Speculations on Missing Plane of MH370 Photos and Videos

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A series of speculations and rumors about MH370  in the Internet have been incredibly amazing to see how people reacted to this incident

Someone have pointed out the fact read the red letters
This had been circulated on Internet someone took a picture right after the MH370 crashed. This is not the MH370 people are looking for !

It is not MH370
Don believe what you see in Internet ,Okay? Malaysia Airline does not look like that. Boeing 777 is much bigger than this ! 

Some said it is Atlantic Ocean rather than Indian Ocean. Source said it was captured on 2013 Atlantic Ocean when the storm raged the sea. Incredible right? 

This guy believed it is located at Diego Garcia. He is not the first to say this. I am repeating He is not the first to say the plane flew to Diego Garcia and landed at secret U.S military base

This is some serious title " Boeing Uninterruptible Autopiolt " claimed by author is retired Delta pilot. It means that the autopilot in Boeing can be overwrite by remote control. No one in the plane can drive it manually after autopilot taken control by unknown people flew the plane to unknown location..

TB Joshua's Prediction on Malaysia Airlines MH370 Prophecy. Kind of shock right ? The prediction was given during 2013. He say it would be an Asian country and huge aircraft.

Few days later after the incident happened, news reported the airplane diverted the direction is solid proof. It could ended up at Indian Ocean. As soon as it announced, at India TV show, Memory and soul healing expert from India, Ramachandra Guruji speaks to the souls of missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines on Live Kannada TV show. It was March 12, 2014 night.

Anonymous have something to say about MH370. Mainly speaking of semiconductor employees "Freescale". The conspiracy and etc

Allegations, Accusation, Speculation & Rumors

This is what she drew. Unbelievable !

Courtney Love found the plane . Well she claimed to found many things previously ! Come On (Disbelief) !

I know but It is way too much exaggerated right? 
Do not trust what the all of the Internet article . Do not !! Well, now you know You cant trust local newspaper too especially from Sunday Sport !

I am not MH370 nor the passengers and crews
I really hope this is real in the week of finding the MH370. They actually found the plane with survivors but it turned out the image is not MH370.

Lost TV Series poster
Have You watched "Lost" TV series? In "Lost" TV series, the plane crashed was a Boeing 777. However, the plane is found and recovered they did not said how much time they needed . The passengers in "Lost" TV series were all dead but they were trapped somewhere else ! It is just a dramatic Hollywood TV series

1. Political Fanatic & Pilot hijacking

The day before the incident, Captain Zacharie attended Malaysian opposition leader trial Anwar Ibrahim. The court is ruled not in favor Anwar Ibrahim. Some parties believed it was injustice action.

2. South China Sea Plane Wreck Satellite Imagery

At the first day of Search & Rescue mission, they starting to search South China Sea but later it found the plane took a turn flew to Indian Ocean. China and Vietnam both claimed their satellite captured imagery of debris.

3. Vietnamese found the plane wreckage said according to oil rig workers

On March 8, The day the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 from civilian radar. Vietnamese reporter claimed to have sighted the plane wreckage site.

4. Chris's Goodfellow 's Electrical Fire Theory

Plane devoured by fire. They were unable to rescue the plane as all of the manual option inside the aircraft was malfunctioned.

5. Landing at Kunming province, related to terrorist attack, Taiwan received a call claimed to provide intelligent on terrorist organization. They received the call on March 4. 4 days prior the missing Malaysian Airlines.

Some claimed that It was at Kunming province the plane landed according to DigitalGlobe's satellite imagery website.

5. Lithium Battery in cargo burned the whole aircraft

Malaysia Airline Chief executive officer said there were significant amounts of Lithium battery at cargo. Some people developed a theory that Lithium battery is the cause of aircraft crash. There were a series of airplane crash incident due to lithium battery in the past

6. Stolen passports and Iranian boarded the MH370. Hijacking Theory

Two Iranian men carrying stolen passports boarded the plane.

7. Based on satellite ping signal, they developed theory the plane flew to North & South corridor. It could be landed at Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Malaysian officials unveiled it plans to seek the missing plane at norther corridor. They were requesting civilian satellite imagery and air traffic control tower information at each country. It involve Thailand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many more.

8. A distraction of news between Russia and Crimea Crisis

Amid the MH370 incident, there was a crisis between both nations. MH370 news quickly catch the world attention instead of focusing on the nation crisis. Do you believe MH370 was a distraction ? I don believe that but coincidentally everyone focus turned on the missing Malaysia Airliner while conflict at Crimea worsen

9. Blaming on Rothchild

It about the patent. 5 patent holders including J.Rothchild. When 4 of them gone missing in this incident. Patent right will be distributed to those who are alive. J.Rothchild got 100% control on the patent.

10.  LaWS weapon deployed

On March 6, U.S said they arey deploying weapon in a response to Putin's action on Crimea. Some individual or group claimed they launched LaWs weapon system on MH370.

11. Payback for the verdict convicted state of Israel guilty of genocide

In 2013, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission established by Mahathir.M to investigate war crimes. Convicting state of Israel guilty of genocide. So the whole MH370 is about revenge??

