10 Laptops used by College freshmen in Malaysia

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Generally, Malaysian people bought discounted laptops at IT fairs. But if in the case like buying a laptop for attending college purposes or working, it will be a very difficult decision making.

Since Malaysian government handout smartphone voucher rather than laptop voucher, you could always buy a tablet or cheap smartphone. 

For your information, laptops are easily categorized by pricing. RM1000-RM1500 for casual user, RM1500-RM2500 for average user, RM2500-RM7000 laptops are for professional and heavy users.


Brand : Lenovo

Highlighted features : 2GB, Nvidia Geforce, 1.0 webcam, Display 11.6",

Released date : 2012

Although it looked like a laptop, it is smaller in screen. Most of the laptop are 13" in screen size. Lenovo Ideapad 11 is slightly bigger than tablets but slightly smaller than most of the laptop. Good for balance in work and play. Nvidia Geforce is popularly known as company producing world finest gaming chips. It has numerous feature a laptop does not have like 360 degree flip and flop. It is built-in with Microsoft windows 8 and boast longer battery life. It cost not more than Rm1500.00 . Check current price at Lenovo ideapad Yoga 11



Highlighted features : Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor, WIFI & Bluetooth, Solid State Drive(SSD)

Released date : 2011

This laptop only recommended for working and doing assignment purposes. It is not for gaming related. SSD enables user enter their working paper in laptop efficient and effectively by shortening the process open up the laptop. If you are not a graphic designer student or working in graphic design company, you are encourage to buy because it is really cheap nowadays due to new Samsung chromebook generation. The price is not more than RM1300.00.  Full detailed information at Samsung Chromebook Free 1TB Harddisk


Brand : ASUS

Highlighted features : Windows 8, 500GB SATA HDD, 2GB RAM, 11.6" screen size

Released date : 2012

ASUS laptops are ranked the best in term of durability. It is a rumour astronaut are using Asus made laptop at space and even at harsh condition it is still working perfectly fine. It is running on Microsoft's windows 8 and has SDD boosting faster computer boot and average 4GB RAM plus 2GB DDR3 /16GB eMMC plus 500GB SATA HDD. It is for average user. Asus transformer book owner can store their personal data like images, video or important document on cloud for emergency backup or in an event of unfortunate. It also boasts longer battery life. Price not more than RM3400,00 and above. Check out current price and availability at Asus Transformer book TX201

Fujitsu laptop



Highlighted features : 15.6" screen size, Intel I3 processor, 4GB RAM, 750GB storage capacity

Released date : 2012

Bigger screen and optimal performance. 4GB RAM and i3 is possibly what an average user really need. It is not equipped with good graphic card and only encourage for multi tasking people. One can open up 15 google chrome browser tab in the same time with 4GB RAM.  You will hardly need an external hard disk with 750GB storage capacity for video and images. It only cost not more than RM1500,00.  Check current price at Fujitsu ah552


Brand : HP

Highlighted features : Intel's i5, 4GB RAM, Windows 8 , 750GB Hard Disk, 14" screen size

Released date : 2012

14" screen size with great speed for better performance. Built-in Windows 8 and touch screen enabled. HP bring user to whole new level by implementing HP features. It also look very sleek and very light good for bringing around to nearest Startbuck for WIFI. With above average new tech inside the laptop it only cost not more than RM2000.00.  Check current price at HP pavillion DV4 5114TX


Brand : ASUS

Highlighted features : Windows 8, Intel i5, 4GB RAM, 14" screen size, Nvidia GeForce GT72M

If you like the brand new Microsoft windows 8, you must choose ASUS model S46CA. It has 4GB RAM which is generally an outstanding laptop. You can run 20 browser tabs and the performance is still smooth. Couple with high-end Intel i5 processor, it is lag worry free laptop ! . Install latest Microsoft word and excel with hassle free. It cost not more than RM1900.00. This laptop is good for you doing assignment and occasionally a mid-end gamer. You can play dota 2 or any high-graphic-requirement games out in the market. Check current price at Asus X450LC Grey



Highlighted features : Windows 8, AMD Radeon HD8250, 13' screen size, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Quad core.

It is one of the most recommended Samsung laptop. All the specification inside this laptop does not only worth RM1700.00. Genuine windows 8, 4GB RAM and usable graphic card are the requirement for young adult and college freshmen. It fast and compact with 128GB solid state drive you could turn off and on in a time frame favour than other laptop using HDD. Although it has lesser storage capacity, one can buy external hard disk. It is ultra slim too. Do check here for current price at Samsung ATIV book 9 Black


Brand : ACER

Highlighted features : Windows 8, Intel's i5, 8GB RAM & 1TB HDD, Nvidia Geforce GT750M, 15" screen size

The largest PC maker rolling out my favourite laptop. This glamour laptop is supported by windows 8 and touch screen feature. Powerful graphic card and powerful processor make your desire for better performance in high-end PC game achieved. considerable amounts of storage capacity for more movies and songs. It does not come cheap cost around RM3000.00 +. Don take this lightly, this likeable laptop is multi purpose. It can be a tablet or laptop it depends on your like.  Not to mention, it has bigger screen 15" screen size. It is a genuine laptop so that you would not get caught asking whether your laptop is using fake windows 8. Check availability at Genuine acer aspire R7


Brand : DELL

Highlighted features : 14" screen size, Intel's i5, 4GB RAM and 500GB SATA HDD,Windows 8.

