Malaysia and Neighboring Countries Electricity Prices Comparison

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Comparison Electricity prices per kWh on other Asean countries. Malaysia electricity tariff 2014 against others

I do not know whether average Malaysian household felt the new electricity tariff pricing system effective January 2014. For myself, I kind of curious and felt a little bit. So, I set myself on a simple research that can be done by normal secondary students.

I just want an answer for my question in my mind. You and I know it not difficult we just have to do some search on Mr Google. Although Google is a powerful search engine, it did not mean once you type your questions you would like to find out, Mr Google may or may not give you a satisfy answers within few seconds. I have spend some time on this small research !

Based on the research, accuracy of the information is quite high. However, as the electricity price per kWh vary every year in various countries, it is very hard to find out respective country exact electricity price per kWh. There might be a prices difference mistakes for some countries but all the information are based on within 3 years. Despite that, the price gap is not really wide as if some country implemented new electricity tariff system.

It is up to you to fully or partially believe it or not on the chart above. I am quite convinced that. Take a look at Malaysia vs Singapore electricity price per kWh, you will see that Singapore 1 kWh is so high currently stood at RM 0.63. I believe there is tier system in Singapore electricity tariff.

I don think Singapore has this electricity tariff tier system. In Malaysia, First 200 kWh, it charge on RM 0.21 or USD $0.09 

Brunei new tariff on 2011 is incredibly cheap. First 500 kWh is RM0.3 , which they pay for RM 15.00. 501 - 1500 kWh charge on RM 0.30 .  On 1501 kWh and above , they are charging RM0. 45 . I think they are still using 2011 electricity pricing tariff.

Which countries has the lowest consumer electricity per kWh ?

Brunei definitely stood the top at the ranking. RM0.03 for first 500kWh .

For orderly manner it would be Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippine, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore. 

Which countries has the highest consumer electricity per kWh ?

Reverse the order it would be Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philippine, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei.

All of the information provided here is just my personal opinion. I am just normal Malaysian just like other Malaysian in the street. Be moderate !


Singapore Electricity : Sources
South Korea Electricity : Sources
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Brunei Electricity : Sources
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Global Electricity tariff : Global Electricity tariff

Cadbury Chocolate Hazelnut and Roast Almond Halal Issue

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Cadbury chocolates batch is said to have contained pig-like DNA. Or more scientific named as porcine DNA 

Cadbury chocolate roasted almond and hazelnut that selling at your local stores are halal and clean products consumable by Muslim. Due to the extensive withdraw by Cadbury and authorities cracked down, The batch of contaminated Cadbury chocolates with porine DNA has ceased no longer available.

Cadbury Hazelnut and Cadbury Roasted almond malaysia
Uncontaminated with porcine DNA.

Cadbury Hazelnut & Cadbury Roasted Almond

Net Weight : 40G

Kcal : 240g
Carbohydrate : 20g
Sugar : 20g
Fat : 12g

Eating a bar of cadbury chocolate is better than eat a pack of maggi instant noodle according to kcal comparison maggi instant noodle and Cadbury Chocolate

Maggi instant noodle is about 300-360Kcal. Every person needs 1800-2000kcal everyday. Exceed the amount of kcal may or may not affecting one's weight.

Back to this Cadbury chocolate, It is not true that Cadbury business in Malaysia will get huge loss in revenue. Cadbury has many variety flavor of Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate. In fact,  there were only two batches of chocolate in flavor of roasted almond and hazelnut contained porcine DNA.

Muslim Malaysia enraged knowing that the Cadbury chocolates is not halal although there were halal sign. The issuer of halal Malaysian Islamic Development Department(JAKIM) was cheated by company and demand a legal action against them alleged by one of the local politician.

To the extend that, urging a jihad by some Non-governmental organization on this issue. "They had crossed the line" sending a clear message to Cadbury company based in UK. Malaysia Health ministry carried out tests on Cadbury Chocolate after complains received by public and social media.

The photo of Cadbury Hazelnut and roasted almond above are uncontaminated with procine DNA. It is believed that after positively tested by health ministry, Cadbury has taken initiative to stop selling two related batch of Cadbury Chocolate.

The contaminated batch chocolate Cadbury Hazelnut and roasted almond is no longer available to be bought. The batch number for contaminated hazelnut is 200813M01H l2 that expires on November 13, 2014. As for Roast almond, batch number is 221013N01R |1 , that expires on January 15, 2015

Football Zombie with Rexona and Clear

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What are Football Zombie Syndrome or Sickness ? What are they trying to tell us ?

Luckily, I was selected as one of the winner in this contest. Please proceed to this entries Unitedmy one of the winner of Football Zombie Defender contest

It is not hard to guess what it is. It is none other than the coming FIFA 2014 at Brazil ! Without this grand event that unite us from any background there would not be a Football Zombie. Do you think it curable ?

How to cure this football zombie will be turn off the television. It certainly not easy to do it it is not as simple as that. What if your workplace colleagues start to talk about the FIFA players and scores ? You do not want to be sidelined and pretend you know it but in fact you were not watching the FIFA matches.

Turn on the television and start watch it till the end that would be the solution. However, most of the FIFA matches LIVE on midnight time because at Brazil there would be timeline difference if we watch it at Malaysia. Especially FIFA Brazil 2014 semi final and final matches who were going to miss the chance to see once in 4 years football event ?

That really ridiculous my colleagues expected me to see the match so that all of us can connect to the same topic but my workplace employer will be furious to know if employee stay up all night just to watch the matches. Who were going to do all the paperwork with energetic spirit ? I think most of the boss out there totally can understand our feeling to cheer favorite team in critical moment. My favorite team needed me to cheer them in front of television like consistently throughout the match.

Despite that and back to Football Zombie. This Football Zombie campaign shows you guy a series of video clips and a game to play. It called "Football Zombie Defender" . This game comes with attractive prizes to be won by lucky users.

