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Piala FA 2014 Final Pahang vs Felda United

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Pahang took home Piala FA with 2 - 1 against Felda United. 

Piala FA final yesterday night ended well estimated on 10.20 PM. Pahang team declared winner at Stadium Shah Alam. The match begin from 8.45PM. Everyone were watching it at RTM 1 cheering their favorite team.

It is a very gruesome match from professional soccer players at both team performed extremely excellent. It was reported that Stadium Shah Alam entry tickets to the final match Piala FA was fully booked. There were so many Pahang fans wearing yellow shirts seated all the corner at the stadium.

There were 70,000 peoples at the stadium watching LIVE performance. The environment is just packed with voices and anxious feeling. Each fan at the stadium hoping their team will perform an outstanding match. The match begin with Pahang pushes Felda United hardly at the first 10 minutes.

After the first goal by Felda United, Pahang team played very hard on their opponent. Azrul from FU was being hurt when try to catch air ball. At the 38 minutes, Azidan from Pahang entered Felda United goal territory and used diving head but failed to secure a goal for Pahang. At 43 minutes, Junior Wilson again tried to score a goal for Felda united but failed.

The first goal was striked by Junior Wilson from Felda United team at 23 minutes. Throughout the match, Junior Wilson performed incredible soccer skill as a fast, accurate striker for Felda United team. The game ended first half match with the score of Pahang 0 - 1 Felda United.

Second match begin, Khairul ismail and Azamuddin have been issued yellow card by referee on the field due to mistake and pushing opponent. The match begin intensely when Pahang team lack of striker at the field. Yaroslav the defender from Felda United being issued of yellow card. He is one of the best defender for Felda United. Defense force from Felda United remained strong. There were many attempt from Pahang to bring out their best striker.

Pahang couch decided to bring out Faizol and Fauzi to the field. Shortly, Stewart from Pahang stumbled by Yarov causing penalty goal given to Pahang. However, Pahang still unable to secure first goal at this moment. Numerous changing players occured at this point. There were 15 minutes left. 

At a very critical moment, Faizol Hussain from Pahang tricked highly defensive team from Felda United entering the box and secured the first goal for Pahang team at the 82 minutes. Pahang team morale and spirit soared  high with their sizable number of fans cheering for them at the audience platform. The score is 1 - 1 at the last few minutes left.

 As the match approaching to the end, Pahang team was favored by referee for a penalty kick due to the mistake from Felda United. At this very moment, Pahang kicked the ball straight to secure goal but failed hit the pole. As soon as the ball is out, Dickson from Pahang took the moment of opportunity as he stand near to the goal keeper secured a goal by kicking in ball hit by the pole previously. 

The winner of Piala FA belongs to Pahang after Felda United failed their attempt to secure another goal. In fact, Felda united players seem to have much more goal opportunities rather than Pahang. In term of ball controlling, Felda United have absolute powerful ball controlling in mid field.

Sport sponsorship for final match Piala LA can be seen by the t-shirt wearing by soccer players and the soccer field billboards. There were 100 plus, Era FM, Resort Genting, and Fruit 10.

Video : All goals by Felda United and Pahang

Sukma Final Soccer Perak vs Johor 2014

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17th Malaysia Games (Sukma) Who will win the title Soccer champion this year ?

If you love soccer sport definitely you need to know who will be the soccer champion in 17th Sukma. Intense battle between Perak and Johor at our TV screen yesterday night. They have come so far battling other state team only one team will be glorify as champion of this year 17th Sukma game

As I watch the game LIVE yesterday night, I definitely have a feeling Perak would win the game. They have good maneuver skill. They are controlling the ball all the time and their position is very successful to goal. They scored first and second goals easily. Breaking Johor defense with 3 strikers. Perak team did not hunger for goal they waiting for the best opportunity. They utilize passing skill at the right end soccer field to ensure strike get the best open opportunity for goal kick.

As for Johor team, they eager to strike a goal at the goal gate of Perak. Numerous attempts free kick and penalty kick straight to earn goal points but failed. Although they broke through Perak defense, they lacked strikers get the best open opportunity for goal strike.

The end result Perak vs Johor would be 3-1 battling at stadium Tuanku Syed Putra on June 3, 2014.

First goal for Perak were by Muhammad Shahrel Fikri Md Fauzi, Second goal at 17 minutes by Perak team Khairul Asyraf Sahizah. Third goal performed by Muhammad Shahrel.

Johor scored 1 goal were by Shafiq Shahruddin. They played well in the match.