12. Russian know where is the location of MH370

On April 13, 2014 - Russian newspaper published that the plane was hijacked by a guy codename "Hitch". Pilot was innocence he was instructed to do that by Hitch. The plane passenger are safe now at Afghanistan near Kandahar near the border of Pakistan.

13. Company found the debris of MH370 

Shocking that after the Russian newspaper published. Australian company based on Adelaide using high technology to find any lead. They pretty sure they found the debris but not confirmed. They are finding any MH370 debris on the north far away estimated 2,000 KM from where the authorities have been looking.

14. Malaysian women claimed saw debris on the way back from Umrah

Raja Dalelah Raja Latife claimed she saw a wreckage of plane which was partly submerged and partly arise in the Andaman waters. She was in Saudi Airlines's aircraft departing from Jeddah SV2058 at 3.30 AM Saudi time (Malaysian time about 8.30am). The plane passed over Chennai in India before entering the airspace of the Andaman Sea.

What altitude she saw the plane debris??

There are more to come. Some conspiracy theory have yet to surface. It will stop when human stop being critical thinking while authorities trying to stop us from speculating with reason it will emotionally and mentally hurt passenger and crew families badly. Stay tuned for #15 !! 

All of the above and articles were written by someone else I hold no responsibility on any of the above. Be moderation !

History of the article

-UPDATED on April 28, 2014

10 News Stories in Malaysia on March 2014

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Top news stories in Malaysia in the month of March. Flashback & Throwback

1. Missing of Malaysia Airlines Commercial Jet Boeing 777 MH370 

Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing midnight time 1205AM -6.30AM lost contact with Subang Air Traffic Control Tower. Search & Rescue mission established with international help.

2. Kajang By-Election

PKR Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail won the the Kajang by-election with 16,000 votes in Sunday more than Barisan Nasional 's representative MCA vice-president Chew Mei Fun.

3. Opening Second Penang Bridge 

March 1, 2014 marked the second arrival of Penang bridge. It will be named after Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah. The bridge is constructed with sophisticated engineering and state-of-the-art machinery. It took 6 years to complete, a 24 Kilometers long.

4. Future Music Festival Asia Cancelled 

3-days FMFA event featuring popular DJ around the world cancelled due to police investigation on overdose drug case in the event.

5. Anwar Ibrahim lost the court case

Malaysian court overturned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's acquittal of the charge that he sodomized a former political aide.

6. China families of victim MH370 

After the announcement of Prime Minister on the night of March 24, The plane concluded fell to the Indian Ocean sparked street protest by MH370 passenger families at China. Street protest is heading to Malaysian embassy. Moreover, Chinese celebrities joined the escalating protest through social media fuel more oil to the fire. Besides, China's travel agency reported ban travelling with Malaysian Airlines as a result drop in Chinese traveler to Malaysia.

7.  Visit Malaysia 2014 Suspended

Ministry of Tourism did not expect this will happen. He proposed to Parliament Visit Malaysia 2014 will be suspended until the aircraft is found. When the truth surface by discovering black box information, the truth will help boost the confident of traveler to Malaysia.

8 Shalwati Norshal and Azizul Raheem Awalluddin have been found guilty

Found guilty at foreign court by the Solna District Court for repeated assaults and violation of their children's integrity. Under section 4A of Chapter 4 of the Swedish Penal Code. Aisyah 14, Ammah 12, Adam 11 and Arif 7 abused by Azizul Raheem Awalluddin was sentenced 10 month jail.

9. Selangor Water crisis

Signing agreement between Federal Government and Selangor Government occurred. Water crisis have affected gravely to people until the point they have to ask water company distributes water supply to area by using large container truck. Under Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Selangor will take over operations of four water concessionaires. Syabas, Puncak Niaga, Konsortium Abbas, Syarikat Pengeluar Air Selangor Holding (SPLASH) for 9 Billion.

10. Balingian seat won by Barisan Nasional

Barisan candidate Yussibnosh Balo polled at 8,194 votes defeating PKR Abdul Jalil Bujang on March 30, 2014 By-election.

Yeo's 80 days drink to cash 2014

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As long as you drink Yeo's beverage You are entitled to win this contest daily. Follow the instructions below !! 

All of the information is described inside the video. It contained English and Malay version. The video provided here is English version. The contest lasts for 80 days. You will have 80 days to win the contest. Each day Yeo's officials will pick some winners. Be consistent view their Facebook they will announce there everyday except Saturday and Sunday.

There will be 72 Ipads to be won and RM500,000 worth of prizes. Besides, there will be RM3,000 daily draw everyday. RM10,000 special draw once very 10 days. 

The contest begin March 13, 2014 - May 31, 2014. 

The requirement of the game is very easy. Purchase Yeo's drinks and key in the codes. You will get exposed how to do it inside the video.

There are two ways of submission either key in the code embedded at Yeo's drinks or using receipt. It is important You keep the receipt to retrieve prizes !

