Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts Season 2 2014

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First ever All-Malaysian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Amateur Tournament

More than 300 registration nationwide collected for this exclusive event. Beside, prediction that there will be more than 500,000 spectators for the show. The number is growing rapidly as more Malaysians are aware of this competition.

It had never happened before in Malaysia history a truly biggest Mixed Martial arts competition anticipated by all of us made by us. Martial arts fan are out there cheering for at last first ever Malaysian MMA ever held. They thought their whole life will be dependent on watching World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) TV show to fulfill their desire.

For your detail on MIMMA, the tournament consists of 7 different weight classes such as, Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight. The fighting championship will be opened to all Malaysian citizens from 18 years old and above.

Malaysia invasion MMA season 2 schedule

Above is a time schedule for MIMMA season 2. It will be held on March 8, 2014 - April 20, 2014. A total of 7 venues selected. As you can see, Sabah and Sarawak capital city has secured place to host the Season 2 MIMMA. Avenue for March 22 and 23 will be held at Kota Kinabalu situated at One Borneo. For Sarawak, it will be held at Kuching on 29 and 30 in the month of March

The show get considerable support from community. MalaysiaInvasion Facebook has more than 40,000 followers (March 2014).  The show is prolonged to season 2 which mean it is a successful venture. Attractive prizes continue to attract talent nationwide joining the show. In season 2, You will see more fierce and competitive show as all of the participant are very strong and well picked by judges to compete each other in same level of skill. An amazing match will be showcased and will not disappoint patrons.

  Who will win the season 2 crown ? He will take away prizes up to RM150,000

Get Future Music Festival Asia FMFA 2014 merchandise at Zalora Malaysia

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FMFA 2014 Malaysia is around the corner ! Experience Super Cool DJ from around the world rocking the night !

FMFA shirt by Zalora

Do not know what to wear to FMFA 2014? Let get some merchandise FMFA from Zalora.. Get extra discount by using this code " ZBAP006 "

If you purchase more than RM75, You are entitled free delivery on selected areas. Support them now it official licensed FMFA & Zalora !

Get a Free ticket to FMFA 2014 by joining this contest FMFA 2014 & Asashi

Following are few of the merchandises !!

Item : Tank Top or Singlets

Gender : Female and Male ( there are two version )

Price : RM 60

Item : Red Cap with FMFA

Price : RM70

Color : Red & Black

Item : Tote Bag with FMFA

Price : RM40.00

Colour : black / white / blue

10 Cars dominate the Malaysia road 2014

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Top 10 car dominating the Malaysian road. Variety of car design, family-friendly, sedan, pick-up truck, land cruiser.

Myvi Malaysia


MYVI retail price is reduced due to MYVI 1.5 hit the market. One can purchase MYVI less than RM50,000. A very popular car model favored by Malaysian due to it short length for easier parking. Most of the city dwellers are keen to buy this 1.3CC model as they deem it can save fuel cost. Myvi length is 3690mm compared to most of the car 4100mm. The design is very appealing to every gender in Malaysia. However, I do not want to sound racist but purely my point of view that most of the chinese owns and like to drive Myvi.

Toyota Vios


A very sexy sedan car voted most favorite among Malaysian. Vios are equipped with Valve Timing with Intelligence that generate strong acceleration and with great fuel economy. Greater length for maximum comfort and showcase luxury lifestyle. The price is slightly higher than Myvi 1.3 and Myvi 1.5 stood at RM 73,000 onwards. The reasons why many like to buy Vios partly because of it brand most people deemed Toyota are well built automobile and last longer than other brand. Many called this car as legendary it does not need any extra maintenance over the years.

Proton Preve


Which car would you choose between Proton Preve and Myvi 1.5? both of them are in same price. You can find any dealership to buy Preve with RM58,000 plus. It is one of the highly sought automobile in Malaysia.
One of the lowest priced car made by Proton. Support local made automobile by investing your hard earned money to buy Proton Preve. It cheaper than most of the automobile brand.

