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8 Common Dim Sum Served in Restaurant

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Get Ready for some Canto Food

Everyone love to order Dim Sum as a side dish meal. The main course usually variety of noodle. Types of Dim Sum are seemingly maintained in a hot steamed prolonging it juicy taste. It is a eat-it-while-hot food. 

Yellow coated Dim Sum

Most common type of Dim Sum. It is prepared with individual portion. Nowadays, Dim Sum is huge in order to catch up with selling price at RM4 - RM5 per plate. 

Do not be surprise to eat a taste juicy shrimp hidden inside.

Beef Balls Dim Sum 

Dim Sum Ball

It does not taste the same like the original yellow dim sum. This one got its own taste. Did you think I just flipped it over some sort of funny joke ? 

A Dim Sum Spring Roll with sauce

Seaweed Dim Sum 

Spartan Hat Dim Sum

                                 Lo Mai Gai or in English steamed sticky rice with chicken 

Green layered Dim Sum

Ayam Percik served by Great Delights Restaurant

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Ayam Percik with spicy sauce and crunchy fish snack coupled two pieces healthy cucumber

Ayam Percik by Great Delights

The restaurant featuring some of the well known Indian, Chinese and Malay foods. Besides, it is a halal restaurant.

Location : Suria Sabah Basement Floor
Price        : Less than RM10

Ayam Percik by Great Delights

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant Review

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Singapore Chicken Rice Shop

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant at Api-api center

Air-conditioned restaurant serving mostly customer who want to have decent meal served with fried deliciously-marinated chicken. There is another Singapore Chicken Rice restaurant situated at Karamunsing shopping mall.

Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant at Api-api center

Although one could virtually find any restaurant serving decent chicken rice but not many restaurant actually installed air-conditioner. Your lunch meal is better feast under an air-conditioned environment especially for those working adults with fancy tie and nice suit.

Unlike normal fried chicken, Singapore Chicken Rice adopted half steamed half fried cooking method. The skin surface is smooth and not as crunchy as KFC. One could guess it is much more healthier. 

Review on Borenos Fried Chicken Restaurant

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Fast Food Restaurant based in Sabah. 

Borenos Fried Chicken

Situated at corner of a mall near the street of Asia city. Being the first Borenos restaurant opened up on 9 March 2015. Local community are encouraged supporting the effort of daring entrepreneurship as maybe one day Borenos will be an international fast food player offering millions a chance to taste Sabah farm fresh delicious fried chicken.  

Borenos Fried Chicken with marsh potato

Review on this meal rating given is 5/5. The marsh potato is overwhelmed with delicious mouthwatering cream. Anyways, it is better if can be much more salty. Moreover, I think it too good to be true asking for more chicken pieces. As for the coleslaw, ice lemon tea, cucumber are quality and fine foods.

Unlike any other fast-food restaurant concept, Borenos staff preferred serving it by bringing order to table. Customer should pay first and take table number stand.

Besides, Borenos restaurant is always promoting Sabah interesting places by playing video on its wide LED TV screen.

Checked on their Facebook Page which is currently garnered over 5,000 likes. Check it for yourself Borenos Facebook Page

Trying Zinger Rice Wrap at KFC Suria Sabah

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Tortilla wrapping with yummy Zinger and aroma colonel rice 

Zinger rice wrap

All-in-one for a healthy diet. There were slices of tomato and cucumber stuffed inside. Every bite it so mix of flavor just like eating a burger. But, this is special one using Tortilla bread. Besides, it not like one had ever tasted colonel rice in a burger. Despite that, I was pretty amazed the colonel rice in a tortilla bread is pretty good combination.

Zinger rice wrap
Reality vs marketing illustration. It should be much more round instead of square.

Orderd RM4.90 Zinger Rice Wrap, told to wait for 5 minutes. Gave me a table number so that they could deliver it to my table. The size of Zinger Rice Wrap is quite satisfactory. Every bite of it adds the size of stomach belly.  

Luckily, there were not too much sauce inside, as if there were it will be all over my clothes and face I believe it should be some mayonnaise or special sauce for this new menu.