World Wrestling Entertainment LIVE in Malaysia 2014

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Get to see WWE Superstars John Cena, Ricky Steamboat, The shield and Intercontinental Champion

WWE live will be held 2 days on October 11 - 12 in Malaysia. Thank to Malaysia major events that successfully brought number 1 international wrestling event to Malaysia. Malaysian fans surely overwhelm about this news.

On May 22, 2014, there were announcement by Astro and WWE that there will be 2 days WWE LIVE in Malaysia. So much happening events in the year of "Visit Malaysia 2014". We will be seeing Taylor Swift concert, 2NE1 concert, Avril Lavigne concert and many more to come. We would have been seeing Rain on March but it was canceled due to Malaysia Airliner incident.

Despite that, We have been watching WWE since the beginning before it even had WWE brand and logo, it was World Wrestling Federation(WWF). WWF is the predecessor of WWE. There were good old days wrestler. For example, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt angle, Goldberg.

It is a surprising news for most of us that our childhood and favorite wrestling TV show will be able to be hosted at Malaysia.  We have seen growing trend of introducing wrestling entertainment into Malaysia market. Such as the Malaysia Invasion Mixed Martial Arts(MIMMA) by Tunetalk .

In fact, WWE 2014 in Malaysia will be the second time after 12 years. The first WWE was held in 2002 at Putra Indoor Stadium with 16,000 seats. This time will be at the same venue as before Putra Stadium 

There were so many WWE fans missed the opportunity to see WWE LIVE 2002 in Putra Stadium but now they have chance to see them in close proximity. Entrance tickets to WWE LIVE arena at Putra Stadium October 10-11 have been allowed to be purchased since May 31. Cheapest one will cost RM 128 while the most privilege VIP ticket cost around RM 1230.  

Don miss the bus to witness WWE LIVE in your country buy the ticket online at

Malaysia fans club for WWE :

Correct me I am wrong, Hitz FM's Ean was with WWE Ricky Steamboat in this short video clip.

Football Zombie with Rexona and Clear

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What are Football Zombie Syndrome or Sickness ? What are they trying to tell us ?

Luckily, I was selected as one of the winner in this contest. Please proceed to this entries Unitedmy one of the winner of Football Zombie Defender contest

It is not hard to guess what it is. It is none other than the coming FIFA 2014 at Brazil ! Without this grand event that unite us from any background there would not be a Football Zombie. Do you think it curable ?

How to cure this football zombie will be turn off the television. It certainly not easy to do it it is not as simple as that. What if your workplace colleagues start to talk about the FIFA players and scores ? You do not want to be sidelined and pretend you know it but in fact you were not watching the FIFA matches.

Turn on the television and start watch it till the end that would be the solution. However, most of the FIFA matches LIVE on midnight time because at Brazil there would be timeline difference if we watch it at Malaysia. Especially FIFA Brazil 2014 semi final and final matches who were going to miss the chance to see once in 4 years football event ?

That really ridiculous my colleagues expected me to see the match so that all of us can connect to the same topic but my workplace employer will be furious to know if employee stay up all night just to watch the matches. Who were going to do all the paperwork with energetic spirit ? I think most of the boss out there totally can understand our feeling to cheer favorite team in critical moment. My favorite team needed me to cheer them in front of television like consistently throughout the match.

Despite that and back to Football Zombie. This Football Zombie campaign shows you guy a series of video clips and a game to play. It called "Football Zombie Defender" . This game comes with attractive prizes to be won by lucky users.

Official website : Visit on

 More Football Zombie video clips at this channel : Football Zombie official channel

This video is not talking about those hollywood zombies that eats human flesh. Forget it, we will have new zombie variant It is a football zombie. It strange that every 4 year, the occurrence of Z symptoms or Z chromosome will resurface infecting everyone.

If you know these guys will become football zombies what can you possibly do to prevent them from getting infect ?

Malaysia vs Japan Thomas Cup Final 2014

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Thomas Cup Final this Sunday 5.30PM . We are in final this time after so many years.

Sunday 5.30 PM is the time most of Malaysian are at home resting. Wait, there is something coming and better than resting, what is so important than resting on Sunday ?? Tune to RTM or your Astro channel for Thomas Cup 2014 Final match Malaysia vs Japan.

Tell your friends, parent and relatives, we are in the middle of getting Thomas Cup back to our own soil. We are not alone hoping the best for our athletes Malaysian wife of the Prime minister, Datin Seri Rosmah has called every Malaysian to give support to the country badminton team.