Official website : Visit on

 More Football Zombie video clips at this channel : Football Zombie official channel

This video is not talking about those hollywood zombies that eats human flesh. Forget it, we will have new zombie variant It is a football zombie. It strange that every 4 year, the occurrence of Z symptoms or Z chromosome will resurface infecting everyone.

If you know these guys will become football zombies what can you possibly do to prevent them from getting infect ?

Darlie Malaysia giving out Transformers Cup

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As new Transformer movie will be out at the end of June 2014, Darlie is giving out awesome transformers-printed cups

This time they are not sending away normal cup with Darlie logo printed on the cups. We will have big Transformers logo printed cup if we purchase any Darlie products. Are you excited ?? It could be one-of-a-kind item out there in the market.

It is impossible you can have this cup without purchase any Darlie toothpaste. First of all, we will need to find one in 10 grocery stores that actually have this limited cup. We want to be the early adopter right ? I bet there are many people out there wishing to get this Transformer cups at any costs.

Darlie never published any hints there were limited Transformer cups but I am sure it will not lasts long. Hoping every Transformer fans will get this cup before anyone else. It will be very sad day for those fans who are not getting this cup if they were bought Darlie toothpaste. It is not like everyone who bought Darlie toothpaste can reject this cup. Everyone like free gift

They have published this post on Darlie social media Facebook page on May 28, 2014. However, there were lack of information where is the place will be available first. They should tell us where we can get this whether Giant or 7-Eleven stores ??

Have you get your Transformer Cup ? Do remind your friend about this lovely Darlie giveaways !


Darlie and Transformers promotional video clips . Buy one pack with two Darlie toothpaste today !

Tribute and Charity Dinner MH370

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Nationl Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia to organize a charity in commemorate MH370 

Source : National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) Facebook

This charity event posted on NUFAM social media Facebook on May 2, 2014. It is not clear how well received the public on this charity. Besides, they posted on who want to be volunteer in performing at the charity.

They have called out local singers and performers who is willing to be part in this MH370 charity dinner on June 7. Contact them if you wish to join at . The Venue is will be at Emperor Ballroom, Empire Hotel, Subang. 

This charity main goal will be channeling the fundraising to families of crew members in MH370 flight. Besides attending this charity dinner, your other alternative to help families of the crew member MH370 is by deposit to Public Bank 6330386721 .

We have seen news about help hands extended on MH370 passengers however there were very few news on crew members of MH370 flight involved in this unfortunate event. Although there were financial aid been given but I think there are many kind peoples out there would like to extend their love and care to the families crew member of MH370. This will be a very great platform.

 What can you possibly say to help them get through the hard days ? The misery and pain of their children without father or mother. Your act of kindness will be definitely help them get it through somehow . Your acts will be their biggest hope to shield them from any bad days ahead.

More information please visit at

Perfect World opened Swordsman Online in Malaysia

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World No 1 badminton player Lee Chong Wei have been invited to attend opening ceremony of 4Games Swordsman online in Malaysia 

Source: xa.4games

Swordsman online or "笑傲江湖 "is a poplar 3D online MMORPG set at a distant past influenced by Jin Yong novel. The game is fantastic and addictive due to infusing historical Chinese infrastructure in the past with fiction. Mandarin speaking often called it as "Wuxia" .  

Growing popularity of swordsman online worldwide stemmed 4Games to open a new server for Malaysia players. The game will be in Chinese language but the game will be designed to cater local Malaysian players as well as other southeast Asia countries. Despite that, there is no announcement there will be IP block thus any country players could access and play !

With this initiative, Malaysian will no longer need to play the game at other server that hosted at far and long distances. As a result, Malaysia will have greater online gaming experience because lag-free and interactive between players is improved. 

Not only that, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippine who interested in playing Swordsman online could join the game in a consistent and familiar environment. For example, player can communicate and understand English inside the game. Besides, the game chat room will no longer dominate by Chinese characters.

As a part of promoting the game, opening ceremony of Swordsman online in Malaysia, they have invited Datuk Lee Chong wei to attend this grand opening ceremony at Paradigm Mall ground floor. Detailed information can be found at the banner above. Joining this event, you might have a chance to bring back something good as displayed at the banner. Don miss this event visit them on June 1 Sunday, lunch time till 2PM ! 

Besides, a meeting with Swordsman online players will be held ahead of the opening ceremony on May, 30. Time is 10AM-10PM for two days

Official 4Games Facebook page :

This video is part of marketing strategy for Swordsmen online will be opened in Malaysia. Close beta Swordsman online is scheduled to be launched onMay 29, 2014.  Downloadable game client had been released earlier and the size is 8GB - 9GB . Should you opt for Swordsman online game disc, management of 4Games announced every account could get a free disc upon requested to their home no extra charge upon them. 

Malaysia vs Japan Thomas Cup Final 2014

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Thomas Cup Final this Sunday 5.30PM . We are in final this time after so many years.

Sunday 5.30 PM is the time most of Malaysian are at home resting. Wait, there is something coming and better than resting, what is so important than resting on Sunday ?? Tune to RTM or your Astro channel for Thomas Cup 2014 Final match Malaysia vs Japan.

Tell your friends, parent and relatives, we are in the middle of getting Thomas Cup back to our own soil. We are not alone hoping the best for our athletes Malaysian wife of the Prime minister, Datin Seri Rosmah has called every Malaysian to give support to the country badminton team.

We cant reduce the chance will we lose the match as both team are shown to have great badminton players in the ground. Winning is nothing compare to greatest match. We week glory, fantastic, once in a lifetime match. Who winning is not important but putting a good show for everyone with all the sweat and tears they have put through. Winning is nothing the important is the process. "Fail is part and parcel of the quest to glory" said wife of Malaysia Prime Minister.