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New Samsung Smartphone and Smartwatch 2014 in Malaysia

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Samsung new flagship smartphone Samung Galaxy S5 successor of S4. In the same day, they unveiled new Smartwatch  

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Smartwatch Gear Fit

Cool stuffs have arrived before the end of March 2013. Certainly they were many things happened in the month of March. I do not wish to elaborate more about it ! Besides, there was cancellation of Twin Tower 2014 concert which mean we will not seeing superstar Rain coming to Malaysia so soon.

We should move forward instead of dwell fear and sadness. Certainly that the coming of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear 2, Fit is expected and it will make us happy ! It also very much everything to Samsung fans living in Malaysia.

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are like the best smartphone but it will be very curious how could Galaxy S5 developer create something much more innovative and attractive than previous model? It same goes to Smartwatch ?

To be frankly speaking, We don really need to understand that technical stuff. You don buy a smartphone and ask they build this right? You don really ask what is the thing inside and how they created this thing? . Most of us I mean 90% of us do not really ask those We just need to know the name and the looking right?

It seem like Samsung unveiled a series of new products in Malaysia. Galaxy S5 is really groundbreaking smartphone. It has heart rate detector, fingerprint sensor, newest Android KitKat version, much better camera. For smartwatch, it pretty much mean if you own smartwatch You can be on time, because it is so beautiful designed Your eye is always locked looking at it probably other people who sit beside you keep looking at your smartwatch like want to ask where you purchase it. You know what I mean ?

Samsung must have very good engineer to develop cutting-edge smartphone and smartwatch. Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be launched at Malaysia on March 28, 2014. It will price at RM2399. More information about Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-oder and full specification at Samsung Galaxy S5

For smartwatch, it most significant about them are Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity and sports/lifestyle apps. As if you are owning a smartwatch, you actually can throw your credit card, loyalty card away. It is because with NFC you literally paying with your smartwatch by scanning and no swiping anymore !. The good thing about smartwatch it is water resistant and some of them are impact resistant.

Some said owning a smartwatch keep your body fit because it falsely alert your body weight increased drastically ! If you believe me ! 

Get new information and insights about smartwatch !  Galaxy Gear Fit is sexy and elegant could be designed for female. It also has lower price compared to Gear 2 at RM599. For Gear 2 it cost around RM899

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Axiata Young Talent Programme 2014

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Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP) open for interested undergraduates

Axiata Leadership camp 2014

Axiata one of the leading telecommunication companies in Asia. Provision of telecommunication and consultancy services on international scale. Axiata also owned Celcom one of the three well known telecommunication company in Malaysia. Celcom has more mobile subscribers than any other national telecommunication company. Axiata is very keen to invite young bright generation to join leadership camp !

It is a "summer camp" style programme open to Malaysian undergraduates studying in local and overseas universities from August 8, 2014 till August 22, 2014. 

A selected group of student who have completed will have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt through 8-weeks Structured Internship Programme the following year. The goal is to put leadership concepts into practice. focusing on dealing with real-world challenges in a challenging business environment.

Are you interested to join ? Take your time and prepare a time schedule ! if you decided to join it is important to note that All expenses incurred during the programme from August 9, 2014 till August 22, 2014 will be borne by Axiata excluding transportation to and from place of study or residence to the Axiata Office in Kuala Lumpur. 

What can you learn in ULDP

1. Leadership skills
2. Enhance employability
3. Weekly presentation by students with couching and mentoring from distinguished business leaders
4. Fun, energetic outdoor and indoor activities
5. Networking with top Malaysian students from all around the world
6. Business simulation winner will receive attractive prizes
7. Gain insight and exposure with regional placements in a structured 8-week internship programme

Who can apply ?

  • Malaysian undergraduates student studying in recognized local and overseas universities. 
  • Students enrolled in the following areas of studies : Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Social science and many more 
  • Minimum requirement to join with the score of 2nd upper class or CGPA 3.3

Contact No. : 03-2263 8877

Social Media Axiata Young Talent Programme:Facebook Axiata
Official website for ULDP : www.axiatafoundation.com

Top 10 Drama TV series in Malaysia 2014

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Featuring the best and most watched Malay Drama such as Ariana Rose and Jika itu takdirku

Are you wondering which drama series is trending? of course You want to know because you do not want to be silence when asked about drama title by your friends right? In this list, you will suggest your friends and yourself Top 10 and best TV series in Malaysia 2014

This list is still incomplete featuring first and second quarter of the year 2014 best Malay drama. It is due to limited information on what TV will broadcast in other half year of 2014.  In simple, all of this drama listed below are broadcasting in your TV in January until June.

Some of the drama started broadcasting in television late December 2013, it is still count into the list. The reason because the drama's last episode ended in the year of 2014 instead in the year 2013.

Another Top 10 Drama TV series 2014 will be written few months later. Do bookmark and share this information !