Honda City


Some of the consumer are amazed with the beautifully crafted and amazing engineering in Honda automobile. Pick either Honda City or Honda Jazz as both of them are most lowest priced in any Honda car. You can buy Honda City with Rm86,000 plus. It is a 1.5cc with 4 cylinder combustion and a 4.400 length car. Want a cool car definitely pick Honda designed automobile !


A brand new Saga design  sparked nationwide crazed for it. From the first look, it looked like a car owned by middle-income family or student alike. Proton Saga FLX SE is the newest version of previous FLX. the price of this car can be lowered due to promotion period. This new model is set to rival Perodua Myvi 1.5cc . However, it will be unfair to judge both car because Saga FLX SE is a 1.3cc and the price of Myvi 1.5 is slightly higher.


Perodua's Alza is definitely family friendly designed car. Ample space for children to sit and grocery to put. Cozy and the price is very affordable and competitive. A new version of Avanza if you know what I mean. It also a bigger and extended size of Myvi. What more, the price of Myvi is the same as Alza despite that Alza is longer in term of length in 500mm . Initial price for newest version of Alza starting from RM65,000. 


New Car prices : Estimated RM250,000 (TBA)

Second-Hand : Between RM100,000 - RM160,000 (Depend on CC)

Toyota Alphard is on the Malaysian road and it is hardly for us to miss this because of the well designed and a very big luxury car. There are not a lot of car actually this big and It is make sense that Toyota Alphard is built for upper class society like celebrity, businessman, politician. Everyone can spot this car in various places such as transportation for guests in 5-star hotel and resort. Toyota Alphard is currently not showing in Toyota Malaysia website assuming not really openly sold by them. If you want to possess this car, there were many Alphard owner want to get rid of this car in for less than RM150,000. Last but not least, I have seen Malaysian family using it to transport their kids to school. The door actually close automatically. A very cool car indeed ! Not every Toyota Alphard is the same it could be ranging 2.4CC to 3.5CC 


Toyota Fortuner is widely spotted used by politician in Malaysia. If you have attended one of the politician gathering, you will notice at least one Toyota Fortuner will be parked at there. A new Fortuner is priced at RM170,000 with 2.5. At any second-hand automobile website, You could find the lowest price is RM70,000 - RM100,000. This model is classified as multi purpose car(MPV). the stability of this car against uneven road is very impressive and the ability could compete with pickup truck like Hilux. You could see people driving politician go through palm oil area and rural area.


Large number of Malaysian living in interior area working in plantation and factory business and industry are very fond on pickup truck car. They rely on this car run through challenging landscape with their equipment on the back compartment to reach destination far beyond the reach of sedan car. the benefit of pickup truck is that they could separate material with passenger and driver like a lorry. Imagine a fisherman wanted to transport their harvest to local market, you do not want to use land cruiser or MPV doing the transportation as the interior of the car will be polluted by salty fishes smell. Isuzu Dmax is priced at RM110,000 with 2.5cc .


10. HILUX 

Have you been to East Malaysia for a while? if You had traveled to Sabah or Sarawak, chance to see Toyota Hilux car owner are very high compared to West Malaysia. It is very ideal car for most of them as they need a car that can run smoothly on the uneven road and slippery hill. Besides, Toyota Hilux back compartment are also appealing for those living in interior area who are farmer and fruits yard owner. It is sold wth rock-bottom price at RM80,000 + .

Avril Lavigne is coming to Malaysia 2014

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Say Hi to Avril Lavigne Concert in this coming March in Kuala Lumpur. She is bringing along her new songs.

Looking for Avril Lavigne Tour to Malaysia official website at Avril Lavigne Kuala Lumpur 2014

Releasing her fifth studio album, she got her hit singles "Let Me Go", Rock n Roll" and "Here to never growing up" for her worldwide fans. No doubt she will be performing her new songs in her Malaysia tour 2014. The exact date for her concert is March 14, 2014. The concert will be situated at Stadium Merdeka. 

Concert tickets has been released for selling since December 2013. There are 5 different ticket categories priced from RM88 to RM488. You can purchase ticket online at Redtix Airasia website. Any inquiries contact them directly at telephone line +603 8775 4666 . 

For those who do not familiar with Avril Lavigne, She sang "Girlfriend", "When You're Gone", "Complicated". Eight-time Grammy award nominee, seven juno awards winner. According so sources, it is her third time performing in Malaysia.