We cant reduce the chance will we lose the match as both team are shown to have great badminton players in the ground. Winning is nothing compare to greatest match. We week glory, fantastic, once in a lifetime match. Who winning is not important but putting a good show for everyone with all the sweat and tears they have put through. Winning is nothing the important is the process. "Fail is part and parcel of the quest to glory" said wife of Malaysia Prime Minister.

Who do not want to see Japan's Kenichi Tago and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei match in Thomas Cup 2014 ?? World No.2 badminton player Chen Long lost the badminton match with Kenichi Tago. It is important to know that Lee Chong wei once beaten by Chen Long as for Lee Chong Wei facing Kenichi Tago will be something worth to watch as we have seen Chen Long vs Malaysia this year

Before the match begin, RTM was told broadcasting right for Thomas Cup Final is about RM 4 million and they were unable to buy that right and broadcast it . As soon the news came out, It stirred not satisfy for some group of people. Twitter May 24 trending #ThomasCup4All  , it is part of a online community discussing the said news about RTM and Thomas Cup Final most of people just voiced their dissatisfaction about it. They can only watch the match LIVE by Astro channel.

The miracle does happen, after few hours authority said the right to broadcast were taken by private TV station,  RTM regained the right to broadcast Thomas Cup Final for free. It seem like everyone can watch the anticipated match tomorrow either at Astro channel or at RTM. 

This online twitter trending could be an online pleading or an online petition proved successful in contributing RTM regains their right to broadcast tomorrow Thomas Cup final.

Who will win tomorrow match ? Let see the game tomorrow ! Thank Astro for giving out the right to RTM ! 

Malaysia 2 - 3 Japan . Thomas cup belong to Japan 2014. 

Perodua Lagi Lagi Bola Contest 2014

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Perodua joined many businesses to create contest FIFA World Cup 2014 oriented to attract Malaysian crazed for soccer

Perodua FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2014 fever is on the widespread rampant affected Malaysian now. Many business establishment have come out with unique contest to celebrate FIFA World Cup 2014. Such as, Telekom Malaysia, Yes broadband, Maggi and many more. It is 32 days ahead of World Cup in Brazil !!

Contest is ongoing from May 2 - July 15, 2014. You will have 2 months time to win anything from Perodua Lagi Lagi Bola Contest. Interested ? do not hesitate to join !

Attractive prizes will be given to lucky winners. There are 10x RM5,000 cash prizes, 20x 50" LED TV worth RM 3,000 , 300x Petrol Card worth RM 500 . What are you waiting for ? Let see how to join this contest !

Reading their terms and conditions, you are required to either purchase a new PERODUA car at any authorized Perodua showroom From May 2 - July 15, 2014. Or, Spend more than RM150 servicing your Perodua car at an authorized Perodua service centre. 

Do note that registration card and invoice must be retained in the event that the participant declared a winner by Perodua judges. According to TOS, you are required to send SMS to 36660 as a sign of acknowledgement to be as a contest entry.

Throughout 2 months, there are 330 prizes waiting be won by you ! More information please visit at Perodua Lagi lagi Bola Contest 2014

Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil Grab Jersey every hour

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Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil malaysia

This contest is quite confusing. I recommended interested participants read fully their terms and conditions at Maggi Hot Cup to Brazil Contest

How to Join ?

1. Get codes from the label package of Maggi Hot Cup. ( Those with FIFA logo)

2. Send SMS to 36300 for example HOTCUP<space>Name in your IC<space>Mycard numbers<space>Unique codes

HOTCUP Izuan 1322XXXXXXXX Unique Code (From maggi hot cup 9 digits)

3. 1 entry received (Charge 0.30 for 1 entry without normal charge)

This contest held from April 15, 2014 - June 15, 2014. There will be 24 prizes for 62 days. Accumulated for 1488 prizes to be won throughout the contest period. A soccer jersey is taken away every hour by lucky winner.

Red Bull Air Race 2014 at Putrajaya

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Embrace Yourself for Stunning Air Race Event with breathtaking Putrajaya Background View

Putrajaya scenery Source : Red Bull Air Race website

There are a reasons why they Red Bull held it at Putrajaya, Malaysia. Red Bull planner needs a beautifully vast, greener environment for their theme. They had chosen Putrajaya for this exclusive event. Malaysian is no foreign to Air type performance. 