There are more good Malay Drama in half of the year 2014. More best Malay Drama at 10 Best Malay Drama 2014 - 2


Ariana Rose drama
This image owned by Ariana Rose company Primeworks Studio. Source: Wikipedia

Starring : Keith Foo, Nur Fathia, Nabila Huda, Arja Lee, Mustapha Kamal, Tasha Shila

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Primeworks

Summary / Synopsis

Based on a novel "The wedding breaker" by Evelyn Rose. Ariana Rose(Nur Fathia) is the best friend of Tengku Juwita (Tasha Shila) agreed to be wedding breaker for Tengku Juwita who would be marrying Tengku Adam Kamil (Keith Foo). The wedding subsequently cancelled due to Ariana Rose interfere with the process. Tengku Adam family is deeply worried and their status is affected. After the incident, Tengku Adam hired a private spy to investigate who is Ariana Rose. As the movie goes on, Ariana Rose and Tengku Adam become lover and would be married after going through all kind of challenges in their life.


Jika itu takdirku
The images is poster "Jika Itu Takdirku" could be owned by MiG Online

Starring : Shah Iskandar, Intan Ladyana, Shukri Yahya, Adiba Yunus, Arash Mohd

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : MiG Online

Summary / Synopsis

Hakimi(Shah Iskandar) had been in an accident last six years. Ever since, he got amnesia a part of his memory wiped clean. Dr Hamza (Arash Mohd) treated his condition and hopefully he will get well soon. They become close friend. Dr Hamza invited Hakimi for a dinner one night Hakimi stumbled on a picture daughter of Dr Hamza. It turned out that the Dr Hamza's daughter Umairah(Intan Ladyana) was his girl friend before the accident. Hakimi had forgotten his past the memory before the accident wiped out clean. He only remembered what happened after the accident.

Hakimi believes Umairah is his lover and Umairah love him too despite what had happened between them in the past 7 years before the accident. They accepted each other and found out Umairah is pregnant. The story is just begin Hakimi former girlfriend Qistina (Nina Iskandar) tried to get Hakimi back to relationship.


Starring : Nelydia Senrose, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Iqram Dinzly, Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Pena Creative Pictures

Summary / Synopsis

First episode of this TV series is screened on Astro Mustika HD on December 2013. It is predicted with 60 episodes ending on 2014. It is about the life of Jebat (Sharnaaz Ahmad) who is half Malay and Chinese ethnic. He is very hardworking, positive minded and kind heart. Mastura (Nelydia Senrose) fall in love with Jebat.

4. 7 SUAMI

Starring : Izreen Azminda, Aiman Hakim, Shakila Shoriri, Esma Daniel

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Pena Creative Pictures

New episode Date : Tuesday and Wednesday only at TV9 on 8.30 PM

Launching Date : January 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Safiyah (Izreen Azminda) growing up with her grandmother She love her very much. When she was a kids, life of Safiyah is in total misery and darkness due to her father is alcoholic addicted and her mother is a prostitute. Safiyah fell in love with a guy but unable to live with him when her grandmother wanted the best for her Haji Dollah another man will marry her. She had been going through many obstacles and challenge marry and divorce for six times. Will she meet a good guy eventually?


Starring : Fasha Sandha, Hafizul Kamal, Nor Albaniah, Datuk Eizlan Yusof, Zila Bakarin, Mardiana Alwi.

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Enuja Production

New episode Date : Wednesday only on TV3 , 9PM

Launching Date : February 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Miranda (Fasha Sandha) run away her marriage with Izwan (Hafizul Kamal) to Kuala Lumpur. Miranda does not want to marry him because the decision to marry him not from her but her mother. She is staying with Datuk Shukri (Datuk Eizlan Yusof) her relative but her presence is not very welcome by her wife nor her daughter. Melly (Mardiana Alwi) is very amazed by Miranda beauty.


Starring : Emma Maembang, Fahrin Ahmad, Noorkhiriah Opah, Norlia Ghani, Eizlan Yusof.

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Zeel Production

New episode Date : Saturday and Sunday , 6PM, TV3

Launching Date : February 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Aryana (Emma Maembang) working in Pizza Hut, McDonald and Jaya Jusco for 2 months feeling it is not where she belongs. Finally, she get a job as a secretary working with IIham Irfan (Fahrin Ahmad). It is not uncommon relationship between boss and secretary get too close. She works very hard every time she replied "Yes Boss" if her boss asked to do something. Without realizing, the fate between IIham and Aryana change from employer and employee to a secretive love. 


Starring : Sari Yanti, Fezrul Khan, Syafiq Kyle, Ayda Jebat, Adriana, Omar Abdullah

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : unknown

New episode Date : Monday to Thursday, 10PM, TV3

Launching Date : March 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Amar(Fezrul Khan) and Amir(Syafiq Kyle) is a brother with two different personality and altitude. Amar is a man of success. He do not go along with people idea and felt like not friendly. However Amir, He is friendly and good in networking skill often left his work not done at office.  Dato Rahman (Omar Abdullah) agreed to Amir request to purchase a company sold by a businessman. After purchasing the company, Dato Rahman realized the company is hugely in debt. This matter sadden him very much heart attack strike him when he is least expected. After the shock incident, Dato Rahman  is being taken care by his secretary Riana (Sari Yanti). Amar did not like Riana in office and wherever she goes. 