If you just need one normal laptop don want to have touch screen feature or turn-to-tablet feature. You might consider Dell Inspiron series with normal screen size but built-in high specification for average user. It is protected by an aluminium body and sizeable amounts of storage capacity. If someone told you buy a laptop does not have 4GB RAM, better ignore him. It is all about higher RAM for better performance. It cost not more than RM2200.00. Do check current price at Dell Inspiron 5437


Brand : APPLE

Highlighted features : Intel's fourth generation I5, 4GB RAM, flashstorage 256GB, 13" screen size

Released date : 2013

Taylor university, MMU university and any college related to graphic design are Macbook supporter mainly because Macbook simply designed for future designer. Apple announced 2013 Macbook Air with faster performance thank to flash storage 4 times faster than traditional hard disk laptop. It is not foreign to us Macbook run iOS and it also mean better battery life, better picture quality, better video performance and of course there are lesser virus or malware created for iOS. It also has multi task touchpad, thinner and lighter. It is selling more than RM3700.00 today.  Apple Macbook Air 13"

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Future Music Asia 2014 will be held at Malaysia

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Gear up for biggest musical event in Malaysia on March. Future Music Festival Asia is invited all your loved singers to sing for you !

Future Music Asia malaysia banner
Future Music Festival Asia 2013

Get Official FMFA 2014 merchandise by Zalora exclusive hat band, T-shirt FMFA 2014 merchandise

In conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014, there are many happening in Malaysia including the next upcoming FMFA 2014. Official website at futuremusicfestivalasia.com. Future Music Asia, "Shut Up ! and Take My Money !" If you keen for 1 thrill night with your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend buy the ticket now or it will be too late. It is a 3 days festival. However, You could buy 1 day ticket to FMA or you could pick a ticket that has 3 days pass. The event held on March 13, 2014 until March 15, 2014. 

FMFA 2014 featuring Armin van Buuren and his lovely "A State of Trance", Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz. Besides, Deadmau5, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Wu Tang Clan, Raekwon, Bauer, Carnage, Eric Prydz, Sub Focus, Methodman, Ghostface Killer, Porter Robinson, Markus Schulz, ATB, Goldfish&Blink, Denizkoyu, Dangerdisko ft.Sheila Majid, H3, Chase, Adventure Club ft. Yuna, Tubby, Anowl and many more.

FMFA is restricted for 18 years old and above. It will be held at Bukit Jalil National Stadium at Malaysia. For this event, you are required to present national I.D when enter the premise. It is either driving license or IC. So, do not forget bring your I.C on March 13, 2014.

FMFA organizer highly recommended ticket buyer make their purchase on official ticket vendor and encouraged many refrain from purchasing at non-authorised ticket dealer. For your information, The one-day entrance fee for any 3 days is costing at RM208.00 and shall be revised on next batch of ticket releasing. The final price will be at RM248 releasing at the 4th batch.  It is important to know getting ticket through E-mail is free and other method shall be charged a fee. Other ticket including 3 days pass costing RM388 or 3 days pass + VIP will be RM588.00.   Visit here for more information galactix.com/FMFA

The last date ordering a FMFA ticket online is on March 11, 2014.  

This event is a collaboration of Future Music, LIVESCAPE, Malaysia Major events, MTV, Visit Malaysia 2014, Galactix Asia and Malaysia cultural ministry.

You must be thrilled it is FMFA 2014 promotional video.. 

Kakao Talk New Smartphone Messaging apps in Malaysia

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South Korean based Smartphone Messaging Kakao Talk is popular among Malaysians 

Rising smartphone users in South East Asia particularly Malaysia are inevitable process. Most of Malaysian are holding a smartphone rather than a normal mobile with touch screen function either Android, iOS or blackberry powered mobile platform. Malaysia is one of the nation with highest numbers of population who owns two smartphones. The statistic is shocking and terrifying.

The expanding of messaging apps like Kakao Talk has very hard impact partly they hired our top singer Yuna being ambassador and also few Kpop artists as ambassadors. Besides, contribution of Malaysia does not have a messaging apps yet, most of the messaging apps we are using today imported by coutries such as Japan, Korea, China. they are manufacturer of these messaging apps LINE, Kakao Talk and Wechat.

You might be thinking we need to make a Malaysian made messaging apps, but the hope does not refrain us from using Kakao Talk right? We are enjoying Kakao Talk service as they expanding to Malaysia. There are survey being released out that more than 600,000 Malaysian are actively using Kakao Talk for free text messaging and video call simply using WiFi. The technology of charged mobile text messaging RM 0.01 are long gone and shall be a history when this app is fully maximized introduced to people and when people are start holding a smartphone instead of mobile phone. It is likely will take a while because older generations in 80s are still prefer older technology. They are in the age between 50-65

We have seen many Kakao Talk ads they are committed to penetrate Malaysian market advertising on Malaysia shore with many channels. Despite hiring Yuna, they also hired many local Malaysian Youtubers such as Jinnyboy, Gemini and Dmingthing.