Red Bull Air Race created in 2013 is an international series of Air races. It is just like Formula 1 at the ground but this one will be on the air. The Air Race rules are different. An expert pilot will need to go through Air gates challenges to win this competition.

Talking about Air race, Malaysian have seen Royal Air Force performing at Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition or in short LIMA. It is held every 2 years. One of the Asia most prestigious aerospace, maritime, commercial and defense events. In this LIMA event, there are total 30 aircraft will be performing air stunts and each aircraft come from different nationality pilots. Pilots are coming from Russia, United States, Thai, Indonesia and Australia. Of course, Malaysia is bringing out his own team carrying the name of 1 Malaysia Aerobatic Team or Kris Sakti

Kris Sakti Turning left . Source : Langkawiairshowfan.blogspot

Red Bull is on the air. Source : 

Both events are designed to take away our eye sight away like pyrotechnic in new year. Back to Red Bull Air Race that it will an epic eye-catching event. Red Bull Air Race Championship is back to the skies on February 2014 with full seven-race World Championship staged in 6 countries. The world's fastest motorsport series. The defending World Champion Paul Bonhomme from Britain won the series in 2009 and 2010. The great attraction would be the current defending champion is up against former champion in the year 2004 and 2006.

A challenge named as "Air Gate" . As you can the pilot maneuver the plane into vertical position to cross it. Pilot body will be completely vertical in this stunt performance

Imagine to perform aircraft vertical stunt will be as amazing as martial artist performing their fast hand and kick movement. It require expertise, knowledge and experience in order to pull this performance work in the sake of bringing entertainment to the public and for the event itself. 

A week before the event begin, Malaysia has make a decision bringing out own pilot to compete in this game. Halim Othman is a decorated Malaysian air display team leader and a former top gun pilot in Royal Malaysian Air Force. He joined Royal Malaysian Force in the age of 19. Halim working hard in his pilot skill subsequently won 1991 best fighter pilot award. He is truly alive and living in his dream as a successful pilot. A retired military with clocked 4,000 flight hours.

Will Halim Othman won the game and placed in top 3 ranking? It is not about ranking but all about the process, tear and sweat individual has put in what they love to do !! This Red Bull Air Race season in Malaysia will be started on May 17 - May 18, 2014

So many happening in the year of 2014 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia year 2014. In order to enter and watch it at nearest possible with great stunning view and experience, you are require to purchase General admission which is under RM150. Grand stand admission at RM776. Race Club admission fee will be at RM1600. The price is vary !

Tentative schedule

Saturday, May 17th
  • 11.00 Gates open
  • 11.00 Training Masters 1
  • 12.00 Training Masters 2
  • 13.30 Challenging Cup 
  • 14.40 Winning Ceremony
  • 15.00 Qualifying Masters

Sunday, May 18th
  • 13.00 Gates open
  • TBC opening show
  • 15.45 RBAR Masters - Top 12
  • 16.45 RBAR Masters - Super 8
  • 17.15 RBAR Masters - Final 4
  • 17.45 Winner Ceremony

Safety is priority ! Godspeed and Good Luck to every pilots ! 

Viper Challenge 2014 will be held on November

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Asia' toughest obstacle even is back with more exciting challenges for you

Viper Challenge 2014
Source: Viper Challenge 2014

Last Viper Challenge 2013 was a really big happening almost 8,000 participants. The event exposed everyone's limitation and weakness. Some people may overcome this event some people may give up at the half journey.

Before the event started, everyone believe they can make it believing in themselves to overcome this tough road. It is better to call your friends to come along as they will fire up your inner spirit and finish the journey together without anyone left behind.

It is true that this event is about teamwork, group's synergy. Some people lack of motivation and confidence but they have the strength to overcome this event but because of the said factors they may ended up stop and missing at half way. The point of this event is everyone who join, everyone will finish the line together

Viper Challenge 2013 edition will see improved running course at International Sepang Circuit. A new obstacles is being introduced to this 20 kilometers route. This grand event is calling on the name of past participants or new runners to join. This unique outdoor event will be held on November 1 and 2 in 2014.

There are certain rules in Viper Challenge. Let say there will be 9000 participants. Every 20 minutes the organizer will release only 500 participants until it reached 9000 participants inside the parameter of the game. If you join the game alone you are likely to be put a randomly-selected team by organizer.

Are you feeling interested in this sport event ? Register now at Viper Challenge 2014

Get a glimpse on how Viper Challenge works ! This video clips is great example. Those starring in this video clip were participant of Viper Challenge 2013.