Starring : Syarul Ridzwan, Aisya Hasnaa, Aidil Aziz, Leez Rosli, Isma Daniel

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Creative skill

New episode Date : Thursday, 9PM, TV3

Launching Date : February 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Julia in her age of 20 studying in one of the private college fall in love with Jeff. Parent of Julia did not allow her to be with Jeff. Romi Suffian in age of 27 decided to be love engagement with Julia but she rejected it. She is still in love with Jeff. In series of events, Jeff is showing no sign of love towards her. Julia is very disappointed with him. Romi is always with Julia despite her rejection of love and love engagement.


Starring : Tomok, Yana Samsudin, Shima Anuar, Sheera Iskandar, Mustafa Kamal

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Metrowealth / MiG Online

New episode Date : Saturday, TV3, 9PM

Launching Date : March 2014

Summary / Synopsis

As the title suggested, Mikhail is influenced by his father's request to be a successful nurse. His father is motivating him due to the reason his mother died in an accident in the way to a job interview. She wanted to be a nurse so much said Mikhail father. His father died trying save his employer from a kidnapping process. After the incident, as a sign of respect, Datuk Shahrizal take care of his only son Mikhail inviting him to stay at his home. He wishes his daughter Dr Suriati will marry him when the time comes.


Starring : Izzue Islam, Anzalna Nasir, Syazwan Zulkifli, Elizad Sharifuddin, Eizlan Yusof

Genre :  Drama and Love

Production Company : Global Station

New episode Date : Monday to Thursday, TV3, 7PM

Launching Date : March 2014

Summary / Synopsis

Mya Arlissa (Anzalna Nasir) trapped in a cruel world. She never like her life with Mikail (Izzue Islam). A man with resource and good-looking. It seem like they were not married but sexual relationship seem have taken place between Mya and Mikail. Mya have been with Mikail for more than 2 years now She want to be free will she brave enough to leave Mikain and live a life of freedom ? 

Which Malay Drama You like to watch?
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Share it ! Making sure your friends in Facebook or Twitter got the chance to vote too. Tell your friends to vote your favorite drama instead.

After voting, you might want to leave comment why you pick the malay drama !! tell me how you feel and what you like about the drama ! ..

More about Malaysia's video broadcasting industry in Malaysia

  1. Best Malay movies 2014
  2. Best Malay Drama 2014 season 2

Donate to WWF Malaysia and get Earth Hour T-shirt

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Earth Hour is probably the biggest and most influential charity event in the world

Source: Earthhour.org

No one can deny the powerful man creation electricity. We do not aware that what if one day we failed to produce electricity more for our ever growing population? The existence of electricity is the best gift for human. But, no one really aware that why school does not teach us conserving electricity ?

Many people do not really appreciate electricity like in case of water. We use water when we needed and we learnt to make a bath tub so that we can keep water and wash our body. However, electricity is generated though we are not really using them. Do you get the idea ? the shop light is still on although it closed and street lamp is still on although it already 3AM midnight.

I am not suggesting to close the street lamp which is funded by government to protect from road accident and many unfortunate events. What we should do is close any lamp deemed not necessary. We know that not every street is fully equipped with lamps but why should shopping complex and shopping mall get to use so many electricity? I know there is one of the shop in shopping complex is using so many lamps it should not be using because it is not make sense that place's safety and security is so much better than street and empty hall. We should channel those power back to where it needed or we might just turn it off.

Now, we have a chance to do something greater. Something that new and has never been done by our parents and grandparents. We will at this moment at end of March either March 29,30 or 31, we should turn our unused lamps off. Many have joined this initiative such as Hotel and shopping complex. We have a role to play and let play it right ! 

Close your lamp for one hour is that too much to ask ? 

Beside from that, you could visit Pandashop MY webiste they are affiliated to WWF to help them selling and handling WWF related merchandise. As you can see image below, the 60+ T-shirt can be bought from the Pandashop MY. 

Purchasing 60 Earth Hour is another form of contribution

Share to Win Contest Everyone can win a Proton

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Everyone can own a Proton car low interest and free installment

Proton share to win contest

As you can see in the picture above, which automobile dealership give you this lucrative deal ?? 6 months free instalment that really worth to check it out !

Proton is national automobile brand in Malaysia. Everyone know that except for those prefer foreign automobile brand like Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford and so on. Existence of Proton have a very strong agenda in national interest. Some of the Proton company income is invested in research and development automobile industry in Malaysia

Proton is eagerly promoting it brand. They have rolled out Proton Persona for the interest of people. The car charging RM388 for those who willing to purchase. There are so many choices You don really need to purchase Proton Persona. You can pick one of those Suprima S, Preve, Exora, Exora Prime, Sage FLX, Inspira and Satria Neo.

The best deal in my opinion, it would be Saga FLX. Try to calculate it with 2.5% interest rate and rock-bottom price at RM34,000 for this car plus down payment RM5,000 with 10 years. Your monthly repayment only RM300 or below.

The recent biggest news about Proton company is senior adviser Tun Datuk Seri Mahathir Mohammed resigned from the position. Many authority do not hope He resigned from the position. Will the next elected Proton adviser do a greater job for the company interest and raise the brand to the international stage? 
Beside this lucrative deal, Proton also would like to ask your help to promote their products and brand through social media in exchange you can win attractive prizes ! It starting from March 17, 2014 - March 31, 2014

Proton low interest

Low interest rate 2.5% . Proton is seriously taking less for themselves and giving more for the Malaysian people ! 