Who do not want to see Japan's Kenichi Tago and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei match in Thomas Cup 2014 ?? World No.2 badminton player Chen Long lost the badminton match with Kenichi Tago. It is important to know that Lee Chong wei once beaten by Chen Long as for Lee Chong Wei facing Kenichi Tago will be something worth to watch as we have seen Chen Long vs Malaysia this year

Before the match begin, RTM was told broadcasting right for Thomas Cup Final is about RM 4 million and they were unable to buy that right and broadcast it . As soon the news came out, It stirred not satisfy for some group of people. Twitter May 24 trending #ThomasCup4All  , it is part of a online community discussing the said news about RTM and Thomas Cup Final most of people just voiced their dissatisfaction about it. They can only watch the match LIVE by Astro channel.

The miracle does happen, after few hours authority said the right to broadcast were taken by private TV station,  RTM regained the right to broadcast Thomas Cup Final for free. It seem like everyone can watch the anticipated match tomorrow either at Astro channel or at RTM. 

This online twitter trending could be an online pleading or an online petition proved successful in contributing RTM regains their right to broadcast tomorrow Thomas Cup final.

Who will win tomorrow match ? Let see the game tomorrow ! Thank Astro for giving out the right to RTM ! 

Malaysia 2 - 3 Japan . Thomas cup belong to Japan 2014. 

Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra More Value 2014

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More Calls, more Texts and Data for your hungry appetite using smartphones

More is in your smartphone voice data, SMS and online data. Lesser the mobile service operator take money from you. All your calling to local network will be charge 8sen/min . No other mobile service operator in Malaysia but Hotlink will give you this good deal !!

Imagine 10 minutes calling you will be incurred RM 0.80 . What more, SMS to all networks only incur you as little as RM0.02 . When you send 200 SMS, your credit will only deduct RM2.00

Firstly, dial *100*1# , then pick your price at RM5, RM10, RM15. It really easy everything is done automatically you just have to follow step by step and the first step is inserting the magic codes.

If you feel like you are really in need to call someone you are better choose to use this reloading promotion Hotlink Hot Ticket Extra.

New Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia XL in Malaysia 2014

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Nokia Malaysia introduced budget, low-end with dual-SIM's smartphones to our market.

Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM
Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM

It is a new trend in 2014. Smartphone companies are competing not only introducing their flagship smartphones that cost between RM 1000 - RM 2399, they are starting to unveil new smartphone under RM1000 or even lower RM 500.

 I don think you know what I mean. There were many china based smartphone companies opened their retail store at Malaysia. In less than 2 months, April and May we have seen Xiao Mi, Huawei, Oppo's store at Malaysia shopping mall. Spotlight not only focusing on electronic business, there are China pandas costing RM 60 million to be shipped to Malaysia as a sign of friendship

Despite China's three popular smartphone companies introducing their unbelievable low cost high quality smartphones, Nokia Malaysia confidently responded to this challenge by introducing two highly anticipated low-cost smartphones with capabilities to put more than 1 SIM card. 

Both of this smartphones cost less than RM 600 which is incredible matching the quality and the price together. The value you pay is the quality you will get till you hold it with your hand, you will never let it go !
Let do some research both of this smartphones specification


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
RAM        : 512 MB Quadcore
Display     : 4.5" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 8GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 5 Megapixels
Network            :  3G, 4.0 bluetooth
Weight              : 134g
Color                : Green, Orange, Yellow, Black

Features : Dual-SIM, Windows mobile phone, Corning Gorilla Glass 3


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
RAM        : 768 MB Quadcore
Display     : 5" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 4GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 5 Megapixels
Network            :  3G, 3.0 bluetooth
Weight              : 190g
Color                : Green, Orange, Yellow, Black

Features : Dual-SIM, Windows mobile phone, Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Fortunate and grateful that both of this smartphones unveiled globally 2014 before mass production, Malaysian get them as soon as it production completed and launched to the worldwide market.

Are you looking to buy both of this smartphones ? or you want to check current or discounted price of Nokia XL & Nokia Lumia 630 ? Check this store at  Nokia XL Dual SIM Orange. Find out current price of at Nokia Lumia 630 Dual 8GB Black

Nokia Malaysia Social media Facebook : NokiaMalaysia

Watch Edge of Tomorrow Movie in Malaysia May 29

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Tom Cruise new movie in 2014. Action-packed, fire, explosion, future, mechanical body armour, alien invasion

Directed by : Doug Liman
Starring : Bill Paxton, Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise
Running time : Approximately 2 hours
Distributor/Producer : Warner Bros

4 largest movies will be released in Malaysia in May 2014. Amazing spiderman 2, Godzilla, X-men Days of future past and Edge of Tomorrow. 

As the title suggested, Edge of Tomorrow movie will be on Malaysia cinema silver screen on May 29, 2014. Don get confused by international releasing date on June 2014 at United States. We might have a chance to watch it a day earlier than May 29, 2014 (Thursday) due to early sneak show on May 28, 2014 (Wednesday)

Like every new movies by Hollywood, you will get a chance to watch it on 2D, 2D or IMAX 3D screen. In the trailer, it seem like Tom Cruise is wearing a mechanical body armor fighting off alien race that had violence intention on the Earth. His most epic quote " It seem like I am in this fight for eternity". It further means that the fighting with Alien race is difficult.

Tom Cruise seem to have time travelling ability to the past to set the human race future better. For example, liken to the movie "X-men Days of the future past", wolverine back to the past to set thing right thus set mutant future better.

However, Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise seem to travelling forth and back for many times that He could hardly remember how many times was it. Every time He face the pain of being dead and the pain of watching his world torn apart by violence intended forces.

Will Tom Cruise in the movie Edge of Tomorrow eventually win the formidable alien race. Will Tom cruise a secret weapon his determination and consistent will set a better human future ?

We have seen Tom Cruise have been involved himself for numerous movies that set the time on the future. I guess he really like acting in a futuristic and science fiction movies.