Check this out what was the KFC menu last year in March. This year is Zinger Rice Wrap as for last year it was Christiano Ronaldo KFC bucket 

Fook Yuan restaurant opening at Oceanus

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Fook Yuan is a buffet style restaurant featuring "Married Bread" or specifically "Roti Kahwin".  

Fook Yuan restaurant at Oceanus Shopping mall

One can make salad in brand new Fook Yuan restaurant for your healthy diet. All you need to pay I guess is RM5. Fill up the dark-colored bowl with your personalized taste of vegetables and fruits. Curry Tofu still the best !

The restaurants prepared Siu Mai dumpling, cold and hot beverages, buffet foods and pastries. This is like a fast food restaurant concept and more importantly, it is a chain restaurant in Sabah. The biggest difference is there is "no delivery service to your table". 

There are abundant of happy customers. Not so sure about the westerners as they much more prefer the "delivery service to your table".

Fook Yuan restaurant Oceanus shopping mall

I never really did A la Carte order in this restaurant. I never really like bread. I just like the buffet foods. Either sweet and sour fish, curry tofu, fish cake, vegetables or delicious eggplant.

Fook Yuan restaurant

Fook Yuan restaurant at Oceanus Shopping mall is different than Gaya Street one. Patrons have the discretion whether dining in air-conditioned section or open-air section.

Breakfast at Kim Hing Lee Coffee Shop

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Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee or 金兴利茶室 literally means in English as Kim Hing Lee's Coffee Shop 

Kota Kinabalu Kim Hing Li 1982 Raw Pork Noodle-Sang Nyuk Mian

When I glimpse on this tagline "Kota Kinabalu First Raw Pork Noodle", "Kim Hing Li 1982 Year" I thought of entering a time machine travelling back to year 1982. I quicky jump back to reality or year 2014 when they ask me to pay RM9.30, that was really close because I was about to pay cents like RM1 ??

Who knows how much it costs in the year 1982 a bowl of Sang Nyuk Mian. They said, Raw Pork Noodle is first invented in Sabah, originated from Sabah we should be proud, they said.

You must at least see the above pictures 10 times because you apparently hungry right now and the word "breakfast" makes you even more I know it as I am having that now in front of the screen. That black Soya sauce and that salty pork soup it will make your day brighter and don thank me for that !

If you want an oily-heavy-pork-salty-noodle-black-soya-sauce breakfast choose Sang Nyuk Mian ! 

That was a RM2.50 or lesser Nescafe Ice ! Prepare RM10 because that is the rate you are going to pay for Sang Nyuk Mian and Nescafe Ice when you are breakfast at Kim Hing Lee Coffee Shop. 

I wonder if they serve 100 peoples in a day that would be RM1000 gross profit before deduction of material cost. 100 peoples eating Sang Nyuk Mian that not some difficult task. 

Place: Kota Kinabalu Sinsuran (Nearby Centre Point, Le Meridien Hotel)

Secret Recipe Banana Chocolate and Meat Ball Spaghetti

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International chain restaurant Secret Recipe opens another chain restaurant at Oceanus Waterfront Mall.

Beef Meatball Spaghetti

Secret Recipe restaurants are located at Centre Point Sabah or Oceanus Waterfront mall and various other places. Expanding rapidly due to favorable market condition. Unrivaled making of mouth-watering cakes and serving western style foods is just a perfect place for casual dining. The beef meatball spaghetti priced at RM18.50

Staff are adorable and quick in learning their mistake without arguing with their customer when they billed wrong item into my bill. I have paid extra foods that I did not order and consume. 

Secret Recipe Banana Chocolate Cake

It is not worthy visiting Secret Recipe without ordering its cake, A big slice of chocolate banana cake at RM8.00 is more than enough for your afternoon tea break. Life is wonderful with Secret Recipe cake !!

Oceanus Waterfront Mall Secret Recipe

One of the place to hangout after salary disbursed to employees !!

Restaurants Increase Nescafe Ice price to RM2.50

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New price for Nescafe Ice at Restaurants the year 2015

We should be happy there is no need preparing a cup of Nescafe at home or office that every time someone prepares for us at a fee. I believe It is historical remark because it will remain the same in the future increasing RM 0.50 for a cup of Nescafe due to GST and inflation. One thing is missing oh, shall not mentioning about  the possibility of oil price affecting it because it go downward instead of upward trend.