Proton car

It is so much cheaper than foreign made auto car. Own a Proton Preve for RM488. Myvi 1.5 cost RM 550-RM650. Which one is better you can decide for yourself ! 

Eat at KFC Malaysia with Christiano Ronaldo

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Buy a variety bucket RM39.90 or Hot Box at KFC with Cristiano Ronaldo watching you eat 

KFC Malaysia Cristiano Ronaldo

KFC newest promotional campaign featuring Christiano Ronaldo one of the most popular soccer player in the world. 

It is not surprise that KFC is featuring this top player because World Cup 2014 at Brazil is happening right now on June. It is the good move to start early.

Since KFC has taken initiative featuring a top soccer player, I bet we will see another fast food franchise McDonald or Pizza Hut featuring another top soccer player maybe like Lionel Messi ? It is an excellent campaign because in internet when you type "Christiano Ronaldo vs" in Google search engine, you will know both of them are the best soccer players now !

KFC Malaysia Cristiano Ronaldo
5 pieces of chicken, 4 pieces of boneless chicken, 8 pieces of onion rings, 8 pieces of potato hash-rounds, 1 BBQ dip, 1 honey mustard dip, 2 large fries.
Do you think this worth ? 

I cant resist anymore so I went to eat KFC. I realized that the 8GB drive is not free at all with Ronaldo image embedded. ! it cost like RM20.90. Besides, You will need to add RM4.00 to get a bottle of coke in other hand, it is not entitled any drinks.

I have eaten some of it before capturing. Barbecue sauce is pretty tasty and the white sauce is pretty much taste like Japanese wasabi

Anyone noticed Cristiano Ronaldo's signature ? 

Get Samsung S5 in Malaysia Online

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Now you can pre-order Samsung S5 brand new smartphone and a samsung new flagship before April

Before you purchase Samsung S5, you will have a tough time selecting the colors. As Samsung manufacturer decided to add more choice of color in the hand of to-be Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone holder. There are white, black, gold and blue.

Now you can pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 online with vouncher code up to RM100. Pre-order is open now on March 24. 

Trusted source leaked that Samsung S5 will be launched on April 5. I am sure You don want to get hassle because most of people are going to storm the physical store selling Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Contract-free Smartphone Galaxy S5 is officially available at Malaysia please check at Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White

Let discuss about techical specification Samsung Galaxy S5. S5 is upgraded 4.4 Android KitKat, 2GB RAM, LTE Cat.4 connectivity, powerful camera featuring 16 Mega Pixels, Superior viewing experiences with 5.1" screen size and full HD Super AMOLED display. 

Besides that, It also equipped with WIFI, bluetooth 4.0 technology and fingerprint technology. Furthermore, the first smartphone with health features such as heart rate monitor. With a quick touch on the sensor located at the back of the Galaxy S5, you will have your heart rate reading. Finally, Samsung S5 is incorporated with water resistant feature. 

Contract-free Smartphone Galaxy S5 is officially available at Malaysia please check at Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White

Samsung Galaxy S5 videos
In this video, it show you different color of Samsung Galaxy S5, improved battery life and much more.

Malaysian performed collective Prayers for MH370

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The World is saddened by missing commercial airliner jet since March 8, 2014. We are not less sad than them

The world and us share our sadness. They are mourning the same thing what is going on to the plane flying to Beijing From Kuala Lumpur. We all thought technology and science is so advanced that anything that missing we could find them immediately with the help of advanced and sophisticated machine. We are fear the uncertainty and novelty environment.

Malaysia Airline MH370 gone missing were speculated tremendously by many parties and individual. But among all speculations, there will only one truth and most of the speculations circulated were unlikely come close to the truth.

While others is speculating, some of the community is having strong faith on the passengers and crews on bard MH370. When we start to believe again regardless the outcome it is the most beautiful way to achieve a common hope that is to hope everyone on board the MH370 is safe.

Their faith, belief and positive thoughts brighten up the day as we gradually hoping the best instead of crying and producing negative thoughts

What Malaysian have done for MH370 ??

1. Made press conference twice in a day to inform the incident to the world in a week. Subsequently, one press conference daily.

2. Interfaith prayer begin. Unity of religious in Malaysia  is formed for a common purpose

3. Malaysian prime minister Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Najib Razak headed the official press conference on March 14, 2014

4. Pavilion shopping complex set up initiative for public to display their message of hopes

5. TV3 channel made a small banner written "Pray for MH370"

6. Awani news channel set up a "MH370" group focusing on newest update on the missing airplane. You also can find a "MH370 tab" on their website

7.CEO Malaysian Airlines, Department of Civil Aviation and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein attended most of the official press conference sharing newest information to the public indicating they are with the public all the time in this sad moment.

8. Invited China relatives staying in Hotel Everly for at least a week without charge upon family members of the passengers

9. Malaysia is as a coordinator in search and rescue mission involving 26 countries. They are fully aware of the situation. Sending several aircraft Lockheed C-130 and Navy vessels KD Kasturi, KD Lekiu, KD Selangor and much more.