Missing Malaysia Airline MH370 Movie

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The Vanishing Act inspired by the real incident of Malaysian flight MH370 

United State's Hollywood movies industry have been occasionally related and association with grand unfortunate event such as 9/11. Some even made a statement that "if they can make Avatar, they can make 9/11". It really self explanatory whether which is is true of false. I mean we do not know who started and behind every war happened right ? perhaps we will know the truth after the war is over. Or maybe someone just put a name accusing him start the war.

The Vanishing Act is a movie but not a documentary. A movies always dramatic, fancy and overwhelmed story telling. Movies are not entirely true and it is based on one side opinion how and what to show in your screen. Will we condemn such an act to make a movie inspired by the real incident ??

To start telling everyone "The Vanishing Act" movie is inspired by MH370 is fairy unfair. Because all we know about the real event MH370 they lost contact with airport controller tower. So in this movie, there will be a plot about the airplane lost contact with airport controller tower ?

How much similarities of true event MH370 will be put inside this movie ? In fact, this movie is marketed largely using the real event missing Malaysian Airliner MH370 title. This movie is still in the state of getting new investors. Meanwhile, a trailer of the movie have been made available to the public.

Do you really have to watch this movie ? I strongly encourage this is just a movie made out of investor money. It may or may not be similar to the true event. For the marketing part, they were using MH370 true event that is entirely legal in some country.

Will this movie be produced and aired to the public if they have enough investor ? It is likely will happen because in the past we have seen much more exaggerated movies that so called inspired by 9/11 and so forth.

This movies unveiled by Bollywood director Rupesh Paul. The trailer has cost him $3.5 million or (RM11million).

Malaysian raged on twitter for One Direction concert

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One Direction is unlikely held concert in Malaysia 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014

Twitter trends Malaysia 19 May 2014

They are online protesting that why One Direction boy band is not going to perform a concert at Malaysia. Some even left comments or complain to the management of One Direction at this opportunist time

Hashtag #MalaysianeedsOTRAT have been trending on May 19, 2014. Outraging due to the decision by One Direction mangement that concert will be held at other parts of Asian countries excluding Malaysia.

This hashtag sparked nationwide as well as worldwide attention demanding a Malaysia tour by One Direction. I guess Malaysian love express their concern and opinion on Twitter. I mean in order to be a hashtag by worldwide is incredible . That must be a lot of people tweeting this hashtag that day

Will Malaysian fans get a chance to meet up One Direction in Malaysia by a concert ? Will they hear the our  outcry ? This hashtag is a proof to many we are indeed wanted them to come here. It could be possible due to this year is "Visit Malaysia year 2014 " anything could happen.

Don be too much unrealistic because One Direction concert is fully booked this year. In fact, their asian tour is scheduled next year 2015. How I know ?? because One Direction manegement made an announcement Asian concert is likely happening on next year !!

Too early get excited ? They are touring Singapore and Thailand. Singapore on March and Thailand will be on May 2015.

I believe Malaysian fans is in agonizing because some of them claimed they have been waiting One Direction concert in Malaysia for more than 2 years. Whne they heard the news One Director is going to open concert in Asian countries. They must be so happy ! That is a sign of hope they have been waiting for

I would suggest you take a ride to Singapore if you really want to hear they singing and meet them in close proximity in this coming March 2015. 10 months ahead from now !

Percaya Malay version song in remembrance of MH370

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There are Malay, Chinese and English version song in remembrance of MH370

Song of the year ! because it related to MH370 Malaysian airline and very well related to all Malaysian. A song that truly touch all of the Malaysian heart and mind. A positive force from this song is undeniably strong ! We will never forget you MH370.

Singer : Dina, Hazama and Astro All-stars

Title : Percaya


Berlalu awan, langit dan suran
Membawa aku cahaya baru
Hari semalam ku lepaskan
Besok hari bawa harapan, teruskan

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

woah ~ Percayalah 

Hentikan lah semua air mata
Tuhan sentiasa bersama
Segalanya akan berlalu
Pulang aku pasti padamu
yang satu

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

Woah ~ Percayalah 

Biarkan jauh dari mata 
Takkan hilang di hati
Terus gagah menlangkah pasti
Hari hari yang aku lalui
Pada tuhan ku berdoa
Waktu kau mengubati pasti

Woah Percayalah 

ku takkan biarmu sendiri

2NE1 sending message for Blackjacks in malaysia

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Anyeonghaseyo or selamat datang to arrival of 2NE1 for second time in Malaysia 2014 

Source : wikipedia

Give a 2NE1 a break would not you Malaysian fan ? They have been to Malaysia last year and also this year ! . If it is not because Malaysian demand on Kpop concert, they would not come for second time but it is a very happy to see them back.

It is a world tour for them with title "All or nothing". Malaysian just cant get enough for Kpop song and dancing. This will be another concert that will make you lose oxygen and suffocate collapse at the floor  held on May 2014. Month of May and June are usually holiday season !!

I am not being serious about that . The truth is that in conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014 there are really a lot of happening. After 2NE1 concert in may, we will see Taylor Swift in June performing "Red Tour" ! I could not imagine that actually dream become true for many Malaysian fans.

What are the songs you like 2NE1 to sing in the concert ? There are so many good song such as "Don stop the music", "Go Away", "Love is ouch", "I am the Best", "I Don care", "Clap your hand".

New Maggi Big Ayam and Kari 2014

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Maggi is introducing new package to Malaysian instant noodle fans . Much more bigger.

New and old maggi package 2014

Just how big is this Maggi big ?? It is 101 grams with 447 kcal or 1878 KJ. It is bigger than the normal Maggi package we have been consuming ! Just for your reminder that normal maggi package contained 78 grams with 348 kcal only

Temptation to buy Maggi big ayam and Maggi big kari is big because the ambassador of Maggi is renowned and well known actor Aaron Aziz. The way he is eating the Maggi instant noodle curry flavor is so delicious. I can smell it from my screen. I just don want watching him eating I want experience it too !