It is always delicious somebody brew Nescafe for us no need go out buy sugar or Nescafe powder or washing the cup with water and detergent. We should remember today the price of our favorite Nescafe cost at RM2.00 or RM2.30 !

Will the price threshold for a Nescafe stop at RM2.50 or awaiting for RM3.00 for a cup of Nescafe in the future ? It sound so intriguing finding out ! I remain resilient and optimistic that it will hit RM3.00 threshold when everyone denied that everything is not certain there is one thing constant that will be price of food never goes down. At least I have not seen it with my naked eyes in this 20 years !

Sabah Restaurant Receipt shows GST 6%

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It is under business right to exercise prior to the agreed date ?

It never one intention to harm anyone but to states the fact or truth or reality. I will never reveal because it will be a common thing at the future nagging it just feel no right. Demand and supply still rule. . You have the right to impose but we have the right to say and comment!

When demand and supply rules the above receipt is nothing at all. World crude oil fell 40 dollars and more it is amazing to know that nothing get affected at here everything is still normal because there is no decreasing price in our local oil price. When the oil price just increase a little bit locally, everything seem goes up !

There is one significant question in my head a little voice saying that "When it the right time for our favorite restaurants trim it price down ?" I had this questions when I am still young I always glimpse on the price of my favorite food. Apparently, it was just a fairy tale ! As I grow up, I realized that when food and service goes together nothing really goes down.

It never goes down I was hoping a miracle that could bring this dream materialized. The reasons behind it I heard that the restaurant owner wants to maintain profit. Due to some minimum wage policy or local oil price increased or 5-star service. One of the most sound reason of all will be go and you try to open a restaurant business yourself !  I was so guilty being so naive by stating all this facts

Business operator used to be charging RM3 for a bowl of kon lao men or RM 3.50 for big portion chicken rice or RM1.50 for 3 Dim Sum or RM0.70 for a roti canai. Nowadays, no one hardly get the prices

Do you ever miss paying RM 1.00 for a fried rice or fried noodle ?? I mean it not like the salary is catching up the inflation of food. There is only one certain thing in the future "price of your favorite foods goes up in the restaurant if demand is still strong" . 

We talk too much about demand what about the supply well, my favorite restaurant might want to maintain it price if there are many new and good restaurants doing business around there. Besides, people changes their diet too during a life cycle or due to some significant event happened like disease that would be something entirely unpredictable but it does occur !

So stop everything start eating your favorite food with the food price set by the restaurant ! Although their business depend very much on customer do not forget they listen when you comment on the food taste but not food price !

Eat at BBQ Chicken Restaurant

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BBQ Chicken Restaurant located at Suria Sabah basement floor

BBQ Chicken Restaurant
Weekend patrons in BBQ chicken at Suria Sabah shopping mall

Let me take a guess I have faith that this "BBQ Chicken" restaurant is preparing Korean-styled fried chicken. I am sure it is a franchise but, I would definitely say this is a big business opportunity in Sabah because I think Korean restaurants are well received and welcomed by local community. 

I have been to one of the Korean-themed restaurant. I like the restaurant prepares oven/stove for self -frying the meat I think it non-halal. In fact, I like both of them as well as BBQ Chicken restaurant. I bet it halal certified.  

BBQ Chicken Restaurant Gangjeong Chicken and marsh potato
Gangjeong chicken and olive marsh potato

I was ordered a chicken with rice they gave me an answer "Finish". I wanted to try Korean-styled rice too or BBQ Chicken's rice. Anyways, Gangjeong chicken is pretty amazing must try. As for the olive marsh potato I still think KFC's is undisputed no 1. 

BBQ Fried Chicken BBQ Chicken Suria Sabah

Olive fried chicken using healthy olive oil deep-fry it. I had taste it with my tongue indeed unlike chicken cooked with ordinary oil. I guess it healthy a lot.

If I am not wrong all of these cost around something like RM 40 plus. It was worth it as my first time stepping in this restaurant. I would definitely come again wish to try the BBQ Chicken restaurant's rice !!