10. 10000 jemaah joined solat hajat at masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainah Abidin mosque joined by Prime minister of Malaysia and Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat.

11. Jakim organized 13 and 14 solat hajat

12.  Prime Minister wife Datin Rosmah Mansor joined members of the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti) and 300 women praying for solat hajat at Sri Perdana. They were with prominent preacher Datuk Dr Fatma Az-Zahra

13. Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah arrived at Every Hotel 11.50AM. He spent more than hour with families of passenger. He was accompanied by his consort, Sultanah Kalsom, and sons, Tengku Muda Pahang Tengku Abdul Rahman and Tengku Fahd Mu'adzam Shah.

14. Twin Tower Alive 2014 cancelled due to many said it is a "sign of respect" to the MH370 incident.

15. Prime Minister of Malaysia promised to give the latest information to the public. On March 24, 2014, 10PM. He gathered Department of Aviation Chief, Minister of Transport and CEO of Malaysian airline, officially announced the confirmed location Malaysian Airline MH370 Boeing 777 fell to the Indian Ocean. Family passenger received SMS on their mobile phone notify the sad news.

16. Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah ordered Pahang and Malaysian flags be flown at half-mast for three days as mark of respect over Malaysia Airlines aircraft tragedy.

17. Tony Fernandes Airasia boss joined worldwide grief over MH370 missing and fell in Indian Ocean

18. Mercedes Formula 1 team's two cars will carry a sticker with the words "TributetoMH370" when they race in the Sepang International Circuit.

19. Minister in Prime minister department Joseph Kurup proposes that March 8 to be made " national prayers day" in remembrance of MH370

20. Johor and Perak flag on half-mast a sign of sympathy and sadness of the people towards the families of the passenger and crew.

Source : Former Prime Minister of Malaysia and members of the young Buddhist Association of Malaysia recite prayers for missing MH370 --NSTP/Yazit Razali

Penang police praying at Sivan Temple

Solat hajat at police contingent headquaters

Penang police praying at Mahindrama temple

Christian, Hindus, Buddhist and Muslims pose for a portrait after a special prayers held at Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin mosque for missing Malaysian Airliner MH370. Source: Getty Images
Teh Su They, whose global peace foundation co-organized the gathering of all religious in Malaysia to perform interfaith prayer on missing commercial jet MH370

Pray for Malaysia Airline to come back spread this message out, gathering million faith as when faith is strong enough miracle will happen !!  

Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines jet at Indian Ocean

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Finding the aircraft based on satellite images and analysis took more time than expected

This is second article in this blog about missing commercial jet MH370. All of the important and essential information will be compiled started from March 22, 2014. For those seeking information before the date you must visit our first article ! See the latest status at Malaysian airline gone missing since March 8

The plane remained missing with the help of international effort for more than 2 weeks. Developed countries France, Australia and US are eager to find out the mystery behind the missing commercial jet boeing 777. A huge airplane carrying 200+  passengers with cargo went missing on radar on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

March 22(Day 15)

Telegraph news reported and published on their website that they have the detailed transcript last 54 minutes of communication from MH370. The last word were recorded on 1.19AM (Malaysian time) "All right, Good night". Full information at Telegraph UK

Australia, China and British naval ships have already streaming the search area after China contacted Malaysian authority they have found a possible debris based on satellite imagery taken on March 18. 

Six planes, four Orion anti-submarine aircraft packed with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, scoured the area for a third day without success. 

Malaysia authority said the transcript of the missing airplane with traffic controller tower were kept safeguarded and could not publicly address. He implied the Telegraph's finding of transcript MH370 could be not accurate.  

CNN reported quoting environmentalist M. Sanjayan the difficulty to find airplane debris is high as there are many garbage discarded to the sea daily. 

Many countries are sending assets to aid SAR mission at southern corridor

Rumor & Speculation

1. Aviation experts said the plane might devoured by fire due to lithium battery in cargo

2. China found debris floating at the sea taken from satellite imagery on March 18. The location was given as just 120 kilometers distant from where March 16 satellite images.

3. 54 minutes transcript between MH370 and control tower revealed by Telegraph news could be not accurate.

March 23 (Day 16)

French satellite spots possible MH370 debris in search area. Malaysian SAR team received new satellite images from French side the third satellite images after Australia and China. Malaysia transport said that all relevant information had been forwarded to Australia as they are leading the search at southern corridor.

Australian officers said today that a wooden cargo pallet along with belts or straps have been spotted in the remote Indian Ocean by one of the aircraft

Sunday today, four military and four civilian aircraft had been deployed to search the area in southern corridor.

Strong warning by weather department tropical cyclone Gillian could hampered operation in southern Indian Ocean. It is currently at near Christmas Island 1,000 miles southwest of Australia.

The depth of the Indian Ocean between 3000- 5000 meters as if location is confirmed search blackbox mission to be carried out.

Rumor & Speculation

1. French authority suspected a satellite imagery related to MH370

2. Pilot received a mystery call from a woman

3. Australian authority and oceanographic experts believed that two objecteds spotted may have drifted 500 kilometers from original point due to date different both satellite imagery taken from March 16 and 18. The current weather in Christmas island have affected the SAR effort.