KIA Futsal Tournament Malaysia Champs to Rio

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This is no ordinary futsal tornament or winning ordinary prizes. Finding Futsal team to represent Malaysia 

Do you feel your futsal team can take up this challenge? This is your opportunity of a lifetime. Take this or leave it !

Selected team will be sent to compete global Futsal tournament during FIFA World Cup. It get excited when you will get a ticket to attend FIFA World Cup Quarter Final only at Brazil on June 2014.

Registration is open now at Do take note that registration close on April 27, 2014. 

Your tournament to be the winner determined against all the participant teams on May 3 - May 4, 2014. Venue at Sports Planet, Ampang. Format of the Futsal match is League & Knockout

Be part of the tournament and get your chance to fly Malaysian flag at Brazil.

This "Champs To Rio" promotional video explained everything you need to know !

12 Best Fitness and Sports Watch in Malaysia

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Activity Tracker or Fitness and Sports Watch is a new and demanding good in the world 

From my research, I have seen numerous company in Europe and Western countries opting to create the best Fitness and Sport or Activity Tracker in the world. It is one of the rising and growing watch demanded by the world today.

Gone the watch just displaying time and water resistance or even dust/scratch resistance. Watch business will go down in this coming year like those year for example, when rising of digital camera  owned the world and film camera or traditional camera go down dramatically.

We are talking about innovative, phenomenon, breathtaking activity tracker. It is the matter of time when both of your hand wrist will be occupied by a watch and activity tracker. Or you prefer taking off traditional watch and replacing it with activity tracker?

Activity tracker could be a life safer for many of us. Imagine it bluetooth enabled and heart rate detector always capturing your heart beat. One day, you are jogging at the forest alone you encountered a serious misfortune such as heart attack or asthma attack immediately the data will transmitted to your smartphone and spread to your loved one.

There are many good possibilities for activity tracker it will remind you to get fit and how much calories was burnt by previous activity you have performed. It really an amazing invention !

There are many fitness and sport watch in the market. Pick the one with most cool design !


Color : Red, Pink, Purple, White

Features : Compatible with iOS & Android 4.3 above, Bluetooth enabled, Track distance-calories burnt-sleep pattern

Weight : 0.024KG

Basically it is a watch designed for active person, from lifestyle champion to world athletes. For those who really aware about health condition. It might be a good tool for hospital and GYM. There is a lot of term for this some said it is not a watch because it does not show time. It is more like an activity tracker, fitness and sport strap. Whatever you called it I will named it in general as "Fitness and Sports Watch". Check full information and availability at Skecher gowalk black


Color : Blue, Black

Compatibility : iOS & Android

Weight : 0.3KG

Only those who understand and willing to try spirit will consider this product. It is an awesome design and outstanding features It is a tracker wristband keep tabs on your life with this. Interested ? Check price at
Jawbone UP Blue


Color : Pink, Yellow, White, Black

Compatibility : iOS (Iphone 4 above)

Weight : 0.3KG

Stay fit and with this pink color sportband you can imagine purchasing this for birthday girl or your spouse/girlfriend who really know how to utilize this at GYM or at park.  It resistance to water for raining, sweating but not encourage for swimming and come with bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Unlike many activity tracker, Nike fuelband does not track you while you are sleeping ! Check current price at Nike Fuelband Pink


Color : Black, Blue

Compatibility : iOS & Android (Iphone 5/4s, Ipad Retina, Galaxy S4, III, Note II) many more

Weight : 0.22KG

It helps you track everything sleeping, jogging and many more. It is also water-resistant up to 10 meters band. You would not need to manually plug transferring health data to your PC. It helps you do the heavy lifting that by bluetooth connection. It is a perfect companion for life ! Check availability and full information at Fitbit Flex wireless Black


Color : Green, Charcoal Black, Blue, Magenta

Compatibility : iOS & Android (Iphone 5/4s, Ipad Retina, Galaxy S4, III, Note II) many more

Weight : 0.14KG

This activity tracker is really weightless compared to many fitness watch in the market. This is made by Fitbit the well known company producing creative and innovative health activity tracker. It water, spash and raining resistant. The best part is that Fitbit zip allowed you to put at pocket, bra, belt position. You are only required to put at wrist when track your sleeping behavior. It is one of the cheapest selection from all of them. Check current price at Fitbit zip Green


Color : Black

Compatibility : iOS & Android (Iphone 5/4s, Ipad Retina, Galaxy S4, III, Note II) many more