Place              : Suria Sabah Shopping Mall Basement
Website         :
Social Media : ttps://

Lunch at Upperstar Restaurant Suria Sabah

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Christmas theme decoration for the upcoming XMAS celebration.

The Xmas celebration is approaching Suria Sabah's Upperstar restaurant at Kota Kinabalu. One of the restaurant you must not miss when visiting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah / North Borneo. Upperstar serves local cuisine, burger and pizza. They do not serve pork but one could get alcoholic drinks here.

Tell you why you should choose Upperstar because the food is served in a plentiful portion the price is not that bad with government tax and service charge combined. I would rank Upperstar in a level equivalent of KFC and McDonald's  

Upperstar xmas decoration december 2014

The decoration is stunning local community like to come dine here. In weekend, there were people lining up outside due to no more available seats.

Upperstar xmas decoration december 2014

WiFi and computer are presence you would not notice time ticks away dining here. I guess there are noise absorb objects no matter how noisy next table it will not affect your dining experience.

Upperstar Staff wearing xmas hat

The Upperstar service is commendable as soon as one left the restaurant seat the leftover food and plates are to be carried away immediately.

Upperstar lunch menu

The best time visiting Upperstar restaurant would be lunch time. The foods are priced cheaper. The portion is still sizable apparently there is no double standard. Hey, they care about whether we are satisfy with the portion.

Nasi Lemak King
coconut plain white rice, curry chicken, marinated BBQ chicken wing and nasi lemak

This meal should be RM11.00 in total after tax. There are 4 BBQ marinated chicken wings pretty tasty and plentiful

Roti Kahwin Upperstar restaurant

Pretty delicious and one of the iconic small bites appetizer. I think this is something like RM 1.80.

Spent RM15.70 for Nasi Lemak King and two plates of Roti Kahwin.

Eating Dinner at Taste Two Restaurant Tawau

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Choose to dine inside with air-conditioning or outside with cold breeze

Taste Two Restaurant & Bar Tawau

Sitting outside is awesome choice enjoying the natural air and dim-light surrounding. Another advantage will be after you have finish dinner, take out lighter and light up the cigarette which is quite convenience. Whereas, sitting inside enable patrons enjoying air-condition and bright light surrounding.

Taste Two restaurant is one of the best hangout places. In weekend, a rare event of people waiting for vacant table does occur sometimes because there is a higher chance every tables are occupied. No one is seem leaving it table couple with the attraction of free Wi-Fi.

Around the area where Taste Two situated, there were not much restaurants could compete with Taste Two due to it strategic place. It easily spotted and placed at corner side. Everyone know that business opened at corner usually getting lot of attentions. If you cant find it you need to ask the driver go to the one-and-only Giant Tawau, Taste Two is just nearby there.

Taste Two Restaurant & Bar Tawau

24味 or Taste Two Restaurant & Bar is rather confuse whether it is a non-halal or halal restaurant there were alcoholic drinks in the menu but it seem like they do not serve pork. If you are Muslim I guess you are welcomed as nothing will happen to you if you avoid ordering alcoholic drinks. You can always order hot coffee or Taste Two signature coffee.

The price of each food is above average expecting something above the kopitiam price. It typical fancy and service-orientated concept restaurant.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Black Bean sauce Chicken
Black Bean Sauce Chicken

It fish with black bean sauce mixed with carrot and tomato.

I have witnessed myself there were Muslim and non-Muslim patrons around. This is the signature drink of Taste Two, pearl milk tea

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Gangnam Fried Noodle

It Gang Nam Fried Noodles. I believe it not related to gangnam style or the korea town.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Mexican Chicken Chop

Mexican Chicken Chop. Tell them to bring a bowl of rice because it either rice or noodle and not just chicken alone.  I waited quite sometimes for this chicken chop. Other foods have arrived at least 5 minutes earlier.

Taste Two Restaurant Tawau-Gon Lou Mee

Thai Chicken Gon Lou Mee. There is a small chance you could eat Gon Lou Mee at nighttime. The black sauce noodle hiding in the bottom.