Source: Redtix Airasia dot com

This concert is brought to You by AMC Live Group. Beside that, there are also "Visit Malaysia 2014" logo assuming they are part of the team.

As I searched the internet, I came by this seem like unofficial Avril Lavigne facebook page. This shirt is made exclusively for Avril Lavigne Tour in Malaysia 2014. For more information at Facebook Avril Lavigne fan page ( I am not associated with them nor promoting their products)

Beside Avril Lavigne Tour, Malaysians are very much delighted that there will be a lot of fun in this coming March as Future Music Asia 2014 and Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia are organized in the month. A very anticipated month in the year of 2014 at Malaysia. Not to mention that Twin Tower Malaysia Concert 2014 is scheduled in the same month as well. We will be so much blast as Korean Pop Star Rain and Christina Aguilera are coming for the concert.

Red FM decided to contact Avril Lavigne to hear for themselves she is coming to Malaysia by inviting her in a video chat.

Red FM is organizing a contest with tickets Avril Lavigne Tour 2014 as prizes to lucky winners. Participant are required to do what they told you if you want to win a them. log on to Red FM Avril Lavigne 2014 Tour Contest .

McDonald Malaysia's Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest

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Pick McDonald Big Mac or Quarter Pounder Chess to play the game. I would recommend Quarter Pounder than Big Mac.


I played both Big Mac and QPC because I like both of the burger. In fact, all of the burger are equally tasty. As you can see above, I could get up to 11 QPC score while in Big Mac, I would not get so high in scores. As you keep playing the game, making more burgers, you will be graving for McDonald burgers for sure. To make the situation better, living in cities could enjoy discounted McDonald delivery order to your home by inserting the codes. How to get the code? Well, you are required to play the game since you are here just zoom in the image above to get the McDonald discount code.

There will be 6 stages in the game. Each stage is harder as you proceed to the next stage. All of the 6 stages will be unlocked fully on March 6, 2014. For example, February 24, 2014, we could play 4th stage if we won the third stage in the game but could not advance to 5th stage as it will be unlocked at later date.

At the end of the game, you will be redirected to a page displaying discounted codes and your game score. In the page, you will see written like "Free Quarter Pound Chess and Big Mac Burger delivery" I am not convincing they are no hidden fees but you can try by calling 1300-13-1300  

Beside Free burgers, The Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest come with exclusive prizes to win.  Stated in the Term and Condition, 3 grand prizes will be rewarded for active top 3 participants at the end of the contest period. The prizes are Ipad Air, Samsung Galaxy Grand and Canon Digital Ixus . The contest is running from 13th February 2014 - 12 March 2014 

Furthermore, top participant each day will also entitled to receive RM50 McDonald gift. It is a very rewarding contest !! 

You are required facebook account to play the game at McDonald Malaysia Ultimate Beef Challenge Contest Web

Lazada Malaysia Campaign Smartphones Sales until March 3, 2014

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The campaign started from February 19, 2014 - March 3, 2014. Focusing on smartphone sales by Lazada Malaysia. Following are few items have been discounted in favor of consumers.

1. Alcatel One Touch Hero               -3%
2. Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S Pro  -50%
3. Alcatel One Touch Idol X             -22%
4. Apple Iphone 5S                            -5%
5 Alcatel One Touch Magic                -38%
6. Apple Iphone 5C                           -12%
7. HTC One M7                                -26%
8. Sony Xperia Z Ultra                      -27%
9. Sony Xperia Z1                            -22%
10. Samsung Galaxy Note 3             -14%


1. Various powerbank                     -50%
2. Quilsilver hardshell                      -50%

Bullet Over Petaling Street Movie 2014 Review

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Looking for Malaysian made movie in February 2014? "Bullet Over Petaling Street" is definitely need better attention.

Released on February 13, 2014 on Golden Screen Cinema Malaysia amid Chinese New Year festival ongoing. Movie director Sampson Yuen & Ho Shih Phin has invited Debbie Goh as main actress for this exclusive movie. Most of you do not know that Debbie Goh is a former Miss Malaysia Chinese International 1998 and Hong Kong TVB artiste.