Weight : 0.9KG

Combined GPS with activity tracker features. It powered of Tomtom. The box contains with Nike Sensor. It is a regular time and date watch but with groundbreaking features. Do not afraid running on a rainy days because it got covered with water-resistant feature. Do check current price at Nike sportwatch GPS black


Color : Black

Compatibility : iOS & Android (Iphone 5/4s, Ipad Retina, Galaxy S4, III, Note II) many more

Weight : 0.5KG

One of the highly favored fitness heart tracking watch. It boasted water-resistant up to 50 meters. Is that mean this watch can companion you while swimming ? Timex is a watch for people who like extreme sport like jump out of an airplane, swimming, surfing at the sea. Timex fitness watch endured the challenging environment. Full information and current price at Timex Watch


Color : Black, White

Compatibility : Pair with smartphone bluetooth 4.0. Basically compatible with all smartphones

Weight : 0.5KG

If it work for athletes it worked for everyone else. A breakthrough and a milestone for Alpha company. Your heart rate is monitored even on a running mode. Due to movement interference, many heart rate tracker devices was only able to track when you are standing and sitting while not doing any strong body movement. However, Mio engineer come out with motion detector solving the problem.  It is compatible with apps such as Mapmyride, Mapmyrun and Runkeeper. 

There is very strong evidence that this device you can bring to swimming and surfing at sea. It has water resistance up to 30M. See more information and current price at Mio Alpha White


Color : Grey

Compatibility : Pair with smartphone bluetooth 4.0. Basically compatible with all smartphones

Weight : 0.32KG

There are many Oregon sport watches. This one is the cheapest among all. It has heart rate monitor, wireless chest belt using, show calories burnt, fat burnt, stopwatch. Check current price at Oregon scientific


Color : Blue

Compatibility : A heart rate watch

Weight : 0.32KG

It comes with chest strap and connected with the activity tracker watch. It also water-proof up to 30 meters. A really simple heart rate monitor watch by Beurer. Do check the current price and information at Beurer heart rate monitor


Color : Red, Black

Compatibility : Garmin connect website, iOS

Weight : 0.8KG

A very great garmin fitness watch. Bring it to swimming you will be amazed what it can do for you ! It will not fail you in tracking your marathon. Do share it with your friend on Twitter and Facebook about your workout . Check current price at if interested. You can purchase it with COD method Garmin Forerunner 220


Color : Black

Compatibility : Bluetooth and WiFi

Weight : 0.4KG
It has everything, music player, GPS, Wi-Fi and bluetooth. It is all-in-one watch. Despite so many advantages the most obvious disadvantages could be it is not water-resistant. Correct me if I am wrong. This is the best fitness watch winning with the many features it has. Check current price at Motorola Motoactv GPS watch

More information about "Watches" in Unitedmy

  1. Top 10 Smartwatches You can buy in Malaysia

Best Tengok Bola Party 2014 Cheer for Cardiff City

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A place where fans of Cardiff City FC gather together cheering for their favorite team. 

Tengok Bola party Malaysia 2014 Cardiff City
Source: Facebook Umobile
Get a free pass to enter "Tengok Bola" party with all of the Cardiff FC fans in Malaysia. It will held at Berjaya Times Square Boulevard.

Don miss this exclusive opportunity to witness this grand action at there on March 22, 2014 and at around time 8PM - 1AM . Besides that, you are entitled a free meal . Somethings is not right with you if you did not show your face at this place because everybody is gathering for this moment.

How to get the invite?

1. Follow @myumobile at Instagram now ! 
2. Post a picture of yourself with something orange on Instgram. Tag @myumobile, 2 of your friends, and don forget to tag #TheBestFree, #TheBestUnlimited #TheBestSurprises.
3. Lastly, Show the picture at the entrance to gain entry to enjoy a FREE MEAL at the best free "Tengok Bola" Party.

In simple, You will get a entry as long as you have snap a picture of you and follow guidelines above to post or visit the link below for more information. When asked, just open your Instagram app on smartphone and enter.

This event is organized by Umobile check here for more information > Umobile Tengok Bola Party

Le Tour de Langkawi 2014 International Cycling event in Malaysia

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Biggest International Cycling event in Malaysia. Le Tour De Langkawi attracting cyclist from all around the world to compete in 1500 Kilometers race route. 

Official website Le Tour De Langkawi 2014 > LTDL 2014

The grand event started on February 27, 2014 - March 8, 2014. Most-talented Worldwide cycling teams registered to compete each other in a novelty places. Who and which team will win the most in Le Tour de Langkawi 2014 in Malaysia?