The truth is that the original Maggi kari and ayam flavors are not being changed. It is still the same old flavor however the package is slightly modified to looked like bigger more content.

New Maggi Big ayam RM 5.99 2014
RM 5.99 for 5 Maggi Big Ayam

I have noticed not only the package had changed, the price is increased to RM 5.99 in local store. I am wondering what are the price in supermarket because usually bigger store selling cheaper. Maggi is a big brand and their instant noodle is RM 1 expensive than other instant noodle brand.

New Maggi Big kari RM 5.99 2014

I have eaten numerous instant noodles from Maggi or other brands but the tasty one that can close close to compete with Maggi would be "Mamee" and "Mee sedaap". Mamee instant noodle newest rolled out Mamee Chef is super creative and tasty !  I want to stay at Maggi side since this is about Maggi !

Maggi is so popular in Malaysia sometimes we referred instant noodles as Maggi instead. That how powerful Maggi brand in Malaysia. One is not a Malaysian if you asked about "What are the top 3 instant noodles brand you have eaten"  his/her answers should have Maggi, if it does not he/she is not original Malaysian

Hey !! I got a suggestion since we have so many foreigner in malaysia, to test the original Malaysian, we ask them the question above !

When Aaron Aziz become Maggi ambassador, it made Maggi an instant noodle for gangsters because Aaron Aziz always starring and made appearance on gangsters movies ! Maggi is so gangster with Aaron Aziz ! You are not a true gangster if you had not eaten Maggi !  

Says Food Awards Malaysia 2014 Contest

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Stand a chance to win cash prizes worth RM25,000 . Everyone know how to take picture of a tasty food has higher chance

Says food awards 2014

A very creative vote-and-upload platform where abundant tasty food photos are stored in here for you to vote or you can upload your own tasty food photos. Seek no where but here for photos that will make you hungry and drooling in midnight. Everyone is uploading their most tasty foods pictures into this platform with optional provided location for your ease to find where is the restaurant serving that meal. The best part is you could be selected as the winner of cash prizes worth RM25,000

Take a food photo and win ! that is so easy . I am developing a thought that there will be gender inequality on the winners because most of the male forgot to take their food photo. They usually finished up everything or half way eating to be reminded to take a photo with their foods.

Capturing foods using smartphone or camera is a developing trend. A trend focused on those who born 80s and 90s . I don see our parents is leading this trend although they encourage or started doing it nowadays. What is so memorable capturing food photo if you eat it everyday ? 

Maybe because some of us think that food is a precious piece of art. It could be right ! I mean our future children would want to flip back photos what did we eat right in last decade or last 20 years ! Wait, there is another good reason why people like to take food photo, because they want us to feel hungry, pitiful and jealous. It is not entirely true but part of it is right !

I have seen people editing those food photos just to make it more tastier and more starving. Looking at Mcdonald and KFC advertisements you will see a very good looking meal inside the photo but when you go to Mcdonald and buy them. It is not what you think the size, the amount and the texture. They mess up our brain system who are managing the food sector by a pretty food photo .

I guess we cant sue them because you often will see a small print written "It is just for advertisement, it is for illustration purpose". Commercial companies always using the advantage of advertisement to attract more business. Why ? Because to some extend it is actually legal to do that. Commercial company always can refute that it is how the public to see the advertisement. 

Ok ! back to Says Food awards how do we win this contest ? Firstly, we need a smartphone to do that 

How to join this contest 

1. Download Free "OpenSnap" apps to your Iphone or android phone

2. Snap & upload photos nominate your favorite food places with hashtag #SAYSFoodAwards

3. Vote or get your friend to like your food photo to be eligible winner of this contest


1. 40 most liked photos each win RM 500 cash prize

2. 50 OpenSnap users will win RM100 each 

3. Top 10 restaurants will receive Says Food Awards

Contest started on May 5 and will end on June 5. Start download the app and vote your favorite delicious dishes !

CN BLUE Cant Stop Concert in Kuala Lumpur 2014

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CN BLUE boy band is back for another concert ? Are you ready for CN Blue's love songs ?

IME  Production CN Blue concert 2014 Malaysia

Last CN Blue concert in malaysia was 2013. I believe it must be very welcoming by Malaysian arrival of CN Blue last year. There are too much happening in the year of 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014.

Amid Red Bull Air Race tomorrow May 17, the same day CN Blue concert ticket released to be sold. CN Blue will the second Korean band to come to Malaysia this year. 2NE1 korean girl band too will be performing soon at May 24.

2NE1 World Tour malaysia is organized by the same company IME Production will be gladly introduce to you CN Blue concert on August 9, 2014 .

The lowest entry fee to the concert is PS4 RM188 only and the highest will be VVIP 1 RM588. 

CN Blue might sing your favorite song to you. Which songs do you want to hear? "Dream Boy", "Love Girl", "Love Light", "Sweet Holiday", "Intuition". 

Which favorite boy in the band you adore the most ? Is it YongHwa ?

IME  Production CN Blue concert 2014

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New Sony Xperia Z2 released in Malaysia 2014

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Sony Mobile Malaysia said in Facebook they are releasing most anticipated Sony Xperia Z2 with free gifts

Xperia Z2 releasing note Source: Facebook mobileMY

Huge Sony fans in Malaysia will be thrilled to see this announcement. Malaysian have a good trust on Sony products especially youngsters. I don seem to understand is that because it is waterproof or scratch, dust proof ? or whether it sony camera or sony audio speakers?

In recent global news about Xperia mobile, Sony is doing great in mobile business selling almost 39 million Sony smartphones worldwide in 2013. Their annual report released to the public for whole 2013. Comparison 2012 and 2013 Sony annual mobile sales report, an increasing of 5 million sales recorded as 2012 Sony mobile sales was 34 million.