Kakao Malaysia CNY 2014 banner
KakaoTalk Facebook wishing Happy CNY 2014

In the meantime, Kakao Talk make a small video clips for coming CNY 2014. Enjoy !

Formula E Championship 2014 confirmed held at Malaysia

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Putrajaya is hosting FIA Formula E Championship. It will be on October 18, 2014.

Source: motioncar
In conjunction with "Visit Malaysia 2014" this will be a big and huge events for both tourist and local community. Malaysia is being picked as a second avenue for exclusive auto racing. There are other 10 cities and they have put Putrajaya number 2. After Beijing hosted the championship match, the attention will be turned to Malaysia.

Cheap and Budget Smartphone in Malaysia under RM1000

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10 Latest Smartphones under RM1000 still loved by many consumers.

Some people like to try latest smartphone from other brand. It like you are using Samsung smartphone, sometimes you would wonder what it like playing and holding Motorola, Nokia, Sony Xperia smartphones. What they do ?? They buy budget and cheap smartphones.

moto G malaysia

Brand : Motorola and Google

Colour : Black (maybe more choice)

Summary: 4.5" screen, Android 4.3, Dual SIM, WIFI , 16GB internal storage, 5MP camera with front camera 1.3MP

Partnership with Google, Motorola is unveiling new Moto G. It is better than last predecessor and so much better. Quad cores processor running like a computer alike. Built-in latest bluetooth technology 4.0". Moto G is entitled to receive latest Google android 4.4 update KitKat. MOTO G also boasts the smartphone with longest battery life in 24 hours. It just sold RM798.00 (price in January 2014)
Moto G current price and full info

Nokia Lumia 525


Brand : NOKIA

Colour : Black (maybe more choice)

Summary: 4" screen, Microsoft windows 8, Quad core, 8GB internal storage, Camera 5MP

Use Nokia if you are microsoft supporter using latest windows mobile 8 as a windows platform different with Android and iOS . 4" screen and quad core processor performance, You can play any smartphone games with lowest budget. Play now Angry bird, clash of clan with Nokia Lumia 525 only RM438.00 (price in January 2014)
Nokia Lumia white current price

Blackberry Q5


Brand : Blackberry

Colour : Black

Summary: 3.1" screen, blackberry 10, Quad core, 8GB internal storage with 2GB RAM, Camera 5MP + front screen, 4G LTE & WIFI

There are large market dislike touch screen technology and prefer PC-like keyboard blackberry. Blackberry must have done many survey to garner a lot people point of view to create a sophisticated and perfect mobile device. Blackberry Q5 has the latest Snapdragon processor and latest Blackberry 10. Supporting latest 4G LTE compatible for fastest Internet connection speed.  It only RM830.00 (January 2014)
Blackberry Q5 Pink Current Price


Brand : Sony

Colour : White

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.2, Quad core, 4GB internal storage, Camera 8MP + front screen, Dual SIM

Sony unveiled a budget smartphone with dual SIM functionality. You can plug two SIM card for two numbers. Sony Xperia always wanted you to feel like your smartphone run faster with Quad cores processor. Sony's top ideal advantages is their cutting-edge camera 8MP unlike other smartphones. It only costs around RM788.00 (January 2014)
Sony Xperia C Black


Brand : Huawei

Colour : White, Pink, Black

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.2, Quad core,  Camera 8MP + front screen,

Buy Huawei Ascend the box contains a headset. Huawei is also quad core processor with many colour selection. Built'in many themes and profile selection to fit your personality. It also has the latest functionality like camera's autofocus on head. Huawei ascend also popularly known as world slimmest phone. It only costs RM969.00 (January 2014)
Huawei Ascend P6 Discounted price


Brand : HTC

Colour :  Black

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.2, Quad core,  Back Camera 8MP + 5MP front screen, 8GB internal capacity, WIFI

HTC made the most amazing smartphone ever. If you like video chatting with friends, definitely pick Nova butterfly because back camera has 8 megapixels and front camera is 5 mega pixels more than triple normal smartphones we use. Nova butterfly is also compatible for 2 SIM. Running computer alike processors quad-core. start browsing internet with WIFI at coffee shops. It only sold for RM650.00 (January 2014)
Nova butterfly current market price

LENOVO IdeaPhone S920

Brand : LENOVO

Colour :  Black

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.2, Quad core,  Back Camera 8MP + 2MP front screen, 4GB internal capacity, WIFI & Bluetooth

