisticated smartwatch made by Samsung or Sony. However, This can be a watch that does a lot of fun things. This is a first few version of Smartwatch in this era. This smartwatch era is still at a very early stage and worth to be a collection until people started get crazy on smartwatch in few more years. Transformers Smartwatch Black

MP-13 soundwave masterpiece manufactured by Takara Tomy and brough from Japan to Malaysia. Don be fool by the first picture. It can be turned into a giant Transformers figure. It quite expensive  though because it made by legend figure maker. More details and price at Microwave Transformers

The last and not least, there were some good Transformers game that worth to play. Activision made some popular game included this one. Besides can be play on PS4, there are PS3 and Xbox version as well. Check them out at PS4 Transformers game