The race has been held annually since 1996. The race consist 10 days long. Every year, the race route will be changed not the same last year. In the year of 2013, Le Tour de Langkawi has been won by the same team from Colombia twice. They have taken the throne since 2012. Will they retain the title for the third year?

There are 21 teams joined this event. Follow are the list of the teams

1. Belkin Pro Cycling Team
2. Astana Pro Team
3. Orica Greenedge
4. Team Katusha
5. Tinkoff - Saxo
6. Team Europcar
7. Colombia
8. Androni - Venezuela
9. MTN - Qhubeka
10. Unitedhealthcare professional cycling team
11. Tabriz Petrochemical Team
12. Neri Sottoli - Yellow Fluo Team
13. Terengganu Cycling Team
14. Aisan Racing Team
15. OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling
16. Synergy Baku Cycling Project
17. CCN Cycling
18. Giant - Champion System Pro Cycling
19. Indonesia
20. Hong Kong
21. Malaysia

There are approximately 200 riders joining this event. Each team consist of 6 riders and a manager.

Brief results of Le Tour de Langkawi 2014

Stage 1 : Langkawi race route winner(Feb27, 2014) - Quintero, Duber (Columbia) 2H21'40"

Stage 2 :  Sg Petani race route winner(Feb28, 2014) - Bos Theo (Belkin Pro Cycling Team) 

Stage 3 :  Kampar KL (March1, 2014) - Guardini, Andrea (Astana Pro Team)

Stage 4 :  Subang Genting Highland (March2, 2014) - Pourseyedigolakhour, Mirsamad (Tabriz Petrochemical Team) 
Stage 5 : Karak - Rembau (March 3, 2014) - White, Bradley ( UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling )

Stage 6 : Melaka - Pontian (March 4, 2014) - Van Hummel, Kenny (Androni Giocatolli- Venezuela )

Stage 7 : Kota Tinggi - Pekan (March 5, 2014) - Bos, Theo (Belkin Pro Cycling Team) 

Stage 8 : Kuantan - Marang (March 6, 2014) - Bos, Theo (Belkin Pro Cycling Team) 

Stage 9 : Bandar Permaisuri (March 7, 2014) - Bos, Theo (Belkin Pro Cycling Team) 

Stage 10 : Tasik Kenyir - Kuala Terengganu (March 8, 2014) - Guardini, Andrea (Astana Pro Team)

General Classification Winners Top 3 

1. Pourseyedigolakhour, Mirsamad
2. Kudus, Merhawi
3. Bolivar, Isaac

The longest race route will be on March 5, 2014 at Kota Tinggi. Beside, the shortest race route is on the first day on February 27.

Le Tour de Langkawi 2014 is mainly sponsored by Malaysia Airlines, Resort World Genting, Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu, Kementerian Belia Sukan, National Sport Council, Malaysian national Cycling Federation.

Beside that, there are also Eurosport as main broadcaster, Telekom Malaysia and many more.

Winner Le Tour de Langkawi 2014
Winners of Le Tour de Langkawi 2014 

i) March 11, 2014

Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts Season 2 2014

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First ever All-Malaysian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Amateur Tournament

More than 300 registration nationwide collected for this exclusive event. Beside, prediction that there will be more than 500,000 spectators for the show. The number is growing rapidly as more Malaysians are aware of this competition.

It had never happened before in Malaysia history a truly biggest Mixed Martial arts competition anticipated by all of us made by us. Martial arts fan are out there cheering for at last first ever Malaysian MMA ever held. They thought their whole life will be dependent on watching World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) TV show to fulfill their desire.

For your detail on MIMMA, the tournament consists of 7 different weight classes such as, Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight. The fighting championship will be opened to all Malaysian citizens from 18 years old and above.

Malaysia invasion MMA season 2 schedule

Above is a time schedule for MIMMA season 2. It will be held on March 8, 2014 - April 20, 2014. A total of 7 venues selected. As you can see, Sabah and Sarawak capital city has secured place to host the Season 2 MIMMA. Avenue for March 22 and 23 will be held at Kota Kinabalu situated at One Borneo. For Sarawak, it will be held at Kuching on 29 and 30 in the month of March

The show get considerable support from community. MalaysiaInvasion Facebook has more than 40,000 followers (March 2014).  The show is prolonged to season 2 which mean it is a successful venture. Attractive prizes continue to attract talent nationwide joining the show. In season 2, You will see more fierce and competitive show as all of the participant are very strong and well picked by judges to compete each other in same level of skill. An amazing match will be showcased and will not disappoint patrons.