Lenovo is a top brand in technology innovation. They are one of the most creative and innovative company. They come out with Lenovo IdeaPhone S920 for latest budget friendly smartphone user. If you are tight in budgets and a business man who requires two SIM in one phone, definitely pick this smartphone. It can be slotted two SIM, 5.3" screen the biggest so far for under RM1000 smartphones, WIFI & bluetooth enabled, it also running quad-core processor and last but not least the camera is 8MP with autofocus and slightly better front camera 2.0MP. Current prices included discounted only RM810.00 ( price in January 2014)

Lenovo 920


Brand : Samsung

Colour :  White

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.1, Quad core,  Back Camera 5MP + 0.3MP front screen, Dual SIM

Unbelievable Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone. You are entitled to exclusive Samsung headphone if you buy it. Accurately it is 4.7" screen size with quad-core processor for better performance. Samsung phone has the ability to be smart enough like if you like muting the phone you just have to do few tricks like flip the phone backward the back camera facing up and the screen facing down the tables. RM700.00+
Samsung Galaxy Quattro


Brand : LG

Colour :  Black

Summary: 5" screen, Android 4.0 Icecream, Quad core,  Back Camera 5MP + 0.3MP front screen, 32GB internal storage, WIFI &bluetooth

Hunger for more internal storage ? LG optimus built-in with 32 GB readily available when you purchase them. It also fall in the quad-core processor family with Nvidia processor running together. If you do not know Nvidia, it is the largest company producing PC graphic processor. Nvidia simply produced latest PC graphic display card and when they partnered with LG company. Rest assured the phone must be some what related to gaming. If you planning to buy a gaming smartphone you are looking at it . It sold in Malaysia for RM900.00 (Price in January 2014)
LG Optimus current price

HTC windows phone

Brand : HTC

Colour :  Blue

Summary: 4" screen, Windows 8 , Dual core,  Back Camera 5MP, 4GB internal storage, WIFI &bluetooth

Unique HTC smartphone with Microsoft mobile windows phone. One can choose many colour blue or red structure. HTC with windows phone boasts that they have long lasting battery and also unique and special audio quality supported by Dr. Dre the exclusive maker of headspeaker. It only costs around RM700.00 or lesser (January 2014)
Windows phone 8S blue current price

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Which smartphone are cheap and budget but good and enough?
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10 Best Online Shopping Mall Website in Malaysia

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Reviewing 10 Online Shopping Mall Websites. It is your choice to determine which one is better ! 

Online Shopping experience is so much exciting and playful. Lazy to walking around haze, rainy same old physical malls? Best and new way to shopping without meeting hassle things.

Online Shopping is a growing phenomenon topic. If you have not purchase anything online then you are not one of the 21st century people. My parents does not believe in purchasing online because they afraid and being pessimism so much. Despite the old fashion thinking, online shopping business is growing rapidly ! Check out the China's Alibaba or Aliexpress. They made fortune because the transaction is amazingly huge.

I mean it really huge like this thing never happened before twenty-first century right now. Internet is without boundary those who are living at the end of the world can order at online shopping mall such as Alibaba. Their courier can send parcels all around the world.

At the middle of twenty-first century which is 2050 we will see online shopping mall conquer the world !

Just one tips if you purchase at online from me is that most of the online shopping mall has generous practice. They have this return policy the golden business practice that can beat every physical outlet. "Return policy" is when a certain goods can be returned when it is damaged upon delivery or even size is not right you can return. The best part is that the return fee is borne by the company. It is not you who bear the heavy lifting.

My experience purchasing at Zalora, I bought a shoes on Friday. I waited until Monday received a call from Gdex at afternoon. I pick it up at Gdex outlet due to my address is not accessible by courier service. It really fast. You know what ! I am surprised my shoes is in perfect condition. What more, I get a thank you note, return policy instruction, a new pos laju wrapping (In case you need to return use the brand new wrapping)

It could be very fun for first time experience purchasing at any online shopping websites at Malaysia !!


1. Lazada Malaysia

Website :  http://www.lazada.com.my/

Contact : 03 2614 4168

Lazada is an amazing online shopping mall. They are offering discount for 365 days and huge discount on Malaysia festival season such as CNY, Christmas, Hari Raya. If you buy in Lazada guaranteed you will be surprised what they are offering like buy a product and found it is defective, you could return back the products within 14 days and be replaced for other similar products. Besides, Free delivery for those living at West Malaysia and Klang area. They also accepting "Cash on Delivery" which translating they will send to your house and collecting payment once products received from you. COD is for specific areas are Klang, Penang Johor Bharu.

Shipping fees as low as RM8 for those not products cost lower than RM100.  Shipping fees is varies if you live in East Malaysia, Shipping fees charged RM15.00. Lazada is also growing rapidly expanding it reach to tablet and smartphone users who can purchase products with downloading Lazada apps

Guides : Step by step how to purchase at Lazada Malaysia

Bestbuy Malaysia

2. Best Buy

Website : http://my.bestbuy-world.com/

Contact : (03) 2164 3557

Bestbuy is recognised for serving large customer base who are actively purchasing female goods. Featuring brands such as Gucci, Kevin Klein, Burberry, Prada, Chanel, Dior, SK II and many more. Largely promoting female handbag and fragrance.