Sony is very optimistic about their mobile sales in 2014. They expected an increasing of 11 million mobile sales this year compared to last year 39 million. Are they expecting too much ? No, they are certainly not because 50 million is not hardly an unreachable sales expectation. Huawei, Samsung and apple each have sales expectation exceeded 50 million.

Back to Xperia Z2, Sony newest LTE/4G enabled smartphone. If you purchase it today or tomorrow they are giving away free gifts a battery dock or battery cable. Let see Xperia Z2 specification !


Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
RAM        : 3GB
Display     : 5.2" screen size IPS LCD (424 ppi pixel density)
Internal capacity : 16GB (expansion microSD up to 64GB)
Camera              : 20.7 Megapixels
Network            : 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight              : 163g
Color                : Purple and Black

Features : Water, scratch, dust proof, Kitkat 4.4.2.

Sony Xperia Z2 is relatively new smartphone released to the market. It is surprising that it will be released so fast in Malaysia market. Sony Xperia Z2 is set to compete with Samsung Galaxy S5, Iphone 5S, HTC One M8, Oppo Find 7a, Xiaomi m 3. 

After review specification of Sony Xperia Z2, the main attractive and unique points of this smartphone are cutting-edge camera technology and powerful and fast RAM. It is able to do movie recording in 4k resolution. I could not think any smartphone out there stand against Sony Xperia Z2's sharpest camera technology.

It always fun to to see user holding Xperia smartphone while raining

Interested to know the price and full detail you can always visit sony malaysia website.

Anyways, if you feel like purchasing white colored Sony Xperia Z2 with exclusive FIFA merchandise, Adidas Mini Brazuca ball and sport shirts, The price is RM 2359 .Please visit here for more detail at Sony Xperia Z2 white free FIFA merchandise and more

Malaysia Electricity Tariff increased 26% from 2008 to 2014

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How much changes in Electricity Bill in Malaysia throughout the years? Especially in 2014.

Malaysia Electricity Bill 2008 and 2012
Electricity Bill in 2010 and 2012 . Source : Seniorsaloud, oongui.

Do you ever ask yourself what was the past electricity tariff ? Have you noticed news about sole power company in Malaysia Tenaga Nasional Berhad or any state power company, is asking people to pay more on your every month electricity bill ??

Surely most of you guy who are news goer must have noticed the electricity tariff increase news. Have you really carefully calculated ?

Recent news from our national power company that in 2014, we will need to bear another increasing in electricity bill. Yeah ! in the name of subsidy rationalization they have rendered the old tariff chart. Check back the news there is a new tariff chart effective in January 2014.

Take a look at the chart above, I have gathered 2008 and 2012 random electricity tariff. Thank to Seniorsaloud and oongui blog ( I took their pic without alerting them) . Let us do some research !

Shortly after the Malaysian 2008 election ended peacefully, our old electricity chart which 500 kWh around 0.28/kWh was RM 140.00 , for the next 100 kWh around 0.37/kWh and become RM37.00

Summary 2008 electricity chart for 600kWh 

500kWh * 0.286/kWh = RM 143.00
100kWh * 0.37/kWh   = RM 37.00

Total : RM 180

Summary 2011 electricity chart for 600kWh 

First 200kWh (1-200 kWh) per month : (200*21.80)/100 = RM 43.60
Next 100kWh (201 - 300 kWh) per month : (100*33.40)/100 = RM 33.40
Next 100kWh (301 - 400 kWh ) per month : (100*40.0)/100 = RM 40.00
Next 100kWh (401 - 500 kWh ) per month : (100*40.2)/100 = RM 40.20
Next 100kWh (501 - 600kWh ) per month : (100*41.6)/100 = RM 41.60

Total : RM 198.80

Summary 2014 Tariff chart for 600 kWh

First 200kWh (1-200 kWh) per month : (200*21.80)/100 = RM 43.60
Next 100kWh (201 - 300 kWh) per month : (100*33.40)/100 = RM 33.40
Next 300kWh (301 - 600 kWh)  per month : (100*51.60)/100 = RM 154.80

Total : RM 231.80

Question & Answers 

How much increase between 2008 and 2011 in 600 kWh ?

RM198.80 - RM180 = RM 18.8 . Approximately 10% increase between 2008 and 2011.

How much increase between 2011 and 2014 in 600 kWh ?

RM 231.80 - RM 198.80 = RM 33.0. Approximately 16% increase between 2008 and 2011.

How much increase 2008 till 2014 ?

26 % increase for 600 kWh within 6 years.

National power company done good work in implementing this chart. The first 200kWh tariff have the lowest charge in Malaysian history compared to 2010 electricity tariff rate at RM 0.28 . At RM 0.218 per kWh, household in Malaysia could save up a lot .

 If your electricity never go up to 90kWh per month you will be entitled governemnt subsidy of RM 20.00. That means household who use lesser than 90kWh no need to pay anything at all !

 In my research, household with air-conditioner and heavy power consumption machinery, their bill is no escaping from 400 kWh - 700 kWh. 

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Samsung Ultra High Definition TV is available in Malaysia

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World First ever Curved UHD TV launched by Samsung globally. Over 1000 Clear Motion Rate 

UHD TV Samsung Malaysia

If you just bought your TV last 2 years your TV probably stand at 100 refresh rate which is above average rating among LED TV. Unless you bought a plasma TV which the refresh rate could be from 200-600. Refresh rate is one of the main determinant in purchase a right TV

Normal TV shows and news are using on 50/60 refresh rate. Now why would anyone in this world need something bigger than that ? There are plasma TV even goes up to 600 refresh rate not to mention UHD TV which is over 1000 refresh rate. 

It does not matter because consumers are fascinated by promise of better picture quality. In fact, Ultra High Definition TV are not the same of HDTV. It is a successor of High-Definition TV. UHD TV have a humble beginning in 2012 that only less than 100,000 UHD TVs shipped globally. Guess who ordered the most ? 