  Who will win the season 2 crown ? He will take away prizes up to RM150,000

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan Badminton Doubles in China 2014

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Two badminton single champion teaming up against four-times world champion doubles 

Highlight of the match is rivalry become team, China's Lin Dan and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei up against undisputed badminton doubles champion, Cai Yun and Fu HaiFeng. They never practice together or had any chemistry will they win with their skills ? This is very anticipated match in the badminton history. This is a historical moment for badminton fans around the world.

Badminton doubles required not only skill but also teamwork and chemistry. Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei never practice together and they are rival in many badminton single matches, will they produce a chemistry and win their opponent? It all put into test and it is not a easy test as their opponent is badminton doubles world champion.

Let say they really win the match against the match. It will unfair because it is a very uncommon badminton doubles champion lost a match. Well, it really make sense as if Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan lost the match but it could jeopardize their career in sport entertainment as their reputation is on the line. Despite every result, it will be a greatest badminton game and it had attracted more than 3,000 visitors to the stadium. 

They played really well on the match and it is unnecessary to comment that they both wearing non-sponsored sport shirts to the match. It looked like a casual badminton match yet the badminton double champion wearing sponsored sport shirt carrying "Red Bull" banner. 

Don underestimated both of the team they are carrying sport spirit not for the sake of winning but because they want the world to see the spirit of training, efforts and consistency will create magnificent thing worth well to witness. 

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan
They did not wear this T-shirt for the match. 

Videos Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan double against Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng.


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Support Roar for Sepak Takraw 2014 by Astro

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More than 140,000 people have roar for the game. Win 50 VIP passes

Support Sepak Takraw Malaysia Team. Get your final match ticket pass free by shouting "Sepak Takraw" at Sepak Takraw organized by Astro. Super series Takraw game organized by International Sepak Takraw Federation invited Myammar team to compete with Malaysia.

On last biggest sepak takraw match ever held at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Various countries send their strongest team to compete. Malaysia team beats Japan at the competition but lose the match to Thailand team. Surprisingly, the game get intense on the female team, Indonesia is up compete with Malaysia female team ended up losing the match in the third rounds.

The strongest team will be the Thailand forces winning Malaysia male team in the final match on 2013. Malaysia is playing fiercely scoring and winning 2 games however Thailand took the champion winning 3 matches.

In 2014, who win the sepak takraw champion award on March, 5 - 9, 2014. They will play at Kuala Lumpur this time. The battle get very anticipated by fans because Myanmar team is coming back and they are interested to join the sepak takraw game 2014 at Kuala Lumpur. Myanmar is known to dominant in the sport of Sepak Takraw winning 4 gold medals in a streak. Fans is eagerly hoping to see Myanmar team up against Thailand or Malaysia team.

On Twitter, you are excited for sepak takraw ? Don forget to tweet them adding hashtag "roarfortakraw"  .

sepak takraw

See you there at Stadium Titiwangsa to cheer for your favourite team 

Roar for takraw campaign by Astro.

More information at

Korea Open World Series Badminton Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long

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Malaysia Lee Chong Wei against China Chen Long. 3 times winner Lee Chong Wei defending his winning streak in Korea against World number 2 badminton player Chen Long. 

Chen Long comes from China Fu Jian province he had won Lee Chong Wei before in various competition. They met again in Korea Open World Superseries. Will Badminton elite Lee Chong Wei will win him this time?? The answer is a click away.

Final match in Korea Seoul stadium filled with Lee Chong Wei fans came from Malaysia and many countries. Lee Chong Wei play his first match in 2014 at Korea. In sport industry, man who are married and older than 30 years old, they are probably play lesser than they should but Lee Chong Wei is an exception. He is still very much active in badminton competition. His name is still ring loud in the various badminton arenas.

We will not see Lee Chong Wei playing with his arch enemy Lin Dan. Many fans hope to see but it is likely would not happen unless it a huge badminton competition such as Olympics.

The huge events is sponsored by Victor and Metlife. Sponsored banners are everywhere. Besides, Chen Long is wearing redbull sponsored shirt and Lee Chong Wei is wearing Maybank sponsored shirt.

Throughout the match between Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long, the arena is crowded with Lee Chong Wei cheers from his fans. He played well like always.

You can watch the final match Lee Chong Wei Vs Chen Long on Youtube Youtube Lee Vs Chen Long