3. IP Mart MY

Website : http://www.ipmart.com.my/

Contact : +6082-242424

Endless promotiona for RHB bank account owners. They seem like RHB bank a lot. They also selling VIP numbers. Those who has 5 digits 6 digits like 016-5899999 is selling more than RM1000 and the price is up to whopping RM10,000 . They mostly selling electronic products. One can choose ship from USA or China. Besides 30 days return policy, they also provide free delivery for specific items.

4. Rakuten

Website : http://www.rakuten.com.my

Contact : +6082-242424

Rakuten does sell various product categories such as Book for kids, pets accessories and food and beverage. Rakuten has been widely promoted in local newspaper for many years

5. Easy Mall

Website : http://www.easy.my/

Contact :

 Easy mall run by local biggest domain and website seller Exabytes. Variety products are selling here with most of the buyer bought kids clothes

First one is not always better because everyone has a different role to play !


 6. Zalora

Website : http://www.zalora.com.my/koumi-koumi/

Contact : 03 2035 6622

Guides : Step by Step How to purchase at Zalora Malaysia

Zalora are more focusing on fashion, footwear goods. One can buy baju kurung, Reebok, Elle, Adidas, Bata, Converse, EZRA, First Lady, Levi's and many more brands. Free delivery for all Malaysia states if purchase above RM75. Return policy apply if size is not fit for wearer up to 30days.

7. Tesco

Website :http://eshop.tesco.com.my/

Contact : 1300 13 1313

Probably the first one in Malaysia offering purchasing groceries in Internet in west Malaysia. They also deliver to your home at Klang area.

foodpanda Malaysia online shopping

8. Foodpanda

Website : http://www.foodpanda.my/

Contact : 03 26144155

Offering foods delivery on locations such as Kuala Lumpur Penang, Georgetown, Subang Jaya, Melaka, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Johor Bharu. Supported by various food franchise and local food outlets. They are Starbucks, Papa John, Papa Rich, Old Town, Chicken Rice Shop, Kenny Rogers, Square. Besides that, they also cater Korean food, Indian food, Japanese food, healthy food. Foodpanda also come with android and iOS apps. Download them now !

Mudah Malaysia online shopping

9. Mudah

Website : http://www.mudah.my/

Contact : 03 26144155

Mudah is by far providing wide range of services. Although they are products listing website it is still shopping mall right ? only that many sellers are selling their own product and mudah does not sell. They sell advertising slot for people who want to advertise their products to buyers visiting on the websites. Receiving more than 1 Million like in their facebook page. Rest assured buying with reputable sellers. The freely available advertising slots are main attraction making it favourite website for Malaysian people to visit everytime. You can find property,  jobs, cars, house for rent and many more

Lelong malaysia

10. Lelong

Website : http://www.lelong.com.my/

Contact : 03 8090 5061

Lelong is another product listing websites. They are unlike mudah.com. They are more seller and buyer safety oriented. Only registered users and passed all requirements set by Lelong are accessible to list their products at Lelong website. They adopted highly sophisticated methods for new sellers in a bid to against fraud.

First one is not always better because everyone has a different role to play !

Which Online shopping mall You have purchase from
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Temptation Reloaded Show is scheduled to come Malaysia

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Temptation Reloaded Show is coming to Malaysia this February 15, 2014. Bringing Bollywood Superstars to meet fans.

Temptation Reload Malaysia
source : vip.my

Temptation Reloaded is featuring the biggest star Shah Rukh Khan. Nominated as most influential role model in India and ranked number 1 in Top 100 charts organized by Forbes India. He is also ambassador for few giant brand such as Pepsi, Sprite, Nokia Hyundai, Compaq.

Temptation Reloaded will be a show that Malaysian never seen before. The biggest show brought by Bolylwood Production show. Shah Rukh Khan are performing with several Superstars Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherje and Jacqueline Fernandez.

It will be held at Stadium Merdeka on 15th February 2014. The show is scheduled 3 hours long. Besides, It is important to know that organizer who make this happened are 2spicy Entertainment and Hitman Solutions and Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia. This event is also supported by Visit Malaysia 2014 and Malaysia major event.

You can buy tickets available selling at Midvalley, Bangsar Village, The village, Suria KLCC, Subang Parade, The Curve and One Utama. The ticket prices are varies based on platforms. The most expensive platform costs RM1999.. and the lowest entry fees is brown platform costs around RM99.00.  Small fees applied to those who purchase online and no fees is imposed for those purchase ticket at any Rock Corners Outlets

Temptation Reload Malaysia ticket price
source: vip.my

More event information check at website > VIP

Korea Open World Series Badminton Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long

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Malaysia Lee Chong Wei against China Chen Long. 3 times winner Lee Chong Wei defending his winning streak in Korea against World number 2 badminton player Chen Long. 

Chen Long comes from China Fu Jian province he had won Lee Chong Wei before in various competition. They met again in Korea Open World Superseries. Will Badminton elite Lee Chong Wei will win him this time?? The answer is a click away.