March 24 (Day 17)

On precise 10PM(Malaysian time), Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak made Press conference. He said the plane is confirmed fell into Indian Ocean based on IMMARSAT satellite date. 

CEO of Malaysian Airlines said there were 200 kilogramme lithium battery, mangoteen and several radio equipments inside the cargo of airplane MH370

US navy deployed "black box" locator at southern corridor after sighting possibly debris of MH370 provided by 3 countries's satellite images It is a precautionary measures in case those sightings confirm the location of debris.

Official press conference at Malaysia said 18,500 square nautical miles searched in the Australian search area. Two orange objects approximately 2 meters and one white colored drum were sighted by
search aircraft. However, it is remain unidentified.

HMAS Success captained by Allison Norris steering the ship through world's most hostile area. It is the only ship in vicinity on search area. China ships will be reached there on March 25.

French's satellite imagery on possible debris sent to Malaysia on March 22 and it sent to Rescue Cordination center Australia on March 23.

Meanwhile in northern corridor, Turkmenistan have confirmed they have not had any sightings of MH370 on their radar.

Japanese and China aircraft are due to reach to Perth. Japanese has sent two P3-Orion to aid the SAR mission.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Objects is undergoing careful investigation whether it related to MH370.

March 25 (Day 18)

The Commercial jet boeing 777 MH370 confirmed crash at remote area at southern corridor. Prime minister of Malaysia announced yesterday night around 10PM.

Official press conference at Malaysia's PWTC . When asked by reporters to Transport Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein whether they will still search for the plane, He replied, "we will still search the plane". 

UK Air accidents Investigation Branch and Inmarsat new analysis show that strong possibility the plane drop to Indian Ocean. The study of handshakes yield the result. The analysis called " The Doppler effect"

Victim families largely disagreed the news due to lack of evidence to support the data analysis. They still bear the hope safety of the passengers.

Northern Corridor search & rescue mission has been called off same goes to near Indonesia. 

Chinese held a protest to Malaysia embassy at China. Holding banners " Malaysian government murderers", "We want our relatives back". They protest location near Lido Hotel at Beijing.

Rumor & Speculation

1. No rumors & speculations

March 26 (Day 19)

 Families of passenger is provided with the press release issued by UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Weather improved since yesterday the operation was halted yesterday due to weather uncertainties on the sea. Chinese ships and Korean planes joining the hunt for MH370 at vast sea. Accounted for 12 planes will be flying today to the search and rescue location.

Malaysian ambassador to China Iskandar Sarudin arrived to meet with the crisis and angry families.

Satellite imagery provided by France which is captured during March 23 showing 122 objects floating at Indian Ocean, about 2557KM from Perth.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Investigator are speculating suicide mission 

2. Malaysia authority believes that the plane was deliberately diverted by someone on board.

March 27 (Day 20) (Updating)

Thailand has detected nearly 300 floating objects in the Indian Ocean, about 200 kilometers from the international search area for missing Malaysia Airlines MH370.

FBI Chief James Corney said the investigation on simulator owned by pilot recovery of deleted files is in process. They are working on it. FBI will soon complete it analysis.

Rumor & Speculation

1. Possible debris image taken by Thailand officials

I wish to discontinue effort on compiling everyday MH370 news. I have compiled from March 8 news - March 27.

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  1. Speculation, Rumors, allegations on MH370 photos and videos

Smartphone Game Apps created inspired by Bomoh Malaysia

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Smartphone Apps developer inspired by the event of Bomoh performing ritual finding MH370

Creativity and innovation ideas to make Bomoh apps available in Playstore since March 14, 2014. It had been downloaded by so many Android based smartphone users. 

Most of the game developers use the title "Bomoh" to attract users download the highly sensational subject associating with the missing airplane. They have taken the golden opportunity to make the title but the game is not just plain. 

I have downloaded most of the game developed by different persons but it always use the same game concept. The first one would be Bomoh + flappy bird concept. Developer simply recreated or replaced the flappy bird with something related to "Bomoh". It just a man flying with magic carpet or Bomoh using magic to fly. 

That is just one of the game concept they have used. I have found some of the apps actually are fun to play ! 
The title are "Bomoh Fly 3D" and "Flying Bomoh"  

Game developers usually utilize a highly sensational and eye-catching title for their app in order to attract user to download. They rake in substantial amount of advertising income putting ads in their highly downloaded app. Did they make a wrong decision or Do you think they have insulted some entity ? 

Bomoh app
Bomoh apps taken from smartphone
Some of the apps related to Bomoh I have downloaded were Bomoh MH370, Bomoh Fly 3D, Bomoh Shaman, BomohMH370Parody, Flying Bomoh, Bomoh 2, Flying Bomoh, Slap the Bomoh.

Bomoh Flying 3D
Flappy bird concept but replaced to bomoh in 3D developed using Unity platform. One of the best and fun. It is easier to score compare to flappy bird
As you can see above, most upper and most bottom part of the game have advertisements. Developer earns income if you clicked on it. It is not really very instrusive type and not really annoyed in some point.