It would be China consumers. Accounted 80% of the buyers are came from within China. It was not cheap at US$5000. Over the years, UHD TVs gained worldwide attention shipment grow from merely 100,000 to millions. Researchers forecast that end of the decade which is 6 years from now, 40 per cent of all flat panel TV shipments will be UHD variety. It is so expensive who are going to buy ??

They have all figured out the price tag that is why they will introduce entry-level UHD TVs which will cost consumers merely US$1500 or lesser. Indeed, the world technological advancement is growing tremendously and rapidly.

In simple, what are UHD TV ? It is just another term for 4K, 3840 x 2160 p TV. Movie industry and gaming industry is trying harder to provide game in 4K resolution TV. There are few TV shows supporting 4K resolution that will be "Breaking Bad".

UHD TV Samsung Malaysia

UHD TV are mostly a smart and LED TVs. The cost of owning one is still relatively high for this next generation TVs. Most of the TVs review are still ranked UHD TV has a rip off price tag.

Author of this blog Unitedmy does not recommend this year or next 2 years to purchase an UHD TVs. We will see price lowered when consumer are slowly reject HD TVs but it is unlikely to be happened in this year or next couple of years.

Although it looked amazing does not mean you have to buy it now and put at your living room. You can always go back to TV store and spend few minutes enjoy them. 

Samsung Malaysia Curved UHD TVs Promotion

  Back to curved UHD TV, Samsung Malaysia made a promotional campaign to enhance sales on this new generation TVs in Malaysian market. This campaign is started on May 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014.

The curved UHD TVs is 65 inch and 55 inch screen size. For 65 inch will be at a price RM21,999 and for 55 inch it will be at RM 15,999. 

Besides curved UHD TV, you will have rebate on Smart LED TV series 6 and LED TV series 5 in this same campaign. If you are not interested in curved UHD TV, you still have choices to make ! It is a wonderful opportunity for would-be LED TV buyers. Interested buyers can visit here for more information. You could get a Samsung LED TV as low as RM2,099, it is a 40 inch Full HD Samsung TV series 5. 

Unveiling World First ever Curved UHD TV at Malaysia with President Lee Dong Yong

Besides, are you seeking for perfect Smart UHD TVs by Samsung ? Author of Unitedmy introducing you it is a 65 inch screen size, 1000 clear motion rate, 4HDMI ports & USB 2.0, Ultra Clear Panel Quad core for only RM 13,999.00. For more information visit at Samsung UHD TV 65"

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A Song remembrance of MH370 by MY FM and Melody FM

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MY FM & Melody FM presents to you a song about MH370. 

This song does not belong to the author of the blog. A song dedication to missing Malaysian flight MH370. A mandarin song with translation to English.

Singer:  MY FM > Royce, Wayne, Geraldine, Nicole. Melody FM > Jentzen, 菲比

English lyrics

Song Title : Believe 相信

Starting speech (Ashwad Ismail) : (0.1) Rescue mission of MH370 is the mysterious in the history of modern aviation  

(0.15) Look at the blue sky with your eyes
Then close you eye while looking and make a wish
(0.28) Life is full of trial that make us stronger
I am like most of you always falling and stumble 


1. (0.46) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(0.53) Life is sustained by loving

 Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(1.02) When the time is difficult, ther are the time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith 

(1.09) Woah ~~ Always keep your good faith 
Woah ~~ Always move forward

(1.21) Yesterday mistakes and struggle do not be too much sensitive
Today realizing mistakes of the past are brave and courage
(1.33) You deserve to be loved and be appreciated
What you yearn for tomorrow let do it together

2. (1.49) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(1.56) Life is sustained by loving

Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(2.05) When the time is difficult, there are time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith

(2.13) Woah ~~ Always keep your faith
       Woah ~~ Always move forward

3. (2.49) Who's life journey does not face lost and gain
Close your both hand and pray
(2.55) Life is sustained by loving

Embrace closely loved one when you have all the chance
(3.04) When the time is difficult, there are time to forgive
Life needs every moment of faith

Woah ~~ Always keep your faith
 Woah ~~ Always move forward

Share this message and spread the faith to each other !! We are together to mourn with this song ! Chinese lyric in readily available on Youtube !

See here for Malay version "faith" song in remembrance MH370

10 Best LED TV in Malaysia under RM2000

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What are the most important factors when choosing a right a LED TV?

There are several factors to ponder and it is easily to guess by everyone that would be screen size. Most people are willing to spend more to get bigger LED TV inch. I would like to suggest to buy at a 42 inch LED TV and above although the store were selling 32 inch LED TV onward.

The biggest problem facing by consumers purchasing a right LED TV would be dissatisfaction on the screen size of the TV they bought. Most of the physical stores do not allow consumers return back goods sold. The best solution would be avoid purchasing 32 inch LED TV.

However, the existence of LED TV in 32" screen size are significant. Most of the stores are selling them in rock-bottom price somewhat below RM1,000. They are few reasons consumer would pick this rather than bigger screen. Some reasons would be it fit right in the space of furniture, it cost-saving, less electricity consumption. Besides, rich folk wanted to have their kids room and guest room to have a LED TV while they already have a 60" LED TV at the living room.

It varies how consumer perceived on purchasing right LED TVs. Rest assured that most people would argue TV screne size is rather small or big the best solution would be 42 inch LED TV. Research showed that more and more consumers picking up 42 inch LED TV than other screen size LED TV.

It is best to buy between 40" screen size to 50" screen size. The price tag would be varies between RM1,300 - RM2,000. Some of the important factors are wattage, resolution, hertz

Generally, in my own opinion and research, there are categories of TV. It will be like this LCD > Plasma/Curved  > LED > OLED . LED is leaning towards nature friendly and electricity reduced. LED are highly regard as the best of the best in any categories. However, Plasma, Curved and LCD potentially emitting more color, brighter, clear cut image than LED. If you like perfect image and color go for Plasma/Curved/LCD. If you are more on saving electricity bill, nature friendly and better longevity go for LED type TV.