Final match in Korea Seoul stadium filled with Lee Chong Wei fans came from Malaysia and many countries. Lee Chong Wei play his first match in 2014 at Korea. In sport industry, man who are married and older than 30 years old, they are probably play lesser than they should but Lee Chong Wei is an exception. He is still very much active in badminton competition. His name is still ring loud in the various badminton arenas.

We will not see Lee Chong Wei playing with his arch enemy Lin Dan. Many fans hope to see but it is likely would not happen unless it a huge badminton competition such as Olympics.

The huge events is sponsored by Victor and Metlife. Sponsored banners are everywhere. Besides, Chen Long is wearing redbull sponsored shirt and Lee Chong Wei is wearing Maybank sponsored shirt.

Throughout the match between Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long, the arena is crowded with Lee Chong Wei cheers from his fans. He played well like always.

You can watch the final match Lee Chong Wei Vs Chen Long on Youtube Youtube Lee Vs Chen Long

Lazada online shopping is available in Android and iOS smartphone

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Lazada Malaysia announced apps compatible for Android and iOS smartphones. You can buy favourite products not only on your computer and on your smartphone too.

In January 16, 2014. Lazada Malaysia , South-east Asia biggest online shopping mall, announced apps compatible for Apple smartphone users. I Pad and I Phone can use Lazada apps to browse favourite products and purchase them.

Lazada iOS and Android apps
Lazada iOS and Android apps

The apps is fully optimized for iOS version 7. Shoppers now can seamlessly navigate various brand and product assortment in several categories such as apparel, household electronic, gadgets, shoes and accesories. Lazada put customer experience in highest priority. Besides, Lazada guaranteed a secure payment methods for customer.

The apps equipped with various languages for aiding various ethnics living  in Malaysia. Downloading the apps, You will entitle exclusive discount codes given out every single time. 

CEO Lazada group Maximilian Bittner says "mobile traffic driving to Lazada are significant important and have tripled in the last 12 months. It has been an important source of revenue." Cant deny the development of smartphones and tablets users, he believes Mobile Commerce is the future of online shopping. "

According to the study conducted by Nielsen, Southeast Asians spend an average of more than 3 hours per day on smartphones. Malaysian smartphone penetration of 80% is one of the highest in Asia Pacific. Almost Half of Malaysian owns multiple smartphones.

The new Lazada app for Apple users are free-of-charge. Public can access the app from 16 January 2014 download them. Additionally, Lazada is planning a surprise for three lucky shoppers who made purchase with the new apps. It is worth RM500 vounchers. Those who are interested in participating, Start purchasing with Lazada using the mobile platform from 19 - 31 January 2014.    

Ah Beng Mission Impossible Chinese New Year Movie 2014

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Ah Beng movie is back with new title "Mission Impossible" scheduled to released at Malaysian Cinema on January 23

Watch the Ah Beng Movie at Cinema now for free by joining Digi held campaign for information at Sign up Digi campaign for Ah Beng movie 2014

In conjunction of Chinese New Year, they take the great opportunity to release the movie as a "Chinese New Year movie" it is also when most of the Chinese peoples are coming back from oversea to Malaysia.
For your information, Ah Beng is a comedy genre movie. You are surely laugh till fall out the cinema chair.

The movies goes like this Ah Beng working as a security guard received a phone call that subsequently cancelled his mood for upcoming CNY because the man who called him offered a mission should he take and complete, he will receive a great reward 1 Million. 

Actor&Actress signing Fans bought shirt

With the strong desire for money, he abandoned CNY celebration and heading for the mission which bring him to Korea. Ah Beng does not speak any Korean language asked for those who can speak and all he need to do is make a signature on the paper which is part of his mission. He thought it will be an easy matter but the story still in early stage the real challenge lies behind. 

Will Ah Beng won the mission and take home 1 Million? You have to go see this on January 23, 2014. More information visit at http://www.cinema.com.my/

Ah Beng movie 2014 CNY
Ah Beng movie 2014 
The poster indicated a Chinese new year wishing and because this year fall under horse calender year, the wishing is related to horse. 

A movie is not complete without a good song. This is Ah Beng 2014 song for the movie composed by Alvin . If you like the song give him a like in Youtube ! 

Cadbury Malaysia gives special angpow to her in CNY 2014

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Possibly The most touching moment is when she yelled to her parent and the hugging returning to her home in 2014 CNY. Cadbury Malaysia made her and her parent wish come true.

Chinese New Year does not mean loudest crackers or big festival. It is about family gathering together.  

Her parents expression when seeing her daughter in front of them burst in tears. the moment is very touching. Her parents watched the video sent by her daughter at oversea and before that, they cried in tearfully longing their daughter return when asked in the video clip. Both burst in tears they wish to see their daughter in 2014 Chinese New Year.

It seem like Cadbury Malaysia listen to their wish both parent and her. Giving her an angpow containing flight to come back home. Her parent never expecting her to come home this Chinese New Year 2014 but everything seem a dream until they are seeing her. 