Beside Debbie Goh as the main protagonist, the film directors has invited numerous Singapore and Malaysia artist and actress. Chen Han Wei, Jeffrey Cheng, Miao Miao, Steve Yap, KK, Berg Lee, Jamie Chu, and many more. Majority of the recruiter are working as model, TV host and radio DJ.

The movie title is derived from famous street in Kuala Lumpur "Petaling Street". It so called Chinatown by the local community due to vast amounts of Chinese hawkers doing business at there.

The movie is about an intense battle among which association will hold the Petaling Street area after the current association director have resigned and escaped with large pile of association funds without re-electing new leader leaving a utterly mess. Other association sensed opportunity in this crisis to overthrown "Yi Chi Bang" and become the new leader of Petaling Street. Will they succeed to overthrown?

Yu Ping An (Debbie Goh) is elected as the new leader of the Yi Chi Bang despite she was not happy to be at the first place. Due to provocation by 4896 association, she decided to took the dragon staff and sit on the throne with the power over controlling whole Petaling Street economy. She will be facing threats and sleepless night due to political turbulence involving two largest association. In the final chapter, two association gathered together to vote new association to hold Petaling Street with the witness of Petaling Street Community and elderly judges. Overall, parts of the movie are funny, sad, joy, action and thrill.

In the month of February, There are two local made movies screening. "Bullet over Petaling Street" , "Ah Beng Mission Impossible" . 

In my point of view, this movie can fix the first scene part where violence battle emerged. The screen is shaky and made us very headache to watch. Besides, the funny part in the movie is the "GPS" three ladies with bellies saying " GPS stand for Gemuk pun Sexy". GPS acted as bodyguard for Yu Ping An.

The movie is produced by Juita Entertainment. There are new movie coming soon in the local cinema. Support new movie "Fantasia". The company also produced Petaling Street Warrior movie on 2012

10 Budget Digital Camera You can buy in Malaysia not over RM1500

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Which Digital Camera are Malaysian favorite yet cheap and budget for most of the consumer as well as beginner ?

It is very headache there are so many digital camera selling at shops You do not know which to buy. If you are beginner and just want to snap few pictures like everyone do, you would not need something that cost more than RM1500. There are good digital camera selling lesser than the price. Some of the consumer in Malaysia are well educated they know how to choose the best digital camera for their preferences. Which are the digital camera they had bought in the market?

Before that, do you ever think rising of smartphone camera technology in the market confusing consumer which to pick ?I would suggest picking up Nokia or Sony smartphone if you looking for hybrid. Although there are many smartphone camera could compete with digital camera in term of megapixels, digital camera are way better in term of noisy control, image sensor, ISO manual control, sharpness.    


Brand : Canon

Highlighted features : 12MP, 30x optical zoom, HD movie, WIFI

This camera enabled You to shoot wilderness fun. 30x zooming You could make a beetle look huge and awesome. I suggest you capture drop of raining it is just so amazing what this camera can do. It is easy to think what is inside of this camera. Image Stabilization for brilliant image in any zoom length. 35mm film equivalent focal length that extends all the way from 24mm to 720mm. Beside photo shooting a bikini girl in beach, you could surely capturing green landscape, mountain, tall building. Boring with shooting you could always turn to recording. It only sell RM1100 with built-in WIFI. What? yeah, this is the ads we always see before the movies in Golden Screen Cinema. Get full information and check current price at Canon powershot SX510



Highlighted features : 16MP, 60x optical zoom, HD movie, Serial Shot mode.

It has better megapixel than Canon Powershoot but it does not has 60x optical zoom. Better megapixel means printing large images still retain the quality of the image without any distortion. It has wide angle range to fit most of the people into one photograph. You don want to miss one or two guy in a wedding photo session or college photo session group right?. Besides, It also come with Image stabilization feature and HD recording. It only cost not more than RM1200.00. Check current price at Panasonic lumix FZ70


Brand : CASIO

Highlighted Features : 16MP, 12 optical zoom, HD recording.