Do note that most of the TV below are not smart TV. The last 2 are Smart TV.


Model : KLV-46R452

Resolution : 1920 x 1080, 46 inch

Wattage : 77

Hertz : 50/60

Features : 2 HDMI ports, Motionflow XR 100, Connect with Xperia smartphone, 24p true cinema, 3D comb filter.

Sony always get to cake when mentioning which TV brands has the best longevity. No doubt, people are satified Sony TV products. The old generation believing in Japan based company Sony in purchasing a TV. What about now ? Is Sony still viable choice ? Well, it is up to you to decide and self-explanatory. I would say that now every big companies out there are making decent LED TV. Interested ? Check full information at Sony 46 FULL HD LED BRAVIA


Model : 42LA6130

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 42 inch

Wattage : 95

Hertz : 100 (50hz)

Features : Smart Energy Saving, IPS panel. 3D

It is not a bad option for LG LED TV with 3D. In order to help your decision making you are required to witness it by yourself. Last time I checked it is below the price of RM2,000. You could check here for more information LG 42 FULL HD 3D


Model : UA46F5000

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 46 inch

Wattage : 59

Hertz : 100hz

Features : ConnectShare, HDMI 2/USB 1, Eco Class A+.

For 46 inch screen size with that low wattage is worth to know. That low electricity consumption but do not compromise quality is what everyone looking for. Plus, it is with 100 Hertz that mean you can watch fast movement movies or sport with precisely and accurate that most of the TV cannot offer. Hertz is the main determinant for clearer image on fast object movement on TV screen.  It is currently so cheap check it out at Samsung 46 LED FULL HD


Model : 42PFL2908

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 42 inch

Wattage : 98

Hertz : 100 Perfect Motion rate

Features : Tv to monitor, USB.

Not a bad choice indeed. It is a considerable option as it really cheaper than most of the 42 inch screen size LED TV. You can buy this at price RM1500 and below. Check here for more information at Philips 42 LED TV


Model : HMLED50K360

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 50 inch

Wattage : unknown estimated 80-110

Hertz : 100 Vivid motion

Features : Tv to monitor, USB, 3 HDMI ports

Most of you do not know that Hisense is a china based company. They are gradually expanding to various countries. Particularly, developing countries such Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine and South Africa.. It really cheap 50 inch screen size LED TV. Check current price at Hisense 50 LED TV


Model : 50L2300

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 50 inch

Wattage : 135

Hertz : 120 Clear scan

Features : viewing angle 178, Power bass booster, Comb filter 3D, REGZA engine, Game mode.

Incredible 120 refresh rate with 50 inch screen size. Nothing can describe further the highest rating for normal flat TV . Unless you want to buy a smart TV, this is the best ! Are you willing to purchase Toshiba TV, Toshiba does not have failure historical record just to be honest. Check out here  Toshiba 50 inch Full HD LED. You can buy this to play your PS4 or Xbox ! Big screen !


Model : TH-L39EM6K

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 39 inch

Wattage : 57

Hertz : 100 Backlight Blinking

Features : HDMI 2, MKV & RMVB format supported, AV In x2, Energy Saving.

Panasonic's 39" inch full high-definition LED TV. Due to the lesser electricity consumption, it has been awarded energy saving award. Although it has smaller screen size at 39 inch but it has exclusive clearer image at 100 refresh rate. Most of the global news use either 50/60 hz. If you prefer gaming, you could use this TV up to it maximum potential ! Check more information at Panasonic FULL HD LED 39 inch


Model : PS51F4000

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 51 inch

Wattage : 170

Hertz : 600 Subfield Motion Rate

Features : HDMI 2, 1 USB port, HyperReal Picture Engine.

Plasma TV is well known for it cutting-edge and eye-catching image and video quality. A plasma TV with 51 inch screen size but relatively cheap below RM2,000. It produces clear image and video movement up to 600 refresh rate. This TV is very good for thrilling and awesome action movies. Do note that Plasma TV is good for home with close environment and the time to watch should be around 6 hours. Plasma TV emitted relatively high heat on the screen for better quality of image .

 I don think everyone watch TV for more than 6 hours unless you are playing games. Most people do not recommend playing game on Plasma TV. Check current price and full information at Samsung Plasma 4 series

They are few reasons why Plasma TV is selling lower price in the market. It is due to the tech news that OLED and 4K television are taking over Plasma type TV. Plasma TV is always dubbed as the brilliant era of TV screen before the coming in of OLED and 4k resolution TV.


Model : LC40LE835

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 40 inch LCD panel

Wattage : 109

Hertz : Up to 240hz

Features :Aquomotion 240, AQUOS Quattron 3D TV.

It is sharp with sharp prominent TV technologies. Basically, it has 3D-2D conversion so that viewer have a choice to wear 3D glass or not for a 3D movies. A really good LED TV with Aquomotion 240 which mean it can support up to 240 refresh rate. This TV has dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1 and picture quality that is second to none. It is not just that you will be impressed when you see the price tag of this TV. Check the current price at Sharp 40 3D smart LED TV


Model : UA40F5500

Resolution : 1920 x 1080p, 40 inch

Wattage : 117

Hertz : 100

Features : 3 HDMI ports, WiFi, USB movie, HyperReal Engine, Wireless LAN, Game mode, Smartshare

Definitely balanced Samsung Smart LED TV. if you are looking for entry-level, cheap, good brand and normal resolution, you are looking at the best option available. You can play any movies from your USB, smartphone tablets or computer. Thank to smart allshare you are allowed to share seamlessly and almost anything with your 40 inch screen Samsung TV. Check at here for more information and current price  Samsung Smart TV HD