The girl in the video clip is called "Su Ling" apparently living oversea to caught her dream. Now she is home with her parents and they are celebrating a happy CNY in 2014. If you also like Su ling situation and You could not go back home during CNY, You are always have means to do that. You could send E-mail, letters or short messages to your parents who might want to hear from you. A small news of You to your parent might change everything in their feeling in 2014 CNY.

Now or never text your beloved one in this coming CNY !!

Malaysian made Chinese New Year 2014 Songs

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Various Malaysian Chinese Organization will celebrate CNY by making Chinese New Year songs every year such as MY FM and Astro. They never miss a single year. This year is horse !

They never missed producing local made Chinese new year song in Malaysia. Our CNY celebration is overwhelmed with their songs filled our CNY atmosphere. Sincerely Wishing all of You a Happy Chinese New Year 2014 !

Although all the CNY songs are made from Chinese languages, I wish they could make subtitles for our friends who does not read Chinese in the coming future.

The most satisfied and most nice CNY song the author is picking up AI FM's 2014 CNY song. The title is
"New Year with abundant loves". It has subtitles and everything and most importantly it is a very good song.


Collaboration NTV7, One FM, 8 TV, they collectively made an awesome CNY 2014 song.. The title of the song is " Happiness is most important" in English language.If you decide to download it into your smartphone You can follow instructions located on their Youtube channel.


MY FM DJ crews collectively made a CNY song by the title "Kuda Kuda" . It is not a coincidence it related to the Chinese Calender this year is a horse year. The song is consist mixing the popular korean hits Psy's "Gangnam Style".


MY Astro is again making a CNY song for us. The title is "dream is alive" translated from Chinese. It could mean MY Astro wishing us our dream fly higher and can be achieved during 2014. Besides, there is a familiar elements in the song. Oh ! They also put a mixing with popular US singer Anna Kendrick's "Cups" song.


Melody FM's CNY 2014 song. The song consists chinese restaurants and foods that are being served during the period of CNY only. Most prominently is Yusheng.

MGirls is singing a lot Chinese New Year songs in 2014. Most of the song are singed in Cantonese.

Popular Malaysian Chinese singers Chong Shen Zhong is making a buzz in coming 2014 CNY. He made many CNY Songs. He also taken a concert tour for whole Malaysia.

Title as : New Hope in 2014


S P Setia Malaysian property infrastructure and business company wishing happy Chinese new year 2014. Listen to their CNY song

Petronas presents to you CNY video clips CNY 2014. Titled "Young Hearts" It is not a song, it is more like a story depicting CNY atmosphere. All the casts are Malaysian and the scene are most likely backward to 1990s


Tenaga Nasional Berhad 's CNY advertisement song " The Gathering" .. Enjoy !!

Donation to Malaysia charity through McDonald Prosperity Burger

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Eat at your nearest McDonald outlet now order a prosperity burger RM1 will be contribute to Malaysian Charity fund.  

It is not mandatory like "Zakah" in Islamic term that everyone need to contribute. McDonald Malaysia decided make a campaign for Malaysian unfortunate young and old living in charity-sponsored home. For your information, some of this home cater more than 100 peoples. You would not believe that their expenses are whopping up to RM10,000-RM15,000. 

In conjunction of Chinese New Year 2014, We already know McDonald will make prosperity burger available for the period of CNY. It only available for very short period of time and many wanted to taste the prosperity burger every year it must be done in this time. This burger is special because it has different drinks. You should try it yourself.

Although Chinese people are discouraged to buy foods at outside as they keen for family prepared foods during Chinese New Year, It does not mean they do not. The tradition is not keeping them going to McDonald ordering as there will a unique burger set meal signify Chinese New Year spirit. Some of the Chinese like to eat at outside when there is a meal designated for Chinese New Year period such as Oranges, Nian Gao, Spring Roll and luxury Yusheng in Chinese restaurant.

If you feel eating McDonald Burger or You feel that there is a responsibility call on Malaysian society, remember to order prosperity burgers at this coming January 18 and 19, 2014. Bring your family and friends. RM1 is very powerful when be like 100 peoples it will be RM100.00 for Malaysian charity.

Watch this below by McDonald Malaysia made a video clip for charity programme.

10 Favourite Tablets available in Malaysia

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Wonder any new tablets in the market ? Have a quick look on these brand new and high-end tablets ! 