It precise, fast shooting, better in night shoot, introducing CASIO EXILIM. It has almost everything You desire. Either image stabilization feature, better megapixel for larger images, zooming feature as well as the HD recording. Casio Exilim are good in capturing low light and strong light background. Although Casio are good in making watch it does not mean it not good in making a good camera. It cost around not more than RM1200.00. Check current price at  Casio Exilim zr1100


Brand : NIKON

Highlighted Features : CMOS 12MP, 5x optical zoom, WIFI

Nikon is very popular brand for camera. Sharpness and noise control ability are well known for Nikon made camera. Choose any scene mode from Landscape, nightscape and Close-up and backlighting (HDR). A camera well known for occasion traveler shooting images of mountain river, grass, flora and fauna. You could capture images or HD video recording and send data via WIFI to your cloud storage with ease. An expert-use camera. Not more than RM1400.00



Brand : Olympus

Highlighted Features : 12MP, 4x optical zoom, waterproof, HD movie.

Color : Red only

Tough looking design is very eye-catching for consumer. It is an extraordinary camera designed for various occasion such as diving, swimming as it is waterproof. Although it has least ability in zooming, it is not losing in other important features. It incredible performance reacting in low-light condition would not disappoint user. Last but not least, it is virtually indestructible outside with shockproof, freezeproof and crushproof. It is selling at RM1400.00


Brand : Samsung

Highlighted Features : 16 MP, IS, Auto Focus, Face Detection, WIFI

It is one of the best budget digital camera equipped with WIFI feature. It has almost everything a photographer need for travelling, landscape shooting. It seem like there is x18 optical zoom based on the photo. Did not know Samsung venture making digital camera instead of just staying making smartphone. The price is around RM800.00 without discount. 



Highlighted Features: 14MP, X5 optical zoom, IS, video recording.

Entry-level digital camera for beginner and also prefer model by female. whole body painted with pink color. Slight more megapixel than other camera. An ideal camera for ladies as it is really lightweight and well compact design camera. It only cost about RM300.00 cheapest of all like ladies wear. It also very popular gift from a boyfriend to his girlfriend.


Brand : SONY

Highlighted features : 16.1 MP, X5 optical zoom, HD recording, low-light improved performance.

It is a very popular digital camera among ladies. Spotted most of the female traveler would carry pink-colored camera and it would be none other than Sony's cybershot. Despite Sony well known making high quality TV, they are venturing to camera business. One of the most sold Sony camera worldwide is Sony Cybershot. It cost not more than RM400.00


Brand : Canon

Highlighted feature : 16.1MP, X8 optical zoom, Focal point 24mm-120mm

Full silver body is very tempting design for male. Compact looking camera are always lightweight. This camera is shielded by scratch and also 99% UV light protected. Beside that, it also allowed user recording in High definition. Last time I checked it only cost around RM350.00


Brand : Fujifilm

Highlighted features : Flash and compact, adjust brightness feature. 

Color : Blue, Pink 

Most people do not think this camera fall into digital camera category. Anyways, this is so called instant camera and come with variety exotic color camera body. The photo actually come out from top of the camera. I know right is will be so fun !! One of the most affordable and most loved camera in the world. Despite the camera business industry shrink and stagnant growing due to many reasons, Fujifilm decided to make a interesting camera. There you go Instax mini. Promotion and discounted price could go below RM300.00. The only thing very hassle about this camera is you will need to go Fujifilm shop to buy the unused photo.

More about "camera" in unitedmy

  1. Top 10 DSLR cameras in Malaysia

Largest Paint Party Life in Color is coming to Malaysia 2014

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World Largest Paint Party will be coming to Malaysia on April 2014. Music and Color !

April 17, 2014 (Update)  -Unfortunately to announce that Life in Color Malaysia is cancelled. Refund is in progress. Ticker bearer can get refund as soon as on April 15, 2014.

We will be very excited seeing Future Music Festival Asia in coming March. What is the next biggest happening ? It Life in Color concert. Unique music and color spraying the audience experience.

It is so surprise that in 2014, Malaysian could enjoy lavish concerts without leaving the country. It may not be coincidence. Malaysian Department of Tourism has introduced and mass marketing "Visit Malaysia 2014" campaign in a bid to increase foreign tourists arrival in the country.