Samsung Galaxy note 8


Company : Samsung Electronic

Highlighted features : 16GB WIFI+3G, S PEN, 8" screen

Colour : White

This tablet introduced in the market on April 2013. Widely sold Malaysia nationwide in May. As the title suggested, it is 8.0" wide screen. powered with google's Android system 4.1. Processor is 1.6 Ghz enough to run multiple windows. Popular features are included such as Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS. Last but not least, it has 5 mega pixel camera +1.3 MP front camera. The price in 14.01.2014 should be RM1188.00
Check current price at Galaxy note tablet white


Company : Microsoft

Highlighted features : 32GB/ 2GB RAM, 10.6"screen , windows 8, I5 processors, standing

Colour : Black

This tablet is powered by computer's I5 chip. memory running at 4GB with storage capacity stood 64GB. It can run pretty much like a computer only excluding a high-end graphic card a computer can possess. Can play any movies You like with standing feature plus compatible with keyboard and pen. More information and check current price at Microsoft surface RT tablet


Company : Apple

Highlighted features : 64GB, 9.7" screen , iOS 6, retina display, facetime, WIFI

Colour : White

Ipad 4 generation come with retina display make your images and videos clearer. Imagine reading world news, retina display could maximize your reading experience to the fullest. Apple Ipad is incredibly amazing. Introducing Facetime through WIFI mode and You could record video in HD.  All of these powerful things powered by apple battery that could last for at least 10 hours fully charged. Price in malaysia in January 2014 could be RM1,999.00. The price always changing check at Ipad retina 4th generation


Company : Samsung Electronic

Highlighted features : LTE, 10.1" screen, WIFI and bluetooth

Colour : White

It is 2014 Edition Samsung Galaxy note. Running 3 GB memory and latest Android version 4.3. built-in storage capacity is 32GB. If you buy this model, there are headphones and S-Pen included. I haven write the most powerful feature in this model. It is well planned for those who like to multi task. "Multi screen". You could do two things at once meaning in one screen with two different things. It also come with Adobe Photoshop to test your editing photo skills. Check current price at Galaxy note 10 Tablet white


Company : Apple

Highlighted features : 4G LTE, 9.7" screen, WIFI and bluetooth, 5MP, iOS 7.

Colour : Space Gray

It superb light and thin with new Apple's Ipad Air. They successfully reduce the size of battery without compromise the power energy. Minimize the battery size enable them to increase the storage capacity than previous predecessor. Equipped with latest iOS apple windows version 7. It is used by many artists, professor and students worldwide. In Malaysia market, you could find this RM2,300.00 +. More information and current price at Ipad Air 16GB WIFI

Below are cheap and budget highly efficient tablet generally cater for mass population. If you first want to own a tablet but limited resources You could buy these with affordable prices. !


Company : Lenova

Highlighted features : 7.2" screen, WIFI and bluetooth, 5MP, Android 4.2, Quad-core.

Colour : White

Readily built-in storage capacity of 16GB. Running 4 cores inside the tablets enough for game app lovers. Surprisingly come with front camera 0.3MP and 5MP back camera. It is also very light only 0.34 KG. Lenova commited to bring good product to you offering 1 year warranty to every tablet You purchase. Price in Malaysia is selling at RM641.00. More information and current discounted price at Lenovo Ideapad A3000


Company : Tenko

Highlighted features : 7" screen, WIFI &3G, Android 4.2, Dual-core, microSD.

Colour : White

Extremely light only 0.28KG with 7" screen size. Powered by android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Dual core processor. It also come with camera 2 Mega pixel for photo capturing. Huge screen for reading and gaming enhanced experience. It has built-in WIFI or You can choose to plug 3G dongle. The unique thing about Tenko tablet , they offer competitive price RM399.00  and 1 year warranty. Many people bought this and rated them positive rating. Interested , You can visit at Tenko 8GB Wifi Black


Company : Acer

Highlighted features : 7.9" screen, WIFI &Bluetooth, Android 4.2, Quad core, 5MP, microSD

Colour : White

One of the recommended tablet for cheap and budget tablet by author of www.unitedmy.com. Acer produces most quantity of PC and they are changing direction to dominate in tablet market. As you can see, the specification of tablet they are making today is quite affordable and meet the demand of consumer. Quad core processor, 8" screen and WIFI & bluetooth to fill the demands. Excellent 5 mega pixel with 16GB internal plus 1GB RAM. It sold for RM 523.00. Check current price and more information at Acer Iconia WIFI Gold


Company : AIGO/UTOO

Highlighted features : 6" HD screen, WIFI , Android 4.0, microSD

Colour : White
AIGO is similar to TENKO tablet they offers the most underlying specification of tablets world. It is designed for low-end user who just want to own a tablet with the growing numbers of user who owned a tablet. AIGO tablet does have camera 0.3 MP, 4GB internal memory, WIFI supported. You can use this to surf Internet and open facebook anywhere you want and bigger screen then your smartphone. It does not support telephone call but you can do messaging by nearest WIFI hot spot. The price are really affordable only RM169.00 and You might need them to add memory into it cost around RM50. This tablet has 156 reviews it worth to see what they has to said at Aigo M60 Black


Company : MACSONIC

Highlighted features : 9"  screen, WIFI&3G , Android 4.0, microSD

Colour : White

The unique feature of Macsonic tablet is they have bigger screen a whopping 9" screen size bigger than most of the tablets in the market. They also have Front and back camera for consumer who like to do video chatting and consierable amount of internal storage capacity 8GB. If you decided to purchase, they will free you a earphone. It only cost You around RM329.00. Worth to check it out 9" tablet with rock-bottom price at Macsonic Sonicpad 9" screen with WIFI

That all for 10 most favourite tablets in Malaysia.

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