We have seen concerts been banned because of cultural and religious issue in the past years. For example, Kesha concert in 2013.  It might be very different situation in the year of 2014 because of VMY 2014 campaign upheld by Tourism Malaysia. For instance Life in Color, color spraying culture could be deemed a dangerous element to the country. Let hope there would be no concert cancelled like last year !

Back to the concert, As You can see above, they are selling the first phase ticket releasing on February 19. In just one day, The tickets costing RM 98 which is the cheapest entry ticket to the concert had been sold out due to high demand. Subsequently, the management decided to release the second phase of ticket selling at the cost RM 118. In the meantime, they are also releasing VIP ticket costs RM258 only. Interested to purchase ticket on Internet? Visit at >

Most of you do not know that Life in Color began humbly on 2006 in college campus in Florida. Since then, captured the heart of American amazed by high-energy music, art, dance and paint into one blowing combination. It had stage more than 200 concerts annually in US and international. Being a college party into world renowned live concert, Life in Color featuring popular DJ, stilt walkers, fire shows, contortionists. The most amazing part is the Paint Blast. Life in Color constantly expanding to various part of the world.

Life in Color held in Malaysia is collective effort of two Nightlife Giants proudly organized by Future Sound Asia & ZOUK Kuala Lumpur. Concert venue are confirmed by organizer at Jalan Pekeliling, Sepang International Circuit

It will be first time for Life in Color performing in Malaysia. Stay tuned for more information at LifeinColorMalaysia Facebook. It seem like they are welcomed in Malaysia in conjunction of Visit Malaysia campaign. Will they make another one in next year 2015 for those who cannot make it to this concert? It is still a puzzle !

Darlie Malaysia organized "You Be The Expert" contest 2014

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Lucky winner will take home various prizes such as camera, smartphone and many more !

Darlie Malaysia You be the Expert

Everyday you have a chance to win random prizes ranging from Powerbank, BBcream and Starbucks card. Interested to obtain them ? All you need to do is like Darlie Malaysia facebook page and log in to Darlie "You Be the Expert" contest page, Click the "Play" . Computer will help you choose random prizes for you and you probably will need to try other day if you get nothings that day !

You are entitled to play once in a calender day and as if you invited friends to join Darlie contest, you are entitled another "free play" making you can play twice in a calender day.

Furthermore, You will need extra effort unlocking better prizes in the system by purchasing Darlie White. The rewards are Nikon camera, smartphone and tablet. By purchasing at certain outlets such as Giant, Tesco, AEON and Watson. You are not refrain to purchase at any stores but you should consult Darlie TOS. There are many other outlets You can purchase ! . You are required to store the receipt to unlock "Expert Play" . It is a feature different than "Free Play".

Confusing? There are two options as you can see below. "Free Play" and "Expert Play". Without purchasing any Darlie White product, one only could click the "Free Play" button. Meanwhile, you have purchased a darlie white with a receipt in certain specific outlets, you could unlock "Expert Play". Why unlocking "Expert Play" is hassle while "Free Play" is hassle free?

You are required to spend your money to purchase Darlie Product in order to win attractive prizes exclusively for "Expert Play" only. You get to brush your teeth and get a chance to win the game. For "Free Play", you are not required to purchase anythings, all you need to do is login everyday to get a chance win prizes. All of the luxury prizes required you to unlock "Expert Play" However, "Free Play" rewards are very much abundant.

Contest Prizes are as following?

Tier 1 : Ipad Air, Smartphone and Nikon
Tier 2 : Starbucks card, Powerbank and BBcream

If you ever won the Tier 1 prizes, you will be redirected to another browser to complete the form. Receiving the tier 1 prizes required you to present proof of receipt with the requirement the date must be in between the date of contest. The date of the contest is February 7, 2014 - March 20, 2014 .

Twin Tower Alive 2014 invited Rain to perform in Malaysia

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Twin Tower Alive will invited many international stars to perform in Malaysia. Some of them are Korean pop star Rain and Christina Aguilera.

Important Note: It is sad to announcing Twin Tower Alive 2014 canceled

Last year we have seen backstreet boy being invited by Twin Tower Alive organized by Petronas performed at Malaysia stage. Malaysian Fans were very much enjoyed the moment they sung the familiar songs. In 2014, we will once again be thrilled. As we trusted Petronas will bring more fun this year. One of the biggest company in Malaysia, they have Malaysia most talented human capital and also vast resources.

If you never been to Twin Tower Alive, it is actually free and you only required passes for the nearest platform to the stage. It will be held at Petronas Plaza on March 28, 2014. Besides, The official organizer of Twin Tower Alive 2014 is doing a pass giveaway for public members. If you want to win a Twin Tower Alive passes you should visit Twin Tower Facebook page. 5 Winners will be selected and announced on March 14, 2014. Be creative to win !! You are required to tag them #TTALIVE and #FANFRIDAY .

If you missed the Twin Tower Alive 2013, let us refresh our happy moments. It is really excited to see how Malaysian fans reacted to the situation when Korean 2NE1 made a surprise appearance on the stage despite there is no official announcement being made. There were Demi Lovato and backstreet boys. The highlight was backstreet boys they had performed many songs at the concert totaled more than 10 songs. Who will be the surprise guest for the year of 2014?

Many fans in Malaysia would like Korean band EXO to come Malaysia. From my point of view, I think it is likely would not happen because they have invited Rain on board. Will we see two Korean popstars ? Well in 2013, they invited UKISS and 2NE1 right ?

I can confirmed that they would be many local entertainers performing on the stage. Who would it be?

Rain Malaysia Twin Tower Alive 2014

Rain greet Malaysian fans that He will attend Twin Tower Alive 2013. See you there !!

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan Badminton Doubles in China 2014

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Two badminton single champion teaming up against four-times world champion doubles 

Highlight of the match is rivalry become team, China's Lin Dan and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei up against undisputed badminton doubles champion, Cai Yun and Fu HaiFeng. They never practice together or had any chemistry will they win with their skills ? This is very anticipated match in the badminton history. This is a historical moment for badminton fans around the world.

Badminton doubles required not only skill but also teamwork and chemistry. Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei never practice together and they are rival in many badminton single matches, will they produce a chemistry and win their opponent? It all put into test and it is not a easy test as their opponent is badminton doubles world champion.

Let say they really win the match against the match. It will unfair because it is a very uncommon badminton doubles champion lost a match. Well, it really make sense as if Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan lost the match but it could jeopardize their career in sport entertainment as their reputation is on the line. Despite every result, it will be a greatest badminton game and it had attracted more than 3,000 visitors to the stadium. 

They played really well on the match and it is unnecessary to comment that they both wearing non-sponsored sport shirts to the match. It looked like a casual badminton match yet the badminton double champion wearing sponsored sport shirt carrying "Red Bull" banner. 

Don underestimated both of the team they are carrying sport spirit not for the sake of winning but because they want the world to see the spirit of training, efforts and consistency will create magnificent thing worth well to witness. 

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan
They did not wear this T-shirt for the match. 

Videos Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan double against Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng.


Like and share for your friends and relative !! 

Taylor Swift will perform Red Tour in Malaysia 2014

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Taylor Swift announced in a video saying she will perform in Asia including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Taylor Swift fans in Malaysia asked many times when Taylor Swift will be performing in Asia. It seem like this will a very be a very excited news for them. It is not easy for her to come to perform at Asia. Thank to Cornetto !
Taylor Swift took home most of the singing awards in 2013 attending by Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga.

Award winning singer Taylor Swift is coming to Malaysia on June 11, 2014 after perfoming at Thailand. Putra Indoor Stadium will be used for the event. Malaysia in not the only place she will visit because due to strong response from other neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippine, she extended red tour to respective countries.

In the most anticipated concert, seven-time-grammy-award winner She will play various electronic musical instruments such as guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and banjo. Changing beautiful costume and singing her RED album. Her career record sales exceeded of 26 millions albums and 75 million song downloads worldwide.

Ticket can be bought at or dial 03-7490-3010. Ticket releasing date is March 1, 2014. How much the ticket will cost it is still unknown until the day of releasing date. Stay tuned !

Taylor Swift Malaysia red tour
source :

Get Taylor Swift concert ticket for free by winning this Cornetto organized Contest for more information at Taylor Swift RED Tour Contest

Do visit here for AIA Real Music never stop contest at 50 concert entry pass to be won

Patient diagnosed with H7N9 in Sabah 2014

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A Tourist diagnosed in a test positive carrying H7N9 after felt sick travelling to many attractive places in Kota Kinabalu 

When global epidemic H1N1 few years back, the tourism industry fell to the ground hotels and attractive places left empty people are feared for the dangerous infection. In the year of "Visit Malaysia 2014", Malaysian opted to attract large numbers of visitors to the country by mass marketing and organizing various international events.

H7N9 will gravely impact tourism in Sabah and many people who are working in related industry will be laid off to save cost. The Health Minister of Sabah has confirmed first H7N9 carried by a female tourist from China. A 67 year old chinese women infected by H7N9, who travelled from Guangdong, China to Kuala Lumpur on February 4. 

The women felt body weakened and decided to visit private hospital while travelling in Kota Kinabalu. After two screenings, she was told by doctor the sample was tested positive in H7N9. Dr Subramaniam said, there is no need for panic because H7N9 human transmission is very low.

For your information, H7N9 is a new virus variant and the sources of the virus were likely coming from China. It is a new virus therefore no cure is formulated by virus expert. China biggest livestock market was identified for the cause of infection outbreak.. The livestock in Malaysia is very much not infected.

Although there is no cure formulated for H7N9, Malaysian are unlikely infected by the virus because the weather is so hot the airborne virus would be killed before infecting people. Meanwhile, if you are travelling to China and visit their poultry market, you are likely to be infected by H7N9. The reason for no cure is simply because when China shut down their livestock market and do disinfection, the virus will gone and there is no need for a vaccine that could cost billion making them commercially according to experts.

Furthermore, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Yahya Hussin stressed that livestock and poultry in Sabah is safe from virus infection. Rest assured the H7N9 did not come originate from Sabah.  

Last few weeks, appearance of H1N1 in Sabah infected a Sabah singer, children and it caretakers. Fortunately, the news media is doing a good job exposing such findings swiftly for the safety of public members.  

Will she recovers from H7N9 from Sabah private hospital ? It is still unknown but the doctor said she is in stable condition. So far, there is no death reported result of virus influenza.

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Fear Factor Malaysia new season 2014

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New season of Fear Factor Malaysia will be aired on Astro Ria Saluran 104, 9PM , February 15, 2014

39 Challenges awaiting 16 teams. Which team will win away RM320,000 prizes ?  Stay tuned every saturday and sunday on TV.

On the first episode, 1 of the team has been eliminated. They are Ungku and Fifi. They tried their best in the first elimination round.

There are 2 groups with 8 teams. Each team consists of 2 persons. It seem like every team consist of at least one celebrity and one non celebrity.
Fear Factor Malaysi 2014
Aaron Aziz is the host of Fear factor Malaysia 2014

All of the Fear Factor Malaysia participants 2014.

Following are profile of participants

  1.  Dira + Azura
  2. Kairul + Nas T
  3.  Erin Malek + Redha (Winner of season 2 Fear Factor Malaysia)
  4.  Norman Hakim + Zarina (Eliminated)
  5.  Ryzal Jaafar + Samsuri
  6. Sari Yanti + Anbia
  7.  Syed Ali + Tatt
  8.  Ungku Ismail + Fify (Eliminated)
  9.  Azura + Rachel
  10.  Bambang + Faizal
  11.  Izzue + Emri
  12. Shah Iskandar + Kartini
  13. Syuib + Zakaria
  14.  Thanuja + Joy
  15.  Yana Samsudin + Janice
  16.  Zain Saidin + Akmal

Fear Factor challenge
In Episode Two, Team are up to find gold coin in a full of cow dung.

Astro is airing the Fear Factor 2014.

Redha and Malik won the grand prizes. Source: Fear Factor Malaysia online portal

March 11, 2014(UPDATED) - Fear Factor Malaysia 2014 is now on episode 4.
May 12, 2014(UPDATED)   - Fear Factor Malaysia concluded winner